Longest Dinosaur Poop Goes Up For Aution, Any Takers?

We’ve seen loads of cool stories about weird and wonderful things going up for auction here at eTeknix, from the recent Aphex Twin album that Notch bought, the worlds first microchip30k BitCoins and even a fully working Apple I computer. They’re what I would personally class as the wonderful stuff, but this new one is certainly going under the weird column.

Between 33 and 5 million years ago a dinosaur stopped to take a massive dump, before moving along and forgetting all about it. Skip forward a few million years and that deposit is on a plinth in an auction house, just waiting for you to make a bid for what could be a truly unique conversation starter next time you have a date over.

Knows as a Coprolite, a fancy word for fossilized feces, the fossil is currently on sale at the I. M. Chait gallery in Los Angeles, California. With the following description on the listing:

This truly spectacular specimen is possibly the longest example of coprolite – fossilized dinosaur feces – ever to be offered at auction. It boasts a wonderfully even, pale brown-yellow coloring and terrifically detailed texture to the heavily botryoidal surface across the whole of its immense length. The passer of this remarkable object is unknown, but it is nonetheless a highly evocative specimen of unprecedented size, presented in four sections, each with a heavy black marble custom base, an eye-watering 40 inches in length overall.
Estimate $8,000-10,000″

So there you have it, a piece of history is awaiting your bid, any takers?

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Meet Gary, the GoPro Wearing Goat

GoPro cameras have been strapped to all kinds of crazy things in recent years; gliders, rockets, skydivers, race car drivers, skateboards, guitars and more, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen one strapped to the back of a goat.

The Goat duct-tape GoPro hybrid, or GoatPro for those who like snappier meme friendly names shows us the adventures of Gary the goat as he goes on his jolly adventures with his owner Jimbo Bazoobi of Western Australia.

The videos have quickly become an internet sensation and Gary is seen in his latest videos enjoy a hot spring in Mataranka, all shot in first person thanks to the GoPro fitted to his horns.

With over 700,000 Facebook fans this goat is one of the more unique internet celebrities of the year, but you only came here for the videos anyway, so enjoy!

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″]http://youtu.be/HHnHnE4Ym7o[/youtube]

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″]http://youtu.be/fYKK3gMK8O4[/youtube]

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Shooting Birds with Lasers? Don’t Worry, It’s to Save Their Lives

In what sounds like an epic game of Duck Hunt in real life, the skies of Hawaii are now protected by a grid of thirty focused green lasers. The laser grids are being mounted on the countries electricity poles in a bid to save birds from crashing into the cables.

The “light fence” as it is known was installed earlier this week as a potentially cheaper alternative to burying their power lines underground. With endangered species such as the Newell’s Shearwater and the Hawaiian Petrel often flying into the cables at night, something had to be done to protect the islands wildlife.

Over the next few weeks the team behind the laser installation will be trying out different colours of laser light to find out which one works best at detracting the birds from the lines. The team will be using frequencies that present no danger to the human eye, or of course bird eyes, but it still sounds weird that they’re going to be shooting birds with laser beams.

No word on upgrading the system in the case of alien invasion.

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Former NASA Technician Wants to Build 70ft Tall Car Juggling Robot

While we’re still a long way from having robots like those seen in the Transformers movie, partly because they’re actually aliens and also because something like that is just too advanced for us to create with modern technology, we can still have fun with other kinds of giant robots. Dan Granett, a former technician at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (see: Crazy rocket scientist) wants to build a 70 foot tall car jugging robot called the Bugjuggler.

While only a concept at the moment, the team behind it are trying to secure the required £2.3 million budget needed to construct this behemoth. If constructed, the Bugjuggler will be a stick-man like robot with two giant legs and robotic arms, capable of throwing and catching 1800 pound Volkswagen Beetle cars. Cooler than that, it will be a puppet robot, controlled by a person wearing computerized gloves that simulate what the robot is holding in realtime, allowing someone to use the robot to juggle cars.

It’s certainly a step up from TruckZilla the car eating, fire breathing robot, but I can certainly see the two robots becoming great friends. Perhaps one can throw the cars, the other can set fire to them. Sounds like a pretty awesome show to me!

