Free Game for Batman: Arkham Knight Early Adopters

The aptly named, No Bull Intentions indie studio has decided to provide a free copy of their satirical comedic game, The Supreme League of Patriots to Batman: Arkham Knight purchasers. This even applies if you have already filed for a refund and able to send a proof of purchase. Although, doing so would be taking advantage of this kind gesture. Cynical folk might argue this is nothing more than a PR exercise from a small studio to gain publicity and help lackluster sales figures. However, I will give No Bull Intentions the benefit of the doubt and applaud their passionate plea to PC Gamers. In a Tumblr post, the developer said,

“We think that PC gamers get taken for granted far too often. Those who choose to play on PC are often subjected to shoddy console ports, driver problems, poor optimisation and game-breaking bugs, not to mention invasive DRM and launch delays of weeks or even months for some titles. We’re making this offer to show our support for PC gamers.”

“As such, we’re offering anyone who bought Arkham Knight for PC before midnight PST on 30th June, 2015 (digital or retail) a free copy of the entire first season of Supreme League of Patriots. While we have every confidence that Rocksteady and Warner Bros. will keep patching Arkham Knight until it’s the amazing game we all anticipated, that doesn’t take away the disappointment that gamers felt. We recognise that our little superhero caper can’t do that either, but we hope the comical adventures of The Purple Patriot will bring a smile to their faces while they’re waiting.”

Supreme League of Patriots is a traditional point-and-click adventure game designed to mock popular culture, politics and rely on self-referential humour. The leading protagonist isn’t familiar with political correctness and runs amok as a freak accident turns him into a superhero! To take advantage of this offer, you need to e-mail and attach an image showing the purchase confirmation.

On another note, there are some rumours circulating about Batman: Arkham Knight customers being offered a free WB game or season pass. This would follow a similar pattern to Assassin’s Cred Unity but the current time frame for this occurring is unknown and there’s still doubts if this will be offered at all. Another factor to consider is, will this offer or anything from WB games in the future apply to those who received a free copy with their NVIDIA 900 series GPU.

If you are intrigued by the game’s concept, here is the official trailer: