Dreamhack LAN Event Coming to London This Year!

Have you heard about DreamHack? You haven’t? Well, you should know that it is the biggest computer festival in the world! The best part about it is that it will be hosted at the Copper Box Arena in London this September.

The event started out as a StarCraft II competition back in 2012, making its way across Europe to get fans and professional gamers involved. However, not only does DreamHack come to the UK for the first time this year, it also added a new title to the event, namely Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The UK seems to be the seventh country the event is expanding into, having already scooped up 104,000 visitors and 15 million unique visitors via live stream last year.

DreamHack is opened to everyone, either professional or amateur gamer, with a grand prize of $40,000 for the best player put up for grabs. Tickets seem to be £10 for one day or £18 for both days. The event will be in London between the 19th and 20th of September, after which it will head over to Stockholm, Cluj-Napoca, Winter and Moscow.

More details about the event and 2016 dates can be found over on the official website here. So what do you think? Are you going to attend? Let us know!

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Meet the Guy With the Largest Number of Facebook Friends

How many friends do you have on Facebook’s popular social media platform? Studies say that the average person between 18 and 28 years old has around 300, while older users have around 200. I personally have around 300 as well, but this guy from Melbourne would really make true Facebook users jealous.

Justin Tayler, a nightclub promoter, has reached the 5000 friend cap, making him one of the most popular people on Facebook. He says that people constantly communicate with him and leave likes/shares and other dozens of notifications, so it makes it very difficult for him to leave his account unchecked for a long time.

The guy started out as a PE teacher at a university and created his account back in 2009. He also had around 300 friends at first, but once he switched careers and became a nightclub worker, his friends list started to grow exponentially. His passion for nightclubs made him a very popular figure, having people adding him to their friends list to see what events he is attending.

The whole Facebook hype also brought him some business opportunities too. Tayler found out about a 17-year old who was throwing underage parties and making up to $1200 in entry fees. Of course, when you mix underage with parties, you don’t get something that authorities would agree with. So Taylor struck a deal with the kid and now he can still sale his tickets, but under adult supervision.

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Voice Messaging Feature Arrives This April for the Xbox One

Microsoft is planning to get a voice messaging feature up and running on its Xbox One, which is due to arrive with the new firmware this April. Xbox One dashboard preview testers are said to be able to test the new feature this week, having them be the first to leave audio clips in their friends’ inboxes.

An interesting aspect of this feature is that it will allow Xbox One as well as Xbox 360 owners to exchange voice messages. Aside from the latter, Microsoft is said to be adding a new ‘What’s On’ section for the dashboard that would feature games and series tailored to a user’s preferences, as well as providing dedicated servers for users struggling with party chat connections.

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Pharell Wants to Play Dancing Man’s Part, Along With 1700 Women!

The internet has been buzzing recently, not about the colour of that stupid dress, I am of course talking about Dancing Man! After a cruel social media post, Cassandra Fairbanks of California set out on a counter campaign to find the Dancing Man to show him that not everyone in the world is a bully!

Through the power of social media, the post was shared thousands of times, read by millions and in the end Cassandra, a Free Thoughts Project activist, found Dancing Man, Sean, within just a few hours. Now he’s been invited to the party of his life. He’ll be the only man among 1700 beautiful women at a party in California who want to show him that he should never be ashamed of dancing.

Now celebrities are getting in on the action, only settings up to make this a night he’ll never forget. Pharell and Andrew W.K have expressed interest in playing at the party and now Moby has also offered to DJ for the evening; free of charge, of course.




Jony Ive and Elon Musk ‘Inseparable’ at Oscars After Party

AppleInsider reports that Apple’s Jony Ive and Tesla founder Elon Musk were seen talking to each other at Madonna’s exclusive Oscars after party. They say that they were “basically inseparable” and “really close”. The news comes at a time where Apple is rumoured to be building a car of its own, with suggestions that they may be looking at purchasing Musk’s Tesla Motors.

While the fact that the two were merely talking to each other is interesting, it’s also intriguing that Ive and Musk reportedly left the event together at 5am. It’s worth pointing out that these details are based on things said only by an anonymous source, as no pictures or video were allowed at the party.

Could they have been plotting a future Apple/Tesla deal, or were they simply discussing how much they love the buffet? We don’t know, but it would have been amazing to be a fly-on-the-wall at that party.

Source: AppleInsider

Kim Dotcom to Bring Internet Party to US

Kim Dotcom has announced that his political party will be launching in the US next year.

The Internet Party has existed in Kim’s native New Zealand for a while now, but hasn’t really had much political success, failing to gain a seat in their Parliament. The party is really the political epitome of Kim – they propose the legalisation of cannabis, free higher education courses, and of course a freer and more libertarian internet. Kim made the announcement in a series of tweets, declaring that he will be “Hillary’s worst nightmare in 2016” and that he’s only managing the party’s publicity (probably remotely, considering the US wants him behind bars).