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“Hands-Free Automatic Sperm Extractor” So Much Nope [SFW]

As if you need to be told what that bit is for…

Many of us these days are obsessed with how technology can improve our health, with things such as mobile apps to track our workouts, advances in scanning technology to monitor our well being and new medial aids to help doctors diagnose and cure a multitude of things. Some are cool and hip to use, others, not so much.

It can be embarrassing enough going to the doctors for some things, but what if your doctors asked you to have sex with an automatic sperm extractor? I think I’d rather walk out of the hospital and take my chances that my illness would simply get better on its own. Yet this thing is actually in place in Chinese hospitals, I’m not one to judge, but when people warned me about Chinese medicine, they may have been referring to this.

I’m not sure what is stranger, the fact that this thing exists, of the fact this is the second gadget this week that involves the use of your penis… a bizarre reminder of the world we live in.

Video is safe for work, although you may get some strange looks for watching a video of a sexified Dalek.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″]http://youtu.be/d3CWLCoQu7c[/youtube]

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Domino’s Pizza Delivery, Now With Added Physics

Domino’s have been using some simple physics principles to ensure that your pizza doesn’t suffer any damage in transit. Using their Steady Pizza technology, the use a gyroscope mechanism to ensure that the pizza stays level, even when the delivery bike is going up a steep hill, over bumps, or leans around corners.

No one wants to open their pizza box only to find that it’s slipped to one size and become a calzone. It’s a simple trick that they’ve used, but it’s still pretty cool regardless and the technology is already being used for their stores in Brazil, with the intention of rolling it out to global stores in the near future.

The only person who has to suffer now is the driver, who has to have this monstrosity parked on the back of their scooter, not sure how heavy it is, but it doesn’t look like the most practical thing you could put on the back of your bike.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″]http://youtu.be/SQPn924SibM[/youtube]

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Batmobile May Be Expensive, So How About The Tumbler Golf Kart!

If you’ve ever wanted to own any one of the many editions of the Bat Mobile, then you’ll likely have never fulfilled that desire. Sure there are a few cool replicas out there, but they’re often still way out of most peoples price ranges.

So what is a man to do when he wants to pretend to be Bat Man and become the envy of all his friends? Aside from becoming a billionaire, you could always invest in the slightly more affordable Bat Golf Buggy, it is only $50k after all.

The Tumbler is easily one of the most bad-ass action movie vehicles ever, but the Tumbler Golf Kart from Prestige Imports in Miami is by far the coolest golf buggy I’ve ever seen. Sure you’re not going to be leaping the rooftops of Gotham City in this, but I’m pretty sure you could still kick up a fuss in this thing.

It has been kitted out with sports seats, a bat logo embedded in the steering wheel, visible suspension mounts and coils, as well as some pretty bad-ass chassis armour.

I don’t play golf, but I still want this, surely I’m not the only one?

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Lego Fan Creates Awesome Pokémon Models

First of all, I’m amazed that the world of Pokémon and Lego haven’t already combined, one of the most popular toys of several generations and one of the biggest cartoon collectathons of another. Sure I grew out of Pokémon a very long time ago, but you’re never too old for Lego and awesome looking Lego creations.

Lego wiz Dan McCormack got his inspiration from replaying the classic Pokémon game on his PC with an emulator. The nostalgia ran deep and since he had also recently taken his old Lego sets out of storage, McCormack just put two and two together, and pretty much relived a large chunk of his childhood, to create these cool models.

The feedback he has gotten so far is impressive, with many people thinking they’re official Pokémon Lego kits. The project has since inspired the Lego Ideas Project to promote getting an official set released.

Enjoy the gallery below, let us know what set you would love to see come to the Lego brand.

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Man Breaks World Record By Building 50ft Optimus Prime From Balloons

While there are people in this world intent on breaking the record for the 100m sprint, highest sky dive, fastest time cycling across Europe and many other great achievements, John Reid was blowing up balloons. The New York based artist and magician wanted to break the world record for the biggest thing made out of balloons.

The task took John a staggering 42 hours, using 4302 balloons and the end result for his efforts was not only a new world record, but also a 50ft tall balloon rendition of Optimus Prime. He created the giant Autobot balloon display at the 2014 Salk Lake Comic Con in Utah.

“I hope that somebody else decides to try to take this art a little further and crush me. Trounce me. Wipe the floor with me.” said John.

