New York To Welcome World’s First Underground Park

Countries are defined by land, the same goes for cities and towns. So what do you do when you want to add a new park but are running out of space? James Ramsey and Dan Barasch has the answer, you make it the world’s first underground park.

The High Line is a 1.45 mile-long park, build atop some old railroad in Manhattan, but this won’t be the only park with the new “Lowline” project looking to transform an underground trolley terminal into the next park to grace New York.

After working on the project for five years, Ramsey and Barasch have now submitted their proposal to the city, eagerly awaiting their response. If accepted, it would be the world’s first underground park, something which the pair are well aware of. Ramsey stated, “nothing like this has really existed before, so we had to do a lot of work figuring out how to actually make this thing happen”.

The key problem is getting light into the underground park, something they hope to do by using naturally reflective surfaces. Once they managed to get light underground the duo hopes to be able to grow plants underground, a feat that would only increase the park’s natural appeal ten fold.

If it’s approved construction would begin in 2018, with the concept showing off some of the dreams that the project hopes to achieve. I’m already looking forward to the concept and seeing how others go about it, once the Lowline is built I have doubt that countries all over the world will look at doing just that.

New York To Get WiFi From Their Buses This Year

We all love the internet, from the ability to check up on your friends the other side of the world to the ability to read your favourite news sites while on the go. The problem though is that you often find yourself looking for a connection, be it from your mobile service provider or a nearby router. New Yorkers won’t have that problem later this year as they look to give you access to WiFi from their buses.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is looking to deploy the first 70 buses which will be equipped with WiFi in the second or third quarter of this year. Currently, the MTA expect the new buses to expand, with 18 buses’ coming to Manhattan, 70 in Brooklyn and 209 in the Bronx area alone.

Alongside the WiFi feature, the new buses will include LCD screens to bring you the latest information and 55 USB charging ports, for those times when your phone is about to die before a busy meeting.

While the new buses are a new feature and will replace up to 40% of the buses currently running under MTA, their old buses will also be updated with WiFi and USB ports, meaning that no matter which bus you get, eventually you’ll be able to charge your phone and finish your episode on Netflix without having to be late to your friends party.

Ready To Enjoy The Division? Collisions Mean You May Have To Wait In Line

When a game releases, it has teething problems. These can be anything from the servers not having enough space to accommodate as many players that want to play the game at the same time, it can even be as simple as a bug that wasn’t found during production leading to the game crashing. Tom Clancy’s The Division has a different kind of problem, meaning that in order to enjoy the game, you may have to queue up.

Typically online games disable collision when you enter a “social area”. Given their focus and the number of players that gather in these areas, being boxed in and stuck by other players isn’t uncommon if the collision is enabled. The Division doesn’t disable this collision, which has resulted in some rather funny situations.

With players only able to receive quests from certain people, the Division has come up with an ingenious way of solving this problem. The solution would appear to just wait in a cue.

This is better than the alternative that some players have come up with. The alternative being that if they stand in a doorway, players are blocked from going in and out of the room.

As shown in the video, when players are inactive your character will perform jumping jacks, leaving you to experience the “jumping jacks nightmare” should a group of players decide that you need to stay put for a while.

The only current solution being that if you keep moving forward you’ll be able to pass through a player, however if people stack up (such as in the video below) you won’t be able to pass through them. It also doesn’t help if you need to stand still to receive your next quest update.

Enjoying the Division? Give us your thoughts on the game below.

Places You Don’t Crash Into With Your Drone – The Empire State Building

It’s no secret that many officials are strongly against the use of drones. While many police forces fear they can be used to cause harm, terror attacks, invade people’s privacy and more, and now pushing to have all drones registered so that their owners can be tracked and monitored. Of course, to many extents, the dangers of drones are real, but on the otherside there are a lot of people out there who just love to fly them for pleasure, to capture fantastic videos from the skies and much more.

Unfortunately for 28-year-old Sean Riddle of Jersey City, his drone flight got the attention of authorities after his flight in New York City took an unexpected turn. His drone (not pictured) crashed into the Empire State Building, hitting the building at the 40th floor before falling onto an overhang around the 35th floor. At 19:50 when the drone hit, Sean entered the building to speak with the building’s lobby security and casually ask if he was able to retrieve his drone from them. They weren’t exactly thrilled and immediately summoned the police, who arrested him on charges of reckless endangerment and criminal mischief.

