GIGABYTE and Partners Hold Biggest Ever Charity Raffle at I55

UK’s biggest gaming festival, Insomnia, is just around the corner and it will open its doors tomorrow for Multiplay Insomnia 55, UK’s biggest gaming festival at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Following up on the last successful charity raffle, GIGABYTE again partnered with others to create the biggest ever charity raffle at Insomnia. There will be around £5000 worth of hardware prizes to win spread out over the two days.

The prizes that you can win include AMD processors, AOC monitors, Coolermaster power supplies and cases, Crucial memory, Fractal Design power supplies and cases, Kingston memory and HyperX SSDs, Tesoro gaming keyboards, mice, headsets and mousepads, as well as Netgear NAS and cameras. GIGABYTE is sponsoring a gaming laptop, motherboards, a graphics card, keyboards, and headsets themselves. All this can be won and best of all, everything goes to charity.

There will be two raffles, one held on Friday, the 28th of August and the second the day after, on Saturday, the 29th of August.

Like last time, all the proceeds will be donated to the local charity Zoë’s place, a baby hospice providing palliative, respite and end of life care for babies and infants aged from birth to five years and suffering from life-limiting or life-threatening conditions. This is truly a worthy cause and I hope a lot of the gamers attending the Insomnia event will be very generous. The added bonus of  having a chance to win amazing hardware and this really is a no-brainer. Participate!

Gigabyte @ Multiplay i54

It just wouldn’t be an event without the likes of Gigabyte. They were there on the Tesoro booth, but their most notable presence this weekend is the giveaway for Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice, raising almost £900 on just the Friday. If you’re at the show, drop by to support this great cause.

We will keep you posted on updates from Gigabyte at the event and we aim to publish more on Gigabyte tech as soon as we can.

MSi @ Multiplay i54

We stopped by the MSi stand at i54 to see what they had on offer. No new technology this time, just showcasing their range of gaming notebooks that we had already seen at CeBIT. The systems were coping very well with the LAN set up, with no lag at all during our brief session. We’ve recently reviewed the GS60 2QD which received our highest award, well worth a read.

We will keep you posted with any news updates on MSi for the weekend and hope to see more of their products in for reviews very soon.

Coolermaster @ Multiplay i54

Our day ends at the Coolermaster stand at i54. The guys here showcasing  a small sample of the products they produce, again aiming more at the peripheral sector in their mechanical keyboards and gaming mice. They were holding a Help Desk for anyone to pop along to talk about upgrades and any other possible upgrades for their machines. At the back of the stand, passers by could test their typing speed on a range of mechanical switches, so pop by if you’re in the arena.

They were joined by Team Banana, a small group who produced a very interesting piece of kit, in the form of a one-of-a-kind set of headphones. A very nice bit of kit indeed.

We aim to keep you updated with any news from Coolermaster and we aim to publish reviews of their products in the near future.

Chillblast @ Multiplay i54

Walking around i54 brought us to the Chillblast stand. A few dedicated gaming machines, ranging from tight budgets, right up to GTX 980 monsters; giving the public a chance to see what they have to offer and at what price points. Chillblast are currently holding two competitions on the stand to win ASUS STRIX gaming peripherals, so why not drop by to give yourself a chance.

We will be keeping up to date with Chillblast and aim to publish reviews of their products as soon as we can.

PC Specialist @ Multiplay i54

So we arrive at the PC Specialist stand here at i54. Showcasing a few systems of theirs, along with a dedicated laptop with an Occulus Rift VR headset connected, giving consumers a more hands on and free look at the newest gaming technology on the market. Around the back of the stand, they were hosting a small competition to win some goodies such as a Corsair Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse set. Why not pop along and say hi and try your hand at the shoot-em-up event.


We will be keeping up to date with PC Specialist and aim to publish reviews of their systems as soon as we can.

