New AMD Never Settle Forever Gaming Bundle Launching Next Week

AMD have had massive success from their Never Settle bundles, offering gamers a huge saving on their graphics cards by bundling many of today’s top gaming titles. Of course some of those games are getting a little older now, but that’s spurred AMD to go back to the drawing board and make a few tweaks to their playlist, and they’ll be relaunching the revised bundle on the 21st of this month.

The bundle will be divided over three tiers, those who buy a R9 295X2, R9 290(x) or R9 280(x) will be entitled to pick three games, R9 270(x) and R7 260 purchasers can pick two games and finally R5 250 and R7 240 will allow you one title from the list. The keys that are bundled with the cards can be activated up until August 2014.

The latest title to the list will be Murdered: Soul Suspect, which is not yet released, but will pre-activate for download in June and you’ll also not the addition of 4 indie games which will be available in packs of two (of your choosing).

The rest is pretty much the same, so you can still expect the big hitters such as Tomb Raider and Hitman, but BioShock, Crysis and Far Cry are unfortunately gone in favour of Thief, which now supports both AMD TrueAudio and Mantle.

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AMD’s New Game Bundled Called “Never Settle Forever”

We recently brought you news about the new AMD Never Settle bundle being released later on this year. VR-Zone reports that this new Never Settle bundle will be dubbed Never Settle Forever and is coming in August.

“It is coming in August, and it will be called Never Settle Forever. I cannot yet tell you what the games are…Well, the obvious one is Battlefield 4. We are doing some stunning things with that”, said AMD’s Roy Taylor.

Previous reports suggested the following details about the Never Settle Forever game bundle:

“For the HD 7000 series it will include some of, or all, of the following games – Splinter Cell: Blacklist, either Lost Planet 3 or Raven’s Cry (both will launch in October), Grid 2, and Company of Heroes 2.  Of course the exact games each card gets will depend on the card in question. Higher value cards will get more and/or better games than lower cost cards.

The HD 9000 series bundle is said to include Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4, and Total War: Rome 2. AMD might even bundle pre-release Battlefield 4 codes if the HD 9000 series GPUs arrive before Battlefield 4.”

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New AMD Never Settle Bundles Detailed – Battlefield 4, Company Of Heroes 2 And More

AMD’s Never Settle bundle has really appealed to gamers by offering them a wide range of Top-Tier games included within the price of already competitively priced graphics cards. In many cases this saves gamers a tonne of money on games they would of bought and can even make you an effective rebate should you decide to sell the game codes to recoup some costs.

According to VR-Zone AMD is revamping its Never Settle Bundles once again. AMD’s VP of channel sales Roy Taylor told them that AMD would announce two new bundles, one for the HD 7000 series and one for the HD 9000 series that will probably launch later this year.

The new bundle for the HD 7000 series will include some of, or all, of the following games – Splinter Cell: Blacklist, either Lost Planet 3 or Raven’s Cry (both will launch in October), Grid 2, and Company of Heroes 2.  Of course the exact games each card gets will depend on the card in question. Higher value cards will get more and/or better games than lower cost cards.

The HD 9000 series bundle is said to include Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4, and Total War: Rome 2. AMD might even bundle pre-release Battlefield 4 codes if the HD 9000 series GPUs arrive before Battlefield 4.

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Never Settle Reloaded Level Up Brings More Games To AMD GPU Bundles

AMD are set to push forward with their ever popular Never Settle Reloaded program, with a brand new limited-time offer called “LEVEL UP with NEVER SETTLE RELOADED.” which aims to add even more value to their gaming bundles.

The new promotion not only adds the truly epic Tomb Raider to the AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition, HD 7970, HD 7950 and HD 7790 Graphics Cards, bit it also adds the graphically eye watering Crysis 3 to the AMD Radeon HD 7870 Graphics Card, meaning there are now two more reasons to purchase a high end AMD GPU.

AMD are responding to their most asked question “Can you add more games” and AMD have been a good sport and done just that, but whilst older bundles had a choice either Tomb Raider or Crysis 3 split between the HD 7900 and 7800 cards, something which left fans stuck on choice, this new one allows even great flexibility to get the games you really want, with the hardware you really want.

The new bundle starts today and it’s only limited-time, so once supplies run out, that’s it! So be quick, get in on the action and get gaming! Just keep in mind it might take a couple of days for some retailers to get the promo up and running on their site.

