Minecraft Command Blocks Coming to Mobile and Windows 10

Minecraft is a popular block-based game, featuring everything from building a little house to designing a giant industry. With the desktop version featuring a variety of features beyond what Minecraft for mobile and Windows 10 offer, people are often left waiting for more. Some of those additional features will soon be coming to mobile and Windows 10.

One of the additional features that will soon be coming to Minecraft includes command blocks. Command blocks let you perform a variety of abilities, from changing the weather to teleporting all with a forward slash from the chat window and a little programming experience.

Players on the desktop version enjoy the flexibility to include custom mods to their gaming experience, yet another one of the features that will soon come to the mobile versions of Minecraft. With schools looking forward to the creation of Microsoft Edu, a version of the game built for schools to help teach everything from teamwork to programming, the ability to add mods and additional content to their versions could let you go from teaching programming to simulating chemical reactions or exploring ancient civilizations all from the classroom.

Do you play Minecraft? What platform do you play the game on and do you play it with any mods? Share with us your biggest creation in the comments below.

Activision is Harassing a Modder After He Reveals Odds of Drops

Call Of Duty is one of the biggest franchises in the gaming world, with releases year after year from no less than 3 developers now. With so many games it comes as no surprise that their modding community is quite active as well, bringing new maps and options to gamers all over. One modder seems to have caught the developers eye resulting in claims that Activision are harassing a modder over some of his content.

In the Reddit post, moderator and modder TheReal_DF (DecrypterFixer), explains how much of a fan he has been, especially of the zombie survival mode. Recalling everything from his average of wave 45 in the zombie survival mode and how he got into the game mode only to then discover the mysteries of easter eggs within the game. Being interested in programming TheReal_DF decided to have a look and see how the game (Black Ops 1) worked.

TheReal_DF even says that the game helped him better at reading assembly language, a skill which eventually got him his dream job. That’s where the post goes south, describing the game as something that no longer represents what he “loved”.

In a follow-up post by chefslapchop, it’s revealed that “Activision has been harassing him legally him exposing the annals of their micro transactions and creating offline mods”. If this isn’t clear he then goes on to point out that in particular Activision dislikes that TheReal_DF has been “trying to find the exact odds of supply drops so people know what they’re spending money on”.

So a community loses a great person, a modder, all thanks to a company “harassing” him over offline content (not even stuff that affects people online, unlike the many hackers that exploit the game) and the fact that he wants to help people understand and make better decisions in the game.

Do you agree with this? Who’s side are you on? Is Activision right to be upset someone is looking at and learning from their work or should we all have the right to learn and enjoy games without the companies that create them trying to bully and scare us from their communities?

Watch Forza 6 Launch Trailer Made with Grand Theft Auto V

We can easily say that Grand Theft Auto V for PC was one of the biggest games of 2015 and one of the games where we have seen most user-created work originate from. In the past, we mostly saw amazing Skyrim work and while that’s still being created and released, we’ve gotten a whole lot more Grand Theft Auto V content. The mods for the game allow you to take it to the next step, do new things, and recreate quite a few things. The newest remake in that regard is the Forza 6 Launch Trailer that was made entirely with the use of Grand Theft Auto V and its tools.

As mentioned, the entire video that is embedded below was made with Grand Theft Auto V and its tools, but the creator also used a few mods in order to get it just right. Among the mods and tools used were the Project RELOAD GTA V Graphics enhancer, Simple Trainer, and various car mods.

“Come and join us in a whole new world of racing in our brand new games, Forza Theft Auto. Discover the fun of racing simulation while driving in a big open world while also ramming into people and kill them, by guns,” the video description reads.

The creator of the video was inspired by the official launch video several months ago and decided that it was worth a remake in Grand Theft Auto V. To avoid some copyright restrictions, the video was shortened by about 2 seconds over the original trailer and the sound was pitched down. Other than that, it looks pretty sweet and it is some amazing work.