OverclockersUK @ Multiplay i54

Here at i54 we see OverclockersUK. In true OCUK style we have the multitude of display machines ranging from budget HTPC’s right up to their high end 8-Pack style system. As you can imagine, the spectators flocked to the stand, playing a little Battlefield Hardline, Tomb Raider and Portal 2 to name a few. However, OCUK poised themselves for another busy year by offering their “Delivery to Desk” service. Ideal for the LAN gamers situated throughout the RICOH Arena.

Along with the massive display of technology built into the systems, we also saw a few glass cabinets housing some hard drives, routers and the wholly special 2000w 8-Pack Superflower PSU; such an immense and underestimated unit.

GIGABYTE Is Part of the Big Charity Raffle at Insomnia 54

GIGABYTE, among others, are holding a big charity raffle at the Multiplay Insomnia i54 LAN event at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry this weekend, and it’s for a really worthy cause. There will be two raffles taking place at the Tesoro stand, one on Friday the 3rd of April and the second on the 4th of April, and you can win great prizes including AOC monitors, HyperX SDD’s, Antec cases, Tesoro keyboards and high-end GIGABYTE X99 and Z97 motherboards as well as a BRIX projector.

All proceeds will be donated to the local charity Zoë’s place, a baby hospice providing palliative, respite and end of life care for babies and infants aged from birth to five years suffering from life-limiting or life-threatening conditions. This is truly a worthy cause and I hope a lot of the gamers attending the Insomnia event will be very generous. And with the bonus of  having a chance to win amazing hardware, this really is a no-brainer. Participate!


Multiplay Servers Hacked – Is Someone Upset That They Were Bought by GAME?

Reports have emerged that Multiplay’s servers have been hacked. Members have received e-mails from Multiplay warning them that unauthorised access of their servers may have compromised user accounts, advising them to protect their personal information and to change their passwords.

Multiplay’s Twitter account has confirmed that the e-mail is genuine:

Southhampton-based Multiplay is one of the largest online gaming servers out there, with last year’s annual Insomnia gaming festival attracting 67,000 players. The hack could be seen as a protest attack following Multiplay’s purchase by UK retailer GAME for £20 million earlier this month, which has disgruntled some gamers, and seems timed to undermine this year’s Insomnia which is set to take place from 3rd – 6th April at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

Borderlands, League of Legends and Evolve at Insomnia i52

There are loads of gaming booths setup here at Insomnia i52, which obviously should go without saying given that this is a gaming event after all! jagex are here with their new Transformers game, Gearbox have brought along Borderlands: The Pre Sequel and League of Legends have a huge gaming setup, but most popular of all is Evolve. Evolve and Borderlands are commanding big waiting lines, but everyone seems happy to wait for a go on the games. Unfortunately we couldn’t get in to take pictures of the new games, as any attempt to photograph the screens resulted in some angry looks from the developers, but a few games on Borderlands and Evolve were enough to convince me that they’ll be two of the biggest selling games this year.

The League of Legends stand was run by Riot and had plenty of Corsair rigs running for gamers to sit down and try out the game, given the popularity of LoL here at the show, it’s nice for people to be able to see what all the fuss was about between the big money tournaments and eSports teams who are competing on this game over the weekend.

Cooler Master and CM Storm Booth at Insomnia i52

Cooler Master have one of the biggest booths here at the show, not only have they brought along a wide range of chassis products ranging from their budget friendly N200 right up to their behemoth HAF Stacker and Cosmos II, but they’ve also brought along a huge range of gaming peripherals from their CM Storm range.

One of the most interesting new products here is the soon to be release Toper switch keyboard, a flagship product for CM Storm and one that has been highly anticipated due to its ultra premium switch technology, it won’t be cheap, but it’s already turning heads in the industry.

Their rigs are setup for people to sit down and play some games, but it’s their keyboard demo that’s really drawing the crowd. You have to strike all the keys on one of their Aluminium series keyboard as fast as possible and set a time, those who rank well will be walking away with plenty of cool prizes.