Given the fun nickname of Poptimus Prime, the creation proved a big attraction and official were on hand to declare it the largest balloon sculpture ever made by a single person. I’m not sure why he set about breaking this record, but it’s entertaining none the less.

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3D Printed Invention Solves The Dreaded Ketchup Water Problem

There are many people in this world who love Ketchup, but for those of us who do love it (myself included) there is one major drawback. That time when you forget to shake the bottle first, you tip the bottle upside down and all of a sudden you have watery, messy liquid soaking your fries and still have no sauce on them, yuck!

Two teenage inventors for the Liberty North High School in Missouri have come up with a solution to this truly first world problem, they’ve customised the cap. The new cap is mushroom-shaped and was made using a 3D printer, insert the cap into the bottle and it prevents the fluid built up by trapping the water at the bottom of the bottle.

It’s great to see little ideas like this come to life thanks to 3D printing, especially within schools and other places of education. The boys aren’t planning to patent or market the invention right now and well… that makes them idiots, because it’s little innovations like this that big companies love to snap up.


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Train Conductor Kicks The Stupid Out Of Selfie Taking Hipster

Taking a selfie is a fairly harmless affair, or at least it should be. Snapping an out of focus picture of ones self in the mirror and tagging it on Facebook with endless hashtags is pretty annoying, but generally a fairly safe thing to do. Of course there are a few people out there that are keen to get a “cool” selfie, such as this moron who wanted a speeding train as his backdrop. Jared Michael thought it would be a great ideal to take a picture / video of himself next to a speeding train, really close to it actually. He stood next to the track, pulled his best hipster face and was abruptly schooled in the “real world” when a train conductors boot connected with his face.

“That train conductor must really hate hipsters!” I hear you call, but a deeper analysis is that the trusty train operator was a hero and saved this selfie addicts head from a becoming a bloody mess. He really was CLOSE to the train, so close in fact that had the boot not saved his stupid ass, he would have felt the metal protrusion on the side of the train giving him a slap instead, in which case this story would have been “Hipster beheaded by train while taking selfie”.

Standing next to a train like this is the dumbest thing I’ve seen all week and it’s only Thursday, so who knows, maybe this will be topped by something worse later in the week. Kudos to the quick thinking conductor who saved this guys life though, hopefully some of his quick thinking and common sense rubbed off onto Jared.


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Skoda Unveil vRS Mega Man-Pram, Features 20″ Alloy Wheels & Hydraulic Suspension

OK so this isn’t computer hardware news, something we know you love from us here at eTeknix, but every now and then a technology story comes along that we just can’t help but share with the world. Car manufacturer Skoda have unveiled their epic man-pram, a buggy that will make pushing your child around about as manly as is humanly possible.

The new one-off model was used for their recent TV advert, but it is very much a real thing. It features 20-inch alloy wheels that are fitted with high performance all terrain tires, a sports seat, hydraulic suspension, head lights, brake lights and high spec brakes! In short, it’s better equipped than most peoples real cars.

The vRS Mega Man-Pram as it is known was trotted around London’s Hyde Park, where it can be seen towering above other prams due to its two metre high design. It’s absolutely impractical and would no doubt prove quite a workout in any uphill sections, but it’s still pretty hilarious and awesome, certainly a PR stunt done right.

Would you push your kid around in the Man-Pram? I know my daughter I would love this.

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Bikini Girl Gets Tasered For Charity

In what has to be one of the strangest stunts I’ve seen in a while, a young woman in a bikini gets hit by a taser gun to raise money for a charity… no seriously. She raised money by selling tickets to allow a group of guys to watch her take what must have been an incredibly painful hit from a taser gun, one of the prongs of the cable fed taser gun even stuck into her butt cheek, ouch!

Each person watching had donated $100 to get to watch her take a hit off of the weapon, and personally I can’t say I’d ever care to try being shot with one, not even for charity. Question is, would you take a shot from a taser for charity or would you pay $100 to watch someone get hit by one? Personally I think I would just opt to give this one a miss, because one is likely very dangerous and painful, the other is just plain creepy.


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£3,25m Home Comes With Spaceship Simulator In Attic

Having a spare £3,250,000 ($5.3m) to spend on a house isn’t exactly something we all have, but for those that do, a certain house in South London has a little some extra to sweeten the deal.


