Orfeo Demos Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headsets @ CES 2016

CES 2016: Noise cancelling headphones are an essential purchase for commuters to reduce environmental noise and make their journey more enjoyable. However, it can be quite troublesome to deaden extremely loud noise or a build-up of background audio in large crowds. Orfeo might not be most recognizable company in the portable audio sector, but they’ve received a great deal of acclaim for the custom designed InnerMic technology.  This intriguing invention works by inserting a microphone into the earphones to distinguish between voices and outdoor interference. To showcase this, Orfeo demoed the Infinite headset during a traditional phone call and clapped in close proximity to the handset to demonstrate the noise isolation capacities. Despite injecting such a sudden, sharp noise, there was no deterioration in call quality whatsoever!

Orfeo have also created two smaller SKUs, the Voice is a Bluetooth mono headset designed primarily for communication purposes, and the perfect tool for Uber/Taxi drivers to communicate with customers. On another note, the Oreo Sign adopts a very thin form factor without compromising on audio deadening and create for fitness fanatics. This is fantastic as jogging outside usually has a large background noise.

In terms of pricing, the top-end model is estimated to cost around $130-140, but the product hasn’t been completely finalized yet. However, it’s pretty near to completion and entering the retail market.

What do you think of Orfeos new line-up?