New York To Welcome World’s First Underground Park

Countries are defined by land, the same goes for cities and towns. So what do you do when you want to add a new park but are running out of space? James Ramsey and Dan Barasch has the answer, you make it the world’s first underground park.

The High Line is a 1.45 mile-long park, build atop some old railroad in Manhattan, but this won’t be the only park with the new “Lowline” project looking to transform an underground trolley terminal into the next park to grace New York.

After working on the project for five years, Ramsey and Barasch have now submitted their proposal to the city, eagerly awaiting their response. If accepted, it would be the world’s first underground park, something which the pair are well aware of. Ramsey stated, “nothing like this has really existed before, so we had to do a lot of work figuring out how to actually make this thing happen”.

The key problem is getting light into the underground park, something they hope to do by using naturally reflective surfaces. Once they managed to get light underground the duo hopes to be able to grow plants underground, a feat that would only increase the park’s natural appeal ten fold.

If it’s approved construction would begin in 2018, with the concept showing off some of the dreams that the project hopes to achieve. I’m already looking forward to the concept and seeing how others go about it, once the Lowline is built I have doubt that countries all over the world will look at doing just that.

Nintendo Land to Open in 2020

You either love them or you hate them. No, I am not talking about Marmite sandwiches, but rather theme park rides. From the ones where you walk through and experience jumps and scares to the rides where your legs dangle as it throws you through twists and turns. However, even if you don’t like theme parks, but you do enjoy Nintendo, you may want to start planning a trip to Nintendo Land in 2020.

Universal Studios was granted the rights to use some of Nintendo’s many rights for theme parks a while ago, but aside from these hints, there was not much else to go by except rumours. It has now been confirmed that “Nintendo Land” will be “on par with the likes of Universal’s Harry Potter-themed zone but focus entirely on everyone’s favorite Italian plumber”. That is correct, you could soon see Mario, Peach, Luigi and Yoshi on a series of rides and experiences that will please adults and children alike. The location of this attraction is going to be a little bit of distance for some people, opening in Mario’s backyard of Tokyo. With its initial opening timeline set for 2020, you will get to experience the Olympics and Mario all in one fell swoop. If this seems like a gimmick then you might be wrong given that Universal have put up ¥40 billion (roughly £247 million pounds) to the venture.

Star Wars Lands Coming Soon

I cannot quite believe the concept artwork for the proposed announcement by Disney that it is planning to build two huge Star Wars themed attractions at its Disneyland and Walt Disney World resort theme parks.

Want to see why this might be too good to be true? Below are three images which have been tagged “Artist Concept Only”  I believe these parks will be built, but I am not quite sure they will look as amazing as these illustrations.  Walt Disney Company Chairman and CEO Bob Iger announced at the D23 EXPO 2015 that Star Wars-themed lands will be coming to Disneyland park in Anaheim, California and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida.  This project will be giant in scale as the attractions will be spread and created at 14-acres each, this will be Disney’s largest single-themed land expansions.

These authentic attractions or lands as Disney is coining them, will have two signature attractions, these will include the ability to take the controls of the Millennium Falcon on a customized secret mission and an epic Star Wars adventure that puts guests in the middle of a climactic battle. Other information to be noted from this announcement includes that the park will apparently be staffed and occupied by local inhabitants, which sounds authentic.

Disney have yet to clarify as to when this park will actually open, my guess is it will be a while considering the size of the construction project. If these concept artwork are genuinely accurate then even I, who has never watched Star Wars, pause for castigation, will want to attend. Disney’s grand notion of being “The Most Magical Place on Earth” if this park turns out the same as the concepts, then the FBI will want to know where they found that magic from.

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New Tomorrowland Teaser Brings Back Memories

The brand new teaser for the Tomorrowland movie is sure to stir up some old memories and emotions if you grew up watching the Disney Channel or classic Disney programming. The short video features George Clooney and some of the people behind the movie discussing the history of Tomorrowland, the classic Disney attraction.

The quick exploration of the history behind Tomorrowland and Walt Disney’s visions of the future give a quick foundation on what the new movie is being based on. There is no doubt that the attraction is a great basis for a movie as it is part of the childhoods of many generations of kids and adults who have visited the attraction or watched Disney programming. The glimpses of what the visions of the future were back in the 1955 when the attraction first opened at Disneyland. There are now five different Tomorrowland attractions at Disney Parks around the world, with a sixth being built at Shanghai Disneyland Park.

Having grown up watching classic Disney programming on the Disney Channel in the late ’80s and early ’90s it stirs up a lot of great memories. It is surprising that I am looking forward to a PG-rated movie, but I am sure there are many adults doing the same. They even will be using their children as an excuse to go see the movie, an excuse that I can’t use unfortunately.

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Meet The Game That Lets You Hack ‘Jurassic Park’

Remember that scene from ‘Jurassic Park with young Lex hacking the computer system? Well if you if you do, you might have remembered the weird graphical file system that Lex used on the “UNIX system” SGI workstation. That file system is now yours to hack too in a new video game called ‘I Know This’. 

