Silverstone Noble Breeze NB05 Notebook Cooler Review


Silverstone are known for their amazing cases such as the TJ11 or TJ07, if you want a chassis that is simply a modders dream then these are for you. Silverstone don’t only do Chassis though, they also have some amazing power supplies such as the platinum rated fan-less NJ520, completely silent with great performance. If this isn’t enough for you, Silverstone are also experts in cooling. This is the category we are going to concentrate on today and unusually it’s a notebook cooler rather than a CPU or GPU cooler that we going to put through its paces.

The Silverstone Noble Breeze NB05 is a multifunctional notebook cooler which combines cooling with a USB hub as well as an RJ-45 socket so that you can easily give a notebook without an RJ-45 socket Ethernet access. Let’s see how it performs and see if it lives up to the high expectations that I have for a Silverstone product.

For the packaging, Silverstone have used a clear PET blister pack. It’s a very simple and cheap way to package a product. With the nice insert, it does improve the look a lot. It protects the product as well as showing it off, the clear box also allows a lot of information to be shown.

As you can see, on the front of the package it lets you know that it’s compatible with notebooks up to 17″, it’s light, easy to carry and boasts a cross flow fan which results in better cooling and lower noise.

The back of the packaging gives you the same above information in a range of different languages along with the QR codes for the corresponding websites.

The most important information for us is the spec sheet that can be seen at the top of the packaging. It lets us know that the cross flow fan has a RPM of 1250 and a voltage of 5v resulting in a low 25db noise output. It also gives its dimensions and connections.

On the reverse side of this card it has more detailed information about the NB05’s dimensions as well as explaining that to use the USB3 hubs it might require an external source of power, which is sold separately. The warranty information can be found here also.

Inside the box, you will find the cooler, the USB cable and some foam pads to stop slipping and also give some protection to the cooler.

Thermaltake Display Their Latest Range Of Cooling Products At CES 2014

CES 2014, we’re back in the Thermaltake suite to take a quick look at their latest range of cooling products for 2014 and even just at a quick glance we can tell you that Thermaltake are going to make a big impact on the cooling scene this year.

First up (above) we have their two Pure 12/12 and 20/20 LED fans, their commander F5 five channel slider fan controller and their Matrix D Series dust filters for a wide range of fan sizes. All of which will go a long way to giving you cool, clean and quiet cooling performance.

If you want to add a touch of style to your coolers then their Luna 12 LED fans are a great choice as they offer a choice of colours and sizes to suit your build, but also come fitted with full rubber mounts on the corners to help reduce vibrations.

One of the best products we’ve seen are their new water cooling kits, which come with a sleek CPU bracket, a choice of two reservoir sizes, one of which comes with an integrated pump, and finally there is a 240mm rad. The kit isn’t especially high end, but it is targeted at the mid-budget cooling market and it’s all 100% Thermaltake manufactured.

The fittings look fantastic and when combined with two 120mm Thermaltake fans the radiator has a nice clean look that should look great in almost any build, we’ll have more details on price and release date very soon.

Next up we have their NiC L31 and NiC L32 CPU coolers, both come fitted with some gorgeous design white and red low RPM fans that really make them stand out against the clean looks of the cooling tower. Both products are NiC (non interference coolers) which promise to not conflict with your ram configuration and both come fitted with a triple heat pipe design. The L31 is fitted with a 120mm fan and will cool a CPU of up to 160w TDP, the L32 comes fitted with a 140mm fan and will support a CPU of up to 180w TDP.

The Massive V20 notebook cooler will support a system of up to 17″, features a large 200mm LED fan that is speed adjustable thanks to a simple to use speed knob and the whole unit is priced at just $19.99.

The Massive TM cooler also supports notebooks up to 17″, but comes fitted with a dual 120mm temperature regulated fan design, capable of monitoring up to four different areas to provide maximum cooling efficiency that makes it ideal for high power / gaming notebooks. The Massive TM looks great in terms of design and will cost you just $39.99.

The Massive SP is easily our favourite notebook cooler on display here as it features a whisper quiet 140mm LED fan (speed adjustable), and a concealed power controller for both the fan and two built in speakers. It supports notebooks up to 17″ and will cost just $39.99, but the having the addition of two great sounding speakers makes this one excellent value for money.

That’s all from the cooling products in the Thermaltake suite, but we’ll be back later today with more great coverage of CES 2014 and even more coverage from Thermaltake, their gaming brand TteSports and their mobile division, Luxa2.

Xilence To Expand European Presence

After being taken over by Be Quiet’s parent company, Listan GmBH, Xilence are announcing their intentions to aggressively expand their European market positioning with low pricing and high availability. Xilence will work in partnership with Be Quiet in the European market to expand its presence by targeting the cost effective market segment.

“Our Xilence products will be offensively placed within the volume markets all over Europe. The goal is, to offer appealing products for a good price.” Stated the new CEO of the Xilence GmbH, Michael Albes.

Xilence currently offer a wide range of power supplies, CPU coolers, fans, notebook coolers, notebook chargers, cases and accessories so expect to see a lot more of these in Europe over the coming months. To assist them in their “European expansion” Xilence has a new sales team.

More details of Xilence and their products can be seen over at their website right here. Hopefully we will work with Xilence more in future as they look to reach out to European consumers.

Image courtesy of Xilence

Computex: Enermax Show Off Trio Of Notebook Coolers

They aren’t glamorous and they aren’t exciting but they are certainly functional. Yes I am talking about notebook coolers. At Computex today Enermax was showing us three of their latest notebook coolers. Up first is the “AeroOdio” CP006 notebook cooler which features a mammoth 220mm cooling fan in the centre. This particular cooler is integrated with DreamBass audio and has two speakers. The whole unit features large measure, cable management options underneath and supports 17 inch notebooks or smaller.

Next up is the Aeolus Vegas notebook cooler which uses a 180mm 4 colour Vegas LED fan with four different lighting modes. This has a movable magnetic fan mounting system and is USB powered. Again this notebook cooler supports 17 inch or smaller notebooks.

Finally we have the Aeolus Pure aluminium notebook cooler with a high quality brushed aluminium finish and a huge 250mm cooling fan with a 2 step speed control. There are additional USB ports on it and it features an integrated wrist rest. 17 inch and smaller notebooks are supported by this sleek looking notebook cooler.

Stay tuned to eTeknix for more Computex coverage in our Computex section.

Image(s) courtesy of eTeknix at Computex