CCL Computers at Insomnia i52

CCL are one of the UKs top computer retailers and they’ve become one of the most popular booths here at iSeries due to their long lasting presence at the show. Not only are they on hand to offer a great range of products at special trade show prices, such as discounts on a range of Cooler Master peripherals, but they’ve also got competitions, games to play, rigs to try out and of course their legendary iSeries T-shirts, which are unique and highly desired at every show.

The team have been working hard and their booth has been packed all weekend, most likely thanks to it being the very first booth as you walk through the door. If you have chance to stop by and check out their playable gaming PCs, I highly recommend it and don’t forget to ask for your free T-shirt before they run out!

Gigabyte Booth at Insomnia i52

Gigabyte are no stranger to Insomnia events and we’re very happy to see them back again at this years show. They’ve brought along some of their latest and greatest products for everyone to get hands on with and try out and their booth is buzzing with activity and things to do.

One of the biggest draws for the Gigabyte booth is their Lego set. You can take part in their little competition and build one of their latest motherboards using the most popular toy in the world. Now I’m all for building motherboards with Lego (wouldn’t be the first time either!), but I’m not sure what’s more popular with the crowd, the fact that it’s a Gigabyte board, or the fact that they simply get to play with Lego, tough call. If that’s not your cup of tea, then they’ve also got a Gigabyte branded table football setup, games such as Plants Vs Zombies (more popular that you might think and a whole lot more, so drop by the booth and check it out as it’s a great chance to get on with some high-end gaming laptop, multi-monitor gaming rigs and other cool gadgets.

Of course you’ll also be able to check out their latest products and get information from the team who are on hand to answer any questions. Here’s hoping they’re back at i52, so long as they bring more Lego!

Overclockers UK (OCUK) Booth At Insomnia i51

Here we are once again at Insomnia i51 LAN gaming event, as we stop by the Overclockers UK booth in the exhibition hall to see what they have to offer. Things have been really busy this weekend at the show, and with Overclockers UK being one of the biggest online retailers in the business, there has been high demand for their services at the show. The OCUK team are out in force as usual, offering their popular repair, installation and deliver to you desk services. The deliver to your desk has been a big hit for them at previous events and i51 is no exception.

Order a product on their website, either from your phone, computer or even from the spare computers on their booth, choose the i51 delivery option and they’ll bring the items directly to the show for you. This is great news for any gamers in the halls, imagine how many people have been rescued when their hard drive fails, or their PSU blows at the show! LAN gaming events are famous for being systems killers, especially given people run their systems harder, for longer and in a warmer environments than they typically would.

Here you can see the team hard at work fixing up a water cooling system for one of the event attendees gaming rigs, and the team is always happy to help, even cutting people a few deals when they’re in need of spare parts and upgrades.

On display they’ve a range of great gaming rigs that you can purchase from the team, they feature some of the latest and greatest gaming components around, catering to a wide range of budgets and requirements, all of which can be found on their website. For those not interested in buying a new rig, the team at OCUK still welcome you to pull up a seat, put on the headsets and play some of the best games around on their awesome gaming PC’s.

That’s everything from the OCUK booth at the show, but we expect they’ll be back once again at the much bigger Summer LAN event in August, stay tuned for more coverage of the show throughout the weekend.

Antec Booth At Insomnia i51 LAN Gaming Festival

The Antec booth is another popular attraction here at Insomnia i51, not only because it gives people a chance to get a look at their latest products, but also because they’ve teamed up with Gamdias, who are running a few rigs in Antec chassis and letting visitors sit down to play the ever popular DOTA II.

The huge Antec Nineteen Hundred is out in force, towing over the visitors and running a monstrous gaming rig courtesy of the guys at YoYoTech.

The Nineteen Hundred has been fitted out with 2 x MSI graphics cards, water cooling and more, which have caught plenty of attention here at the show. Antec are keen to give away loads of great prizes here at the show and it just so happens the mob turned up to win some free loot while we were at the booth, took me a while to escape the hordes of visitors!

With AMP (Antec Mobile Products) and their new chassis products on display it’s looking like a good start to the year for Antec, but we’ll be following up in the coming weeks with reviews of the newest products on display.