It’s true that his accident could have led to more serious circumstances, especially if the drone had fallen to street-level where it could have injured something. However, it was clearly an accident, so should he have been arrested or dealt with so seriously or do you think the response from security and the police was justified in this instance? Especially seen as he may have asked permission prior to making the flight?

On the plus side, no one was hurt and while the done may not be in the best condition, it could have ended a lot worse. That being said, I’m hoping Sean got the footage he was after and gets to reclaim the drone soon, as we hate to see people taken away from their gadgets.

Samsung to Open VR Film Studio


Samsung has revealed that it is opening its own virtual reality movie studio in New York. The company made the announcement at the Sundance Film Festival last week. The news follows the recent unveiling of the new Samsung Gear VR headset, which we got a glimpse at during CES 2016 in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Samsung Studio is a collaboration with the Sundance Institute, founded by actor Robert Redford to support independent filmmakers, and will open at Samsung’s existing New York office. Neither has revealed the specifics of the VR content it plans to produce, but the partnership did yield a VR comedy short, called Interrogation, made by the team from Funny or Die.

“One of the biggest trends and themes for 2016 is virtual reality. At Samsung, we are making VR more accessible by partnering with the best in the industry to deliver a growing library of engaging, rich content for our Gear VR which is all made possible by our latest Galaxy devices,” Marc Mathieu, chief marketing officer at Samsung Electronics America, said. “We are excited to engage with the creative community at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival to collaborate and amplify viewpoints, content and new technological advancements as we continue to cultivate development in the VR community.”

California Moves to Ban Encrypted Phones

The state of California is looking to introduce new legislation that would see encrypted smartphones banned from sale and ownership. The bill, ZDNet reports, was introduced by Democratic California assembly member Jim Cooper and would require any smartphone manufactured “on or after January 1, 2017, and sold in California after that date” to be “capable of being decrypted and unlocked by its manufacturer or its operating system provider.” A phone that could not be decrypted on demand would be deemed illegal and the owner subject to a $2,500 fine.

Under this new legislation, Apple, based in California, would not be able to sell its iPhones on its own turf. Apple CEO has been very vocal in his support of end-to-end encryption in the past, saying that “Nobody should have to decide privacy and security. We should be smart enough to do both,” and that his company has “never worked with any government agency from any country to create a backdoor in any of our products or services […] and we never will.”

The bill still has to pass the California state assembly, and then be signed into law by California’s Democratic Governor Jerry Brown.

A similar bill, with nearly identical wording, was introduced in to the New York Senate last week.



NY Teacher Arrested After Crashing Drone At The US Open

Have you heard the phrase “idiots with tech”, well here is an idiot with tech who thought flying a drone near the US open Tennis tournament was a great idea, it looked promising until he crashed it into the stands.

26-year old Daniel Verley was not surprisingly arrested before being later charged with reckless endangerment and also for operating a drone in a public place outside of a designated area.   Luckily the drone crashed into empty seats and no one was injured during the incident which took place at the Louis Armstrong Stadium. An interesting fact concerning the naming of the stadium which was “Originally constructed by the Singer Sewing Machine Company for its 1964-65 World’s Fair exhibit, the Singer Bowl was renamed for Louis Armstrong in 1972.  In 1978, the stadium was refurbished and reconfigured when the United States Tennis Association moved the annual U.S. Open to Flushing Meadows from its previous home in nearby Forest Hills”

Incidences as in this case magnify the many problems with Drones, operating an air gadget without sufficient training could and has led to many situations which could place people at risk. There is also the notion that IS on another terrorist organisation could attach explosives with intent to mame and kill people, luckily the tennis stadium was less than half full at the time, otherwise this could have ended rather badly. Eye witnesses described how the drone broke into pieces as it plummeted into the stands, the match was briefly stopped while police investigated.

It is always interesting to note how the world is on full alert for a terrorist attack yet missed a New York teacher who managed to launch a drone at a stadium, I am just going to throw out stereotyping certain people.

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Free Wi-Fi Hits the Streets of New York… In Bins?

A lot of companies were looking into providing free Wi-Fi, a project that seems to have been of big interest as of late. However, nobody would have predicted where free Wi-Fi would come from
on the streets of New York. Would you have thought that your regular street bin would also be an access point in the near future? I thought so.

Bigbelly is a company based in Massachusetts who deals with waste management. Their first project was to put in place ‘smart’ bins that would signal when they are full or become smelly, so the latter would have more priority and be taken care of swiftly and efficiently. However, the company seems to have an even bigger project up their sleeve.

