QPAD DX-20 Mouse & CT PRO Mouse Pad Competition!

Ready to take your gaming to the next level? We’ve teamed up with the awesome people at QPAD to give one lucky winner the chance to win their award winning DX-20 Pro Gaming Mouse, as well as their lovely CT Pro Mouse Pad.

Having just won our Editors Choice award here at eTeknix, we’re very happy to have a brand new DX-20 gaming mouse for our readers, and with performance suitable for eSports and competitive gaming, we’re sure the winner is going to love their prize.

Flawless sensor performance, exceptional build quality, customisable RGB lighting, high-quality Omron switches and more, are just some of the features we loved about this mouse and if you want to find out more, you can check out our full review right here.

If you’re interested in knowing more about QPAD, you can check out the official DX-20 product page here, or pick one up from Overclockers UK for a very reasonable £49.99. You can also find more information on the CT Pro here.

Thank you QPAD for providing us with these awesome prizes. Now, all you have to do is follow the steps in the box below, and you’ll be in with a chance of winning some new gaming gear. Good luck!

QPAD DX-20 Mouse & CT PRO Mouse Pad Competition!

E-Blue K820 Professional Gaming Combo Review


E-Blue may be a fairly new name to most of our readers, but they’re quickly pushing into new parts of the world with their products and their latest, the E-Blue K820 Professional Gaming Combo certainly caught our attention. There’s a lot of competition in the market right now to make the absolute best budget friendly gaming bundle. With many people investing in their first computers, building on a tight budget, or even just looking for an affordable solution for younger games; especially with the never-ending popularity of Minecraft, it makes sense that there’s a big market for affordable peripherals.

“Our mission is to bring stylish, trendy and high-quality products to the worldwide end-users. We believe that there are many good products in the market but they are in unreasonable price to the end-user and also there exist many low-graded of products with bad quality and in low price to a big group of user. But these two types are not the most desired and demanded to the customers. They desire the products more trendy, under reasonable price and good quality with high durability. This is how e-blue insist to keep such principle as the main mission.” – E-Blue

E-Blue has been around since 1999, working out of Hong Kong and creating a range of OEM products, but have pushed their own hardware, such as keyboards, mice, headsets, gaming chairs and more. Since then, they’ve been working with Marvel Inc for Iron Man branded hardware, they’re investing in eSports and sponsor LoL champions EDG Gaming, and are opening hundreds of E-Blue equipped internet cafes/Gaming Arena’s in China; safe to say, they’re not doing too badly at all.

What’s great about this bundle is that it has the keyboard, a mouse and the mouse mat all packed into a single box. This is super convenient for getting ready for some gaming, but I think it also doubles up as a nice gift bundle; very handy when Christmas comes around.

  • Ergonomic designed shape, standard 104 key layout and the lifespan up to 10 million for both gaming and office demands.
  • Mouse is tailored in ergonomic design with perfect grip and dazzle blue lighting effect, 3 levels DPI shift to select.
  • Mouse pad adopts high compact weaving mesh surface with unique splash-ink design.

while not the highest spec of hardware ever, it’s a good entry point and looks like great value for money given the current RRP.

First thing I noticed was that the packaging is very well designed. Great images of the products on the front, as well as a rundown of the main features and specifications around the back.

In the box, you’ll find a hard-wired keyboard, hard-wired mouse, mouse mat, and a set of extra key caps.

Turtle Beach Grip 500 Laser Gaming Mouse and Drift Mouse Mat Review


At the start of this year, we visited Turtle Beach at CES 2015 and one thing in particular caught our attention, keyboards and mice! Turtle Beach has a long history of creating gaming focused headsets for a wide range of formats, but until now, that’s pretty much all they’ve done. Now, just a few months after they were first revealed, Turtle Beach are looking to tackle the PC gaming market with a range of keyboards and mice.

