Cooler Master Nepton 240M AIO CPU Cooler Review


Cooler Master are well known for their cases, power supplies and of course cooling products and with over 20 years experience it’s no surprise that they are a market leader in all of these areas. It’s always nice to see companies that are passionate about their products designing and developing new ones and more importantly see how they compare to whats currently on the market. One of the new products from Cooler Master is the Nepton 240M and we are going to look at it today. The Nepton 240M is a closed loop AIO cooling solution which promises high performance, good quality and an excellent user experience. With more and more AIOs hitting the market it will be interesting to see how this one compares. Cooler Master have promised a lot with this one so let’s see how well it does on our test bench and see if it can hold its own.

The box for the Nepton 240M follows the same theme as many of the other Cooler Master products, a picture of the product on a black background with purple trim. I really like this idea as when the products are on display at retailers they always look professional and you know straight away who makes the product. You instantly expect a certain standard from products you have already used and keeping to a certain style of packaging helps to remind you about products you may have used previously. Plenty of information is relayed on the sides of the box such as the specification and contact information. One interesting thing to note is that the Nepton 240M carries a 5 year warranty which is quite simply excellent, it gives you a piece of mind and it gives us an indication that Cooler Master have a lot of faith in this product.

The Nepton 240M, as the name suggests, has a 240mm radiator which has a very good quality black coating. A ribbed FEP tubing connects the radiator to the pump and during testing and taking pictures of this cooler, I was bending the tubing a lot and I was very impressed with it, the tubing never kinked and it certainly has a durable feel. Having said that it is a little stiffer than some tubing that I’ve used, it can still be manipulated enough to fit most positions but it is a little trickier.

The fans are a new addition for Cooler Master which are called Silencio FP 120. These fans are made to produce a high air pressure whilst keeping noise and power to a minimum. In terms of aesthetics the fans are simple yet stylish. I prefer all black fans as they easily fit in with many computer colour schemes. It’s also nice to see the cables for the fans are sleeved, to me all cables should be sleeved as aesthetically it improves everything and it is a very cheap improvement that a company can make.

The Nepton 240M fits most AMD and Intel sockets so there are plenty of fittings included to enable the smooth installation. There is a universal back plate, plenty of screws, brackets for Intel and AMD, a fan adapter which allows the use of 2 fans from 1 fan header and a rubber fan gasket. The gasket is made from a soft rubber which stops vibration from the fans being transferred to the radiator and the chassis which will reduce noise. Its an excellent idea and a great addition to the product, however it is a little tricky to install.

Installing the Cooler Master Nepton 240M is very easy, the instructions included are clear and easy to read and they explain how to fit everything well. It’s just a case of fitting the bracket for your chosen socket type, then using the universal back plate and the screws provided to secure it. The only bit that was a little trick, as mentioned, was installing the fan gasket. It’s made from a very soft rubber which means you could just do with the extra hand whilst trying to hold a fan the screws the radiator and the gasket.

Once installed there is plenty of room between the cooler and the ram, this allows you to use RAM with large heat sinks. One other feature that this cooler has is a glowing logo, which unfortunately I couldn’t capture on camera very well as I needed to use a flash. The addition of this LED is nice, it stops the Nepton 240M from being a plain black box and gives it a little extra class. It’s not over the top or tacky, it just has a certain feel of sophistication about it.

Cooler Master New Year New Cooler Competition

The new year is almost upon us and to celebrate, we’ve teamed up with the good people of Cooler Master to help you welcome in 2015 with style. A great PC deserves a great cooler, so we’ve grabbed three of the most popular Cooler Master coolers to help you upgrade your rigs. We’ve got a Nepton 120XL and a Nepton 240 water cooling radiator, as well as the awesome Hyper 612 Ver.2 air cooler.

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Cooler Master Nepton 120XL &240M AIO Liquid CPU Coolers Now Available

Cooler Master created their first AIO solutions back in 2004 and last year they introduced the Nepton series with the 140 and 280mm models. Building on their experience and improving on the design, they’ve now released the Nepton 120XL and 240M AIR Liquid coolers based on 120mm fans. We’ve actually already had a peek at these new coolers a couple of months ago during our Computex coverage.