That’s everything from the Antec booth today, but we’ll be back shortly with even more coverage from the show.

Multiplay Celebrate A Record Year Following Their i50 Lanniversary

Multiplay, organiser of the UK’s biggest gaming festivals, is pleased to announce 2013 as the Insomnia gaming festival’s most successful year-to-date and eTeknix are happy to have been there and be part of the show. We’ve enjoyed the show from the perspective of LAN gaming, we’ve enjoyed the bar and the legendary pub quiz, we’ve visited the show many times to provide our eTeknix readers with coverage of the show and we’ve even had our own booth there a few times!

The Insomnia series has drawn tens of thousands of gamers, cosplayers, youtubers and eSports pro-gamers to three huge events held at the Telford International Centre across 2013, and over five million viewers watching live on its website,, watching in excess of 41 million minutes online.

Generating almost 17m page views across their gaming network, its official website became one of the top five destinations for videogame fans in the UK, with more unique users than many of the household names. The Insomnia series attracts tens of thousands of gamers from across the UK to compete in the UK’s most competitive eSports tournaments, handing out over £80,000 in prize money in 2013.

“The continued success of Insomnia gaming festivals is now in small part, due to the incredible community, the hundreds of passionate volunteers at each event, our new and long-standing partners and the talented staff at Multiplay.” Said Craig Fletcher, CEO & Founder of Multiplay.

He continued, “2013 was an incredible year, and from the beginning, we knew where we wanted to take the festivals, and we’re incredibly proud to have achieved all of our goals for the year. 2014 is going to be even bigger, starting with our new venue, the Ricoh Arena, a partner we’re delighted to be working with. We’re already excited about what we have planned for 2014, and can’t wait to share more information in the coming weeks and months ahead.”

The first Insomnia festival of 2014 takes place at the Ricoh Arena over Easter Bank Holiday weekend, Friday, April 18 to Monday, April 21 2014.


We can’t wait to see the new location for i51, we can’t wait to see more of the ever growing legend that is Insomnia again, see you at the show in 2014!

Thank you Insomnia for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Insomnia.

Multiplay Leaves Telford, Heads To Ricoh Arena For Insomnia i51

The UK’s biggest gaming festival will be staged in Coventry for the first time in 2014, when the Insomnia gaming festivals takes place at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena.

The Insomnia series attracts tens of thousands of gamers from across the UK to compete in the UK’s most competitive eSports tournaments and see the best games first, while millions watch events unfold online on Twitch.TV. The first Insomnia festival at the Ricoh Arena takes place over Easter Bank Holiday weekend, Friday, April 18 to Monday, April 21 2014.

Insomnia will take over the Ricoh Arena to give visitors the chance to sample new games, watch live product demonstrations, buy the latest products and merchandise or watch the eSports tournaments unfold and tickets are available online now here.

Offering the same unrivalled atmosphere, visitors will be able to camp in their thousands across the weekend, bringing their own PCs and consoles with camping facilities and security on-hand.

Craig Fletcher, chief executive officer of Multiplay, said: “At Multiplay, we’re always looking to grow our business, and choosing a location that gives the Insomnia festivals strategic growth opportunities is of paramount importance to us, as well as our loyal community that attend our events.

He continued, “We’ve worked closely with the passionate staff at the Ricoh Arena and Coventry City Council to deliver a new home for Insomnia. “We are also delighted to be able to welcome back the Easter weekend dates which we haven’t been able to secure since Insomnia 42. “It’s incredibly exciting to be able to hold an Easter weekend extravaganza full of new content and awesome activities.

“We’re really pleased with the commitment and drive shown in bringing the UK’s largest gaming festivals to Coventry, and it’s a partnership we’re excited to move forward with in 2014.”

Jacky Isaac, Interim CEO at the Ricoh Arena, said she was thrilled one of the biggest dates in the calendar for gaming fans was being held in Coventry.

“It is the first time we will have held a gaming festival at the Ricoh Arena and this is great news for the venue and for the city,” she said.

