Facebook Expands Its Artificial Intelligence Research with a New Team in Paris

In its ongoing effort to understand and develop artificial intelligence, Facebook has now added another new team to its relatively new AI research division. If you are wondering why would Facebook want to research AI in the first place, well that’s because it could help them improve the network and its overall user experience by implementing easier communication methods using images, videos and text.

The new research team is based in Paris, and its members will work on long-term projects focused on natural language processing, image recognition and speech recognition. Its members will also seek out solutions regarding the logical and physical infrastructure that is required to run AI systems. Apparently, Facebook chose Paris as the home of this new research team because the city has an impressive research community. Regarding the new team and the company’s AI efforts in general, the head of Facebook’s AI division, Yann LeCun stated the following:

“It’s our hope that this research will ultimately help us make services like News Feed, photos and search even better and enable an entirely new set of ways to connect and share. We plan to work openly with and invest in the AI research community in France, the EU and beyond as we strive to make meaningful progress in these fields.”

Thank you Forbes for providing us with this information.