“The Turtle Beach Grip 500 laser gaming mouse is an ergonomically engineered, illuminated 7-button scroll wheel mouse that uses premium components such as Avago 9800 laser sensors and Omron switches to deliver steady, precise gaming control. It packs a number of powerful features, including the ability to customize performance, change illumination settings, program all seven buttons and the scroll wheel, plus create up to 50 complex macros with up to 100 commands each and then assign them to any button. They can then be saved into five different colour-coded profiles, loaded into on-board memory and changed on the fly.”

It certainly has all the hallmarks of a good gaming mouse, with all the features you would expect, but what we really want to see, is how it feels and how it performs, so let’s get right to it and take a closer look.

For the purpose of this review, Turtle Beach also sent me one of their new DRIFT mouse mats, I don’t typically review these, as they’re really down to user preference, but it seems like it’ll be a nice match for the GRIP 500 mouse.

For those looking at this mouse at retail, there’s a cut-away section that allows you to test the buttons, scroll wheel and feel the finish on the mouse.

In the box, you’ll find the GRIP 500, which comes hard-wired with a lightweight cable and the instruction booklet; not the most comprehensive bundle, but it’s really all you need.

The cable is of a good quality, no gold-plated connector, but honestly, you really don’t need it to be gold anyway.

The main panels of the GRIP 500 have been treated to a grippy soft-touch rubber. This is quite common on gaming mice these days, as it gives improved grip, a stealthy aesthetic and it’s often quite resilient to scratches and easy to keep clean.

Down the left side, you’ll find three switches, which just like the rest of the switches, are fully programmable. They’ve got a nice light tactile click to them that gives them a nice responsive feel.

The rear of the mouse sweeps out a little at the base on both the left and right sides, giving a nice ergonomic shape that fits the palm of your hand well.

There’s a slight curve to both the left and right mouse buttons, providing a stable finger resting position and combined with the grip coating, the mouse feels just as adept at both palm rest and claw grip play-styles.

There’s a single toggle switch behind the scroll wheel that can be used for DPI, or anything else you wish since it’s also fully programmable. The scroll wheel is very low set in the mouse body, but it is quite big and features a very grippy coating and ridges that make it very easy to manipulate.

A small Turtle Beach logo at the back, which will look nice when powered up thanks to some internal LED lighting.

The 500 GRIP, contrary to its name, glides exceptionally well on both soft and hard gaming surfaces, that’s to its slip-mats and its relatively lightweight design.

Corsair Gaming Christmas Giveaway!

Ready to get into the festive spirit? We’ve teamed up with the good people at Corsair to give you all a chance to win a cool bundle of peripherals to upgrade your gaming rig. What’s so festive about keyboard and mice you say? We’re announcing the winners on Christmas day! So when you’re done unwrapping your presents, perhaps they’ll be one more gift on its way to you.

We’ve got a nice bundle of presents for one lucky winner, with a total value of £300.

If you would like to show your support to eTeknix and Corsair you can like your respective Facebook pages. It’s a great way to stay up to date with the latest news, reviews and competitions.




Zowie G-TF Rough Version Mouse Mat Review

Today we take quick look at the Zowie G-TF gaming surface, or mouse mat for those of you who prefer a more classic approach. Zowie haven’t been around long compared to some of the bigger names in the industry, but they’ve already earned themselves a loyal and sizeable following. This is mostly due to their dedication to eSports and the pro-gaming scene, a big part of the industry where companies like Zowie and gamers can coexist.

Zowie already has a great range of mouse mats on the market, but that doesn’t mean to say they’ve not got any more tricks up their sleeves. Generally I find there is no such thing as “the best mouse mat / gaming surface” but that it is more about find the right surface for both yourself and the mouse that you use.

The surface we are looking at today is the G-TF Rough Version and the last part of its product name should be more than enough clue to the kind of surface texture we have here today.

The G-TF Rough comes neatly rolled in a fairly standard white box, which features a circle cut-out that allows you to sample the texture of the surface.

Rolled out we see that it measures 440 x 320 x 2 mm although there is a smaller P-TF rough edition available which measures a smaller 320 x 250 x 2 mm as not everyone has the desk space for the larger G-TF we are looking at today.

