New Windows 10 Update Re-Enables Data Collection Disabled by Third-Party Software

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Microsoft’s November update for Windows 10 has re-enabled all data collection features that may have been disabled by the user via third-party software. Many Windows 10 users, while enjoying the new operating system, are not best pleased at Mircosoft’s draconian approach to metadata collection, and so have been using third-party software such as DisableWinTracking or DoNotSpy10.

Members of the r/PCMasterRace subreddit, however, have reported that since the Windows 10 November Update, which effectively reinstalls the operating system on a computer, those who had previously disabled tracking features have had their changes reset to their defaults.

While some are accusing Microsoft of using the update to deliberately turn the data tracking settings of Windows 10 back on, it makes sense that what effectively amounts to a fresh Windows install would return some settings to their default.

“The November (Fall) Update literally reinstalls the entire operating system, which is why program defaults and a lot more end up reverting and disabled things may come back. I honestly hope they improve this upgrade system for the next big update because this has seriously caused a lot of people some trouble,” posted Puremin0rez.

Anyone using third-party software to disable Windows 10’s tracking features should check to see if their settings have been changed following the November update and adjust accordingly.