The company apparently teamed up with Downtown Alliance to place Wi-Fi hotspots inside the bins. This means that New York residents will have free Wi-Fi on the streets, thanks to their bins! Tests were performed daily and the results came as a big success. They say that the hotspots are able to hold a lot of simultaneous connections, the size of a small business, with speeds of 50 to 75 Mbps. Another amazing thing about the free Wi-Fi providing smart bins is that they do not get interference from radio towers or other wireless access points, since they are placed at ground level.

The project may give free Wi-Fi to citizens, but it may help do even more. It is said that the smart bins would help the government collect data about waste management or display public service announcements and alerts. Tests will still be performed throughout the year to make sure that nothing major crops up, but the project does seem a great success and the company is now looking to expand the project even further, provided that sponsors are found and willing to help the project financially. So what is your take on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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Image courtesy of UC Santa Barbara Department of Geography

Google Wants to Turn Old Payphones Into Smart Pylons

Google has big plans, we all know that and maybe one day they’ll take over the world as some fear, but up until then they are doing a lot of cool things for all of us. One of the things they are working on is to bring free WiFi for everyone and that project starts in New York.

Google announced their Sidewalk Labs project earlier this month, an independent google-owned company that would focus on improving city living through technology innovations, but otherwise the giant didn’t specify what that company would do. The first task is now to bring widespread Wi-Fi to large cities around the world and they’re starting with New York as a testing ground.

Sidewalk Labs now announced that it is launching Intersection, another new company formed of Control Group and Titan. Those two names might not sound familiar but they are the ones behind the LinkNYC plan who’s plan is to convert old phone booths into ad-supported Wi-Fi pylons. If the project is a success, it is planned to roll it out to more cities in the near future.

The Pylons aren’t just designed for Wi-Fi connection and advertising space, they will also work as charging stations, offer free domestic phone calls and a touchscreen with city information.

The information is still sparse, but it looks like it is happening sometime between now and this fall.

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The Strong National Museum of Play Just Named Its First Video Game Titles

Have you ever heard of The Strong National Museum of Play from Rochester, New York? Well, if you haven’t, then you should know it now houses its first six games in the new World Video Game Hall of Fame. It’s really exciting to see that we now have a museum with a Hall of Fame just for games.

The committee, made of journalists, scholars and game historians, have named the first six games to be Pong, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros, Tetris, Doom, and World of Warcraft. Fifteen candidate games have been considered out of thousands of public nominations, but in the end, the six were chosen for their “influence on the video game industry or on popular culture and society in general”.

“There were some very deserving games that did not make it this year,” he said. “There was a high level of competition with the first class, as one can imagine.”

But it’s not all that bad. While some games have been omitted this year, they may eventually end up in the collection next year. The Legend of Zelda, Space Invaders, Sonic the Hedgehog are still great games and deserve to be along the six nominated titles too, don’t you think?

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Live in New York? Serve Your Spouse Divorce Papers on Facebook

In New York you can now use Facebook to be social and serve your spouse with divorce summons. A Manhatten Supreme Court judge just ruled that you can do just that on Facebook now.

When you serve a divorce summons to your not so significant other they will get a notification once a week for three weeks. After that the divorce will go through if they acknowledge or refuse to respond. This sets a precedent in New York now that you no longer have to track the person down and deliver the notice in person. This should make things easier for those who would have had a hard time tracking someone down that was dodging people attempting to serve papers.

Source: Engadget

Teen Driver Technology Aims to Keep Teenagers and Parents’ Worries at Bay

Parents are always worried to give the keys of their first car to teenagers, given all the accidents teens are involved nowadays. But a new technology aims to help keep parents’ worries at bay when teenagers are out cruising in their new car.

General Motors seems to have introduced a new system dubbed ‘Teen Driver’ at the New York auto show, having it been added in the new 2016 Chevrolet Malibu. It is said that the system aims in encouraging safe driving habits for kids. The company states that their system is aimed at helping parents teach their teens the valuable rules of driving safely in their new car.

“It’s a programmable feature that encourages safe driving habits in a number of ways,” GM safety engineer MaryAnn Beebe.

The technology is said to include trip monitoring that parents can review, giving information about the maximum speeds, distance driven and the number of times active safety features were enabled. The ‘Teen Driver’ is also said to allow parents to set a maximum speed anywhere between 72 to 120 KM/h, which in turn will set a visual and audio chime in the car if exceeded.