“This is a festival for gaming in all its formats and is due to attract over 10,000 visitors from around the country.”

Check out the video below and let us know what you think about this epic new location in the comments section below, also, will we see you all at i51?


Thank you Insomnia Gaming Festival for providing us with this information. 

Image courtesy of Insomnia Gaming Festival.

More Exhibition Hall Gallery @ Insomnia i50

Insomnia i50 Lanniversary is in full swing and while we bring you coverage of some of the booth, we thought you might like to see what else is going on around the show with a quick look at some of the other booths. Enjoy the pictures and if you came to the show or are still at the show, leave a comment below, or find us and say hi!

Chillblast @ Insonia i50

Chillblast are out in force, not only do they have some of the latest and greatest games on display, but they’ve got their epic looking custom rigs on display and why wouldn’t they, they are one of the best system integrators in the business!

Laptops and desktops on display are epic, even their smallest laptop doesn’t disappoint and with the funky afterglow controller temping you to play, the Chillblast booth is a fun way to waste an hours just playing great games… of course this is working for them as their systems are offering some stunning performance.

Chillblast are clearly big fans of CM Storm, with the Quickfire, Inferno, Recon and their mousemats on display along side their systems.

Best of all, a stunning Seitek flight stick  to use, and the most incredible looking chassis we’ve ever reviewed is there, the InWin Tou! This is a real crowd puller and we can’t recommend it enough if you’re at the show.

Assassins Creed IV running on a 46″ HDTV running on a high end 780ti gaming system! Oh yeah please!

Love minecraft, then check out these epic case, the Fractal Design R4 with a superb skin that gives a sweet 8bit look to them.

A gorgeous BitFenix Prodigy on display running the latest Street Fighter is proving a big draw too… we wasted a good twenty minutes on this one.

That’s all from the Chillblast booth, but if you get chance to drop by we hear that they may have the Oculus Rift setup this weekend, keep an eye out for it.


Insomnia i50 To Feature Indie Game Jam

Multiplay, organiser of the Insomnia series of gaming festivals, the largest gaming festivals in the United Kingdom have just announce a series of initiatives designed to showcase the best UK talent from the indie scene at Insomnia50.

The Indie Zone, sponsored by GAMDIAS, is a new addition for Insomnia events and is an open invitation to the unique and wonderful games being created across the country by independent developers. Each developer has access to a top-of-the-range PC station, dedicated time on the Indie stage which will have prime position in the exhibition hall; featuring some of the industry leading retailers, manufacturers and development studios.

This provides the perfect opportunity to connect directly with the gaming community and interact with other developers such as Hypersloth Games (Dream), Dead Shark Triple Punch (Epigenesis), Pumpkin Games (Doppelganger) and many more.

Supporting creativity further is Global GameCraft, who organise game jam events designed to allow game-makers to meet, share ideas, have fun, compete for prizes and most importantly make games! Each day, participants will be set a task, having as little as ten hours to complete, with a judging panel demoing stand-out entries on stage and awarding prizes to the best submissions.

To take part, you must have a ticket to Insomnia so you can reserve your complimentary space for the GameCraft Game Jam. In order to purchase a ticket or reserve your space you can do so at

“Indie games are fast becoming the most original sector in gaming, giving us new ways of playing videogames”, said Craig Fletcher, Multiplay CEO. “We want to support the UK industry and enable developers to show their products off to as large an audience as possible, and to invite future designers to get involved with their peers through initiatives like the Indie GameCraft. Insomnia50 will be the most diverse festival we’ve ever held, in part due to the brilliant response we’ve had from indie developers, and we hope to continue to bring events like this, that support our industry and its talent to future Insomnia gaming festivals.”

If you are a game developer and would like to take full advantage of a free PC ‘station’ and a 45 minute live demo and talk on the Indie Stage at Insomnia50, please register your interest at

Once again eTeknix will be at the show and checking out not only the Indie gaming section, but all the latest tech from the event so keep an eye out for us on the trade show floor, or keep an eye on the site at the end of the month.

