New Terminator Trilogy And Terminator TV series To Start Production Next Year

Hollywood movie studio Paramount has commissioned that three new Terminator movies will be released as a stand-alone trilogy. Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed his return to the franchise in the upcoming Terminator movie, which begins shooting in January 2014. Deadline reports that Skydance Productions, Annapurna Pictures, and Paramount Pictures will release the first instalment on June 26th, 2015.

Arnold revealed his participation with the following statement: “I’m very happy that the studios want me to be in Terminator 5 and to star as the Terminator.”, but the studios have yet to confirm Arnold’s involvement in the trilogy. They will need to work quickly; the rights to the franchise will revert to James Cameron in 2019, suggesting two additional Terminator films will hit theaters in a four-year period. The trilogy will be produced by siblings David Ellison and Megan Ellison (son and daughter of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison), whose previous work includes World War Z, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Zero Dark Thirty.

In addition to rebooting the Terminator series into a brand-new trilogy, Skydance Productions and Annapurna Pictures are developing a TV series that will add to the revived movie franchise. According to Deadline, the show is being written in conjunction with the first film of the new trilogy, set for release in June 2015. While plot details are scarce, the series will reportedly follow a critical moment from the original Terminator, but will go down a different narrative path.

The Terminator was last seen on TV only five years ago in the short-lived Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. For this outing, the companies involved want to create a universe reminiscent of what Marvel has recently done with its films and fan-favorite Agents of SHIELD, with storylines that intersect across mediums. Arnold Schwarzenegger has already signed on for the next film, though there is no word on if he’ll make his way to the small screen for this project.

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World of Warcraft Movie Delayed To 2016

Previous news set the World of Warcraft movie launch date on the 18th of December 2015. However, we learned that it has been delayed to 2016, according to a tweet from the official World of Warcraft Twitter account.

Based on the information given, it seems that the movie will be moving from its 18th of December 2015 release date to an 11th of March 2016 release date. It is unclear as to why there might be a delay since no explanation was given, but since games get frequent delays, why not movies based on games get delays as well eh? Blizzard’s involvement and the company’s attention to detail and their reputation for delaying games, this does not come as a complete shock, but hopefully what this means is that we can look forward to an even greater movie and perhaps prove that movies adapted from video games don’t have to be horrible.

During BlizzCon 2013, additional details of the movie was shared with attendees. The movie will take us back to the original Warcraft game where it will be more about Orcs versus Humans as opposed to some of Warcraft’s later stories, like the one involving Arthas and the Lich King. The movie is expected to begin filming next year and according to the rumors, Colin Farrell and Paula Patton could be part of the cast.

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BlizzCon: About WarCraft Movie

Blizzard has announced that they finally have a release date for the film, and it is believed to be 18 December 2015. Though they have not even started filming. They also spoke a little on the idea of the film being about Orcs vs Humans and the First Contact: Lothar and Durotan.

My first thought when I heard about Warcraft the movie, I pictured a very cartoony movie, but this movie will not be cartoony at all, it will be photo-realistic. Using a half human cast while the other half will be computer generated. They are planning to do some really great things with this film. We wont see it for at least another two years.

It is unclear about what parts of Azeroth we will be seeing. We will see some really fine details, and everything will look and feel real. We will see different zones and different cities. Even if you don’t know anything about Warcraft you will be able to watch and enjoy the film, but if you are a fan, you will notice plenty of things that will match up very well with the games.

As much as you may feel each character within the world plays a vital role, the most important role is the world itself. We will see a number of the different races from both the Horde and the Alliance.

I would love to see the lore and how it plays out giving us a history of the game, the instances and even the zones of Azeroth. Blizzard doesn’t seem to be taking an approach of multiple feature films, but rather one film that covers everything. I feel that Blizzard could easily make a film on each zone and each city as well as the different instances. Giving us a ton of history and lore of Azeroth.

I felt the panel was extremely frustrating that they didn’t want to unveil very much about the film, so we will just need to wait until the movie moves further along in production.


Netflix To Launch Ultra High Definition Video Service Next Year

If you are one of the lucky few that has invested in a 4K display then you will no doubt be thirsty for more content to display on it. PC gaming looks great on 4K, but requires a big investment, Sony provide a NAS full of 4K movies with certain TV’s, but the content is limited, 4K mastered blu-rays aren’t quite here yet and games consoles can’t really make the most of this resolution either.

In short, it looks like the future of 4K will be in streaming the video, sure there is room for Sky and other cable providers in the future, but not much point in a network with little content so on-demand does make more sense at this time.

The downside is that you will need some hefty internet, with four times the resolution on 1080 resolution video you can expect some incredible download sizes. Netflix have already added test footage for 24fps 4K video in a sort of early beta testing format to see how viable the service is.