RavevnwestR1, as the YouTuber calls himself, made the video in just a couple of days and also stated that it isn’t perfect. He thinks he could do better, so we might see an upgraded version in the future. For now, you may just enjoy the work he’s already done.

Here  is the original launch trailer for comparison purposes. What do you think? Did RavenwestR1 nail it with his rendition off Forza Theft Auto V? Let us know in the comments.


This isn’t the first remake that RavenwestR1 has made and you can find a lot more cool work on his YouTube channel.

Pinnacle of v GTA Mod Creator Gets in Trouble

The Pinnacle of V creator Josh Romito has been under a lot of heat recently. So much that he has now shut down the project due to claims that he has stolen assets from other Grand Theft Auto mods that are available online.

Josh claimed that some people have contributed graphical assets for him to use in the Pinnacle of V mod. However, he was unaware that they had been extracted from other mods.

“Over the past week or so, I have been informed that parts of this project have been directly stolen from other developers, and handed to me as additions to my work. I have been made a fool of due to the motions of my peers, and I am taking action to try to preserve any honesty and integrity with the community I can. I apologize to everyone who was stolen from, and I wish there was a way this could be reversed.” Josh told DSOGaming.

He then explained to them the reason he has decided to shut the project down:

“I have personally put hundreds of hours of my own time and hard, legitimate work into this project. I am truly hurt and disgusted to see the fraud that has come from others. I hope the community can see this situation for what it is, that I have been honest from the beginning, and am doing what I can to make amends of this wrong doing. I started this project as a learning experience, and it turned into fraud when others became involved. The internet is full of scammers and people who serve no purpose but to cause havoc. This was my first time getting involved in a “community” type project, and I was shocked to see some of the support I was receiving, and how generous people were. It turns out it was all lies and stolen content. I’m not sure how else to handle a situation like this, so I am simply shutting it down and releasing the honest truth.”

I think it’s a real shame that such a fantastic mod with a great creator has been forced to shut down the project due to people submitting illegitimate content. However, Josh has now said that he will be releasing a new version of the mod under a new title in the next few months.

Image courtesy of segmentnext

Fallout 4 Update 1.2 Released – Reportedly Breaks Mod Support

A new public update for Fallout 4 has been released by Bethesda, Update 1.2, collecting together all the disparate fixes and improvements from the recent glut of beta patches, which should update automatically via Steam. Unfortunately, PC Gamer is reporting that the update has been disabling mod support for some users.

Fallout 4 – Update 1.2 Changelog:

New Features

  • Number pad keys can now be used for remapping (PC)
  • Remapping Activate now works on Quick Container (PC)


  • General memory and stability improvements
  • Performance improvements inside the Corvega Assembly Plant
  • Optimizations to skinned decal rendering
  • Fixed issue with player becoming stuck in terminals
  • Fixed issue where equipped weapons become locked after completing Reunions
  • Fixed issue with “When Freedom Calls” where the quest would not complete
  • During “Confidence Man” fixed issue where player’s health would continuously regenerate
  • Fixed crash related to jumping into water and reloading saved games
  • Fixed issue where Launcher would not save God Rays Quality setting properly (PC)

Thankfully, Nexus Mods user Gameaholic has provided a workaround for those experiencing issues with mods related to the new update:

Hello folks,

I just noticed the new launcher disables mods on start and cannot be fixed using the earlier .ini edit. There is a way how ever to activate your mods using NMM.

from my Steam thread:


1) Open Nexus Mod Manager (you will need this!)
2) launch your game, wait in the launcher before starting the game.
3) Renable the mods using Nexus Mod Manager (you will notice launching disables them)
4) Hit play.
5) Play your game, you paid for your way!


Grand Theft Auto V Realistic Vehicle Mod Pack is Now Available!

Grand Theft Auto V’s active community has produced a wide array of unusual character mods and custom vehicle designs. However, for the less-experienced user, applying each individual mod can be a laborious process. Thankfully, YouTube user, SteamLOL has compiled a number of user-created vehicle mods into a handy downloadable package. The collection features more than 50 highly-detailed authentic vehicles from manufacturers like Pagani and Mitsubishi.