Other safety features includes the car radio being disabled until the seatbelts are buckled and smartphones connected to the car’s stereo system set on ‘do not disturb’ mode. The new technology could be a step forward in the right direction, but many seem to believe that the best safety precaution is just teaching proper driving skills.

“We do think we need to know the skills before you start relying a bit more on the technology,” says Ian Jack of the Canadian Automobile Association.

US statistics reveal that crash fatalities of 16 to 19 year-old is three times the rate compared to drivers of age 20 or over. The new 2016 Chevrolet Malibu model will debt at the New York Auto Show in April and is expected to hit the market by the end of this year.

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Delphi’s Driverless Car Preparing to Start Its Nationwide Journey

It looks like Delphi is looking to start pushing boundaries today by showing off the true potential of autonomous vehicle technology. The driverless car is set to begin a cross-country trip later today, having the starting point set in California and the destination set as New York. Though driverless cars may be truly advanced, a driver will still be present inside the car to take control in case of emergency.

“Delphi had great success testing its car in California and on the streets of Las Vegas,” said Jeff Owens, chief technology officer of Delphi. “now it’s time to put our vehicle to the ultimate test by broadening the range of driving conditions. This drive will help us collect invaluable data in our quest to deliver the best automotive grade technologies on the market.”

The journey is said to be 3.500 miles and is taking place in order for engineers to collect valuable live data which can further enhance the self-driving car technology. The vehicle is said to be able to accurately navigate a 4-way stop, pass cyclists safely and enter/exit highways on its own.

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Why Are There USB Drives Sticking out of Buildings in New York?

Ever seen a USB connector just sticking out of a wall in New York? That’s because artist Aram Bartholl came up with the idea called “Dead Drops”. Essentially, Aram has been creating a completely anonymous offline file-sharing network and while I wouldn’t imagine this kind of file sharing to be safe from viruses and other issues, I still love the idea.

Of course, plugging your laptop into a wall could cause it to get a few scratches, so a little care would be needed. However, the temptation to simply discover what others have left on the drives, as well as thinking about the kind of cool stuff you could leave on there too, is pretty awesome.

Each Dead Drop is installed with just one file on the device, a small .txt file which explains how the project works.

Samsung Sued Over Milk Music App

Samsung have been hit with a lawsuit, over its Milk Music app, from multimedia company Milk Studios. The lawsuit, filed on Monday at the US District Court of the Southern District or New York, alleges that Samsung’s Milk Music has “intentionally, wilfully and knowingly” violated Milk Studio’s trademark.

Milk Studios, formed 15 years ago with offices in New York and Los Angeles, has a history with Samsung, having engaged in 18 unique partnerships with them, according to the lawsuit. Milk Studios formally requested that Samsung stop using the ‘Milk’ name back in March when the app was released for Samsung’s Android platforms, but Samsung refused. Samsung last week released a second video app, carrying a similar name, Milk Video.

Milk Studios is seeking an undisclosed amount of damages. Samsung is yet to comment on the lawsuit.

Source: Android Central

Free Gigabit WiFi in New York City by the End of 2015

All five boroughs of New York are due to have free WiFi by the end of next year, as promised the NYC Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation’s new tech partnership. The LinkNYC project, as it will be known, will provide free gigabit WiFi across the city, and includes plans for free phone calls within the US, free phone charging stations, and touchscreen interfaces to help users to navigate the city, all housed within a singular unit designed to replace the street’s payphones.

LinkNYC has been made possible through partnership between the NYC Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation, the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, and a New York-based consortium CityBridge. The project will be funded through advertising revenue.

A press release from CityBridge and LinkNYC said, “LinkNYC is a first-of-its-kind communications network that will bring the fastest available municipal Wi-Fi to millions of New Yorkers and visitors.”

Work on the LinkNYC network will start next year, with the first Link hubs due to be operational before the end of the year.

Source: Business Insider

First-Ever Full-Page Medical Marijuana Ad Published by The New York Times

The New York Times is said to have published a full-page ad regarding medical marijuana for Leafly, the first ever cannabis company that lets users browse, rate and review medical suppliers in your area. This comes just a month after the newspaper stated it would support the marijuana legalization cause.

In addition, the New York Times’ editorial board is said to have endorsed federal legalization of marijuana, pointing out that its moderate use has no proven evidence of being more harmful than tobacco or alcohol. Even so, the newspaper stated that people under the age of 21 should be restricted from consuming it.