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix said that he wants to bring UHD to the service next year, lets hope he keeps his word.

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Ubisoft To File Another Trademark For Splinter Cell

Ubisoft filed another trademark application for the mark “Splinter Cell” on October the 23rd. The difference between the other trademarks and this particular one consists in the type. This filed trademark deals with entertainment services such as television programs, interactive television programs and live stage show performances, just to name a few.

Here is what the trademark details tell us about what is to come:

“IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Entertainment services, namely, continuing television programs and interactive television programs featuring comedy, drama, live-action, and animation, broadcast over television, satellite, audio, and video media; presentation of live stage show performances, presentation of live show performances by costumed characters, and presentation of live theatrical performances; production and distribution of television shows and motion pictures.”

This could indicate that Ubisoft has plans to do more that just make a Splinter Cell movie, or it could just be that they are covering all of their bases when it comes to the intellectual property. There are currently 13 trademarks filed for the term “Splinter Cell”, this not including trademarks for other Splinter Cell games, which includes almost anything you can possibly think of.

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LaserDisc Sold For $699 Contains 30 Minutes Of Unseen Starwars Footage

This week is a big one for Star Wars fans as one fan who just purchased a $699 LaserDisc from eBay is willing to share the loot that lies within. 50 raw and behind the scene takes from Return of the Jedi that have never been seen before, totalling in at 30 minutes of retro charm.

The disc is one of the LaserDiscs that Lucasfilm used to save material that was due for processing on their EditDroid software, a bit of video editing software like Final Cut, just a little older. So it contains a pile of raw footage files before they had been worked on.

Not to be greedy, the user is now sharing the videos one by one on a Facebook page. We suspect there may be some copyright issues cropping up that sees the videos taken down, but given this is the internet you can bet people will be uploading mirrors of them just as fast.

Head on over to the official Return of the Jedi long lost Edit Droid Laserdisc Discovered facebook page for more information and of course, the videos!

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Michael Bay Assaulted While Filming Transformers 4

Turns out gigantic robots are no means of defence when it comes to the real world, no doubt a shocking reminder that CGI just isn’t as good as the real deal and I’m sure Michael Bay and his team would have loved to have Bumblebee on hand to kick some butt this week.

A gang of drugged up thugs decided to storm the set of Transformers 4, tried to rough up some members of the crew and wind them up for several hours, demanding thousands of dollars to make them go away. It is said that all retail units in the area were given a payout for the inconvenience of the movie being filmed in the area, but these guys were essentially wasted and thought that they should get some money for nothing.

After refusing to give into their demands, one of the men came at Michael Bay brandishing an air-conditioning unit as a weapon and tried to smack Bay in the face. Naturally Bay is a cool guy and ducked before knocking the nut job away and letting his security jump on the guy. It is said that it took seven security to control the man, who is said to have bit through the shoe of one of the guards! Then it also too a team of fifteen Hong Kong cops in riot gear just to get the situation under wraps.

I’m looking forward to the new movie, but it’s an interesting insight into some of the crazy things that are going on behind the scenes.

Michael Bay have posted a wonderfully detailed account of what happened on his blog, which you can read here.

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New Smart Glasses Help Deaf People Enjoy The Cinema

This is really cool, Sony Entertainment Access Glasses Prototype could sign the end of separate showings in the cinema for those with hearing or sight disabilities and they can do it in a way that literally benefits all movie goers, as well as the theatre it’s self.

“There will be a special attraction for deaf people in theaters nationwide soon. By the end of this month, Regal Cinemas plans to have distributed closed-captioning glasses to more than 6,000 theaters across the country.” – Sony

The set of glasses are not unlike a pair of 3D glasses combined with a basic pair of something similar to Google Glasses. While you watch the movie, captions are projected onto the glasses and give the illusion of the words floating around 10ft in front of the user, these can be used simultaneously or alternatively with audio tracks that give descriptive audio, or even just headphones that boost the audio level for those who are hard of hearing, it will even work with a 3D movie.

This is a really basic idea, the technology is readily available, it just took someone to go first and invest in the technology and Regal have done just that. Now their cinema screens no longer have to run separate showings of movies with audio description or subtitle and now no one with sign or hearing issues need feel left out of a trip to the cinema.

It’s great technology and it’s also extremely discreet too, meaning you can have subtitles, audio description tracks and boosted audio that is specific to you, no longer requiring a different showing of the movie, something that benefits everyone who watching the movie on that screen.

Randy Smith Jr., the chief executive officer for Regal Cinemas, says he has worked for more than a decade to find a solution to this problem. He tells Arun Rath, host of weekends on All Things Considered, that it has been his goal since 1998 “to develop a technology that would allow accessibility to the deaf and blind for every show time, for every feature.”

