Akasa Booth @ Target Open Day 2015

Target Open Day 2015: Akasa have a great reputation in the component market for their coolers and chassis, but their latest ranges are certainly better than ever! Their new NUC passive cooled chassis are super sleek and offer a wide range of usage options, from digital advertising, to HTPC use and so much more in-between. What really caught my eye, aside from their range of high-end air coolers, was this stunning NUC passive cooled chassis with a DVD drive, it’s something I’ve never seen before and it’s a perfect addition to these compact and energy efficient systems, as it opens up a world of possibilities for using this is a media centre, or in places where you need to display media for professional purposes. We’re already in talks with Akasa for a review sample and hope to take a much closer look at this in the not too distant future.

Kingston Booth @ Target Open Day 2015

Target Open Day 2015: Kingston are one of the best known names in this industry, providing a huge range of storage products, as well as a few gaming products that have won virtually countless awards; a fair few from us here at eTeknix too. Since this is a B2B event, there isn’t much new, but there’s certainly some cool products on show, such as the Cloud II gaming headset, one of the best gaming headsets available today! As well as their still crazy expensive 1TB USB 3.0 flashdrive, should you absolutely need so much data on your keyring, it’s still the better part of £700!

There is of course their M.2 and PCI storage drives, which offer blazing fast speed, albeit for a premium price, but if you want the best, then you’re going to have to pay for it.

It’s certainly an interesting looking unit and if you’re tired of waiting for your games to load, then you’re going to love having one of these in your system.

There’s still more to see from today’s show, so stay tuned for a few more updates!

Club3D Booth @ Target Open Day 2015

Target Open Day 2015: Here I am at the Club3D booth at today’s event and while I must admit I was very happy to see their beat a pro gamer challenge, I wasn’t so thrilled when I scored zero kills to 9 deaths in the latest Unreal Tournament beta… I guess that’s why he’s the pro; humbling to say the least. Moving on, we’ve got a lot of cool products from Club3D today, starting off, they’ve got a Fury X powering their gaming systems and while we’ve seen them before, it was still nice to sit down and have a few games on one myself, smooth frame rates all round I’m happy to report.

Now onto the big stuff, MST hubs and connectivity is becoming one of the best things about Club 3D, from hooking up multiple monitors via DP, HDMI or USB, to linking USB ports and other connectors for docking ultra books, they’ve got it covered with their extensive range of connectivity products.

The big star of the show, or should I say the little star of the show, the Nano! It’s one of the few in the world I actually know of, so I’m surprised to have seen one in the wild like this. It’s incredibly small, rather lightweight too and unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to take it away and test it… doh!

This may not look like much, but it’s one of the best products I’ve seen today. It’s a docking bar for the new Macbook, which famously comes with a single connector for external devices.

As you can see, that problem is quickly solved and this soon to be released bar adds more ports than you’re ever likely to need, but it could be very handy for using your new Macbook in the office.

ASRock Booth @ Target Open Day

Target Open Day 2015: We’ve just stopped by the ASRock booth here at the famous B2B event in Leeds, and as you can see, ASRock have brought along a great range of motherboards to show off. As you’ve no doubt seen in quite a few of our recent motherboard reviews, ASRock are making some great solutions right now, from their cost effective and energy efficiency Braswell motherboards, which come with the CPU in a BGA socket, right up to their flagship Z170 gaming focused motherboards. There’s nothing especially new here, with the exception of the recently launched Z170 products, but it’s still great to see them out on show.

The Z170 PRo4 is a stunning beast, featuring that stark contrast of black and bronze finishes, a welcome break from the often black and red that we’ve seen time and time and time and time again. It’s also packing a mean punch in the audio department, as you can see from the DAC and solid caps in the bottom left of the board.

OK, so we’re back to the black and red stuff again, but I’ll let that one slide as the Fatal1ty series has long kept this theme and it works well with that crazy looking VRM heat sink at the top, perfect for helping this board take on some impressive overclocks.

The Extreme is designed similar to the Fatal1ty, but comes with that more fetching bronze. as well as a front panel add-on that gives you that much loved USB type-C connector!

The small, fast and super quiet BeeBox! A tiny form factor PC and these are quickly gaining in popularity due to their compact size and stylish looks; certainly a lot more manageable that a desktop chassis!

Genius Booth @ Target Open Day 2015

Target Open Day 2015: Genius are one of the most recognisable brands on the market, sure they’ve not pulled a lot in terms of high-end hardware, but they’ve proven time and time again that they can make cost effective solutions for almost every desktop peripheral you’re likely to need. They’ve got all their latest keyboards, headsets, speakers and more on show here at the B2B Target Open Day event, and I must admit that their gear is starting to improve.

