Renice Reveals X9 RSATA 2TB Solid State Drive

Solid state drive manufacturer Renice has unveiled its new X9 R-SATA 2TB solid state drive, which is scheduled for an official release in April 2016. What makes this SSD special apart from its generous storage capacity is the fact that it incorporates something called Rugged SATA technology, which was designed as a solution for vibration and shock problems that cause intermittent contact or signal spikes. These issues usually arise because of shock and vibration in the SATA gold finger connector, and as you can probably imagine, they can become quite bothersome.

Due to its incredible storage capacity and reliability, the Renice X9 R-SATA SSD is an ideal candidate for industrial use, especially since it incorporates Renice’s own SATA3 controller named RS3502-IT. This controller guarantees a product lifespan of two to three times longer when compared to similar products, all thanks to its original NAND flash control algorithm. At the end of the day, it’s worth remembering that this SSD offers a viable solution for data loss caused by capacitor aging, and that’s a big deal because no other manufacturers are currently offering such solutions right now. Hopefully, these technologies (or at least variations of them) will be implemented in a wider array of SSDs soon.