From the outside this is just your normal big, expensive house, it’s a great looking property with classy interior and exterior, a large living room, stunning games room and conservatory, lovely garden and it’s generally pretty lush. but the real treat lies in the converted attic.

The house alone is worth the asking price, but you’ll also inherit this awesome retro spaceship simulator, full of lights, dial, ejector seats (although we suspect they’re pretend ejector units), and a rack of CRT monitors that are full of retro charm.

What is the point in all this you ask? None what so ever, it’s just an awesome room full of nerdtastic fun, I’m not sure who would enjoy this more, myself as a cool place to chill out with a few beers and a few Star Wars mods on a flight sim, or my son as a play room… it’s debatable.

Secretly, we all want a spaceship simulator in the attic.

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Kick Back And Enjoy A Chorus Of Floppy Drives Playing Tainted Love

We’ve seen plenty of these before, with various sets of hard drives, optical drives, floppy drives and more playing everything from the Star Wars theme to music from Tetris, but this latest one is by far one of our favourites so far.

YouTuber Gigawipf has created his latest masterpiece, a rack of fourteen floppy disc drives blasting out in harmony a cover of Soft Cell’s 1981 cover of the 1964 Ed Cobb song Tainted Love, so yes, this is a cover of a cover of a cover, but who cares, it’s awesome!

The floppy drive may be long dead as a storage medium, but it’s great to see them getting dragged out of dusty cupboards and put to use for our entertainment. You’ll either love the tune or get a headache, but it’s still a fun start to the day none the less.


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Scientist Send Text Message Using Vodka

Researchers at York University have managed to send a text message which read “O Canada” using Vodka, or as I prefer to think, they’ve found a great way to thinly disguise one of their drinking games as research. Using a sprayer, a fan and a sensor the team were able to send a message encoded in a mist of Vodka over a range of four meters, measuring the rate of change in concentration of alcohol molecules. Hardly the most useful method of communication but certainly a fun one.

 “We believe we have sent the world’s first text message to be transmitted entirely with molecular communication, controlling concentration levels of the alcohol molecules to encode the alphabet, with single spray representing bits and no spray representing the bit zero.” Said Nariman Farsad, a doctoral candidate at York University who led the experiment.

By controlling the concentrations of Vodka, they were able to encode the alphabet by representing bits of data, ones and zeros, with a single spray representing bits, and no spray representing zero bits. It’s an interesting method and a great concept for communication using chemical analysis and sensors, but again it’s not exactly practical.


$2,000 Will Buy You A Replica Iron Man Mark III Suit… Awesome!

Fancy kicking it up a notch at your next fancy dress party? A company in China is offering custom full-body Iron Man costumes, complete with glowing lights. The aptly named Iron Man Factory is charging $2,000 for the suits, sure that’s a lot of money, but this isn’t your usual fancy dress attire, it’s freaking Iron Man!

It will take around eight months for your order to be complete and shipped as each one is built to order, there is a faster option is that you can order a 3D printed version, however that will set you back an insane $35,000 and let’s be honest, that’s freaking stupid.

The suits are made using injection moulded pieces that use reinforced polymer, and come fitted with a sensor on the side of the helmet that will allow you to open it up Iron Man style. Finally, the internal lights in the hands are powered by batteries and will offer up the glowing features that are a trademark of the suit. The suit is only suitable to be made for people between 5ft 6inch and 6ft 1inch (164cm to 185cm).

The suit isn’t even licensed from Marvel, but the company has made a statement on legality: “We will only charge your credit card when your order is shipped and we will still ship out all orders no matter what.”

So, who’s going to put in a pre-order?

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“No More Woof” Hits Indiegogo, Aims To Translate Dog Thoughts Into Human Speech

We love nothing more than tech news about high end graphics cards, new processors and gaming to name but a few, but every now and then something comes along in the tech world that makes you giggle, this new piece of tech however has me laughing far more than it probably should.

The No More Woof device has just hit Indiegogo that will use a small Raspberry Pi computer, a loud speaker and EEG recorders in the form of a headset that a dog can wear. The device will then read something called “ionic current flows” in a dog’s brain and then translate it into human speech, and it will only cost $65 for a model that detects three common thoughts such as tiredness and curiosity. A more powerful model will be available that will feature more advanced software and more sensors.

