Lab-grown Sperm Used To Create Healthy Mice

Technology can do amazing things, we’ve seen it give people the ability to walk again to creating fresh organs like candyfloss. The problem with technology is that you have to wait to see just how much things progress, with every day bringing new technology and miracles. Why would we not look forward to the news that infertility could soon be a thing of the past with lab-grown sperm being used to create healthy mice in a lab.

The study showed that by taking a stem cell, the researchers were able to create sperm and use this to create healthy baby mice. The study went on to show not only that it was a success but that the children were able to grow up and even have their own offspring.

This research could be the first step to help people who have become infertile, with the artificial growth and injection of sperm cells or the earlier form of sperm called spermatids could produce not only healthy offspring could be used to create human babies, a process that is being debated for its ethical and legal reasons all over the world. The only issue that the group have found so far is that adult humans don’t have embryonic stem cells, but are hopeful that turning skin cells into a stem-cell-like state could be the key.

With more and more people being helped by technology on a daily basis, you can’t help but be amazed at these scientists work who are keen to help everyone overcome their life difficulties.

Cougar Reveals 700M eSports Gaming Mouse

Cougar has announced an eSports version of the highly-rated 700M gaming mouse which adopts a striking red/black or blue/white colour scheme. The device utilizes an Avago ADNS-9800, 8200 DPI laser sensor for ultra-precise and responsive movement. Additionally, there are 8 programmable buttons, an aluminum shell and rubber coating on the side to enhance comfort. Technically, the mouse is virtually identical to the existing 700M but the eSports branding refers to the revised, and quite flashy aesthetic design.

There’s no indication of the mouse’s price but expect a noticeable increase from the base model’s $60 tag. As with any mouse, the suitability revolves around your grip style and personal taste. The 700M should work rather nicely with smaller hands and users who prefer a claw grip. As the financial success of eSports grows year-after-year, manufacturers attempt to cater to a new breed of gamers looking for professional-grade hardware. Despite all the advances in sensor technology, I’m still waiting for a mouse which matches the feel of my old, trusty Logitech MX518.

The 700M is an excellent choice for gamers wanting a reliable mouse with an unusual style. I personally love the white and blue colour scheme which matches my all-white custom build extremely well.  Therefore, I can see this becoming a popular model as the black and red colour design is quite common on a wide range of popular mice.

COUGAR Announced Affordable Gaming Mice 230M and 250M

COUGAR recently released the brand new 550M and 500M flagship gaming mice, but not everyone has the money nor want to pay that much for a mouse. For those COUGAR also have something and that is the new and more affordable 230M and 250M gaming mice.

The 230 (last four images) is the pure gaming mouse where quality and accuracy is the only thing that matters. The 250 (first four images) features the same quality, but “adds to that with a broad functionality.”

The ambidextrous design makes these mice it equally suited for left and right-handed use, which I’m sure is something that will be highly appreciated by the left-handed users out there. The buttons should last you a long time thanks to the quality OMRON switches and it also features a gaming-grade scroll wheel.

That hardware inside isn’t without either as we’ve already seen on the switches. Both mice also feature a 1000 Hz polling rate and a low 1ms response time. The 230M has a 3200 DPI sensor while the 250M has a 4000 DPI sensor and both are adjustable. The 230M has four fixed DPI levels while the 250M allows you to configure the DPI levels yourself.


Where the 230M caters to the purists who do not need a wide array of functions, the 250M is aimed at those who want it all. With 6 fully programmable buttons, including two distinctive thumb paddle buttons, and internal memory for up to 3 full configuration profiles, the 250M allows the user to access up to 21 different functions.

Neither of these two new mice from COUGAR will cost you a lot and it even allows gamers on a budget to play with a great mouse in their hand. The MSRP is set to $29.90 USD for the 250M while the 230M is set to $19.90 USD.

