Say Hello to the Headphones That Know Who You Are

We’ve all heard that we need to improve our security. Remember your password? Are you absolutely certain you remember every single password you need to remember? How about your fingerprint? Sure someone can’t use playdough to trick your fingerprint sensor? What about headphones that know who you are?

While this may sound stupid the science behind the idea is sound. Every ear is unique, very much the same way we have unique fingerprints or eyes. By using the way sound resonated within your ear canal, the headphones create a unique sound, something that can be measured and compared.

Reported to have 99% accuracy and only taking a second to do the measurements needed, listening to all that music may actually help you unlock your phone. The system is praised by the general manager of NEC saying that as it doesn’t “require particular actions such as scanning a part of the body over an authentication device” it would enable “a natural way of conducting continuous authentication”.

This solution may be a few years out though with the company behind it, NEC, saying that they are looking to commercialize the system for the 2018 fiscal year. So looking forward to listening to music while you bank? Take your headphones out to talk to someone and your phone will start to doubt if you truly are who you say you are.

NEC Releases New 27-Inch and 30-Inch MultiSync EA IPS Panel Displays

NEC Display Solutions of America has announced the release of two new widescreen MultiSync monitors with IPS panel technology, the 30-inch EA305WMi and the 27-inch EA275WMi. Both are designed for dual monitor configurations and feature wide viewing angles of 178o horizontal/vertical, DisplayPort 1.2 inputs and outputs, and NEC’s ControlSync technology.

“The new EA305WMi and EA275WMi displays give business professionals new, powerful tools, especially when using multiple monitors,” Art Marshall, Senior Product Manager for Desktop Displays at NEC Display Solutions, said. “The displays also include NEC’s leading environmental and productivity features, as well as NEC-exclusive ControlSync and human sensors.”

The two displays also come with smart sensing technology, which detects screen content and picks the most appropriate brightness and ambient light levels, plus touch-sensitive controls. The units have fully adjustable stands, which includes height adjusting, tilting, rotation, and pivoting functionality. Additional ports include HDMI 2.0, DVI-D, and a 3-port USB hub.

The displays include the following features:

  • Widescreen IPS panel with LED backlighting
  • 350 cd/m2 brightness and 8-bit color
  • 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (1000:1 typical)
  • Ergonomic adjustable stand with 130mm height-adjust, tilt, swivel and pivot
  • Integrated speakers (1W x 2) and headphone jack
  • ECO Mode, carbon footprint meter and cost meter
  • ENERGY STAR 6.0 and TCO 6.0 compliant

The MultiSync EA305WMi-BK and EA275WMi-BK – priced $1,399 and $699, respectively – are available now.

NEC Unveils the MultiSync E203Wi-BK

NEC Display Solutions of America has revealed its latest MultiSync monitor, the 20-inch E203Wi-BK widescreen LCD display with LED backlighting. The monitor, aimed at corporate and small-to-medium-sized businesses, features a high-performance AH-IPS panel with a wide viewing angle, plus rich colour consistency and image clarity, plus DisplayPort, VGA and DVI-D connections, and a fully articulated ergonomic stand.

“Businesses, regardless of size, are looking for high-performance monitors that save them money,” Kevin Christopherson, Director of Product Marketing for Desktop Displays at NEC, said. “The E203Wi display delivers an outstanding set of features, is environmentally friendly and comes at an affordable price.”

The E203Wi-BK display boasts the following features:

  • 20-inch, 16:9, LED-backlit LCD wide-screen panel
  • Fully ergonomic stand with height, pivot, tilt and swivel adjustability
  • 1600 x 900 native resolution
  • DisplayPort, VGA and DVI-D connectivity
  • Compatibility with NEC’s NaViSet Administrator asset management system
  • Intelligent Power Manager (IPM), off timer and ambient light sensor that automatically dims the screen to further reduce energy consumption
  • ENERGY STAR 6.0 compliance
  • ECO Mode and carbon footprint meter

The NEC MultiSync E203Wi-BK launches later this month, priced at around $179, and comes with a three-year parts and labour warranty, which includes the screen’s backlight. More information can be found by visiting the E203Wi-BK’s product page.