The only thing anyone had to put their finger on in the last series was the pump noise and that has been corrected in the new series. The new pump design is using a Jet Impingement technology to pass 120 liters of liquid through the copper skived fin water block. This gives the ability to cool CPUs with a TDP of up to 300w. The new pump is rated for 70,000 hours and has a noise level below 15dBa. For the design aspect, the company logo on the water block is LED lighted. Besides the improvements on the pump, the fans also got an upgrade and the overall noise levels have been tuned and reduced.

The fans used in the new Nepton coolers are the Silencio FP 120 pressure optimized PWM fans that produce as little as 6.5dBa with their 120mm size. The fan speed ranges from 800 to 2400RPM with an air flow of 16.5 to 76 CFM. The new fans will only produce about 27dBa of noise when running at maximum speed. Cooler Master also used a thicker and more durable FEP tubing and as well as thicker radiator designs.

The new Nepton 120XL and 240M are both backed by a 5-year warranty and have support for all major AMD and Intel sockets, including the new 2011-3 socket. Availability is set to late November in the UK and the two new coolers will be launched at an MSRP of £69.99 and £79.99 inc VAT respectively.

Thank you Cooler Master for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of Cooler Master

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Nepton 280L

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New Coolermaster Nepton Coolers Spotted at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: When we stopped by the Cooler Master booth we were surprised to see what look like revised editions of their popular Neptop CPU coolers, there were no details on display, but a little birdie tells me that they’re in fact an as yet unannounced product that will be hitting the market very shortly. We loved the performance of the Neptons, but their pump was a little loud. A new pump design, thicker radiators and a few other little tweaks have been made and finger crossed they will have improved the performance even further from the last models.

They’re certainly prototypes as the lettering on the side was falling off, as you can see with the “Nepto” logo on this one. This does mean that we don’t have information on pricing or release date, but we suspect that CM are very close to making an official announcement very soon, so stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks.

Coolermaster Nepton 140XL & 280L All-In-One CPU Water Cooler Review


The water cooling market offers up some very fierce competition these days, there are so many great products to choose from that it is becoming harder and harder to find a product that is best for your system. The overall quality and performance of all-in-one water coolers has been increasing steadily over the years and with every company trying their hardest to be the best it’s near impossible to buy a poor water cooler, so long as you stick with brand names such as Enermax, Corsair, Cooler Master, Antec, etc. Cooler Master have long been a popular choice for CPU coolers, many of their air and water cooling products have won awards year after year for their performance and that’s something we’re hoping to see reflected again here today. With a few rival products recently launched the Nepton does have some tough competition on their hands, but the Nepton has proven to be a great product before, and these new ones promise to be even better.

In the office today I have not one, but two new product from the Nepton range and I’ll be putting the new Nepton 140XL 140mm cooler and the Nepton 280L head to head to see what they have to offer, while also seeing how they stack up against the competition. Obviously we’re expecting the bigger, more expensive 280L to perform better, but we really want to find out how much better. When you’re out shopping for a new CPU cooler, it’s important to balance your budget and performance needs, perhaps you’ll discover that the 140XL is more than enough for your rig, or if you’re in the market for the 140XL, you might find out that you really need the bigger 280L.

Check out what Cooler Master had to say about their two latest products:

“The Nepton 140XL is Cooler Master’s latest watercooling kit that aims to bring watercooling to the next level. Nepton 140XL is using CM exclusive designed pump with effective waterblock. It has thicker and longer tubing for upgraded performance. In addition, dual JetFlo 140 fans + 38mm thick radiator also provide great cooling ability for over 300Watt heat dissipation, which enable user to overclock CPU to maximum performance.”

“The Nepton 280L is Cooler Master’s latest watercooling kit that aims to bring watercooling to the next level. Nepton 280L is using a CM exclusive designed pump with a highly effective water block. It has thicker and longer tubing for upgraded performance. In addition, dual JetFlo 140 fans + an extra large 280mm radiator provide substantial cooling power with over 300W heat dissipation, which enables users to overclock their CPU and maximize performance.”

With the 140XL costing around £75 and the 280L around £90, there is no doubt that these are high-end, premium grade products, so they’ll be competing with products from NZXT, Corsair and Enermax (to name but a few) for the money in your wallet, so let’s get right to it and take a look at what they have to offer and see which one would be best for your next system build.