Unfortunately the idea is still at a concept stage, but the general idea is pretty sound (if somewhat crazy sounding). “Yes, we HAVE achieved some results, but we are very far from a mass-producable product. That said, we believe that within a few years the technologies we are working with will revolutionize our relation to pets and animals.” reads the official crowdfunding page.

Will the product ever see the light of day? Who knows, but the idea is too funny to ignore. We’ve embedded a video below of how we hope it turns out.


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Prepare Yourself For The Videogame Music Tribute Band “Critical Hit”

Today marks the announcement of Critical Hit, an all-star band headed by composer Jason Hayes, best known for his work on the acclaimed World of Warcraft soundtrack, and featuring award-winning performers and recording artists with a staggering list of videogame, film, and live performance credits, including The Annual Primetime Emmy’s, Cirque Du Soleil, American Idol, and more.

Their debut album, Critical Hit: Volume One, as well as their debut music video which features the main theme of Angry Birds (I’m not kidding).

Critical Hit: Volume One will ship on October 31, featuring their pick of 12 of gaming’s greatest hits. Tracks from World of Warcraft, Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Halo, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, Metal Gear Solid, and more are presented in a wide variety of musical styles from rock to classical and beyond.

Musicians Hall of Fame inductee David Frank Paich, pianist of the legendary band Toto and co-writer on hit titles Africa, Rosanna, and Hold the Line, is featured on the album!

“Playing in bands was a big part of my life before I became a full-time composer,” comments Critical Hit founder Jason Hayes, “so it’s awesome to be able to return to live performance, while exploring my favorite videogame themes with such amazing and accomplished musician friends. The best part is connecting with people who are as passionate about videogame music as I am.”

Critical Hit: Volume One is as follows:

  • Tetris: “Main Theme”
  • Angry Birds: “Main Theme”
  • World of Warcraft: “Legends of Azeroth”
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: “Zelda’s Lullaby”
  • Halo 2: “Main Theme”
  • Pokémon: “Main Theme”
  • Super Mario World: “Bowser’s Castle”
  • Final Fantasy X: “To Zanarkand”
  • Kingdom Hearts: “Hikari”
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: “Battle for New York”
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: “Streets of Whiterun”
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: “Main Theme”

Visit the Critical Hit website for upcoming concert dates. Those who pre-order prior to October 31, 2013 will receive their items personally signed by Jason Hayes.


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Images courtesy of Critical Hit.

Michael Bay Assaulted While Filming Transformers 4

Turns out gigantic robots are no means of defence when it comes to the real world, no doubt a shocking reminder that CGI just isn’t as good as the real deal and I’m sure Michael Bay and his team would have loved to have Bumblebee on hand to kick some butt this week.

A gang of drugged up thugs decided to storm the set of Transformers 4, tried to rough up some members of the crew and wind them up for several hours, demanding thousands of dollars to make them go away. It is said that all retail units in the area were given a payout for the inconvenience of the movie being filmed in the area, but these guys were essentially wasted and thought that they should get some money for nothing.

After refusing to give into their demands, one of the men came at Michael Bay brandishing an air-conditioning unit as a weapon and tried to smack Bay in the face. Naturally Bay is a cool guy and ducked before knocking the nut job away and letting his security jump on the guy. It is said that it took seven security to control the man, who is said to have bit through the shoe of one of the guards! Then it also too a team of fifteen Hong Kong cops in riot gear just to get the situation under wraps.

I’m looking forward to the new movie, but it’s an interesting insight into some of the crazy things that are going on behind the scenes.

Michael Bay have posted a wonderfully detailed account of what happened on his blog, which you can read here.

Image courtesy of Michael Bay.

Indian Army Tracks Spy Drones For 6 Month, Turns Out They Were Just Planets

This sounds a little too silly to be believable but it seems the Indian Army have spent roughly six months watching, tracking and documenting the movements of what they believed were two Chinese spy drones, when they were in fact watching the planets Jupiter and Venus!

The level of incompetence here is absolutely incredible and it makes you wonder just how many people in a position of power there actually have a grasp of our own solar system and night sky, let alone any clue as to what could be a spy drone, not a huge gas giant planet millions of miles away…

The two unknown objects appeared in the night sky sometime in August 2012, the Telegraph Calcutta reported that the Indian army made 329 sightings of these objects between the first sighting and February 2013, yet in that time the had not come to the conclusion that they were planets orbiting the sun. Instead the determined that on 155 occasions the apparent drones were in violation of the Line of Actual Control that separates China and India.

