New Jersey Could See Texting While Walking Made Illegal

We’ve all done it before. We want to get somewhere and suddenly our phone buzzes in our pocket, not wanting to seem rude we start texting back while walking along. This is done by hundreds, if not thousands, of people on a daily basis and I’ve got bad news if you live in New Jersey because this act could soon become illegal.

The “distracted walking” measure is being proposed by state assemblywoman, Pamela Lampitt, and could see anything that distracts you thanks to technology walking made illegal in New Jersey. It’s not the first time a law has targeted this issue, a bill that’s currently pending in Hawaii could see you fined $250 if you crossed the street with an electronic device in your hand, and this is just one of many proposed bills that could see people fined for being distracted from walking and moving in public while on their electric devices.

The law would see anyone who is caught walking while texting and stop people from walking near public roads with electronic communication devices in their hands. The punishment for this crime would be $50 or 15 days imprisonment, or even worse, both. This comes in at the same penalty as jaywalking and would see half the funds allocated to “safety education about the dangers of walking and texting”.

Is this too far? Some see it as the government trying to distract people from real issues but addressing small ones that could be fixed with better education regarding the dangers in the first place. Could the police catch you if you even broke the law? If you stopped and finished a text, could they still arrest you? We will have to see.

A Look At The World’s Largest Model Trainset Railroad

When I saw this story I was half expecting a slightly scaled up version of your standard railroad train set, it turns out I was wrong, and by wrong I mean really wrong as this train set boasts more than eight miles of track, lifelike scenery, 3,000 buildings and a 40-foot bridge.

The reports convey that Northlandz is the vision of “Bruce Williams Zaccagnino and his wife Jean” who began to develop the concept around 44 years ago, below are a selection of stats which really captivate this remarkable achievement.

  • The Railroad Layout is around 20 years old
  • It has over 100 trains
  • There are 500,000 tiny trees
  • 400 bridges
  • It is located in a 52,000sqft building in Flemington, New Jersey.

Now for the images, below is Bruce Williams Zaccagnino who is standing by this fantastic creation, as you can see, the detail is phenomenal and certainly captures the intended surroundings and then some, it reminds me of a real life open gaming world, so much so that Mr Zaccagnino is a “multi-award winning computer software game developer and publisher who has solitaire’s Journey and Perfect General accredited to his name, he also loved model trains as a kid“.

Below is another image of this amazing achievement, it really does look like a Hollywood film production stage.

Below is another image of what appears to be a large city, “Northlandz has been open to the public since 1997 and took some 16 years to build”. The detail would certainly make for an educational visit for budding film, game and TV production students who would like to pave a career in the creative industry.    

Below is the last selected image, it looks akin to a miniature version of the Truman Show and feels as if it is a world within a world, by all means check out the links above for a full set of images.

Oh, and below is a video which conveys this achievement.