Is Samsung’s Next Galaxy Curvy?

Samsung has posted a cryptic message on Twitter. Promoting their ‘Galaxy Unpacked’ event on March 1st, the company provides the message ‘what’s next’ alongside a curved shape.

That curve looks slightly like the curve seen on the Galaxy Note Edge, but could also resemble a completely curved phone altogether.

Whatever it means, we’ll be sure to see on March 1st.

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iPhone 6 Plus Hammered by new Samsung Advertisements

[youtube width=”854″ height=”480″][/youtube]

Samsung have come out of the blocks with both arms swinging – producing a series of advertisements targetting competitor Apple’s latest technology.

Samsung has a long standing battle with Apple. Not only are they the main competitors on the telecommunications market, but Apple and Samsung have a legal history to boot.

What better way to get back at Apple than a funny ad campaign targeting their champion product? This advertisement takes no time in pointing out the similarities between Apple’s new iPhone 6 plus and Samsung’s long-standing Galaxy Note series, alongside showing that the note was ridiculed for its size and proudly displaying negative initial reviews of the series. One quote had us chuckling – “you’ll look like you’re talking into a piece of toast”.

The message of the video as a whole conveys the fact that Apple have “followed” or “copied” Samsung in making a bigger device to try and keep up with their developing technologies. All of this is backed up by supplying a few Apple skeptic tweets from the public, further reinforcing their innovative Samsung technology and then finally promoting their “next big thing”; the Galaxy Note 4.

It doesn’t quite matter which side of the fence you sit on, it’s always quite funny to watch two heavyweight companies battle it out in an ad campaign.

How will Apple reply? Will Apple reply? Here’s hoping that it all goes to plan.

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Rumors of Second-Generation Galaxy Gear Emerge, To Launch Alongside Galaxy S5

There are rumors that Samsung is looking to launch another ‘redesigned’ Galaxy Gear 2. The first attempt to release a wearable device, aka. the Galaxy Gear, was not as successful as Samsung thought, having encountered numerous issues with their first design.

There were flaws such as poor battery life, not-so user interface, and a bunch of other features were not working properly, leaving many users wonder of Samsung is a good choice for a wearable device. But the South Korean giant is not about to give up on the wearable tech just yet, having set to bring another smartwatch along with the Galaxy S5 handset and the Note.

According to the recent rumors, Samsung Galaxy S5 will be released this year with a different and improved Galaxy Gear 2. While the original duo of the popular Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and not-so-popular Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch did not go that well on the consumer market, Samsung is hoping that this one might just do what its predecessor failed.

Tech Radar reportedly even started on looking into how the wearable gadget might look like. They came up with a OLED curved screen, draped in steel, and neat design. But will it be a game changer for Samsung, or will it just turn out to be another failure as before? Given the strong competition announced on the wearable devices market, another failure could knock Samsung off the wearable market for good.

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Samsung Working On Phone With Three-Sided Screen

Samsung Electronics is planning a Galaxy smartphone next year with a three-sided display that wraps around the edges so messages can be read from an angle. Having the Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex on the market, the trend is due to continue next year.

A tweaked version of Samsung’s technology called Youm ,currently featured in the curved Galaxy Round handset, is likely to be the prime candidate that we’ll see in future phones. The display may be used in the S or Note series of premium handsets or may be the first in a new line. Samsung plans to have each side of the display operate independently.

Samsung is competing with Apple to introduce innovative devices as they brace for a slowdown in the high-end smartphone segment, where Samsung sells about one of every three devices. Apple is developing new iPhone designs including bigger screens with curved glass and enhanced sensors that can detect different levels of pressure, a person familiar with the plans said Nov. 10.

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Samsung Rumored To Release a Note 3 Developer Edition Handset

Sources report that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Developer Edition will be released soon. A teaser page is already live at the official Samsung site announcing the device which is expected to arrive soon. No details on the exact date or price has been revealed yet however its estimated price might be somewhere near $699.99 ( £438 ).

A developer edition is a device that usually has the same hardware as the original non-developer version the only difference is that it’s easy to unlock the bootloader. This makes it an ideal device to have for those interested in tinkering around with different custom ROMs.

The technical specs listed are mostly common to a non-developer Note 3. A 5.7″ Full HD Super AMOLED having 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Krait 400 CPU, 13MP rear and 2 MP front cameras and a 3200 mAh battery. The only difference is that the developer edition will pack 32 GB of internal storage.

Another unique feature to this model is that it is so far the only device that is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Gear. If you,as a developer, are planning to make applications which use the Galaxy Gear then this is the handset for you.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Arrives – Enhanced Competition for the Nexus 7?

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 has been in-dev for a very long time now and its presence hasn’t exactly been off-the-radar. However, we are now finally seeing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 officially materialise at the Mobile World Congress 2013 event in Barcelona, Spain. Being an 8 inch tablet, it is obviously different to the plethora of 7 inch tablets we are used to seeing, the 8 inch display makes it noticeably wider. Journalists at the MWC have reported that the Galaxy Note 8 is made out of similar materials to the Galaxy Note 10.1 except with a bit more metal in the construction for solidity.

All that extra metal has been compensated by a very tin design leaving it at 0.74 pounds – only marginally heavier than Apple’s iPad Mini. The bottom of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features three bezel buttons for menu, home and back, in left to right ordering. Samsung has added the functionality of being able to use their S-Pen with the three buttons, something that was missing off their previous Note II.

Other features include a rear facing 5MP camera, positioned centrally at the top, and a front camera at the top right. Along the bottom edge the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 includes two speaker grills, a micro USB port and the slot for putting the S-Pen back. The choice of OS is Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with Samsung’s “TouchWiz UI” being layered over the top. Connectivity options include 3G (HSPA+21) and Wi-Fi, although for some reason the USA is limited to a strictly Wi-Fi only version.

The choice of display from Samsung is an 8 inch panel utilising a 1280 by 800 pixel screen which equates to a ppi count of 189. Powering this device is a quad core 1.6GHz A9 processor with 2GB of RAM and other key hardware components include the aforementioned 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4 and 5 GHz) Wi-Fi, SD Card slot, S-Pen, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer and a digital compass. Storage will vary between models but you have a rather predictable 16GB or 32GB choice.

Samsung have, unsurprisingly, declined to offer pricing information at this stage which means making a judgement on the value of the tablet impossible, especially against the Nexus 7 dubbed this tablet’s biggest competitor. Expect more news of the Note 8 as the product comes to market in the second quarter of this year (2013).