Facebook Currently Testing It’s Own Virtual Assistant ‘Moneypenny’

Artificial assistants have become quite the popular thing since Siri was released for iPhone devices with rival programs such as Cortana and the Google now could get some competition.

Facebook is launching its virtual assistant of its own called Moneypenny and it’s a feature that lives within the social networks Messenger app and it will allow you to ask real people for help with stuff, but exactly what? The information sources say research and shopping, and sadly that is all the information given. the information is quite scarce and no release date has been given.

It seems that rather than being a virtual assistant similar to Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa or Google Now, MoneyPenny is apparently powered by humans quite similar to a concierge system, this service is currently being tested within Facebook’s Messenger app, which has recently been broken away from the core Facebook social network’s experience to create a separate messaging system and a secondary platform that can be used without a Facebook account

It will be very interesting to see an artificial assistant that isn’t tied to a phone or device but rather Facebook messenger itself, as this would mean that any device that can use this app would be able to use this service, giving it a broader user base

Do you think Facebook needs a virtual assistant?

Thank you engadget for providing us with this information