Images of Late Soviet Union Computer Mouse Surface, Would Have Cost $300 in 1990

It looks like someone has stumbled upon a rare late Soviet computer mouse. The device is said to have been produced in 1990, but was modelled in 1989, as the documents state. The design is very weird and it comes in red colour (as it would be expected from that era).

The price for this type of mouse is also staggering, coming in at 285 roubles, which was equally translated in US dollars. This would have meant that the mouse in question would have cost around $300 back in the ’90s.

The box states that “It is the most comfortable graphic input device. You can move a cursor or piece of graphics across the screen, paint or use in business”. It even comes with its own serial number written in pen and was under a warranty.

Another odd thing about the mouse is that it comes with its blueprints in the box. But given its price tag, it would be nice to have in case something broke and a piece was required to fix it.

Lastly, the size of the mouse looks pretty realistic compared to a modern mouse, except you can’t really connect it to any modern PC or laptop due to its huge and outdated connector.

Here are the images of the mouse:

Thank you English Russia for providing us with this information

HTC ‘Inhaler’ Camera Set for Update

HTC’s RE camera, is due for an update despite only being on sale for a month.

The small tubular device was positioned as a competitor to the insanely popular GoPro, being targeted at those looking for a rugged camera suitable for extreme sports and other similar activities. HTC have yet to release sales figures, but we do know that initial impressions weren’t too kind towards its slightly odd design, a design often likened to an inhaler.

HTC’s North Asia president Jack Tong told Focus Taiwan that a new standalone model would arrive next year, probably bringing something in the way of a viewfinder, since currently you can’t see what you took on the device if it’s not connected to a phone.

As Engadget points out, the focus upon products like this highlights HTC’s intentions to have a greater emphasis towards devices outside their usual line-up of smartphones and tablets, a business that has been in decline for the company.

I wonder what the next one will look like? A shoe horn perhaps?

Source: Focus Taiwan Via: Endgaget