New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, has signed the Compassionate Care Act a month ago, making medical marijuana legal starting from the 7th of July. The state appears to be the 24th in the hierarchy of states to legalize medical marijuana in the US, including Washington and Colorado.

Leafly’s ad, which features the slogan “Just Say Know”, is said to have taken 18 months to finish. This means that the company had started working on it before New York actually legalized medical marijuana, stating that patients and the general public “need a reliable, mainstream information portal about cannabis that is free of classic stoner stereotypes”.

“We want to help New York patients learn about cannabis and make responsible and informed consumer choices about the product best suited for their medical conditions,” Leafly wrote in a blog post

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Microsoft Ordered by Judge to Submit Customers Emails from Abroad

Microsoft Corp was ordered on Thursday by a U.S. government judge to turn over a customer’s email that is stored in a data center in Dublin, Ireland. The case has already drawn concern from privacy groups and major technology companies around the world.

Microsoft and other U.S. companies had challenged the original warrant, arguing it improperly extended the authority of federal prosecutors to seize customer information held in foreign countries.

District Judge Loretta Preska said after the 2 hour hearing in New York, that a search warrant approved by a federal magistrate judge required the company to hand over any data it controlled, regardless of where it was stored. “It is a question of control, not a question of the location of that information,”

The case seem to be the first in which a corporation has challenged a U.S. search warrant seeking data held abroad and the judge said she would temporarily suspend her order from taking effect to allow Microsoft to appeal her decision to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

A number of technology companies came to Microsoft’s assistance and filed court briefs in support, including AT&T Inc, Apple Inc, Cisco Systems Inc and Verizon Communications Inc.

The companies are worried that they could lose billions of dollars in revenue to foreign competitors if customers fear their data is subject to seizure by U.S. investigators anywhere in the world. It is unclear which agency issued the warrant because the warrant and all related documents are sealed.

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Google Aiming at Making Wi-Fi Hotspots out of Old NYC Payphones

Bloomberg reports that a meeting in New York providing information to companies interested in offering free Wi-Fi has counted Google as one of the attendees, aside from IBM, Samsung and Cisco. However, Google is known for its ambition to offer free or affordable internet connectivity, which indicates that the corporate giant is planning to submit a big proposal to the New York department of IT.

While Google already offers free Wi-Fi around its office in Chelsea neighborhood, the company also has a number of initiatives to bring cheaper and abundant internet connectivity to the US and abroad. People asking why is Google so anxious to bring this feature to the public all over the world should ask themselves what (most) of them are using as a start page on their browser, the developer of their browser or the actual search engine used to find all their information. And yes, the answer to all questions is Google.

The plan Google has for NYC is to enable its payphone locations with Wi-Fi hotspots charged by phone services, and not ISPs, while also incorporating advertisements for actually making it ‘free’. The company has requested the plan be in effect on all 7,300 payphones, meaning that NYC will become a city covered in free Wi-Fi connectivity after the plan is approved and work is finished. Another interesting and beneficial feature mentioned is the ability to connect to every other Wi-Fi hotspot automatically once you authorized access to the Wi-Fi network.

The project would mean a new level of connectivity that does not depend on cellular data subscriptions for new yorkers, providing the project goes through. Even so, it still is a big step forward towards a new type of wide connectivity than just a few wireless routers placed in key, remote locations.

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Taking Your Dog For A Walk… With a Drone?

Drones are becoming more and more popular nowadays, from Amazon’s announcement of delivery drones to all sorts of drone inventions seen on the internet. Their usefulness in most cases is questionable, but people find all sort of ways to make them useful in the most creative way, such as this one apparently.

If you have a dog and cannot take him for a walk due to your daily activities, you normally hire someone to take him for a walk for you. However, if you don’t find anyone to do it, it’s not the end of the world. At least not for a videographer from New York it seems.

[vimeo width=”800″ height=”600″][/vimeo]

Jeff Meyers apparently used an AR drone to take his golden retriever for daily walks. From what is seen in the video, the canine friend is not bothered at all and actually enjoys being outside. The drone uses cameras to track the dog’s movement and also check to see if he is ok. So far, there have been no problems and everyone is happy with this method of dog walking.

Some problems may arise along with this innovating move, such as the question of how will the drone pick up the dog’s business when he finishes. But before thinking of those things, people still need to get used to the idea of seeing a drone walking a dog first of all.

