Latest Gigabyte microATX Motherboard Arrives with Octo-Core ARMv8 SoC

Gigabyte apparently has developed a new microATX motherboard that comes with a 64-bit ARM onboard processor, a motherboard that is dedicated to datacenters.

The MP30-AR0 board is said to be built around Applied Micro’s X-Gene SoC, which is an octo-core chip clocked at 2.4 GHz that comes with a 45W TDP. Applied Micro’s cores are said to be their own design and are compatible with the 64-bit ARMv8 ISA.

The SoC appears to be paired to a quad-channel memory controller with eight UDIMM slots, each of them supporting modules of up to 16GB at 1600 MHz speeds and is also ECC compliant. The board is not designed with a great graphical solution in mind, having the board be more networking oriented.

The motherboard is said to come with dual 10-Gigabit Ethernet controllers embedded in the SoC and two auxiliary Marvell Gigabit Ethernets on the board itself. In terms of storage solution, the MP30-AR0 comes with only four SATA 6 Gbps ports and one SD slot. Two PCIe x16 slots are also present on the board, but each slot provides eight lanes of Gen3 bandwidth, most likely from the SoC.

Gigabyte states that the motherboard supports Ubuntu 14.04, having the motherboard also available in the company’s R120-P30 1U server.

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SilverStone Released SUGO SG11 Chassis

SilverStone has set new standards for small form factor cases with their SUGO series and it is no different with the new SG11 chassis. The shoe box sized chassis can hold large graphics cards as well as a full-sized ATX power supply.

The SG11 has room for up to 7 2.5-inch drives where three of the slots can be used for 3.5-inch drives as well. There’s also a 5.25-inch drive bay and the chassis can hold graphics cards with a length up to 368mm (14.5 inches).

There is plenty of cooling support in the SG11 with a 120mm side intake fan and room for 80mm fans at the top and rear to aid the cooling of the graphics card. The CPU cooler can be up to 82mm in height.

The use of a standard sized power supply increases the options the builder has and that’s topped further off with room for up to micro ATX motherboards.

The new SilverStone SUGO SG11 comes with a $63.21 MSRP, which isn’t bad for such a quality chassis.

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The Best Chassis for Steambox/HTPC Style Gaming Systems


Steambox is certainly grabbing a lot of headlines throughout 2014, with system integrators (such as CyberPower) creating their own custom Steambox style systems, and chassis manufacturers creating new cases that are suitable for the job. Of course, there is a lot of smoke and mirrors surrounding Steambox, but we’re going to blow away any doubt and get you up to speed on what a Steambox is and how you can do it.

First thing is first, Steambox is a PC, nothing less and nothing more. What we’re really looking at here is a clever rebranding by Valve to make HTPC gaming sound cool. Of course, it really is cool and credit goes to Valve for creating something that is appealing to both mainstream console gamers, as much as it is PC gamers. The major difference for Steambox is the introduction of SteamOS, which is still in beta, but once again all that really is a Linux distro designed to launch Steam as the native desktop. This may sound a little complicated for some, but don’t worry as I’ll be revisiting this subject over the next couple of weeks to bring you up to speed on how it all works, how you can build your own, set everything up and more.

While much of the fun stuff is certainly contained within the games you’ll be playing, let’s start things off nice and easy and find out about the chassis you’ll be using. There are lots of great PC chassis’ on the market, but I’ve picked up a bunch that I thought would be ideal for the job and today I’m going to put them to the test. I’ll be looking for several key factors from each chassis, their price, form factor, hardware/component compatibility, built quality, acoustic performance and thermal performance.

The chassis’ I’ve picked are quite varied, and I’m hoping to find something suitable for each budget from each of these.

  • Silverstone GD05
  • BitFenix Phenom Micro-ATX
  • Corsair 250D
  • Thermaltake Urban SD1
  • Silverstone SG09
  • Cooler Master Elite 130

I’ll also be using my Lian Li test bench to get open-air results of the thermal performance on our CPU and GPU.

Antec Launches New Micro-ATX ISK600M Chassis

Antec has presented their newest model in the ISK series, the ISK600M. The micro-ATX case is built with a durable frame and made from cold-rolled steel while featuring an elegant brushed aluminium front panel. This relative tiny enclosure has space for graphics cards up to 317.5mm length and a CPU cooler clearance of 170mm. Storage options are covered with three 3.5-inch and three 2.5-inch drive-bays as well as one for a slim optical drive.

The front panel offers one of each USB 2 and 3 ports as well as audio jacks. Inside you’ll find room for three 120mm and one 140mm fans while the perforated side vents increase the airflow abilities. You can mount standard ATX power supplies and liquid cooling support should also be fine. The case is available now and will only set you back £60.00 at Scan for example. I’m sure other stores will get it listed very soon as well to allow you to order it where ever you’d like.

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Images courtesy of Antec

DeepCool Introduces Their Smarter Line of Chassis

DeepCool has listed their new micro-ATX tower chassis with a simple design and a full black painted interior. The new Smarter line of chassis supports micro and mini-ITX motherboards and only measures 420 x 201 x 365 mm and weights just 3.2kg.

It doesn’t mean that a chassis has to lack functionality just because it’s tiny. The Smarter chassis supports graphics cards with a length of up to 320mm and CPU coolers with a height of up to 165mm. There will be two versions available to choose from, but the only difference is that one of them comes with two pre-installed 120mm blue LED fans.

The Smarter chassis has a top-position for the power supply and can hold normal ATX PS2 sized PSUs. It also offers backplate cable management which is really nice to see in a small form-factor chassis and has four expansion card-slots.

With one 5.25-inch and one 3.5-inch external drive bays as well as two internal 3.5-inch and one 2.5-inch bays the chassis has plenty of space for your various components. The front IO panel offers one USB 3.0, one USB 2.0 and Audio jacks on the top of the case for easy access.

There are quite a few choices to make with the fans as the Smarter chassis supports a wide variety of combinations. You can mount either a 120 or 80mm fan on the rear, a 120, 90 or 80mm on the front and the side-panel also takes a 120mm fan.

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Images courtesy of DeepCool

Silencio 452 PC Case Announced By Cooler Master

Cooler Master has revealed a new addition to its Silencio series PC cases, the Silencio 452. It is the ninth enclosure in the Silencio series, and comes with sound absorbing foam padding, as all Silencio series do, to minimizes noise produced by components. It is made out of solid steel and comes with rubber feet at the bottom that prevents vibration. It also comes with removable dust filters behind the front door and at the bottom for easier system maintenance.

ATX and microATX motherboards can fit in the Silencio 452, having two 5.25-inch drive bays, six 3.5-inch drive and two 2.5-inch drive bays. Being a mid-tower case, the Silencio 452 can easily fit in video cards of 386 mm/15.2-inch in length with the HDD cage removed, or a maximum length of 282mm / 11.1-inch with the HDD cages. Coolers of height 6.2 inches can also fit into the chassis. At the front, there are two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port and as SD card reader along with HD audio connectors.

In terms of air dispersion , the Silencio 452 has two 120mm fans, one at the front and one at the back, that come standard with the chassis. This being a silent case, the fans installed are quiet when they’re running full tilt at 15 dBA. Users wanting to install liquid cooling solutions will find enough room to fit in a 240mm radiator at the front of the case, or a 120mm radiator at the back of the chassis.

The Cooler Master’s Silencio 452 is now available at a price range of $95. More information about the case can be found here.

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Images courtesy of Cool Master