The surface is very close in feel and performance to that of a plastic surface, which are often favoured in terms of performance but lack the longevity and portability of a cloth surface. Here it looks as if Zowie have struck a balance between the two by combining the flexibility of cloth with a tougher weave and light texture.

The surface edges are rolled and triple stitched, this should help prevent damage but also keep your wrist comfortable too as I generally find non-rolled edges can scratch or irritate the skin while gaming.

Using my Roccat Kone XTD I found the rough surface to be highly responsive at all DPI settings, with no noticeable loss in performance, if anything I find this more suitable than my current surface, which is by chance also a Zowie, the G-CM which we reviewed a few months ago.

The glide is fantastic and this is likely due to the harder surface and while the texture does provide some extra control, the mouse still glides beautifully over it, the real change here is the tactile feedback to your hand and wrist, as you can lightly feel the travel of your hand over the surface and I personally think this allows for better control while gaming.

Overall it’s a great product and I like it enough that I am retiring my G-CM in favour of the new G-TF, although at time of writing this review, I’ve actually been using the G-TF for over a month now and if you’re looking to blend a fast glide surface that still balances control, you may need to try a rough surface from Zowie.

CM Storm Control RX Mouse Mat Review

CM Storm are well known for making some fantastic gaming peripherals, especially their gaming mice which in my opinion offer impressive performance and designs that are highly competitive in an already busy sector of the market. eSports and pro gaming are bigger than ever and as as a result more consumers and general gamers are picking up the equipment they see their favourite pros use, which is why CM Storm like to get involved and make sure gamers get the right tools they need to both win and to enjoy their favourite game in comfort and style.

The surface we are looking at today is the CM Storm Control RX and while I hold that there isn’t one mouse mat that is really better than the other given the subjective nature of what one person finds comfortable, or what surface works with a particular mouse and configuration can change wildly from person to person. Yet I have had good experience in using CM Storm surfaces in the past and they’ve always been of a high quality, so I’m hoping to see something similar here today.

The Control RX comes packaged in a large flat box, with plenty of design and colours on the packaging that are similar to those seen on other products in the CM Storm range. There is a small window to allow you to feel the surface of the mouse mat.

The back of the box features a small feature list broken down into multiple languages.

Out of the box we see that the Control RX features custom shape with the CM Storm logo on an extended section at the top of the surface and the Control RX logo in the bottom left. Overall measurements are 440 x 350 x 5mm and that means the surface is really thick and wide, much thicker that most surfaces on the market. The surface is finished with Lycra that gives it a fairly sensual texture, its silky smooth and tough at the same time and this should provide a great level of comfort in long gaming sessions, but also comes with the advantage of being water proof.

The thickness of the surface is for good reason too and it’s also why this surface came boxed instead of rolled up, it’s fairly rigid and while you can bend it, I’m certain you’re not supposed to. The thickness gives it strength and weight that means it stays completely flat and there is no chance of it sliding away from you.

The grip isn’t just thanks to the weight either and the underside is a super tactile polyurethane base that means the Control RT simply cannot be slid around your desk, if you want to move it you will have to lift it and re-seat it on your desk.

The silky smooth texture of the Lycra means that any mouse I tested on the surface was able to glide with ease, the pad it quite thick and the heavier the mouse you use is, the more control you will have, but lighter mice will glide better and provide you with more speed.

I couldn’t find any issues at a wide range of DPI settings but the surface definitely feels better at lower DPI settings, this is partly due to the wide surface and it allows you to move quickly by having a wide travel distance, but keep the accuracy advantage that you get from lower DPI settings, something that will prove popular with fans of FPS gaming.

The only downside I can see to this surface is that while many gamers will love its blend of comfort and responsiveness, it’s not designed to be moved around a lot so taking it to LAN gaming events could be impractical, although no impossible. If however you want something that will stay in one place, firmly planted and offer you something that feels luxurious and comfortable even after hours of use, then you really need to check out the Control RX, it’s easily one of the best surfaces on the market, but of course that all depends on what you personally want from your gaming surface.