COUGAR Announces New 550M Flagship Gaming Mouse

COUGAR was founded to build and provide gamers with the best peripherals available and their latest product shows that. The new flagship gaming mouse from COUGAR is the 550M and it looks quite impressive. A smaller brother named the 500M with slightly lower specs is also on the way.

COUGAR’s 550M will be available in two colours, blue and black, giving the user the choice for a perfect match to other devices located on the gaming station.

There is no doubt that COUGAR has a lot of faith in this mouse as it introduces it like this: “This device is the result of years of continuous work with a single objective: creating the most perfect gaming mouse the world has ever seen.”

The new mouse has been designed in cooperation with several professional gaming teams to get just the right device for this field of work. The unique shape allows the user to sustain high levels of performance during long gaming sessions with a minimum amount of fatigue while the hardware allows precise reading and customization.

The 550M features the SDNS-3988 optical gaming sensor that provides 6400 DPI and it features a 1000 Hz polling rate for a fast response. You can adjust both of these as well as customize the buttons and record macros thanks to the COUGAR UIX software. Three profiles can be stored in the onboard memory with up to 21 functions.


There are two independent LED areas and each of them is customizable within the RGB scale and is done via the software.


The COUGAR 500M comes at a lower price, but with the same quality and shape. It is black or white (not pictured) and features a smaller 4000 DPI sensor and some “other different features”.

Availability is set for late July or Early August in most of the world. The price isn’t bad either for what you get, as the 550M has an MSRP of just 59 USD and the 500M $39 USD.

Overclockers UK works closely with COUGAR as we know and they’ve already listed the new COUGAR 550M in both colours. So you can get your pre-orders in already for just £41.99 and be one of the first to have one of these new gaming mice.

EVGA Introduced the TORQ X5 & X3 Gaming Mice

EVGA has introduced the TORQ X5 and X3 gaming mice to their lineup. Each of these mice was designed from the ground up for hardcore gamers and is using high-quality sensors and Omron switches. The EVGA TORQ X5 and X3 mice have eight fully programmable buttons and onboard storage for up to 5 profiles.

The X3 and X5 come with an optical sensor with 4000 and 6400 dpi respectively while the X5L is using a laser sensor with 8200 dpi resolution. The X3 is using a single colour red LED and has Omron 10m switches where the two X5 models support RGB lighting and have Omron 20m switches.

The included software package allows complete control over the mouse. Customize the color, button settings, DPI and profiles. The EVGA Unleash software also has an OSD (On Screen Display) that makes it easy to see what profile or DPI setting you are using.

TORQ Mice Features

  • RGB LED can be customized from software (TORQ X5/X3L)
  • Onboard storage can support up to 5 separate profiles
  • Ambidextrous design supports right or left handed gamers
  • Adjustable DPI with On-The-Fly sensitivity adjustment
  • Highest quality materials and Omron switches
  • Robust software allows full control over mouse including Macro setup, profiles and OSD
  • Super low friction PTFE mouse feet

EVGA Unleash Features

  • Allows full control of the EVGA TORQ mouse.
  • Easy to switch between right/left handed mode.
  • Ability to reassign any of the buttons.
  • Designed with usability in mind.
  • Heads up display can show key settings at a glance.
  • Flexible macro and profiling system.
  • Angle Snapping support (Default Off)
  • Adjustable LED color and brightness.
  • Available for Windows 8, 7, Vista

No word on pricing or availability yet.

Thanks to EVGA for providing us with this information

ZOWIE GEAR Releases EC1-a and EC2-a Mice

Listening to users feedback, ZOWIE GEAR released updated mice in the form of the EC-1A and EC2-a. The new mice keep the same shape and size as the original EC mice, but got an upgrade in the form of an Avago 3310 sensor and a new coating. The new coating is the same premium finish used on the FK and EC eVo CL lines, and the choice is based on user feedback and sales numbers that make it the most popular.

