Nintendo’s Miitomo App Has Over 4 Million Users Monthly

Nintendo’s first foray into the realm of smartphone apps, Miitomo created a lot of fuss when it was first released last month. Even so, it managed to garner a surprisingly sizable userbase for a simple app based around Nintendo’s “Mii” characters, with SurveyMonkey estimating that over 4 million users who use the app at least once a month and as many as 1 million who use it daily.

Miitomo itself is an unusual experience, seeming more like a Mii-based social interaction platform than something that would truly be considered a game. The main focus of the app centers around the user-created Mii representation of themselves (or in many cases not), being able to answer questions, communicate with friends and take pictures with the Mii overlaid.

Even though at this early stage of its life, such a large amount of monthly users likely includes the curious who may never use it again, Miitomo is continuing to attract more users. Over the last week alone, Miitomo can be estimated to have had as many as 2.6 million downloads, being a constant fixture in the top downloaded lists on both Apple’s app store and the Google Play Store and having an average of 370,000 downloads every day. The demographic is split slightly towards Apple, with 2/3 of users being on Apple’s iOS and the remainder on Android.

Meanwhile, it may not be the most profitable of Nintendo’s ventures, but Miitomo is estimated to be making them $40,000 per day across both platforms, with the majority of this revenue coming from iOS users. This gives it an ARPDAU (Average Revenue Per Daily Active User) of 3-4 cents, which is respectable for a very casual mobile experience.

Whether Miitomo has the power to stay popular remains to be seen, but in coming weeks the true retention rate of the app could be discovered. Only time will tell whether Miitomo was Nintendo’s 15 minutes of mobile fame or a lasting force on the mobile platform, giving them reason to bring fully fledged Nintendo games to mobile.

Nintendo Making Mii Smartphone App

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confirmed that the company is working on an app to allow Wii U and 3DS owners to use Mii avatars and the Miiverse social network on their smartphones.

“It would be fun for players to use their Mii characters as icons on social media,” Iwata told Japan’s Nikkei Business Daily. “We are currently developing an application that will allow users to do that.”

This marks a change in strategy for Nintendo, a company that has demonstrated reticence to enter the mobile market in the past. “In the past, I have opposed making smartphone and tablet versions of Nintendo titles,” Iwata said. “Prices for content aimed at smartphones and tablets are falling quickly. I am still wary of the category.”

Source: The Verge

Bu-Bye Wii Service

As some might know with the ‘sucessful’ launch of the WiiU it was only a matter of time before Nintendo started to gracefully remove some of it’s efforts on the Wii services. Since November 2006 Nintendo has been building it’s fan base aiming mostly at light gamers and kids. Whilst this was a market that was heavily under-valued it has allowed for the Wii to make it’s own mark in the gaming community.

And then the Wii-U came along.

With the likes of Kinect and Playstation move it was only time before the ‘better graphics’ came out for the Wii, they did, we laughed, we moved on.

However, it seems now that Nintendo are now disabling some services on June 28th, this services are purely for the online Wii shop but they spell a pretty dark picture for all those who game on the Wii;

  • Nintendo Channel
  • News Channel
  • Forecast Channel
  • Everybody Votes Channel
  • Mii Contest Channel
  • Data exchange with Wii Friends*

* Exchange of Wii messages on the Wii Message Board, exchange of Mii characters on the Mii Channel and message/data exchange within some games will be disabled

When companies begin to disable things, it pretty much states “We are giving up” so, here is to you Wii! See you in the antique store next summer!