Both of the coolers come nicely packaged, with plenty of details on the front of each box letting you know that they’re maintenance free, feature improved UltraFine Micro Channel CPU cooler blocks and durable tubing. The boxes are nicely laid out with protective plastic over the fans, radiator and pump.

All the fittings, brackets and other components are in a plastic pouch, keeping them safe in transit and preventing them from scratching up your new cooler.

In the box you’ll find all the fittings you could possibly need; a multi-socket back plate, fan Y-split cable, thermal paste, AMD and Intel mounts, spacers, screws and clips. This is the pile of components for the Nepton 140XL, but we’ll skip over the components for the 280L as they’re 100% the same.

Both the 140 and the 280 come with two identical 140mm fans. Both are high quality, nicely designed fans with black sleeved cables to help provide a clean overall design, while also featuring firm rubber pads on each corner to help reduce noise and vibration.

Coolermaster HAF Stacker And More On Display At CeBIT 2014

We stopped by the Coolermaster both at CeBIT 2014 and while they didn’t have anything we haven’t seen before, it’s always nice to take a nosey around all the top products from a brand in one place. Most importantly of all is the HAF Stacker, an incredible high-end enthusiast case that can be stacked on top of other HAF Stacker cases, making it as flexible and capable as you need with virtually no limits. We’ve actually got a three-part Stacker in the office, so keep an eye on the site over the next few weeks for a full review.

Next up we have the quick Fire Rapid and Trigger Z keyboard, with a choice of mechanical Cherry MX switch types, LED back lighting and superb build quality, these are great keyboards for gamers and generally anyone who has to sit working at their computer a lot. Have a craving for something a little more high-end? Then check out the Novatouch TKL (ten keys less) Keyboard at the bottom right, it features “Electrostatic Capacitive Switches”, which you may know as Japanese Topre switches instead of Cherry MX switches. It’s a tad expensive at around $200, but the build quality and general feel of the switch is nothing short of lush. This keyboard isn’t on the market just yet, but it will be very soon.

The Nepton 280L and the 140 were on display too, representing the latest water coolers in the Coolermaster range and promise big improvements over last years models. Again, we have these in the eTeknix office ready for testing at the moment, we’ll be bringing you a full review of them very soon.

The box like Elite 110 mini-ITX (bottom left) features support for a full size ATX PSU, a pre-installed 120mm fan and room for two 80mm fans, 3 x 3.5″ drives and 4 x 2.5″ drives. The Silencio 652 is a full ATX chassis which comes with a sleek front panel, plenty of filtered ventilation and is packed tight with sound dampening materials to help keep your rig as quiet as a mouse.


There are many more great manufacturers here at CeBIT 2014, so stay tuned for even more coverage from this weeks show.

Cooler Master Nepton 140XL & 280L Water Coolers Now Available

As with the news of the new CM Storm Trigger Z keyboard we published yesterday, we’re a little late with this article, but we figured that since we missed it the first time around, you might have missed out too! Better late than never, right?

Cooler Master are already one of the leading brands when it comes to cooler design, they didn’t call themselves Cooler Master for nothing. Now they’re looking to show the competition how its done with the release of two brand new all-in-one (AIO) water cooling units, the Nepton 140XL and the Nepton 280L. Each of which features a new pump with an exclusive Cooler Master design, while also improving performance and flow.

Nepton 140XL and 280L both are factory filled and sealed for immediate installation and maintenance-free operation for years. Affixed to Nepton 140XL and 280L are premium JetFlo 140 Series fans that are built specially for the high air pressure and heat dissipation required for high performance watercooling.

For greater cooling compatibility, JetFlo 120 Series fans and other 120mm fans are supported via compatible mounting holes on the radiator. Nepton 280L comes equipped with dual JetFlo 140 fans and an extra large 280mm radiator that, together, generate substantial cooling power that can dissipate up to 300W of heat. This, coupled with a pure copper base, means Nepton can handle high CPU overclocking. Longer and thicker FEP tubing assists in maintaining exceptional performance through less restrictive water flow and superb evaporation resistance.

The Nepton 140XL and 280L are available now from most major online retailer and we expect to have samples in the eTeknix office very shortly, so stay tuned for an in-depth look at their performance and design.

Thank you Cooler Master for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Cooler Master.