“The idea of the EC Series carrying the AVAGO 3310 (EC1-A & EC2-A) was developed and tested in early September, 2014. It was my decision not to launch this new series. We have started to receive many emails from players regarding this product and this made me realize that I had made a huge mistake by ignoring those who were in need of what they loved. I would like to apologize to those people who have supported the EC series. ZOWIE GEAR will continue to offer a variety of products, happy gaming,” Vincent Tang, CEO for ZOWIE GEAR.

The two mice are the same except for the size difference. They have 5 buttons and a 4-step adjustable DPI setting, a lift-off distance of 1.5 to 1.8mm and a 2 meter cable.


  • Ergonomic right-handed design
  • Plug and play – no driver needed
  • Perfect lift-off distance: Only 1.5 ~ 1.8 mm
  • 24-step scroll wheel
  • DPI ( Dots Per Inch ): 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200
  • Adjustable USB report rate 125 / 500 / 1000 Hz
  • Connector: USB
  • Buttons: 5
  • Length of cable: 2m / 6.6 ft
  • Operating system: Win2000/XP/VISTA/7/8, Mac OS X v10.2 after

ZOWIE GEAR said that they would announce an availability at partner shops through their Facebook page, but some retailers have it listed too. From those listing the mice will go for €59.99 and be available on February 6th.

Thanks to ZOWIE GEAR for providing us with this information

Roccat Kone Pure Color Gaming Mouse Mini Review

Roccat are an extreme gaming brand who have forced themselves into the market in a big way. They are one of those companies who seem to be making all of the right decisions and it paying off. It all goes back to their roots of the company being aimed at gamers and being developed by gaming enthusiasts including the owner Rene.

Their initial product release consisted of the Roccat Kone; a mouse aimed at general gaming, allowing you to get the very best performance from your gameplay with a 3200 DPI pro-aim gaming sensor, a tracking control unit and 128KB of onboard memory allowing you to save gaming profiles and macros for your desired functions.

With the Kone being an extremely successful product for Roccat and propelling them into the very crowded market, we found Roccat developing on its successes and releasing the Kone[+] which incorporated a 6000 DPI pro-aim laser sensor while still keeping the fundamental aspects that made the Kone an industry leader.

With Roccat not being content on ending things there, the Kone Pure was born and offered the same Kone form factor that gamers love, while reducing the size of the mouse down to 91% of its original Kone[+] size, making it more versatile with its new sleek look and design while also improving some of its key features, including the increase to an 8200 DPI pro-aim laser sensor (R3).

As you can see, Roccat has relied on its roots and stayed true to it as they developed further upon some already amazing products, but with all of this development, what becomes the next logical step in the Kone life cycle? How about some funky new colours?

To celebrate 5 years of Kone awesomeness, Roccat have developed some limited edition colours of the Kone Pure to spice things up from the original black colour scheme. To add with this, we find the following colours being added to the range:

Phantom White

Inferno Orange

Hellfire Red

Polar Blue

As you can see, the new colours certainly breathe a new lease of life into the product and look absolutely fantastic. We even reviewed the “Inferno Orange” edition a little while ago and saw it leave with our Editor’s Choice award, showing that we really liked it then, and love it even more now.

We even stopped by with Roccat’s Tim Krause to take a look at the new colours and what it means for Roccat.


As you saw in the video, we do mention a giveaway, and if you’re interested in finding out exactly how to win one, we invite you to click on the button below:

Win One Of Four Roccat Kone Pure Color Gaming Mice

Today sees us starting another amazing new competition for our valued readers. You have the chance of winning one of four limited edition gaming mice from Roccat. We are giving away all four limited colour Roccat Kone Pure Color gaming mice as seen here and reviewed here.


This competition has a bit of an ulterior motive in the fact that Roccat want to find out from the eTeknix readers, what colour is their favourite.