NEC Announced 4K 60Hz Capable 65-Inch IPS Monitor

Ultra-High-Definition resolution at 60 Hz, SpectraView Engine and Multi-Picture Mode for enhanced conferencing are just a few of the features from NEC’s newest display, the X651UHD. The 65-inch screen provides crystal clear colours in 4K resolution thanks to the high-performance S-IPS LCD panel with 500 cd/m2 maximum brightness and a 1400:1 contrast ratio.

The new Multi-Picture Mode feature enables up to four simultaneous content feeds to be displayed and manipulated to better serve the customer. The display also has the ability to enhance content non-native to the resolution of the panel. The new UHD Upscaling feature uses algorithms to adjust pixels based on the intensity and color of surrounding pixels in order to provide an even sharper and richer image than traditional upscaling.

“The new 65-inch UHD display offers vivid content and a multitude of application options,” said Keith Yanke, Senior Director of Product Marketing at NEC Display. “Its Multi-Picture Mode feature delivers up to four simultaneous feeds to the display at once, allowing for content flexibility for different digital signage applications, while the SpectraView Engine support gives users the ability to showcase mission-critical color accuracy and adjustment for those applications where colors matter most.”

There is plenty of connectivity on this monitor beside the DisplayPort 1.2. It also has four HDMI 1.4 ports, two Dual-link DVI ports and also comes with two LAN ports, built-in USB hub, and RS232C. Audio is provided by built-in 10W stereo speakers , 3.5mm audio jack, and speaker connections. Such an amount of features and display size needs some power and the X651UHD draws 150W when in use. It also features integrated temperature sensors and thermodynamic cooling fans for the most rigorous digital signage apps and to keep everything running smooth.

NEC’s new X651UHD display will be available in April 2015 at a minimum advertised price of $6,899, but the display ships with a 3-year parts and labor warranty that includes the backlight.

NEC Announced 3600-Lumen Ultra Short Throw Projector

NEC Display Solutions of America has announced two new ultra-short-throw projectors, the UM351W and UM361X models. The units are created to enrich the classroom learning experience while improving the ability of business professionals to collaborate on projects and to meet the increasing challenges of a digital, mobile economy.

The UM Series projectors come with integrated audio system and 20w speakers and both horizontal and vertical keystone correction tools to give greater flexibility in mounting the projectors and confidence the image will fit the screen every time.

A Dedicated HDMI/MHL power will allow you to easily connect smart devices to the projector while a second HDMI port allows for even more connections. The brightness levels of 3500 and 3600 lumens respectively allow for a better images display, even in higher ambient lit areas.

The models also include table top projection capabilities, which allow images to be projected on a table or other work surface for easier collaboration. In addition, NEC’s new NP03Wi auto calibration interactive whiteboard kit, available separately or bundled with the projectors, includes two wireless pens for annotation but supports up to 256 separate pens. Coupled with DisplayNote software, the projectors deliver complete collaboration between a mobile device and the interactive surface.

The UM351W and UM361X projectors are available now at an estimated street price of $1,369 and $1,149, respectively. Each model ships with a 2-year limited warranty. The NP03Wi system includes two wireless pens, and is now available in the UM351Wi-WK and UM361Xi-WK projectors at an estimated street price of $1,899 and $1,699, respectively.

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Images courtesy of NEC

NEC Launches Stunning 84″ 4K Display

NEC has introduced a stunning new 84-inch UHD (Ultra HD, or 4K) display that delivers a stellar picture clarity at four times HD resolution. The X841UHD has a 3640 x 2160 native resolution and supports 60Hz through the DisplayPort connection. This isn’t just a massive display, it also has a massive amount of features and connections.

The X841UHD can display up to four simultaneous images at any given moment with Multi-Picture Mode and any one of these images can be rotated, moved, and manipulated. This makes it perfect for video conferencing and command and control centers for example. It is built upon a custom-designed color processor dubbed the Spectra Engine.

The high performance S-IPS LCD panel has a 500 cd/m2 maximum brightness, 1400:1 contrast ratio and a 10-bit color performance. The LED edge-lighting reduces the power consumptions while two built-in 10W speakers provide you with sound. It also has WiFi and LAN connections.