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Android 5.0 is Basically Useless in China

Android 5.0 has been released to a massive reception in Western nations, promising and delivering a handy new user interface amongst other spectacular features.

Unfortunately for the Chinese population, almost all of this will go unused. Due to some reported issues ‘left over by history’, most domestic acquired Android users will be using non-native Android operating systems. Most Chinese-domestic phones are running a customized third-party ROM, including offerings such as HTC’s Sense, the Millet Miui and Meizu’s Flyme amongst many other handhelds.

You can’t help but feel sorry for them, given the positive reports that have been coming out of Android 5.0 thus far. Since the birth of Android, it is according to some that the Android 5.0 update is the first time that they finally ‘get it’, offering an innovative, stylish and simple interface design that’s obviously meant to compete with and crush iOS’ offering. Alongside this, these limitations aren’t just set to their mobile phones – Lollipop extends over Android OS run tablets, TV’s and wearable technology. Meaning that some of their products will be running the fancy updated OS, alongside their ‘basic’ looking third-party phone interface.

It’s unfortunate that China shall have to miss out on such software advancements, but it’s obvious that they’ve got the hardware game down pat. We’ve recently reported of their domestic-made offerings selling through the roof, despite update news such as this. So maybe it’s becoming clear that price wins over all and they don’t care about a fancy UI. Alongside Chinese-domestic phone company selling a reported 1.62 million of their phones in a non-stop 72 hour period, we’ve also reported that many ‘big wig’ phone companies are experiencing a significant decline in sales.

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Apple Finally Letting Users De-Register iMessage Account

Apple has just announced their new website, enabling users to de-register their iMessage service – helping users unbind their telephone numbers from the Apple-only offering.

This website has been developed to solve the issue of when a user stops using their iPhone and switches to another device, their registered iMessage number may conflict with the new messages they wish to send to their friends through their updated device. The “Deresgister iMessage” website provides a step by step guide on how to log off the iMessage service and allows them to enter their new information on the website – sending them a confirmation message to lift the iMessage binding.

Previously there were reports of users deactivating their iPhone only to have their iMessage account stay bound to their phone number against their will – these reports range all the way back to 2011 when Apple first released the iMessage platform. Since the beginning of 2014, Apple had promised they would provide a simplistic way to opt-out of this service, taking them a rather long 11 months to process to completion.

When comparing this to Google Hangouts or Blackberry’s BBM offerings, it’s quite different. iMessage is only applicable to Apple devices (including ‘Face Time’), where as hangouts and BBM operate through third-party app software to be used in different technologies.

Although quite late to the game, it’s good to see that Apple has fixed one of their niggling issues.

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LoL Update Sees New Map Introduced

Many months ago I was introduced to a jaw-dropping statistic. According to their own data, Riot Games will see a minimum of 4 million users logged in to their League of Legends client at any one time, worldwide. This really helped put into perspective how big games were really becoming globally. This is coupled with the tens of thousands of concurrent users that League of Legends pro streamers receives every day, alongside hundreds of thousands of viewers for each world series tournament game.

On November the 13th, Riot Games released one of their biggest updates yet – seeing the new update to Summoners Rift head into BETA.

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that League of Legends is a massively successful project and here to stay. Commonly known as ‘League’ by its regulars, this update sees the games mainly played map fully updated with improved graphics, clutter minimization and it will mesh more with current game styling. So far it’s sounding like a very VALVE-eque CS:GO update in all honesty – you know, those updates they do after the 100th Reddit thread about map release clutter being unbearable. Riot has announced alongside this update that for the next “several weeks” you can earn yourself limited red and blue icons by winning a match on either respective starting side of your game.

There are other game-modes and maps besides Summoners Rift including their popular ARAM (All Random, All Mid) level – however updates for this version have not yet been announced to the public.

This update is said to come alongside more anti-cheating methods implemented by Riot, combating a various range of third-party plugins devised to give one or multiple players an unfair game advantage aka filthy hackers.

If you wish to try out the Beta of this new map, you’re going to have to queue with bots or in ‘team builder mode’ until it goes live on public matchmaking.

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LSU Computer Society (lsucs) LAN Party – Loughborough

At eTeknix, we are always trying to find ways to interact with our readers and what better way than to actually meet some of them, we realise this isn’t always easy, so we have come up with an idea. What we intend to do is find all of the LAN parties and events in the UK and try to attend them. Then, we will do a map of the UK showing where all these events are and also outline the best parts and what the event is like. This will mostly be happening on the eTeknix forums. You will also be able to discuss the event and also share all of your pictures.

So the first event I attended:

I decided to pop down to lsucs as it is rather close to my home address, I had never been to one of these events but I had heard good things from other members of the community. The LAN is run by the Loughborough Students Union Computer Society, which coincidently is how it gets its name. Due to the event being run by the students it means that the same people don’t run the event year after year, in fact, they have devised a way in which each member of the committee never does the same job more than once. This means that fresh ideas are always brought to the table and any good ideas can be carried forward. Having spoken to members of the committee, past and present, it seems once that you have been a part of lsucs you stay a part of it. A lot of the attendees return year after year whether its as admin, spectator or as a gamer.