Randy was able to develop the technology and features with head deaf son, Ryan who is now 23 years old, who helped him test out prototype equipment over the last few years until they found a solution that worked.

“We’d do that until we got to a point that we felt it was comfortable enough,” Smith says.

“I’ve attempted to enjoy a movie with my son so many times over the last 26 years, but to no avail. After watching a movie I would try to discuss it with him. The comments he would make would in no way relate to the plot of the movie and at one point he finally confessed that as he watched the screen, he simply made up the story in his head. He didn’t really know what was going on. The fact that I can take my son to a movie when he visits at the end of June is literally bringing tears to my eyes. It would seem silly to most peoplebut I would imagine you understand what it feels like.”


The Vikings Are Coming To The UK & Germany,Via LOVEFiLM, Not By Boat.

Amazon’s LOVEFiLM service is still going strong and TV production companies have been taking note more and more in the last few years, now we find that the premiere of the highly-rated and critically acclaimed epic U.S. television series “VIKINGS,” will air exclusively on LOVEFiLM Instant in the UK and Germany, making the streaming service the first and only place to watch the hit series in these countries.

From May 24th 2013, members of LOVEFiLM Instant here the UK will be able to watch all 9 episodes of high-definition Norse action before anyone can watch it on traditional TV networks.

The Vikings is an epic adventure about Norse hero Ragnar Lothbrok, who explores distant shores of the ocean, with the stereotypical drinking, fighting, erm… love makings more that you might expect, but will it prove more successful that the fantastic Game of Thrones series? I doubt it, but it should still be epic fun.

The show has an all star filled cast and a few bonus famous faces thrown in for good measure, but that’s not really what I wanted to focus on in this article. Streaming TV / Movie networks such as LOVEFiLM are clearly here to stay and with each one catching more and more lime light and ever more exclusives, is this really the begging of the end for traditional TV networks? Personally I never thought that LOVEFiLM and Netflix would catch on, much in the same way most people said that Steam would not work when that launched for PC gaming.

Chris Bird, Director, Film Strategy at LOVEFiLM, said “As the first time a TV series has arrived on LOVEFiLM Instant before airing on traditional broadcasting platforms, this is an incredibly exciting landmark in our history. We are serious about securing the best film and TV entertainment for our members and this demonstrates how content creators view LOVEFiLM as an effective broadcasting medium for their high-quality and premium entertainment.”

Chris Ottinger, President, International Television Distribution and Acquisitions, said: “MGM Television is thrilled to bring the epic #1 new cable series in the U.S., ‘VIKINGS’, to Amazon’s LOVEFiLM members for their first-ever, exclusive streaming experience in the United Kingdom and Germany. We are always identifying exciting, alternative distribution platforms for our premium content across the globe and are looking forward to captivating new audiences with ‘VIKINGS’ through LOVEFiLM.”

“VIKINGS” will premiere on LOVEFiLM Instant in the UK on May 24th 2013 and Germany on 15th June 2013 and will be available exclusively on the streaming service in both countries. If this proves more successful for the network, I can see more and more shows going online before going straight to TV, if they prove popular enough overall, some shows may never come to TV and could choose to stay on streaming networks.

Futurama Cancelled Again!

FUTURAMA!!! Yeah we will get to enter into season 7 premiering on Wednesday June 19th, unfortunately this will be the final season. Comedy Central dealt the killing blow to Futurama, to which Fox tried to do back in 2003, to which Fox probably thought that they had killed the series. Lucky for us Comedy Central picked the series up in 2008 to bring us 3 more seasons of the hit animated science fiction sitcom.

Futurama has picked up numerous prestigious awards over the years, Anne Awards, Emmy Awards, Environmental Media Awards, and even Writers Guild of America Awards! Over the years the series has been shown in at least 28 countries.

Season 7 is the final season, the last half of which will be premiering on June 19 at 10 P.M., and it will be coming to an end on September 4th. If you haven’t seen Futurama yet, or you have missed a couple of seasons you can always catch up on Netflix. You will be able to watch up to Episode 13 of season 7. You will also be able to view all four of the direct-to-video films! Prepare yourself now for the most EPIC season yet to come from Futurama!

This season will host numerous guest stars including Larry Bird, Dan Castellaneta, Sarah Silverman, Uncle George Takei, Adam West and Burt Ward!

“I’m very proud of the upcoming season. If this is indeed the end of ‘Futurama,’ it’s a fantastic finish to a good, long run,” said creator and Executive Producer Matt Groening.

“Having the opportunity to bring ‘Futurama’ back for 52 episodes over these last four years has been a thrill for all of us at COMEDY CENTRAL. The upcoming season promises to be the best final season of ‘Futurama’ yet,” said Dave Bernath, EVP Program Strategy & Multi Programming.