Please note to install the mod pack, you will need to acquire OpenIV and then download the vehicles from here. The installer creates a backup of the default car setups incase any data becomes corrupt. The collection has an abundance of hypercars but lacks the typical road vehicles. This is a shame as I’d like to see affordable cars from Kia and Vauxhall on the streets too just to mix things up a bit.

Despite this, I’ve always loved to put real vehicles in Grand Theft Auto which adds to the game’s atmosphere and creates a more realistic tone. I’m also impressed with the interiors which are modeled superbly and make each vehicle a joy to drive. Hopefully, more car packs can be released in the future.

Have you installed any mods for GTA V yet?

Thank you The Dark Side of Gaming for providing us with this information.

AMD Releases R9 Fury X Faceplate 3D Model

AMD looks to have mods in mind with their R9 Fury X graphics card. Many readers may have noticed that the faceplate for the Fury X might be removable. AMD has now noted that the move was partially intentional, allowing easy customizability. With that in mind, AMD has released the STP file for CAD software, allowing owners to easily create their own faceplate. I am sure many enterprising makers will create all kinds of designs for their Fury X.

Given the water cooling featured on the Fury X, there is very little need to say mod a fan bracket or something like that. More likely are some AMD inspired designs or maybe a clear window, though the faceplate of the Fury X usually won’t be seen in a regular build. Given some complaints about coil whine and pump buzzing, maybe those impacted can add some sound dampening material to help counter that as well.

As expected from most hardware, AMD will not be covering any damage to the card, faceplate or system caused by removing the faceplate. AMD is urging certain precautions like not tinkering with the card while it is powered, operating, installed in a system, and proper ESD protection. While I’m sure most users are well aware of the risks or lack thereof, you can never be too careful.

Ark: Survival Evolved Rewards Players $100 for Reporting Exploits

Open world survival games have proved to be extraordinarily popular in recent years and Ark: Survival Evolved is the latest to take the gaming world by storm. Unfortunately, multiplayer focused experiences are usually susceptible to user hacks from unscrupulous players wanting to outfox their opponents through exploits. These modifications can cause utter chaos and practically ruin the immersion of being in a realistic, vibrant environment. The developer of Ark: Survival Evolved is attempting to tackle this head on and offering $100 through Paypal payment for providing evidence on damaging hacks. However, each report has to be verified and reproduced internally before the financial incentive is sent.

According to Steamspy, who provides fairly accurate metrics, there are 802,594 owners of this game with a peak concurrent figure for yesterday reaching 61,141. It’s still unknown how many reports have been sent and the number of payments made but I feel this is a very wise move to maintain interest and close any loopholes. Surely with such a large player base scouring around a complex world, there will be many instances of minor exploits which all add to an unbalanced game.

Have you ever been deterred from joining a game’s online scene due to hacking? If so, let us know how troublesome it was.

Thank You Develop-Online for providing us with this information.

First Witcher 3 Mods Now Available

Witcher 3 is an action role-playing video game set in an open world environment is an absolutely a great game. It provides awesome experience with stunning graphics, but it does lack something and that is why mods exist! It is nowhere close to letting you play with custom characters, but it enhances the game in different way.

The mod named CineFX graphics mod let you increase the resolution of the game. You can check out the changes here before going ahead and giving it a shot. You will need to have Reshade and Sweetfx 2.0 installed in order to get it running. The mod is action can be enjoyed in the following videos.

Next up is a weight lifting mod called Over 9000 which enabled the Geralt to carry over 9000 (9999, to be precise) Witchy Weight Units. It lifts the default weight limit load to almost a thousand Witchy Weight Units.

Next one is an interesting one and it is being called as “Wealthy Vendors” mod and it does exactly the work as it is named. It makes the vendors extremely rich.