Of course this was all straightened out 6 months later when the army finally contacted astronomers at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics in Bangalore, who are likely still rolling around dying of laughter.

“The astronomers were told that the first object, viewed from a location about 4,715 metres above sea level near Thakung, appeared in the horizon at about 6pm and remained visible until about 5am. The second object appeared at 4am and faded away at 11am.” said Telegraph Calcutta.

Jumping to conclusions really can be a dangerous thing, but the fact that this went on for 6 months is somewhat frightening.

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Image courtesy of BBC.

Norwegian Town Creates ‘Artificial Sun’ To Light Up Dark Winter Days

Rjukan is a small town located in Norway, but unlike many towns in this world Rjukan misses out on much of the years sunlight as for a large portion of the year their town is in the shadow of a mountain. The town is fed up, literally, of being stuck in the dim shade of a mountain, no sunshine and no brightness to their little town, so they’re going to divert the sun around the mountain!

Known as The Mirror Project, the town is set to create a 2,000 square foot circle in the town square that will be bathed in sunshine, they’ll create this using a system of three 300 square foot heliostatic mirrors that will reflect the light down into the valley. While it may only be a small part of the town, having a lit up town center will look amazing in comparison to the rest of the town, the hope is that it will become the happy center of the town and a great meeting place for the locals.

The system is in place and ready to rock, having cost the Town just under a million dollars to integrate the plan is that when the town is usually in perpetual darkness from September to March, they will now have a shining ray of light to keep their spirits high.

It’s a great use of a simple technology but one that could have a massive impact of peoples lives.

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Image courtesy of Mashable.

South Carolina University Testing Iris Scanner Security

Do you ever worry about how secure something might be, say your personal data that companies, or maybe even schools that you have attended have on file. Of course not, most people just assume that information that is kept on file is kept under lock and key. Unfortunately that is not always the case, and today we can look at the possibility of iris scanners. Iris scanners are not the same technology as retinal scanners. An iris scanner looks at the outside of an eye, using an infrared light.

Mashable reported earlier today about a small college in South Carolina is testing this new security method with their administrators. Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina is testing out the iris scanners to keep certain buildings secure for about four months now. It seems fairly straight forward and simple, students and faculty stand in front of a mirror, behind the mirror is a camera. The camera is able to work with specially designed software to measure the shape of an eye in 3D as well as record 250 data points on the eye. Once an eye is scanned it is saved in a database for later use, giving the user the ability to gain access to a building with only their eyes.

If someone wants to gain access to a secure building they will need to stand at the door and look at the mirror, the user will then be prompted to look at the mirror allowing the camera and the computer to scan and analyze the eye, then it will either allow or deny access to the building.

This is not a new technology, though it is a near foolproof security method, at this time it is not possible to duplicate someones iris, but would you want just anyone to have the information on your iris stored in a random computer?

Image courtesy of Mashable.

Why Take A Picture When You Could Capture The Smell Instead

The scent of something can be just as powerful a tool at making you remember something as an image, the smell of flowers or fresh cookies could be all it takes to remind you of a place or person, but what if you could capture those scents, those moments, well now you can, technically.

Amy Radcliffe has created a device she calls the Madeleine, which is in effect a odor camera and it’s similar to devices used by the perfume industry to analyze and recreate odor compounds.

Place an object or smell source into the device and a small pump extracts particles of scent and catches them in a resin trap, where it then records the information captured, this can then be expressed in a graph-like formula, a picture of the smell that has been captured if you will.

The formula can be inscribed on a bronze disk to artificially reproduce the smell, but the complexity and strength of the scent means the process can take anything from a few minutes to a full day.

Could this be the first step to producing a “point-and-shoot” smell camera, likely not but it’s still some impressive technology non the less and it will be interesting to see… I mean smell what applications they can come up with for  the system in the future.


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Image courtesy of GizMag.

Lego Build 1:1 Scale X-Wing Fighter From Star Wars

It doesn’t matter how old I get (I’m 28 in case you’re wondering), but I am still always fascinated by LEGO, it really is one of those timeless inventions that you’re never too old for and it’s just as much fun for kids, or adults, to play with today as it was when it was invented, so what could be better than using 5,335,200 Lego bricks to build a bloody huge space ship from Star Wars?

