Synology Releases Rackmounted NAS Scalable up to 1.4PB

If you can’t get enough storage space then Synology might have a good answer for you with their latest NAS and expansion units that together provide the biggest NAS that the company has produced so far.

The new RackStation RS18016xs+ and expansion unit RX1216sas can provide you with up to 1440 TB of raw storage using 8TB drives. That is a lot of storage right there at your disposal, but all that storage also has to be fast or it wouldn’t be of any use to anyone. The unit is capable of a performance over 3900MB/s throughput and 348K sequential IOPS in an RAID5 setup with VLAN.

The RS18016xs+ has four gigabit LAN ports as standard, but you can expand that with more gigabit or 10Gbit ports thanks to the two PCI 3.0 x8 expansion slots. You also get several USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and SAS ports.

It comes equipped with 8GB ECC RAM and is upgradable up to 32GB ECC RAM. The processor is an Intel Xeon E3 quad-core with 3.3GHz. The Both the NAS and the extension units have 12 ports for SATA or SAS drives.

Redundant power supplies and an amplitude of business features will make sure that these units perform the task they should and consistently. Synology’s DSM system also offers backup and fail-over solutions that should meet any companies needs.

Neither the NAS nor the expansion unit are cheap when you look at the price, but I honestly think it’s a fair price all things considered. The RS18016xs+ was a recommended price of £4398.00 including VAT or €4765.00 before tax and the RX1216sas will set you back £1992.00 including VAT or €2160.00 before tax.

Thecus NAS Now Supporting Seagate 5TB Drives

Following the announcement a few weeks back that Seagate had quietly launched a 5TB enterprise level drive on to the market, the announcement a few days ago that they had then made a massive breakthrough to bring a 6TB drive to the market without the need for helium as found in Western Digital’s 6TB drive certainly through Seagate into a class leading position on the Enterprise level of the market.

With super high-capacity hard drives now become more of a common feature in the market and the demand for servers and network storage arrays with higher volume levels growing on a near day-to-day basis, Thecus have announced that their entire product range is now fully compatible with Seagate’s 5TB drives. With this announcement, Thecus has brought themselves back into the lead in the storage market with their products able to pack the highest storage densities at this moment in time.

Taking their 16bay N16000PRO into account and then packing it to the rafters with 5TB drives will leave this system alone capable of holding up to 80TB of RAW data. This is not where the story ends though as, like many systems now, Thecus NAS’ are capable of daisy-chaining multiple systems together and by adding an additional four D16000 expansion units to a single N16000Pro will leave you with an array capable of holding 400TB altogether.

Just when you thought this was enough storage to work with, Thecus have not stopped there. A single N16000Pro setup as a master system is capable of linking together eight of the 400TB arrays together which in total builds up a storage array with 3.125PB – that’s 3200TB or 3276800GB of storage to work with. Whilst this may seem a massive volume of data; and to be honest it is massive when you break things down to consumer levels, this is what the enterprise market is in high demand of and as hard drive capacities continue to rise, so will the volumes of storage arrays such as that seen above.

Source: Press Release