To enter you must do the following:

  • Step 1 – Like the eTeknix Facebook page
  • Step 2 – Like the Roccat Facebook page
  • Step 3 – Visit the forums by clicking on the button below and let us know that what colour is your favourite and that you’ve done the above steps. You should also provide a link to your Facebook profile in your entry post so we can verify you entered the competition properly!

(If you do not wish your Facebook profile link to be displayed publicly on our Forum then please private message me (you must be logged in for that link to work) with the following subject “Roccat Competition – Facebook Entry X” and replace X with the number of your post on the forum thread. This way we can respect your privacy by keeping your Facebook profile hidden, but still allow you to enter. If you do not submit your Facebook profile link with that same format then it will take us longer to verify entries and you may be disqualified!)

Rules and regulations:

  • The competition is open worldwide
  • The competition ends at midnight GMT on the 26th of August 2013 and winners will be notified on Friday 30th of August 2013
  • In the event of a dispute, eTeknix staff hold the final say and no discussions will be entered into
  • Delivery is not in the hands of eTeknix and can take some time to arrive
  • In the event that the prize is unavailable, eTeknix reserve the right to offer an alternative of equal or greater value
  • By entering this competition, you adhere to the above rules and regulations
  • Winner(s) will be announced on our competition winners page

Computex: Epic Gear Gaming Peripherals On Display

Epic Gear are a new brand to me, but it seems that while I may never have heard of them before today, I have been sorely missing out on some great products.

First up we have their new range of gaming mice, superb build quality, slick ergonomics and some impressive design features. Here we have the Medusa, Blade and Anura (left to right)

All are fitted with high quality braided cables and a great selection of sensors ranging from the dual sensored Medusa to the optical Blade.

The also had some information on their mice, their ergonomics and it’s a great way to show people what kind of mouse shape is best for them.

Also on display was this incredible looking keyboard, a truely unique chassis design with power white key caps and a futuristic style wrist rest.

Well have more information on these products over the coming weeks, but judging by their looks alone I think that Epic Gear really will live up to their name.

Stay tuned to eTeknix for more Computex coverage in our Computex section.

Image(s) courtesy of eTeknix at Computex

Computex: Corsair Gaming Mice And Surfaces On Display

Corsair have been making a bigger push into the world of gaming peripherals recently and it’s definitely paying off for them, they’ve created some of the best quality gaming mice on the market recently and I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.

Firstly in the image above you’ll see three new mouse mats, these are the MM200, MM400 and MM600 and they actually look pretty good, given that surfaces often aren’t very exciting, but the MM600 is dual sided and I can’t wait to get hold of one for testing.

Also on display are the Vengeance gaming mice, a couple of which we’ve already reviewed here at eTeknix.

~The M95 is one of the best gaming mice on the market and it’s also one of the most best made mice on the market too, we actually reviewed this not so long ago and you can check out that article here.

Another friendly face comes in the form of the new Raptor M40, a wide body gaming mouse that is a little more back to basics than something like the M95 but it still looks like it packs plenty of cool feautres.

Adjustable weight, high DPI and good build quality are more than enough to make a good gaming mouse.

Here we also see the LM3 with it’s funky red stripe around the top part of the mouse and the Raptor M30.

The M30 features a good, but less advanced sensor than the M40 and it doesn’t have the weight adjustment feature but it will be interesting to see how well it performs as there is a big market for low to mid budget gaming mice.

The LM3 is pretty well equipped and looks like it has been built for comfort and while it says gaming mouse, it looks like its targeted to be a solid all rounder for day to day tasks too.

Nothing major exciting here unfortunately, but Corsair haven’t long since released the M95 and they have just release a range of new keyboards. Corsair already have some award winning flagship mice on the market and I wasn’t expecting them to push them out of the way with new products so quickly, perhaps later in the year or CES 2014 will be the time for more advances in Corsair mice.

Stay tuned to eTeknix for more Computex coverage in our Computex section.

Image(s) courtesy of eTeknix at Computex