Phone, Tablet Company Linshof Claims a ‘Clean Android’ Device Launch

We’ve recently reported on Linshof’s i8 smartphone offering, allowing users to utilize their 80GB of storage space through an interesting 64GB and 16GB memory module paring technology. Just now, news has come to light that this German manufacturer has announced that they will launch ‘clean Android’ offerings of these smartphones and tablets as soon as the first-quarter of 2015. This is an expanded news article, with more pricing and product information being made available to us.

This new OEM has been officially revealed to the public, utilizing Android’s 5.0 Lollipop software at a reported low price. Linshof claims that their i8 5-inch smartphone and their 10-inch tablet will be released on the market with an unnamed octa-core processor @ 2.1GHz, paired with 3GB of RAM and the aforementioned 80GB storage modules. They sent out an email this last Saturday, further clarifying that their 80GB modules are split up between a 64GB and 16GB chip – with this 16GB chip being a “super-high data rate” device, allowing for SSD-like upgraded performance contained within your mobile phone.

The tablet is set to be listed at $360 US, alongside their Smartphone at $380 US. These sharp-angled products are expected to see a slight change in pricing upon release according to reports, however it will be based around the same mark.

Linshof is looking to prove that Germans have what it takes to enter the phone market globally, can they compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung?

Acer’s 27-Inch Narrow 4K Monitor Pricing Released

Acer’s new flagship 27-Inch ultra-narrow 4K monitor has seen a debut on the Chinese market in recent days, being priced at 5,000 yuan ($816 US).

Designed to look seamless, the S277HK is a one of a kind. According to Acer, this model was the first HDMI 2.0 interface with an ultra-narrow frame 4K display – unfortunately for them, ASUS and Seiki beat them to the market launching HDMI 2.0 monitors of their own. This brand new product is supported by a strong aluminum frame to help it keep its composure whilst being as thin as possible. You’ll also be able to see that it looks rather sleek and modern with an (possibly) over-sized stabilizing base.

The S277HK offers users the ability to connect their device via DVI, DisplayPort 1.2 or Mini DisplayPort. Alongside this, the monitor contains DTS designed speakers, Acer’s EyeProtect ColorPlus technology and a top-notch color display. It’s reported that in December you should expect to see the Acer S277HK 4K monitor appear across Europe, the Middle East and African markets at a price of around $864 US.

4K TV and monitor options are becoming steadily more popular globally. We’ve seen YouTube recently up their support for this mode, alongside introducing 60 FPS streaming, DirecTV have started their 4K on-demand cable offerings and all major panel manufacturers are scrambling to pump out new models of 4K as fast as they can.

Is 4K something that you’re interested in, or is it a little confusing for you as it is for Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4 developers? There’s no denying that it’s a massively hot-topic currently in the technology scene, but as it stands it’s extremely expensive simply because it’s new.

Image courtesy of Digital Trends