Their new GX speakers look a little garish, but they’re not without their charms and they pack plenty of punch that will no doubt appeal to gamers.

A little more refined, the smaller GX speakers look pretty smart and have decent quality drivers for a low price. I would prefer an option to have pop-off covers on them, but overall these are pretty good desktop speakers.

their latest gaming keyboard features thumbster keys, as well as a range of quick launch, multimedia and macro controls. The chassis is a little wider than I would like, but overall, it’s a good looking keyboard and it’s pleasant to type on.

There’s a lot more to come from today’s show, so stay tuned for more!

Biostar Booth @ Target Open Day

Target Open Day 2015: Biostar are out in full force at today’s B2B event, showing off many of their latest motherboards, ranging from their low-cost, low-power integrated solutions, such as the J1900H2, right up to their new gaming series Z170 motherboards. There’s nothing particularly new here, but it’s still good to see them pushing their newest products here in the UK and we look forward to seeing more from them in the near future.

The TR970 Plus is certainly an eye catching design, on first glance, it’s a normal AMD motherboard, but there’s a strong focus on quality audio here, as you can see with the massive “HiFi” badge on the heat sink above the PCI connectors, as well as a DAC at the back.

As an added musical bonus, this stunning, albeit somewhat peculiar, keyboard themed VRM heat sink.

There’s a lot more to see here at today’s show, but I would certainly keep an eye out for these Biostar products hitting more retailers very soon.

Tenda Booth @ Target Open Day 2015

Target Open Day 2015: There are lots of great products on display today at Target Open Day, including the latest range of Tenda modems and routers. While Tenda do make a lot of products for the B2B market, they’ve got some nice consumer models too, as you can see in the pictures below. Details were a little thin on the ground, but we can see their latest commercial products cover a wide range of solutions. There’s range of high-speed devices, power line adapters, switches, ceiling mounted routers and more! Of course, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of these in the near future and we look forward to testing them in upcoming reviews.


Bitdefender & Modecom @ Target Open Day 2015


Target Open Day 2015: The event is in full swing today here in Leeds, offering a great gathering place for B2B deals in the tech industry. There’s a lot of cool stuff on show here today, but one thing that caught my attention was the Bitdefender Box, a simple and rather unassuming device that can be used to product your home network from external intrusion and more. This little white box simply connects to your home network via an RJ45 cable input and and RJ45 output, it will help protect your connected smart devices, such as TV, blu-ray player, consoles, Wi-Fi cameras and IOT devices.

It may not seem much, but protecting the data, video feeds, cameras, microphones and more in your home network is no bad thing and with hacking and virus attacks showing no signs of slowing down, it never hurts to play it safe. It’s a tiny unit too, so it’s going to blend into your home network with ease and shouldn’t get in the way.

Another fun demo, this tiny pocket PC, which connects directly to the displays HDMI socket. I’m sure you’ve seen a few of these on the market already, but they’re still super interesting and it’s not going to be much over £100, meaning you can have a highly portable and cost effective workstation that fits in your pocket.


AMD Radeon Battlefield 4 Shop Event Coverage at Overclockers UK

Earlier this week one of the UKs top computer retailers held an awesome event so their new and existing customers could come down to their store and join in fun. Those who attended were in for a real treat as they had massive discounts on some of the latest and greatest AMD based hardware, as well as raffles, games and more to enjoy.

Those who got their early enough were able to reap the benefits of the sales before anyone else, so long as they had enough money with them at the time. Two lucky punters were able to pick up the Sapphire Radeon R9 295X2 graphics card at just £749! Obviously still expensive, but that £250 discount goes a long way.

The AMD sponsored event drew in an eager crowd. With the temptation of winning prizes, getting to spend the afternoon playing around on high-end gaming PCs that most of us could only dream of owning and getting a few bargains at the same time is a hard offer to pass up.

All the latest technology was on display (as usual) in the store, but for the special occasion they’ve put up signs around the shop with exclusive daily deals.

ASUS R9 280X graphics cards for just £149.99! Although I must admit I would rather have the 295X2 for the same price.

One lucky owner now £749 lighter leaving happily with his new GPU.

Hungry shoppers = unhappy shoppers, so the OCUK rocked up with a stand full of Domino’s pizzas to keep them satisfied.

Outside the team also set up an Airsoft firing range, those who got their early enough were awarded with raffle tickets for the prize draw later in the day and they even hosted a special system building demonstration to help educate their customers on how to look after their rigs.