The last one is Lower XP thresholds (easier XP curve) and it changes the XP curve (points) for first 21 levels so that you can level up bit easier but not too fast; the curve falls back to the stock one once you have reached the level 21.

Thank you Kotaku for providing us with this information.

GTA V Drift Mod Will Let You Go Crazy in Los Santos

Gta V is making some serious headway in the modding world. It’s early stages yet, but some awesome mods have already been released. The name of the new mod is the LS Drift – Drifting Mod.

You get both controller support and Numpad/arrow key support. You can do the mod to any car, but sportscars and super cars are preferable to muscle cars. These cars are better for drifting due to their better handling. Before you use the script, go to Los Santos Customs and mod the front and rear bumper to better work for drifting. Feel free to add custom exhausts and grilles, as well as 100 % armor here. It makes the car look so much more impressive as it goes sideways in Los Santos

Gameranx have released the following:

  • To start, download ScripthookV.dll here.
  • Move this dll to your GTA V directory.
  • Download LS Drift here.
  • Move both LSDrift.asi and LSDrift.ini to your GTA V directory.
  • Run the game.
  • Once you’re inside the game, press F3 on the keyboard or RB+A on your controller to open the menu.
  • Navigate the menu with the Numpad or Arrow Keys (Change keys in LSDrift.ini).
  • And Drift Mod is on! To enable, just press and hold the Left Shift Key. Move your car around using your controller or NumPad/arrow keys.
  • Optionally, you can play with this feature on the airports, where you won’t have to worry about other cars to get in the way. 

I’m yet to venture into the modding world for GTA V, but this looks pretty cool, let us know if you’ve tried this mod!

Thanks to GamerRanx for this information

Image courtesy of Rockstar

No Bans for GTA V Single Player Mods

As Rockstar was banning the players who were using mods (modification like FOV mod ) on both Single-player and Multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto : V. This resulted in  making the gaming community quite unhappy. Players found using mods were banned for a period of 2 weeks. However, it seems that Rockstar partially fixed the situation. In a new Q&A on the Rockstar Newswire, a GTA 5 developer confirmed that players will not be banned for using single-player mods. There will not be any ban till the modification stays in action in just single-player mode.

However, Rockstar says they can’t assure that mods will not be broken by updates. They did make sure that as long as it doesn’t cross into GTA Online, the multiplayer mode of GTA V, players are safe to mod their game. Here is the full statement.

“We have always appreciated the creative efforts of the PC modding community and we still fondly remember the awesome zombie invasion mod and original GTA map mod for GTAIV PC among many other classics. To be clear, the modding policy in our license has not changed and is the same as for GTAIV.  Recent updates to GTAV PC had an unintended effect of making unplayable certain single player modifications. This was not intentional, no one has been banned for using single player modifications, and you should not worry about being banned or being relegated to the cheater pool just for using single player PC mods. Our primary focus is on protecting GTA Online against modifications that could give players an unfair advantage, disrupt gameplay, or cause griefing. It also bears mentioning that because game mods are by definition unauthorized, they may be broken by technical updates, cause instability, or affect your game in other unforeseen ways.”

This is an excellent move by Rockstar. I’m going in Los Santos to enjoy mods. Play Safe, do not use mods that messes with GTA Online. Let us know your views in comments section.

FiveM, Modified GTA V Multiplayer Client Now Available

It might be an exciting day for GTA V players because another awesome mod is out. FiveM, a multiplayer modification for  Grand Theft Auto V is out for testing in Experimental builds. This is an unofficial Multiplayer client and differs from official one ‘GTA Online’ as it allows the players to have custom MODs in online session like FOV mod and what not. It relies on dedicated servers for connecting players to one another. According to them, the modification allows custom levels consisting of placed objectives around the existing map with large-scale scripting of game modes, extension scripts.

The build can be downloaded from here.