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Job Posting Suggests New York City Is Next For Google Fiber

Google have posted up a job this week that suggests Google Fiber will be heading to New York City. The job listing is for a Google Fiber Regional Sales Manager for New York, a job that “will manage multiple teams that evangelize Google Fiber services to MDU (multi-dwelling apartments and condos) and large SMB owners.” It doesn’t take a big stretch of the imagination to the pieces together from that alone.

With huge success already behind Google and their Fiber, there are many consumers and cities that would love for their services to be part of their infrastructure. It offers huge gains in connection speeds, great opportunities for small and large businesses and it’s even competitively priced again the competition, many of whom cannot compete in terms of network performance in most areas.

Time Warner is no doubt shaking in their boots, and Verizon have been slow to rollout their own networks. Google on the other hand doesn’t seem to scared of rapid expansion and heavy investment to get the job done, something that will help the company with the difficult task of rolling out new Fiber in somewhere as vast as NYC.

The rollout is slow, there aren’t many places in the US that get Google just yet, but the pace is picking up and who knows, in ten years time, maybe we’ll all be able to enjoy the network speeds they offer.

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NYPD Trialling Google Glass To Aid Officers In The Field

Google Glass has been attracting the attention of the authorities recently – in Wyoming a bill has been proposed to ban Google Glass while driving and in Ohio a man was escorted from a movie theatre by Federal police under piracy suspicions related to his Google Glass. Yet in New York Google Glass has been attracting a different form of attention from the authorities, more specifically VentureBeat reports the New York City Police Department is trialling Google Glass for its officers.

“We signed up, got a few pairs of the Google glasses, and we’re trying them out, seeing if they have any value in investigations, mostly for patrol purposes,” a ranking New York City law enforcement official told VentureBeat. “We think it could help impact patrol operations in New York City. We shall see…”

At a time when Google is trying to disassociate itself from American authorities and law enforcement Google probably isn’t too happy about the news NYPD is trialling their Glass. When questioned about whether Google provided the NYPD with Google Glass units for testing Google told VentureBeat that:

“The Google Glass Explorer program includes people from all walks of life, including doctors, firefighters and parents. Anyone can sign up to become a Glass Explorer, provided he or she is a U.S. resident and over the age of 18.”

Chief Information officer of the San Francisco police department, Susan Merritt, showed similar interest saying the application of Google Glass to law enforcement is potentially huge.

Google Glass could be used to run facial recognition scans, record real time encounters to eliminate the need for written reports and access criminal databases to perform checks in real time. Of course the flip side of the coin is that Google Glass could be a violation of the rights of innocent citizens. It could also be used as a way for American authorities to conduct more mass surveillance, using data harvested by officers wearing Google Glass to build huge databases of audio and visual information that would allow for facial and voice recognition of everyone they come into contact with.

What are your thoughts about American police using Google Glass?

Image courtesy of Thomas Halleck / IBTimes

New York Man Holds World Record For Largest Personal Video Games Collection

Michael Thomasson has an incredibly large video game collection, so much so that he has recently earned himself the world record for largest personal collection of video games! With a staggering 10,607 titles in his collection there is likely to be plenty to pick from in Michaels house, although I imagine the argument of what to play is frequent.

The collection is actually thought to be more since he found even more titles tucked away in his house after he set the record, but with a total estimated price of around $700,000 to $800,000. Michael has no intention of selling his collection any time soon, a very impressive feat in its self.

“I have games on cartridge, laser disc. I have VHS-based games, cassette-based games,” Said Thomasson .

he set this record despite starting over twice, first in 1989 when he sold his collection to raise money for a new Sega Genesis, then again in 1998 to pay for his wedding (that’s right, he’s married). Michael is growing his collection exponentially, purchasing around two games per day with an annual budget of $3000.

So, how many games do you have in your collection? Personally I’m rocking about 500, a small collection compared to this one.

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Image courtesy of Gamespot.

NYC Mayor Details Plans For Free Public WiFi In Harlem

The Mayor of New York is well known in the tech world, he’s put several plans in place to benefit the modern tech loving world, and it looks like he has one finally gift to give to the city before he stands down from his position at the end of the year. Mayor Mike Bloomberg has detailed his plans to launch a free WiFi network in Harlem, a network that will be capable of covering 95% of the neighborhood’s blocks!