Giant Lego creations have always amazed me, the sheer number of bricks required, the time required, the skill and of course the patience needed to construct such monumental structures out of tiny bricks is beyond insane, but that’s exactly what a the Danish toy company, Lego, have gone and done.

The X-Wing Starfighter from Star Wars is one of the most recognisable and icon space ships in the history of cinema, gaming and beyond, so Lego have recreated it on 1:! scale, a testament to just what you can do with nearly 5.5 million Lego brick. The ship weighs in at a staggering 46,000 pounds and that makes it one of the largest Lego sculptures ever made at 11ft tall, 42ft long and featuring a 44ft wingspan that requires a steel truss frame to hold everything together.

The ship was completed in Kladno, Czech Republic, where it was then shipped to Times Square in Manhattan and it should be there for a couple of days before being moved on to the LegoLand Resort in California.

If you have 5,335,200 lego bricks and wanted to try something similar, remember this ship took four months and 32 builders to complete, so be prepared to put the extra hours in if you wanted one of your own.

Image courtesy of Gizmodo

Stealing Is Bad, But Stealing A NASA Laptop Full Of Porn & Getting Caught Is Funny

Today just seems like it’s going to be one of those days, first a law suit over internet cat memes and now we hear that a man has been arrested for stealing porn from NASA, but of course it’s not as simple as that, so let’s try explain this one better.

In what initially appeared to be a case of Chinese espionage, with a NASA laptop stolen and taken on a plane to China in the hands of Bo Jiang as FBI agents boarded the plane to arrest the man in question. Bo Jiang is a doctorate in electrical engineering and until recently he was a contractor for NASA at their Langely Research Center.

Unfortunately for Bo Jiang he lost his contract after Congressman, Frank Wolf claimed that some of the Chinese engineers at NASA were posing a security risk. Unfortunately for Jian he had a NASA owned laptop with him and was on his way back to China.

Of course all the business with Congressman Frank Wolf, the FBI, the loss of his job and no doubt a few other “bad luck Brian” kind of moment led up to his arrest and at best Jiang has only broken NASA policies by carrying the laptop with him as it turned out to contain no sensitive material as Jiang didn’t have that kind of clearance for project at Langley.

Unfortunately for Jiang, his back luck didn’t end there as investigators found the laptop was loaded with pornography and pirated movies, adding insult to his injury of loosing his job, he was simply on his way home and wanted to take his erm… “entertainment” home with him.

I guess you could say he’s going to get off lightly, he will have to plead guilty, but he’ll have to live with the embarrassment of the FBI finding his digital stash.

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Warner Brothers Taken To Court Over Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat?!

The weekend is approaching and everyone is winding down for a long sunny week here in England, so what better way to start today than with a completely daft news story that Warner Brothers is facing a federal lawsuit because of internet cat memes!

The two (seperate) authors of “Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat” and “Christopher Torres Nyan Cat” have sued WB over their use of their memes in the game Scribblenauts, which was published by WB Games and developed by 5th Cell, who have also been named in the lawsuit. They claim this usage infringes on their copyrights and trademarks.

I shouldn’t need to remind you all who Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat are, but I absolutely must, because this is the internet and it was almost literally invented for cat videos… and that is a fact (probably).


With over 30 million views just on the original YouTube submission alone, there is no doubt that this video went viral over the last few years.


While Nyan Cat has racked up nearly 100 million views on this video and even more than that on copy… erm, cat videos. Although it is worth pointing out that Christopher Torres didn’t add that stupid music, he just created the cat and that is what is standing up in court, not the music.

Yet due to their success, it turns out both creators of the memes have registered the trademark for protection. While some time later 5th Cell then added the two characters to their game Scribblenauts, which was released on various gaming platforms such as the Nintendo DS.

To make matters worth for WB and 5th Cell, the two meme creators have joined forces against them and state that “Defendants have used ‘Nyan Cat’ and ‘Keyboard Cat,’ even identifying them by name, to promote and market their games, all without plaintiffs’ permission and without any compensation to plaintiffs,”.

WB is charged with both copyright and trademark infringement, the case will be litigated in the Central District of California, which includes Hollywood.