Instructions are as follows:

  •  Go to the /dist/bin/ folder and launch CitiLaunch.exe
  •  Point it to your GTAV installation directory
  •  Run CitiLaunch.exe and when you get an activation screen, press “Enter’ and Load into Online or Storymode.
  •  Once loaded in, press F6 to join an online session.

Initially, the player cap will be same as GTA: Online cap that is 32 players. It will be expanded as the modification/optimizations are done to the mod engine. There will be over 30 opponents, partners or co-conspirators and the world will also be filled with the AI vehicles, pedestrians and perhaps even animals you know and love from classical GTA. Eventually, anti-cheating measures can be deployed which will most likely get rid of a higher percentage of cheaters than Rockstar will in the game itself on PC.

Considering the current situation of Rockstar using BAN hammer on all the folks using mods on either Online or Story Mode, players should watch out and play it safe.

Thank you DSOG for providing us with this information.

Paid Mod Complaints Have Cost Valve $1 Million

Ever wondered what happens when you spark outrage in almost the entire PC gaming community? There’s no need to wonder, it’s happening right now and our lord GabeN is working hard to brave the unrelenting storm that is raging over at Valve HQ right now.

With paid-for mods now being available in the Steam Workshop, an optional service that can be utilized by developers to sell their wares, users have been taking the fight right to Valve and Gabe himself to complain about the new system. However, Gabe has been quick to respond to many claims, even going as far as telling people “You need a more robust Valve-is-evil hypothesis.”

“Let’s assume for a second that we are stupidly greedy,” Newell said. “So far the paid mods have generated $10K total. That’s like 1 per cent of the cost of the incremental email the program has generated for Valve employees (yes, I mean pissing off the Internet costs you a million bucks in just a couple of days). That’s not stupidly greedy, that’s stupidly stupid.”

A million buck, yipes that’s a lot of extra man hours just to deal with complaints. However, he’s not wrong, he would have to be mighty stupid to think this is a good way for Valve to make money, because it won’t be, at least not yet. It’s clear they’re trying to encourage a more worth while ecosystem, that has the potential to see more complex and better funded modding products in the future; they just went the wrong way about it.

“If you are going to ascribe everything we do to being greedy, at least give us credit for being greedy long (value creation) and not greedy short (screwing over customers).”

Everything is going to hell right now, people trying to charge a few dollars for a HD knife texture and high-resolution horse genitals; this won’t last. People aren’t that stupid and will vote with their wallet, helping turn the tide towards the content that really deserves our attention and those passionate about modding and gaming, like you and me, will still mod and distribute for free.

Gabe has said they will actively improve and change the service over time, but he even went as far as saying that if the service doesn’t work out, it would be removed and that’s a pretty bold statement that we suspect he may have to uphold.

Can paid mods be a good thing? Absolutely, will the majority of users see it that way? Unlikely.

What’s the Difference Between PC and Console Gaming? Watch This Video!

Gaming on consoles can be great fun, I know, I’ve owned plenty of consoles throughout my life and still do. Gaming can be fun regardless of format, but PC has one magical aspect that I’ve enjoyed the most, that sets it apart from its console gaming counterparts, I am of course talking about mods!

Skyrim is one of the best games ever created as far as the modding community is concerned. The game has had thousands of mods that take its graphics to the next level, just check out this gallery of stunning mods for examples. Then again, not everything has to be taken too seriously and as you’ll see in the video below, PC game modding has many extremes and this video is enough to make any console gamer green with envy.

The video contains its fair share of strong language, it’s certainly NSFW.

Tired of Skyrim? Mods Make Oblivion Look Better Than Ever!

Skyrim was built from the ground up to be mod friendly and since it’s release it has become one of the best looking games ever to grace a PC screen. However, its predecessor, Oblivion, is still getting lots of love and attention from the modding community. Oblivion is still my favourite Elder Scrolls games, it has some great quests and a fantastic storyline that more than warrant a return to Tamriel.

Modding Oblivion is incredibly easy and there are several very popular mods that you can download and install with relative ease. Assuming you have a fast internet connection, you could get similar results to the images below in just a few hours; a small price to pay for what could be hundreds of hours of re-exploring the games sizable environment.