This is obviously a massive win for local residents and businesses, for those who don’t have internet access this could be a big change in their quality of life as internet connections become more and more important to our daily lives. The new network will make it the largest continuous free outdoor public wireless network in the nation, providing 80,000 residents.

“Our new Harlem wireless network brings critical connectivity to residents and visitors, giving them 24/7 access to everything from education materials for kids, to information about Harlem’s rich history and attractions, to everyday needs like paying bills, checking library hours – or even just keeping tabs on the Knicks and Nets,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “In 2013 being successful requires being connected; thanks to the Fuhrman Family Foundation and the Mayor’s Fund, we are wiring nearly 100 blocks in Harlem and giving 80,000 New Yorkers another tool for success.”

It will take five years to roll out the network, but the first phases will be in May next year.

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Batman Arkham Origins To Release Mobile Edition This Holiday Season

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment have announced at New York’s Comic Con that a mobile version of Batman: Arkham Origins will be arriving this holiday season for Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices.

Players take up the mantle of Batman as you fight your way through Gotham’s most dangerous areas and fight against some of DC Comics’ most deadly assassins. As you progress, you’ll be able to upgrade your character’s skills and fighting tactics. Also, you will be able to unlock a number of unique Batsuits by earning in-game currency and rewards.


The mobile game will have some elements of storyline, but the main focus is on punching and kicking foes. Players will tap and swipe the screen, on a variation of the mobile Injustice game control scheme that NeatherRealm also developed, to dish out justice. Naturally, the mobile title will feature a range of iconic Batman locations along with several of the cast that will pose a threat in the console title.

Fans who also own a console version of the Batman: Arkham Origins game and are registered for a Warner Bros. ID (WBID) account, will be able to get access to exclusive bonus content that is not available elsewhere. Check out the announcement trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins Mobile Edition below.

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Texting Zones Coming To New York State, Giving You Somewhere To Stop Use Your Phone

Using your phone while driving is illegal in many parts of the world, yet texting or Facebooking (is that even a word now?) on your phone while driving is proving to be a bigger issue than calling prior to the use of hands free kits. Fortunately it seems New York State has a solution that I imagine will be welcomed by many.

While I think many people will facepalm at the idea of little rest-stops for people to pull over and use their phone, its also a great solution to help keep people from using their phone while driving. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that the installation of several dozen “texting zones” for the side of the state’s major highways.

The 91 areas will be added to pre-existing pull-off areas and will be marked with “text stop” and “it can wait” signs. This follow in the footsteps of texting-and-driving fines being increased to $150 + 5 points on your license.

It is an interesting sign and another strange development to the modern and technology focused world that we live in. Do you think it is a great idea or a stupid idea? Personally I think it is a great idea, having more places to let a driver stop couldn’t hurt and if it makes the roads a little safer, everyone wins.

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Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt Buys Sex Penthouse

When we are looking for a place to have a side relationship we just go out and buy a penthouse, we don’t need to purchase a house, go to a motel room, or even the back seat of our car. Of course not, unless you are Eric Schmidt. Who is Eric Schmidt and why should we care? Eric Schmidt was CEO of the tech giant Google, though he hasn’t been CEO since 2011. Schmidt is currently the Executive Chairman of Google.

Earlier today, The New York Post reported about Schmidt and his recent purchase. A Penthouse apartment located in Flatiron, a borough of Manhattan, in New York City, New York.  The 6,250-square-foot apartment, consisting of four bedrooms, an entertainment area, wet bar. The apartment also has a 3,300-square-foot-terrace. After purchasing the apartment for 14.6 million dollars, he had it soundproofed. Possibly because of all the loud noises of the big city, but more likely to give him complete privacy.  News outlets have dubbed it the ‘Sex Penthouse’.

Schmidt had a net worth of 8.2 billion dollars according for Forbes as of March of this year.

Who knows the real reasoning behind purchasing the penthouse. Perhaps Schmidt is just a big fan of the movie ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’ in which portions of the movie were filmed. Or perhaps it gives him solitude from his wife and his 20 million dollar mansion located in Montecito, California. Maybe he just wants to show off to his array of lovers. Whatever his reasoning, is his business.

On another note Schmidt and his wife Wendy donated $15 million to the Hills, a project in which four hills we be built-up on Governers Island.

But this raises the questions, what do you think he is going to use the apartment for and what would you use it for if you had just bought it?

Image courtesy of The Washington Post / Business insider.