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AMD Never Settle Reloaded Bundle Now Includes Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

AMD’s Never Settle Reloaded bundles really give you something extra when it comes to gaming. When you are weighing up whether to go AMD or Nvidia with your next graphics card then these games can really help sway you.  The latest addition to the AMD Never Settle Reloaded program sees Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon added. AMD is offering Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon with every Never Settle Reloaded bundle that has been given to date. That means anyone who has acquired a HD 7790, HD 7850, HD 7870, HD 7950, HD 7970 and HD 7970 GHz Edition graphics card in the past, and redeemed the Never Settle Bundle that came with it, is now entitled to a free copy of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

AMD haven’t stopped there though. They are also offering Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon to anyone that purchases a HD 7770 graphics card. This is sure to give AMD a huge edge over the GTX 650Ti when swaying customers in which one to buy. You can see the full details of the Never Settle Bundle below:

APAC – Asia Pacific
EMEA – Europe the Middle East and Africa
NA – North America
ANZ – Australia and New Zealand
KO – Korea

AMD’s continuing commitment to offer gamers the latest and greatest games at no extra cost to the gamer is a truly impressive thing. It isn’t often that you get anything for free, let alone when you have already purchased something so I can’t really commend AMD highly enough for doing this. Even if you don’t like Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon then it is still a free game!

What are your thoughts on the expansion of the Never Settle Reloaded Bundle?

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Battlefield 4 Will Be In Next AMD Game Bundle and No Direct X 12 Coming

In an interview with the German Magazine and website Heise Online AMD’s Vice President of Global Channel Sales, Roy Taylor, has been sharing some interesting information about AMD and future developments with the company.

The first thing on the interview agenda was with respect to AMD’s Never Settle Game Bundle. Taylor answered questions about the potential for Battlefield 4 to be included with the next bundle, to which he replied that readers of the interviewer’s Magazine, Heise Online, can expect such an event to happen in the future – although it is not officially confirmed yet.

Roy Taylor also dodged a question about the cost to AMD of these game bundles, with the interviewer asking if some games do really cost AMD $14 per activation. Although he refused to answer, AMD must surely be paying game companies something and $14 doesn’t seem that much in the grand scheme of things for some of the premium games AMD include.

The inclusion of Battlefield 4 with the next generation of AMD graphics cards could be a huge success given the fact that a lot of gamers will be buying Battlefield 4 anyway. It could make the difference in swinging some of those middle grounders to the red side.

Roy Taylor also commented that he doesn’t expect Microsoft will release a Direct X 12 API, which is important information given how close the release of the next generation of graphics are. If there is no Direct X 12 planned then what will spur on the development of new GPU architectures? Well Roy Taylor seemed to think that other technologies would do this, but he didn’t specify which – OpenCL and Open GL seem like safe bets. This development crushes most speculation that Windows “Blue” 8.1 will ship with a newer version of Direct X.

Source Shortfalls on Refund Amounts Due to ‘Promo Codes’

AMD for quite some time now has been offering up a bundle with all their top end graphics cards in a deal as the ‘Never Settle’ deal. This deal gives users who purchase a HD Radeon 7000 series card games codes for various games such as FarCry 3, Hitman: Absolution, Sleeping Dogs and a 20% discount of Medal Of Honour: Warfighter. Depending on which card is purchased, a mixture of game codes come included for FREE as part of a buying incentive.

Just recently it has come to light that California based e-tailor Newegg has been short changing purchasers who have experienced difficulties with faulty products purchased through their channels. Its a matter of fact that faults do occur and not every piece of hardware on sale is giong to be flawless, even though quality controls from most manufacturers these days are very high. On buyer from the community filed an RMA for his 7900 series Radeon card which appeared to be faulty and as part of AMD’s incentive, this included the Never Settle bundle with all three games and the 20% off code. 

As part of an RMA, the product is to be returned to that it can be replaced with a replacement instead, however it has come to light that this is not how Newegg handled the RMA for the $409 card. Instead of replacing the card, forum user, SkateZilla simply received a refund for $240, a who $169 short of what he paid in the first instance.

This $169 that Newegg kept hold of is in fact the value that they deem the promotional item to be worth and as part of their terms and conditions, this is not refunded, however as AMD includes the bundle and there is no option to not have the bundle, Newegg could hae simple replaced the card without including a new set of game codes which they would otherwise include with the invoice at the time of shipping.

Considering the game bundle is a ‘FREE’ add-on, Newegg have certainly got a case on their hands along with AMD to make sure that the facts are laid clear on how retailers should handle RMAs for products that include free game codes, ensuring that no value is stuck on an item that is regarded as free and has no market value.