Stem Cells Could Repair Cataracts

Cataracts are the most common reason for blindness in today’s world. Cataracts are when the lens in your eye becomes clouded and while often associated with the elderly, it also affects the young and even infants. While there is a surgical option to address this issue, a group in China thinks that stem cells could repair cataracts, giving people back their sight.

Currently in order to remove Cataracts, the patient needs to undergo surgery. Removing the lens that has become cloudy, and inserting either a transplanted or even artificial lens granting them back their sight. With millions undergoing the surgery, it’s not uncommon for complications and even diminished results ending with people requiring glasses to assist in their eyesight.

Typically these complications affect 24 our of 25 infants who have to undergo this surgery, but by encouraging the infant’s own stem cells, only one out of twelve infants in the trail had a complication.

While stem cells are a case for hope, with adults generating the stem cells used in this case way into their 40’s, this could become the first step in allowing people to regenerate their lenses in a semi-natural way. This could result in reducing or even removing the issue of cataracts coupled with a much smaller and less invasive technique.

Anonymous Targets New Zealand’s GCSB in #OpKiwiFreedom

Anonymous are continuing their campaign against the New Zealand government. The new campaign #OpKiwiFreedom is fighting against the recently passed GCSB bill which essentially authorises the government to spy on its citizens, more so than it had done previously. As part of this campaign Anonymous have targeted the New Zealand’s GCSB with DDoS attacks and have successfully managed to take site down on numerous occassions leading to what the GCSB called temporary service interruptions, according to the New Zealand Herald.


The message from the campaign is pretty clear and isn’t that different to what civil activists are lobbying for in the USA right now. That is; they want the mass surveillance to stop, they want transparency and they want the New Zealand government to be accountable to the people and to be controlled by the people – not the other way round. The New Zealand government has refused to comment if it is involved with the NSA’s PRISM and Xkeyscore programs. Despite their denial there has been sufficient evidence from the Snowden leaks to implicate the New Zealand government at the heart of the Xkeyscore program.

The Anonymous campaign was finished with the traditional message;

Operation Kiwi Freedom initiated.


Image courtesy of New Zealand Government Communications Security Bureau