Thank you Insomnia for providing us with this information.

Intel Joins SCAN, Logitech G, Alienware & More For Insomnia i50

Multiplay, organiser of the UK’s biggest gaming festivals, announced today that Intel will be acting as headline sponsor of Multiplay’s 50th LANniversary at Insomnia50. Intel marks its first appearance at Insomnia gaming festivals with a bang, cementing its commitment to the gaming community with multiple products on show, marking a new and exciting way for Intel to interact directly with consumers.

As a key partner in celebrations surrounding Team Dignitas’ 10 year anniversary, Intel has been at the forefront of PC gaming from the humble beginnings of the videogame industry, with a rich history of products that capture the publics’ imagination.

“Our 50th LANniversary looks set to be more diverse than any before,” Said Craig Fletcher, Multiplay CEO. “We’re delighted to be working with a truly global brand such as INTEL, and we’re excited about this partnership for the future and what this means for the passionate Multiplay community.”

Multiplay continues its partnership with SCAN and Logitech G, whilst also welcoming new partners Alienware and INTEL to Insomnia50. As the headline sponsors they will receive prominent brand placement on the main stage and all live streams, reaching millions of gaming fans worldwide.

Featuring some of the biggest eSports tournaments in the UK, Minecraft & Xbox Zones, as well as a dedicated Indie Zone where indie developers can showcase their games for free, Insomnia50 takes competitive gaming to the heart of the community. The event also allows fans access to the latest gaming technology in the exhibition hall whilst retro gaming arcades, card and board game areas and chill out lounges break up the competitive action.

Even better is that eTeknix will be out in force at Insomnia i50 bringing you all the latest coverage and tech news from the show, so stay tuned to the site or try find us at the show and say hi!

Thank you Insomnia for providing us with this information.

Multiplay To Celebrate 50th Insomnia LAN Gaming Event Next Month

Multiplay, organiser of the Insomnia series of gaming festivals, the largest gaming festivals in the United Kingdom is pleased to announce the initial line-up for its 50th LANniversary, Insomnia50, taking place at the Telford International Centre from 29th November through 2nd December 2013.

eTeknix have been at many of the iSeries events, especially over the last few years where we have had our own booth, held competitions and of course joined in the with the general celebrations, events and gaming. Just check out our iSeries section to see what I mean.

Over 25,000 gaming enthusiasts attended Insomnia 49, with a further 4.7 million viewers on the Multiplay website, delivering over 11 million minutes of video views across the weekend, and over two million Flickr photo views and Insomnia 50 will doubt continue the tradition of delivering an incredible weekend for attendees and its millions of viewers online.

With an incredible line-up of entertainment on offer, Insomnia is a place for friends and families alike to experience gaming-based activities throughout the whole weekend. From Hunger Games tournaments and creative builds in the Minecraft Zone, to a huge selection of the latest independent games and their developers in the Indie Zone. There really is something for everyone; with prize-pool competitive tournaments for a variety of modern eSports for both pc and console gamers, a thriving exhibition with the latest games and merchandise the Card & Board game area, Retro Zone, Mainstage and more, Insomnia delivers a gaming experience unlike any other.

To celebrate the 50th LANniversary, Multiplay are hosting an Insomnia50 Celebration Evening. Taking place on the Saturday of the event, the evening comprises of the World Famous Insomnia Pub Quiz, live music from throwback glam rock heroes Saints of Sin, live comedy from critically acclaimed comedian Paul Tonkinson and the Insomnia Awards, a ceremony celebrating the uniquely brilliant qualities of both the Multiplay community and the Insomnia events themselves. With all proceeds going to Multiplay’s designated charity, Special Effect.

“It’s been a milestone we’ve been anticipating, and with the fantastic turnout from Insomnia fans at Insomnia49, we are incredibly pleased to produce the best gaming festival in the UK even better”, said Craig Fletcher, Multiplay CEO. “As a team, we couldn’t be happier with the success of Insomnia, driven by its passionate community, and we can’t wait to deliver something truly memorable for our fans as we celebrate our 50th LANniversary.”