The LDC panel itself is housed in a full metal chassis with integrated temperature sensors while having full software support for NaViSet Administrator, PD Comms, SpectraView, MultiProfiler and NEC Display Wall Calibrator

This 24/7 usable 84-inch giant display can be used in either landscape and portrait modes depending on what you need it for. Maybe someone will have a long face in the video conference in envy of your monitor.

You probably already guessed that this won’t come cheap, and you were right. The X841UHD display will be available in November 2014 at an estimated street price of $16,999. The display ships with a 3-year parts and labor warranty, including the backlight.

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Images courtesy of NEC

NEC Display Debuts New 32-Inch MultiSync PA322UHD Monitor

NEC has launched its newest flagship monitor aimed at the professional video and still-photographers who require the most accurate colours in their line of work. The new PA322UHD is a 32-inch Ultra HD 4K monitor with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

The display uses wide gamut white LED backlight and an IGZO technology IPS-type LCD panel that delivers excellent image quality with low power consumption. It is capable of delivering 99.2 percent coverage of the Adobe RGB color space and 136.3% of the sRGB spectrum. The display has 140 pixels per inch and a typical response time of 10ms while displaying 1.07 billion colours. It does all that at a 120Hz refresh rate to reduce motion blur and the viewing angle is 176° in all direction.

The monitor has an 6-axis colour control for precise and simplified colour, colour temperature and saturation adjustment. It also has an Ambient Light sensor to adjust the backlight. The included stand allows for both landscape and portrait modes while the display automatically rotates the image when the physical display is rotated.

“The PA322UHD offers a high-resolution, color accurate solution that videographers, photographers and print production specialists can trust for almost every application,” said Art Marshall, Product Manager of Professional and Medical Displays at NEC Display. “These professionals will enjoy the higher pixel density and commercial-grade features in this cutting-edge display.”

The PA322UHD monitor boost a long-range of connectivity options with two DisplayPort, four HDMI and two DVI-D ports. It also has a built-in USB3 hub with 2 up and three downlink connections that support DisplaySync Pro technology. The last mentioned allows you to connect your input devices to your monitor and use it as KVM switch for multiple computers.

This is also the first desktop display to feature an Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) compliant option slot for expanded input options, including the SB-04HC 3G/SD/HD-SDI and SB-01HC HD-SDI input cards available from NEC.

This monitor has so many functions and abilities, but another one worth highlighting is the picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture modes that can split your monitor in up to four full-HD images. It can also tilt, swivel and pivot as well as being wall-mounted with a VESA 100 x 100mm or 200 x 100mm compliant system.

These monitors wont come cheap as it has a MSRP of $2,999.00 USD. You will however get a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable, a normal DisplayPort cable and a USB 3.0 A to B cable included with the purchase. This monitor is backed by a 4-year warranty with 48-hour advanced exchange.

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Images courtesy of NEC

Lenovo To buy NEC’s Mobile Phone Unit For Global Smartphone Expansion?

A report indicated that Japanese based tech firm NEC Corp maybe in talks with Lenovo. The Japanese based company is currently having tough times with its mobile phone unit and decided to sell it. This information is confirmed by a source who is familiar with the discussions among the companies to Reuters. The Chinese based company Lenovo which is currently the worlds’ #2 maker of PCs is looking forward to its expansion in the smartphone business throughout the world.

NEC said that after years of losses, the company has decided to sell the assets of their mobile phone unit. The company is also currently negotiating with even domestic buyers. NEC recently said in a statement through Tokyo stock Exchange on Friday,”Amid the rapidly changing market we are considering a number of ways to bolster the competitiveness of our mobile phone business, but nothing has been decided.”
It was during October 2012 where NEC made a cut from 5 Million units to 4.3 Million mobile phones.

Currently as of now, the worldwide smartphone market is dominated by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Apple, Inc., followed by Sony, Chinese based companies Huawei Technology Co. and ZTE CROP which is currently in #3 in the global smartphone market.

NEC currently is hopeful that it will be able to log a full year operational profile of $1.1 Billion in the fiscal year, but it has made plans to cut down 10,000 jobs. NEC is also planning to sell its mobile services separately, which is estimated for $850 Million. 

Lenovo didn’t make comments about the meetings yet.

Source: Reuters