Lawsuit Filed Against 3D Printer MakerBot

3D printers are a good invention, but it sadly doesn’t print legally binding instructions with which companies should follow, well it probably does, but manufacturers will ignore them. It’s been alleged that 3D printing firm MakerBot has knowingly shipped a project which they knew did not work.

A lawsuit has been launched over MakerBot and parent company Stratasys over its fifth generation 3D printer, which is accused of shipping these units with flawed extruders, this is the mechanism which melts and deposits filament that is tending to clog. The company also told investors to expect over projected growth while at the same time cost cutting corners relating to quality, repairing returned units and also sacking workers.

By the time this came to light, investors had lost millions of dollars in expected revenue. By looking at the lawsuit, it immediately becomes clear something has gone drastically wrong. From flawed designs to expensive warranties, there is quite a bit which has been built up against MakerBot.

What this highlights is again for a company to over inflate its expectations while at the same time failing to deliver. These allegations have not yet been proven and still need to be laid out in a court of law; I do believe there is a case against MakerBot which if they lose, could be curtains for a company which attempted to make 3D printing mainstream while doing so at an unrealistic production price.

Thank You adafruit for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of engadget