The results of these images are not from one mod, but a combination of texture mods, charector mods and a whole lot more. The right thing to do is to head over to Nexusmods.com or a similar site and find all the mods you want to create a unique game world that you’ll enjoy. Go forth, get installing mods and enjoy the world of Oblivion once more!

Images courtesy of Imgur.

New GTA 4 Mod Lets You Take In-Game Selfies!

The significant delay between the PC versions of GTA 4 and GTA 5 have left the PC community needing mods to keep things fresh and exciting. Of note was the 4K mod released last year that took the graphics to a new level but just recently some modders released a new mod that isn’t about graphics. Instead, you are able to use Niko’s phone for taking in-game selfies. Not only do you have the option to take a selfie but you can also pick the facial expression to take a picture of.

Obviously this isn’t going to be to everyone’s tastes but it’s a fairly novel way of poking fun at the internet generation we’ve collectively become. You can grab the mod at the source link below. Also you check the videos of the mod so you can get a feel for what it does. Spoiler alert: you will have to suffer about 30 seconds of the selfie song!



Source: GTAXScripting

Image courtesy of GTAXScripting

Play Watch_Dogs as a Naked Woman and Jordi Chin Thanks to New Mod

Ok, it was inevitable, I mean we are talking about something on THE INTERNET here. A YouTube member who goes by the name of “SoloCreep” has claimed that there are files within Watch_Dogs that are just models of naked women. SoloCreep has also taken the time to prove to us he is telling the truth by swapping the Aiden Pierce model for one of the ‘Nude’ models, which you can see in a video below. Not sure why Ubisoft decided to include these files within the finished game but credit where credit is due, they have gone into detail with the ‘Nude’ model so bravo Ubisoft, Bravo!

But the modder didn’t just stop there, he went ahead and turned Aiden into Jordi Chin which, judging by the video, doesn’t look too bad. There is however a problem, SoloCreep hasn’t released a video telling people how he went about changing Aidens character model to something a little more ‘fleshy’, hopefully he will let everyone in on the secret soon so we can all mess around! Ubisoft might release a patch once they know how he did it and scrap mod support entirely but until then we shall enjoy roaming the virtual streets of Chicago as Jordi Chin or a random naked lady (Once we know how to of course).





Thanks to WFF Tech for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Steam.

ModDB Present The “2013 Mod of the Year” Award

As yet another year reaches its end, it is time to crown the 2013 Mod of the Year after 141,000 players choice votes. Usually the results are controversial and fiercely debated by the modding community, but it is hard to deny the universal praise the mod “Just Cause 2: Multiplayer” has received.

Modding is all about morphing already amazing games into something different, quirky, better and all of this years winners did just that. The final top 10 includes:

10. Wyrmstooth
9. Fallout: Project Brazil
8. A Clash of Kings
7. Crusader Kings 2: Thrones
6. Underhell
5. Project Reality: Battlefield 2
4. Brutal Doom
3. Rise of the Reds
2. No More Room in Hell
1. Just Cause 2: Multiplayer

“Huge thanks to all modders and supporters of the awards who recognize the work these developers dedicate to their craft.” Said ModDB in a recent announcement.

It’s been a great year for mods, and seeing things like Brutal Doom keeping the flames of old school FPS Doom burning always makes me smile. If you want more information on the list, you can check out the full list of winners here. You can also read up on the ModDB editors choice picks which include even more awesome mods that may not have got such wide spread attention as the ones that were voted for. Last but by no means least there are the best upcoming mods of 2013.


Thank you ModDB for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of ModDB.

GTA IV Modders Push Graphics Engine Harder Than Ever With 4K Makeover

With all this talk of next-gen gaming and new console hardware on the way, not to mention all the hype surrounding Grand Theft Auto V, it is easy to forget that Rockstar has already created other epic open world games, and those ones are available for PC, not just consoles!

