Catan Under New Ownership

For years, families have been torn apart by the building of cities and conquering of the seas all in the name of Catan. Now it would seem that you could find the isle of Catan under a different name, or rather new ownership.

Asmodee North America has acquired the license to the English language version of the island of Catan from Mayfair games. This doesn’t mean it’s all over for Mayfair, with both Asmodee and Mayfair games looking to work together to promote Catan Day 2016, the tournament schedule and even the 2016 Catan World Championship.

In response to this acquisition, Asmodee formed Catan Studio Inc, a new creative unit designed to further expand on the game.

This isn’t the first expansion for Asmodee, having recently acquired the publisher known as Fantasy Flight Games, the maker of a series of games including an entire host of Star Wars games including the X-Wing miniature game and the latest Star Wars paper based RPG.

With so many games already under its belt and yet another joining, could you soon see a Star Wars Catan with the entire galaxy conquered on your table? We already have Star Trek Catan so why not? Do you play Settlers of Catan and if so what, if any, versions would you like to see considered for release?

Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Women Own More Consoles than Men According to New Survey

It’s always interesting when people release studies on video games and even more interestingly their users. While asking people for their opinions and ideas in polls may not be the best way to get accurate figures, it’s always interesting to see what people come back with. This time, the interesting figure is the number of console owners, or rather the number that identified themselves as female.

From the Pew Research Centre, the study looked at device owners, and what demographics they fit into. For example, they calculated that over 80% of 18-49-year-olds had a smartphone, with around 45% of U.S. adults owning a tablet (up from only 10% back in 2011).

Computer owners range at around 74% of U.S. Men, with 71% of Women stating they owned a computer, with 42% of women stating they own a console (described as “e.g. Xbox or Playstation“), a whole 5% above the stereotype of male gamers (who sit at a mere 37%). Dedicated portable gaming devices sit at 14% for each gender, with devices like the PSP and Sega Genesis (yes that was included in the category of portable gaming devices), while MP3 players still have roughly 40% ownership within the U.S. (38% and 42% for Men and Women respectively).

With roughly 3.7% margin of error stated on the gender, and up to 2.6% stated as the error in calculating the percentage of U.S. adults in whole, are there any figures that have surprised you or did you expect something different for any of the figures?