HyperAdapt – The Shoe With Self-lacing Technology

Years ago we were introduced to the concept of self-lacing shoe laces. The idea that we could place our feet in a shoe and have them tie themselves to the perfect level of comfort and grip was beyond imagination and yet so simple. Several months ago we reported that Nike was working on just that technology and then Michael J Fox, the star of Back to the future 2 where the concept was first shown, kindly revealed his pair of self-lacing shoes. We now have a name for the shoes and that name is HyperAdapt 1.0.

Previous ideas regarding self-lacing shoes were designed and marketed for limit release, with the idea being that people in the general public didn’t want shoes that self-tied if they came at a cost. This seems to have been changed thanks to the HyperAdapt 1.0 which could see its place on the market this year.

While you may be jumping around wondering which of the three colours you would buy, you may have to be a member of Nike+ in order to grab these shoes, which sadly are still manually triggered by a button either side of the shoe.

Plans are that you could soon see the shoes automatically tightening and loosening their fit on the fly, but sadly this is just a future dream at the moment.


Michael J. Fox Demonstrate Nike Self Lacing Shoes From Back To The Future

Yesterday was the day for Back To The Future fans, the day that Doctor Brown and Marty McFly travelled to the future and we were promised dreams of hoverboards, flying cars and self-tying shoelaces; two out of three isn’t too bad is it?

First we had the hoverboard, made by Lexus, the hoverboard floats but does require you to have a metal floor beneath it. And now we even have Nike revealing the self-tying shoes that we dreamed of. Not only did Nike make these, but who did they send a pair to? None other than Michael J. Fox.

More than happy to show them off when he appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show Live, showing off how a button on the side of the ankle can be used to tighten and loosen the laces, meaning you no longer need to tie all those knots.

As if this wasn’t good enough, all proceeds from the shoes will go to the Michael J. Fox foundation, a charity dedicated to helping conduct research into Parkinson’s Disease. While Fox owns one of the only pairs at this moment in time, more are set to go on auction next year with the hopes to help raise funds to eliminate Parkinsons within our lifetime.

A great gadget and a great cause, what more can you ask for?

Nike Reveals Back To The Future II Self Lacing Shoes For Real

At the start of this year, we as consumers were promised sneakers (Trainers in the UK) with power laces, film buffs will no doubt remember these from the hugely popular and successful franchise Back To The Future 2, but did sportswear manufacturer Nike deliver on those promises? It turns out yes they did and they look amazing if the illustrative images are anything to go by.

Nike is coining it an “individually responsive system that senses the wearer’s motion to provide adaptive on-demand comfort and support”. This basically means there is a hidden powered mechanism that automatically tightens the laces when a consumer inserts their feet. Below is an image that illustrates the trainers, as you can see, they would be fantastic to own.

Before anyone feels the urge to run down to their local sports shop in order to purchase the shoes, there is a caveat.  Nike has stated that the “Nike Mag is a limited edition release and as such will only be available via auction with all the proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research”. Further details concerning the auction will be posted to Nike News and via Twitter @Nike in spring 2016.

I dread to think what the eventual price may be if it’s entered into an auction, the average Joe/Johanna might have to sell quite a few things in order to be able to afford to bid on such an exclusive item.  It’s certainly a worthwhile cause however when you consider that an estimated 6.3 million people have Parkinson’s disease worldwide. Hopefully the potential money raised can be used to further research possible treatments for the disease.

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Nike’s Back to the Future II Self-Lacing Shoes Coming This Year

The self-lacing Nike shoes, as worn by Marty McFly on his visit to the future in sci-fi adventure sequel Back to the Future II, are to be released later this year, it has been announced. Well, it is 2015, after all.


Tinker Hatfield, the original designer of the Nike MAG for the 1989 movie, revealed the news at the #AgendaEmerge conference in Long Beach, California this week, saying that he and his team are working as hard as they can to release the footware this year.

The “power lace” technology used in the shoe has even been patented:

We already have a hoverboard, so let’s hope that Black & Decker are working on a functional Hydrator. I fancy some instant pizza.

Source: Business Insider

Nike To Release New Smartwatch Next Year

The Nike company isn’t afraid to dig deeper into the tech industry, introducing more and more gadgets for sport fans all over the world. Their partnership with Apple also helped them grow in this sphere and now word is that Nike is designing a new smartwatch to be released as early as Q1 2014.

Rumor has it that Nike has the new smartwatch under trial and testing, though speculations should be taken with a grain of salt as always. The fact that Nike’s FuelBand has been so successful, despite actually offering very little over the array of cheaper apps available for smartphones, suggests Nike could well have a big say in the smartwatch market. Pebble has released their version of smartwatches, having also both Sony and Samsung also competing with their own gadgets. Google and Apple are also interested in releasing their own wrist inventions, therefore we should see an interesting competition next year in terms of smartwatch devices.

Though the FuelBand is an exercise-orientated gadget, we could see more improvements and features in what is to come as Nike’s new smartwatch. Combining style, solid functionality and high prices, they are not so far apart from Apple’s marketing strategy, working in a “harmonious” environment together. Whether this partnership will continue as such in the future, we can just wait and see.

There is little information regarding Nike’s new smartwatch or even Apple’s own gadget, the so-called “iWatch”, therefore we can presume that Nike could also compete with Apple next year in terms of smartwatch features, or Apple could also take a different approach than Nike and offer non-sporty features, focus mainly on other areas such as entertainment, social media, and others.

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