As we all know, PC gaming is at the bleeding edge of graphics technology compared to consoles and it is this raw power that has allowed the enthusiastic modding community to rip Grand Theft Auto IV down until it is practically naked, then dress it all over again until it looks incredible.

With the use of several impressive mods, reddit user “Lazyink” has taken the challenge of reminding everyone just how incredible GTA IV can look, especially when it is modded to 4K resolutions that would make most people’s gaming rigs cry in the corner.

Using the icEnchancer ENB. Beta 1.25, Better City Textures, GTA IV Road Textures by Fonias, Supreme Vehicle Conversion Pack-140 vehicles, Traffic Control System V1.0B, DKTronics70 Vegetation, First Person mod by C06alt mods these shots are incredible, rivalling just about any game on the market for good looks and certainly good enough to compete with next-gen offerings, easily more than enough to beat out GTA V. Now if this can be done with a four year old PC game, just imagine how good GTA V could look in a few years if/when Rockstar bring it to PC!

Thank you DSOGaming for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of DSOGaming and Lazyink.

Gamescom Case King Booth

When it comes to components there was no one at the show with a better display than Case King, who had literally dozens of brands on display as well as a few very cool surprises on their extremely busy and fun packed booth.

First of all they have a huge LED screen featuring product videos, in front of which we have the legend that is 8 Pack, who builds some of the finest custom rigs on the market exclusively for Case King / Overclockers UK. He was on show building some setups for overclocking and the use of LN2. Oh and lets not forget the very fancy Throne that was setup on stage.

they had some great brands on show with massive ranges of products from Rajintek including their brand new chassis which will offer some incredible HDD support that we say them developing the prototype of on the booth its self. We will have this in for review soon enough and show you a closer look asap.

8 Pack working hard on some high performance overclocking rigs using LN2, although he did seem to be defeated by some plastic packaging here.

Some gorgeous King Mod components and peripherals as well as a range of Alpenfohn coolers.

A full range of Prolima Tech and Be Quiet! products although we will be bringing you more Be Quiet coverage in the form of a Gamescom video and even more from iSeries.

Stay tuned for even more coverage of Gamescom over the next few days.

Project Unity’s 15-In-1 Console

Project Unity designed by Bacteria designed a massive system composed of  15 gaming consoles all fit into one simple box like case. If you are a console gamer, then perhaps your dreams have just come true. Allowing you to easily switch games, and even switching consoles. Bacteria designed a custom controller which you are able to switch the programming by swapping out an NES cartridge that holds the programming for each console. The entire design took roughly 3,500 hours to build, which is entirely understandable once you see the insides of the unit.

When the first thoughts went into the system he wanted to keep it away from becoming an emulator or a clone system, and that is just what he was able to do. Combining the 15 different systems into one box, he is now able to play 18 different formats in total.

The entire design took roughly 3,500 hours to build, which is entirely understandable once you see the insides of this unit. This unit consumed over 300 metres of wiring. The entire system, not counting the time going into the machine was around £700 in parts alone, I am sure that this counts the cost of the consoles.

 This console features the following 15 gaming consoles:

  1. Armstrad GX1000
  2. Atari 7800
  3. Colecovision
  4. Intellivision
  5. NEC TurboGrafx X
  6. Neo Geo MVS
  7. Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  8. Nintendo Gamecube
  9. Nintendo 64
  10. Sega Dreamcast
  11. Sega MegaDrive (Genesis)
  12. Sega Master System
  13. Sega Saturn
  14. Sony Playstation 2
  15. Super Nintendo (SNES)

If you’re interested in building your own custom system you can find Bacteria’s forum, mind you, it may take quite a bit of funding and loads of man hours to complete. Mad props to Bacteria for showing off his awesome build, I don’t know if I would have the patents to put in the time and energy he did into this amazing build!

You are also welcome to check out the video he produced to tell us more about his system. There are quite a few videos of the build in progress as well as other projects he is working on or has completed.


Source / Source