With some of the biggest eSports tournaments in the UK, Insomnia is not to be missed, with spaces to compete in the tournaments still available online on the Insomnia Gaming Festivals website.

More announcements will be made in the coming months, including amazing games being shown for the first time in the UK.

Thank you Insomnia for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of eTeknix.

iSeries i49 Quiet PC Stand

iSeries i49 Quiet PC Stand

Insomnia i49: There are many regular attendees to Multiplay’s gaming festivals, both on the gamers front, but also in the exhibition hall. QuietPC is just one of the many regular vendors to show off some of the latest hardware on the market and their primary focus as the name suggests is on components the give the best acoustic performance there is.

Around the Satnd Skippy and his team have setup four systems each with a different cooling solution, ranging from silent fan assisted heatsinks, to closed loop water cooling systems and also fully passive heatsinks that can handle a TDP of 95W from Zalman.

Alongside the four systems there is also a select range of peripherals on show as well as some other cooling solutions.


Stay tuned as we bring you more action from across the weekend, including a closer look at each of the stands in the exhibition hall as well as a look around the event. Also be sure to head over to our i49 live gallery where you can keep up to date with all the action as we see it:

iSeries i49 In Win Booth

In Win are out in force here at iSeries along side PC Specialist who have supplied them with two high powered gaming rigs in In Win chassis. On the booth they have some wonderful chassis display systems, competitions, games to play and more.

Here we can see the H Frame Mini which isn’t available at retail yet, but for those that don’t have enough room for the giant H Frame, this is a great and compact solution that offers impressive open air flow and a glass side panel.

The D Frame was setup and while we’ve seen it before this is still one very cool looking chassis.

Best of all we have the Tao, a glass covered chassis that looks unlike anything else on the market, sure it’s not cheap but if you want a display rig then I cannot think of anything better.

800w Desert and 900W Serenity PSUs are on display, both semi modular and offering some impressive performance.

Most popular of all are the two front systems, both in In Win chassis, the G1 and G7, running Grid 2. Set the fastest laptime to win yourself some cool In Win Prizes.


If you’re at the show I highly recommend you stop by their booth, play some games, win some prizes and check out their special edition chassis products.

Stay tuned for even more from this weekends event here at Insomnia i49.

iSeries i49 Gaming Halls

iSeries is in full swing and there are 2800 gamers here, hundreds of exhibitor staff members, 7000 member visited in one day for Minecraft and thousands more flow through the door each day just to come and see what is going on, iSeries is getting better and bigger every time.

Enjoy the pictures and if your at the show be sure to try find yourself in the pictures and leave a comment below.

OcUK Delivery Service In Action At Insomnia i49

OcUK Delivery Service In Action At Insomnia i49

Insomnia i49: Over the last few LANs here at Telford, Mark and his team at Overclockers UK have been offering a delivery to your desk service that allows anyone attending the LAN to order anything they like from the OcUK website and have it delivered straight to them at their desk – for FREE! The same day delivery service has been growing in popularity over the last few events and last night (Friday) for their evening delivery slot, there was no less than two and a half pallets arrive to site.

Some gamers are far too keen to get a hold of their OcUK goodies and one or two even came straight to the delivery door to get hold of their kit.

After a little sorting into halls, the first crate of goodies is heading its way to the main hall ready for delivery to the desk.

Tonight’s first person takes hold of his purchase from Mark.

Some people are way too excited to receive their goodies, as these guys clearly are with the delivery of a mouse from Steve.

Remember that if you’re at LAN, there are two deliverys each day, at around 1pm and 5pm and after sticking your goodies into your basket on the OcUK site, select delivery to i49 as your delivery option and your bits will be flying their way to you very soon. Giraffes not included.


Stay tuned as we have more coverage for you from OcUK and the rest of i49 here in Telford. Be sure to check out the live gallery where you can get a quick glimpse of the action as we see it here: