Facebook Will Consider Time Spent Viewing in News Feed Optimization

Being the first page most users see when they log into Facebook, the New Feed is obviously one of the areas that most research and optimization would focus on. As part of an effort to improve the experience for users, Facebook has decided to add the time spent viewing a post in optimizing News Feed. This goes on top of the regular signals of liking, commenting and sharing of posts. Facebook will be rolling out the feature starting today and over the next couple weeks

As befitting a team from such a large organization, the analysis extends beyond a simple calculation of time spent. In order to weed out slow internet connections, the focus will be on the relative time spent on certain posts compared to the majority of posts. Facebook also looks like they will be considering scrolling speed as well as part of determining time spent on a post. Similar posts will then show up more often and higher up in the News Feed.

While such a move to improve News Feed to make it more relevant is good, it runs the chance of becoming annoying. YouTube for instance, will change the entire genre of videos it suggests to me based on my last 3 videos. Having all my suggestions change so quickly and start showing me somewhat irrelevant videos can be galling. Hopefully, Facebook can avoid such a problem but it looks like they are already doing just fine.

Facebook Wants to Give You More Information on Contacts with New Caller ID Feature

Social media giant, Facebook, has been busy as of late, providing users with more and more features to help them in their daily activities, as well as make them stay and enjoy their social media platform for longer.

We’ve seen that one of their biggest achievements as of late was to make the Messenger app web-based, so they provided users with access to the Messenger platform on both desktop and mobile, provided you don’t already have the app installed.

One of their latest achievements was to bring news articles directly in your feed, so you will have access to your friend’s activities as well as know what’s going on in the world too. I know it’s a bit of multitasking to do and you might even end up mixing your friend’s selfie with a volcano eruption, then you ask yourself what he was doing there in the first place, before realising you were reading two things at once. But hey, we all get used to it in the end.

Facebook’s latest addition is the CallerID feature, which brings some more details about contacts and who wants to connect with you. This is done by having the app display an even bigger photo of the contact, more details about how related you are with him or her and “much more”, as Vice President of Messaging Products, David Marcus, stated. The feature is said to already be available for Android and iOS users in the US, UK, France and India. So will this be of more help than just asking your friends about who is trying to connect with you? We will see.

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Facebook Testing New News Feed Features

It’s no secret that Facebook are always working on new ways to curate content on our news feeds. I’ve been with Facebook since it first went public and it’s a shadow of what it used to be, in fact, it’s a heck of a lot better than it used to be, so I’m actually rather excited to see how these new features pan out.

The first new feature will be ‘Instant Articles’, a new way to bring content to the social media platform, without having to leave the site. Pages such as New York Times, Buzzfeed and National Geographic will have a full news article with content and videos, much like you see on eTeknix, but all viewable from the Facebook side of things. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but no one is forcing me to follow any particular page either, so that’s easy to curate to my liking.

The next new feature will be “See more of what you love” and that’s as simple as it sounds. You’ll be able to pick pages and friends that you want to see at the top of your news feed. If you’re fed up of your Aunties cat pictures always taking priority over eTeknix news, or your best friends travel pictures, you’ll be able to set them to a higher priority. Facebook actually had a similar thing which used sliders many years ago.

The new features are currently being tested by a small group of the social media site, we expect Facebook will make them available to all in the very near future.


Facebook Introduces “Save” Feature for Links, Music and Places

It is getting harder and harder to keep up with all the content we read on the web, our Facebook news feeds are already having to be curated heavily just to deal with the massive influx of posts that would otherwise stream faster than we could catch up, much like Twitter does when we follow a few hundred people.

Now Facebook have one solution, adding a featured called “Save”, which is fairly self-explanatory, clicking it will move all the links, places, music, TV shows or anything else you’ve flagged into a special section on both your desktop and mobile. So if you don’t have time to read that eTeknix article because you’re at work, save it, pick it up later on the train home the end of the day.

Once accessed or read, you can the share with friends or archive the content you had saved. Facebook can also send you push notifications about items you’ve saved from the news feed, but that you haven’t click yet.

Will this be enough to help Facebook compete with other “Save” style apps such as Pocket? That remains to be seen, especially since Facebook are no stranger to trying to move into the news curating market, although so far they’ve not had a great deal of success. I mean, how many of you still (or have ever) used Facebook Paper?

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