Ubisoft’s “Eagle Flight” VR Game Will Arrive in 2016

What better way to experience virtual reality than from the perspective of a majestic eagle? Come 2016, Ubisoft is going to release its “Eagle Flight” VR game, which will be designed for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for PC. The player will take on the form of an eagle and will be able to explore the beautiful city of Paris, 50 years after it has been abandoned by humans. The idea itself certainly sounds appealing, and since the game will offer both a singleplayer and multiplayer experience, it will definitely appeal to a broad audience.

“Nature and wildlife has taken back the city, creating a rich playground and offering an incredible experience of free flight and adventure.”

Since it was developed specifically for VR headsets from the ground up, Eagle Flight boasts a special Ubisoft-developed VR control technology that allows players to take advantage of intuitive and precise controls. It’s worth noting that we are talking about a game based on beautiful aerial perspectives that will probably feature its fair share of sharp angle turns, which is why the developers had to find a way to reduce motion sickness to a minimum. This new technology greatly helps in this regard, while also enabling players to master complex skills quickly and easily in order to perform fun stunts.

The Game Director over at Ubisoft Montreal, Olivier Palmieri, shared his insight about this upcoming Ubisoft game:

“We’re excited to make the dream of flying come true with Eagle Flight. Virtual reality has created new and amazing opportunities for game developers and we wanted to offer a full VR game that took full advantage of the technological advances. With the breakthrough we’ve been working on, we’re confident Ubisoft’s first game developed solely for VR will be a truly enjoyable experience for everyone who plays it.”