UN Aviation Want Real-Time Tracking Of Aircraft

In recent years, we’ve had tragic incidents in which aircraft have gone missing, leaving many wondering what happened to the people on board. To prevent further loss, the UN’s international civil aviation organization (ICAO) want to create a system to enable real-time tracking of aircraft.

The three most significant tweaks to Annex 6 of the Chicago Convention (the document outlining how aircraft, airports and anything operating in their airspace needs to work) are as follows:

  • Aircraft must carry “autonomous distress tracking devices” that can “transmit location information at least once every minute in distress circumstances.”
  • The cockpit voice recorder (CVR) must be able to store at least 25 hours of recording, “so that they cover all phases of flight for all types of operations.”
  • Aircraft must be “equipped with a means to have flight recorder data recovered and made available in a timely manner.”

These moves mean that even if you were unable to locate the plane immediately and recover the CVR or flight recorder, the information and details regarding the flight would still be accessible. ICAO’s president Olumyiwa Benard Aliu states that in the case of an accident “the location of the site will be known immediately to within six nautical miles”.

While this may be late for some, the new rules which airline operators have until 2021 to adopt, could prevent others from asking the question of where.

Fallout 4 Pirate Learns Expensive Lesson as Bitcoins Go Missing

You should never pirate games or software in general, that is something that we all know. There are those who can’t resist that temptation now and the, but it can end very badly and end up costing you a lot more than just purchasing the game straight away. That was a lesson that was learned by Redditor arkanoah as he discovered that 4.88 BitCoin went missing from his wallet.

He took his problem to Reddit in order to try to figure out where his missing BitCoin were and how they got missing. Other Redditors were quick to notice the time of disappearance, November 11th, which coincides with the time that Fallout 4 was released. Asking the question if he had pirated that or another game was answered with yes and that’s most likely the way his BitCoin were stolen.

Cracked software is risky to download as it often contains malware in one form or another and it is the most likely scenario that this is the way that the 4.88 BitCoin went missing. The user originally scanned his download with antivirus software and later the system with Malwarebytes and GMER which both returned zero infections. So whether the attacker cleaned his tracks after downloading and cracking arkanoah’s BitCoin wallet or the mechanism used is so sophisticated that it isn’t being detected is up to everyone’s own guess, we most likely won’t find out. It is however most likely that the perpetrator cleaned his tracks before leaving the victim’s computer.

At the time, the 4.88 BitCoin were worth $1773, quite a bit more than the game would have cost him on Steam or other platforms. Lesson learned, I hope.

Chinese Woman Missing for 10 Years Found Living in Internet Café

A Chinese woman presumed dead after she went missing at the age of 14 has been found in an internet café, where she had allegedly been living and playing online games for the past ten years, according to The Star.

Xiao Yun, aged 24, left her home in Zhejiang Province, China ten years ago after a row with her parents. When she did not return home, she was presumed dead by both police and her family, but was found by police on 2oth November, 2015 following a routine check in the internet café she was inhabiting.

Police were suspicious when they found the woman to be in possession of a fake ID, and took her to a police station for questioning. It was there that police determined that the woman had been living in numerous internet cafés for a decade. She spent her days playing her favourite first-person shooter, CrossFire, and sleeping in various cafés and bath houses. Xiao Yun survived by working as a cashier in some of the cafés she frequented, supplemented by handouts from fellow patrons.

Xiao Yun was reunited with her mother soon after (pictured above, courtesy of the Qianjiang Evening News, via the South China Morning Post). Her mother, who did not change her phone number for 10 years, just in case her daughter was still alive and wanted to call home, told the Qianjiang Evening News “I have a stubborn personality and a short temper, so I used to scold her. But it’s been 10 years and now she’s an adult. I will never scold her again.”

Xiao Yun was fined 1,000 yuan (RM670) for using fake identification.

Unofficial Minecraft Convention Packs Up – $500k Now Missing

Mineorama was set to debut in New York City as a massive fan made tribute to the ever-popular game Minecraft. But ue to some recent changes, Mineorama’s twitter has been taken over by a 16 year old who eloquently stated on August the 10th:


The creators of Mineorama had announced last minute that their whole convention was cancelled and the $500k raised from pre-purchased tickets would not be refunded to any customer.  But don’t worry, they made some solid assurances:

“PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT A SCAM. It is with deep regret that I have to inform you that @mineorama has been postponed, stay tuned for updates..” @mineorama

Whilst assuring their fans they are not scammers, the Mineorama website has been taken down by the hosting company, a 16 year old has taken control of their Twitter account and their small Facebook page has become completely inactive. The last contact was from Mineorama’s Executive Producer, Lou Gasco, on July the 8th. In this tweet he mentioned that all questions would be answered on a live Twitch stream – which did not eventuate.

What’s going to happen with the money and where can you complain? Unfortunately, we don’t have answers for either of those questions – but when something comes to light we will surely report on it.

Image courtesy of Minecraft for XBOX