If you missed out on the OCUK AMD day then you really missed out on a kick-ass event. Keep an eye on their Facebook page and website more often and next time they have an epic event like this, you can be there!

Images courtesy of OCUK.

Target Open Day 2013 – Show Floor & Cooler Master HAF Bike

While there may be a lot of serious business talk going on here today, involving many of the UK’s major retailers and distributors, there has still been room for a little fun.

The most notable bit of action came when Cooler Master took their HAF Bike out for a spin, this is a fully equipped PC system, with water cooler, graphics card and all the other normal bits. Of course not many PC cases have an extra chassis and a two stroke petrol engine, it’s noisy, it’s dirty and it’s crazy dangerous, but Cooler Master didn’t want the crowd to go home disappointed.

Unfortunately we missed out on getting some video due to my lack of bringing my good memory card, but we can still enjoy some great action shots.

That raps it up for today at Target Open Day 2013, enjoy the rest of the gallery and let us know in the comments what you thought of the HAF bike.

Target Open Day 2013 – Kingston Booth

The Target Open Day 2013 has almost come to a close, it’s already proven to be lots of fun and we’ve been able to get hands on experience with many products today. One of the more popular brands here today are Kingston, who have been promoting their range of memory product, with everything from their SD cards, to their high capacity USB 3.0 sticks.

One of the more interesting items on show was their SSD style USB device, which can be used with Windows Mobile, allowing you to take your OS with you, booting from any USB port. The DataTraveler Workspace is a great way to take your entire work flow with you, a home computer away from home if you will.

The also had on display their SSDNow range, with plenty of choice in terms of capacity.

Kingston SSD’s are really hot products and they’ve one of the widest ranges on the market, not to mention some impresive price vs performance ratios.

While Kingston may not have been promoting anything truely new to us or the market, they’re still proud to show off a wide range of memory products, with everything from the 4GB flash drives, to their 1TB USB 3.0 memory stick, as well as a range of DDR3 system memory.

The HyperX Predator offers up some truely epic performance, aided by its massive heat spreader design. It may not be cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for.

That raps it up for the Kingston booth, and while we’ve reviewed many of the products we’ve seen here today already, it is always nice to get hands on and learn a little bit more about the brand. I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of the Kingston brand over the coming months as they’re never far away from a new product launch, so stay tuned for more Kingston reviews later this year.

Target Open Day 2013 – Cooler Master Booth

eTeknix are here today at the Target Components Open Day, for those of you who don’t know who Target are, they are a UK based distributor of PC hardware, and while this is typically a B2B event, we couldn’t resist getting down here to see if there were any cool products on show, we were not disappointed.

We kick things off with the Cooler Master booth and while we’ve seen many of these products before, we also caught a really good look at something a little special, the Cosmos SE! So stay tuned for an article on that later today.

Cooler Master have many of their favourite products on show, including the just released Aluminum peripherals that we expect to have in for review in the very near future, so keep an eye out for these as they are truly awesome.

They’re running a great “pimp my shop” promotion where one retailer can walk away with £1600 worth of products today, CM will even load it in to the car for them, isn’t that nice of them?

They’re also the most popular booth here today and it seems not one person is without a Cooler Master bag, t-shirt and other freebies.

On display we have their popular coolers such as the M4 and T2, as well as a range of JetFlow fans.

All their latest cases are on show too, as well as the cheeky Cosmos SE in the middle.

The HAF bike mod is here too, not only does this system work as a PC, but you can put some petrol in and take it out for a spin! Although they wouldn’t let me have a go today, maybe a few drinks will persuade them…

Also ondisplay we have their aluminum bumper, U2 plus and a few of their PSU products.

The N20o was on display, which as you may know recently won our Editor Choice award, and then we have the budget friendly N400 on the left.

A new one to us is the N600, we haven’t reviewed this one yet, but it is pretty much just a bigger edition that mixes features of the N200 and N400 together.

The Silencio 650 and Scout 2 Advanced are big sellers for Cooler Master, I bet at least one of your reading this is using the Scout or Scout 2 for your system.

The Aluminum range is proving a big hit and getting a lot of attention, the new headset features removable aluminum panels that can then be customised, painted and modded to your desire.

The Keyboard also features a removable aluminum panel, this is going to be a modders dream come true, expect an indepth review in the coming weeks.

Finally we have the Aluminum Reaper mouse, not as big a panel as the keyboard, but still fully removable and customisable.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little look at what Cooler Master have to offer and well be bringing you a few more articles through the day on what we have on offer here at the show.