The game basically turns the operating system seen in the movie into a playable game. It’s essentially a file system maze that you need to work your way through with the help of a Microsoft Clippy look-a-like. The aim is to weave through the maze finding nodes in the filesystem which can be ‘hacked’. The hacking essentially involves hitting as many keys on your keyboard at once.

The game, which was developed for Global Game Jam 2015, is quite simple, but actually quite addictive. It can be downloaded for free from here.

Source: Polygon

Developer Confirm MGS: Ground Zeroes Locked at 60 FPS

Seemingly, in a bid to take some of the heat off Ubisoft – Developer Kojima Productions has announced that the latest MGS release will be locked to 60 FPS through a post in the game’s STEAM discussion page.

This post reads:

Hello all,

I hope you saw today’s announcement, please feel free to share the info-graphic linked within to get the word out past these forums.

Controller/Keyboard & Mouse Control Options

I’ve relayed your feedback and received confirmation from the team on a couple of other items for the December release of MGSV:GZ.

– Unfortunately, Dual Shock 3 and Dual Shock 4 controllers, while supported, will not have proprietary input displays in the UI. The controller inputs rather follow the displays common to Xbox Controllers.
– The FPS is locked at 60 for MGSV:GZ.

I’m continuing to clarify some points and will get back to you with more info soon!


This was met with a surprisingly good reception, given the pitchforks we’ve seen across social media and Reddits PC Master Race community. With the first reply being “People with 120/144Hz monitors aren’t going to like this news, but hey, at least it’s not locked at 30. And I understand why one might need to lock the framerate; Physics issues and stuff. Thanks for communicating with the community.” shows that maybe we’ve come to terms with 60 FPS not being the worst of the worst, and will take whatever scraps we’re given. But I still find it very unacceptable for a A+++ developer to bring out such limitations.

There are a few quite upset fan-boys in the audience, quite obviously in some physical pain over their once-loved developers limitations. As monitors become more advanced in refresh rate technology, with 144hz hitting the mainstream market, are we going to see a full transition back to 60Hz technology? After all, what’s the point in purchasing an ultra-smooth monitor when the main brunt of your games cannot look decent on them no matter what. Unless you’re an eSports fanatic and are playing games such as CS:GO, there’s a South Park quote/meme that will suit this situation quite well.

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Oculus Support – “This is Steve”

Company image done right – Wednesdays ‘South Park’ episode ensured that all Oculus support tickets on the following day were answered quickly and efficiently by “Steve”.

Steve ensured he took “care of all your customer needs in a timely and satisfactory manner” – providing a humorous and different Easter egg for those who wished to email in with a query. If you’re sitting here rather confused as to exactly what we’re talking about, it’s about time you caught up on some South Park re-runs. You may do so through their official website, or maybe ask your nearest fan.

The responses were first seen around social media, seeing many users post up their varying experiences with Steve. Later confirmed by the Uploadvr team personally, it’s obvious that the team at Oculus understands their audience and consumer base.

We’re seeing more companies adopt this kind of ‘new-age marketing’, seeing positions open up in large scale corporations for dedicated social media operators, community managers and various similar positions. Not only does it provide something that’s actually funny to look at, but gives users the impression that the company ‘gets’ it’s audience – something that’s not often enough seen in this day and age. You wouldn’t hire a Football coach to run a baseball team, so why would you hire an out-of-touch sales rep as your marketing manager?

Back to Oculus however, it seems that this Easter egg was only applicable to their ticket support service – choosing not to budge on their social media platform. As for the episode itself, the main South Park characters saw themselves enter a never-ending customer service loop thanks to “Steve” from the Oculus support team – being unable to escape unless they agree they’ve received “satisfactory customer service”.

GG, WP Oculus. We’re interested to see if there’s similar things planned for the future.

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High-Tech Vending Machines To Support Wi-Fi and Bitcoin Payments

Vending machines have always been as a good friend to some people. Whether at work, in train station platforms or just passing by one in the most unexpected places, they are a sight for sore eyes when in need of a drink or just something to eat.

While time passes by, improvements are likely to be made. It seems that the old vending machine is next in line will be upgraded, at least in the United States. The news reports say that vending machines will not only be upgraded, but their product offerings will diversify. This means that instead of selling cheap candy and soda, customers should expect to buy everything from beauty products to electronics or even higher quality food from these new and improved vending machines.

A good example of such a high-tech machine comes from Denis Koci, having to roll out his Burritobox vending machines via his Box Brands companies. The vending machines are said to offer hand-rolled burritos which can be customized with sour cream, guacamole and other options. The company is also said to be interested in rolling out Pizzaboxes and other niche food vending machines, having them placed in shopping malls, near parks, or other locations where people are likely to buy something to eat.

From a techy point of view, some machines are said to also include Wi-Fi, touchscreens and even accept a variety of payments spanning from cash, credit cards and all the way to bitcoins. Some companies are said to even show some interest into releasing models with built-in webcams, allowing customers to take a picture and share it on their social media websites.

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