The room seats approximately 150 people and has some room to expand

lsucs really have got the venue sussed, they use rooms from the James France Exhibition Centre which is on Loughbourgh University grounds. The first thing I actually noticed when I walked into the venue was how nice it was, clean carpeted floors rather than the cold hard floors of most events were a nice change! The venue can hold up to over 150 participants and even has room for sleeping, tables for eating or card games and also an area for consoles. There are some other facilities such as a microwave, a small fridge, a hot water urn and a little tuck shop so you are always good for snacks and drinks. There are also hot dogs and food orders throughout the day so that you get more than just snack food. The venue also has a very good internet connection, they make use of their buildings Gigabit internet connection.

The weekend competitions concluded with a game of Towerfall

There are many games played, such as League of Legends, BF4, Minecraft and even Truck simulator. There are also tournaments throughout the event such as CS:GO and Hearthstone with prizes such as Parvum cases to be won. Speaking of Parvum, this event is where they let their hair down, and I can see why, it’s a very relaxed and chilled out environment and very friendly. The lads from Parvum were showing off their usual amazing machines like the ones below, it seems to be having an effect on the lsucs crowd too, a lot of the attendees are using Parvum systems!

Caitlyn keeps watch over Parvum Systems new watercooled build

With Parvum being at the event, it really is hard to find any other systems that look as good, but I am going to put out a special little mention for this little work horse!

Function over beauty can sometimes be seen

I would like to thank lsucs for having me at the event. I had an excellent day and I will be attending future events as a participant. The LANs really are run well, they have a lot to offer and the people there are great. It really is a social event as well as a chance to get your game on.

The events are run quite regularly, 3 per semester, which equates to 6 a year. The next event is in just a weeks time, to find out more, visit them on Facebook or visit their website.

For more pictures of this event please look through the gallery below.

Hanging Out With Friends at the TweakTown Party – Computex 2014

Computex 2014: Computex 201 is well known for its hardware and technology launches, but for many of us in the industry we can’t help but be excited for the TweakTown party. It’s a side of the industry our readers don’t often see and while many will see TweakTown as our “rival” site, the truth is we’re all great friends. The TweakTown party is a great yearly event here in Taipei and this year had a great turn out of some of the coolest people in the industry.

Check out the gallery below where we hang out with ID-Cooling, CoolerMaster, be quiet!, Scan Computers, TweakTown, Hexus, Sapphire, VIA, Corsair, Fractal Designs, Voltiva, NZXT, Overclockers UK, Case King, Streacom, QuietPC, BitFenix, Sweclockers, Patriot, TteSports, Thermaltake, AverMedia, Thecus, Lian-Li, GlobalPR, TechnicPR and more.

London Based Sega Dreamcast 15th Anniversary Party On November 27th

REZtron Ltd have announced that they will be hosting yet another console Anniversary themed event. This time it will be filled with nothing but Dreamcast games! Having successfully hosted Mega Drive’s 25th Anniversary event last month REZtron’s fifth ‘retrotainment’ of the year will take place once again at the award winning The Hoxton Pony cocktail bar, from 5pm til 11pm on Wednesday 27th November. REZtron will give centre stage to yet another iconic and pioneering console of the yesteryears.The 15th Anniversary of the SEGA Dreamcast.

I’m a big fan of the Dreamcast and it is great to see it get even further recognition within the gaming community. Sega may not have had such a smooth time with actually selling and marketing the console, but anyone who actually owned one will tell you that it had some gorgeous graphics and some absolutely stunning games.

15 years later and poeple are still making games for the Dreamcast, having a handful of games released this year alone by indie devs such as RedSpotGames, Hucast Games and NG:DEV.TEAM to name a few it proves that there’s still a lot of love for the 128-BIT beauty years after the console’s official commercial life span.

The celebration of the world’s first internet-ready console that was released in Japan on November 27th 1998 will fittingly host 15 legendary games throughout the night on gorgeous CRT TVs and on a projector,including games such as House of the Dead 2,Virtua Tennis,Rez,Ikaruga,Soul Calibur,Crazy Taxi 2,Power Stones,Shenmue and maracas action with Samba De Amigo to name a few..

There will also be competition running on Shenmue’s mini game ‘QTE Title’ during the first half of the night,with prizes to give away. To keep things true to REZtron’s retrotainment spirit there will be some 80s/90s Karaoke kicking off on the MEGA-CD Karaoke system just after 9pm.

The ‘128-BIT retrotainment’ will take place on Wednesday 27th November, 5pm till 11pm. Tickets can be booked through Eventbrite, Dreamcast15.eventbrite.co.uk and anyone who comes dressed in gaming or anime inspired Cosplay will get in FREE!

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Image courtesy of Reztron.