The Witcher 3’s Free Manual Being Ripped Off and Sold

The latest and most talked about  game release recently is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It was released earlier this week and since the launch has been pretty popular, it’s even caused a reddit war between Nvidia and AMD!

One thing most gamers were surprised with was the fact the game includes an actual manual, which is very unusual when taking into consideration that most modern-day games have in-game walkthroughs and guides. Unfortunately, some are taking advantage of Projekt Red’s unusual move by scanning the manual and selling it online as a booklet.

The Witcher 3’s game manual is currently available for sale on the Google Play Store. However it is not a legit copy. The publisher is “Markelov”,  if this was a legitimate digital copy of The Witcher 3’s manual, it would show that it was published by CD Projekt RED. The digital booklet has been marked down from $10 to $8, is 9-pages long, and the description is very poor as it describes the game itself and not the manual or its contents.

The Witcher 3 is one of this year’s most awaited games, to see something like this happen is a shame. Hopefully Google will see that people are taking advantage of the developers unusual move and remove it from the store.

Thank you to Shacknews for providing us with this information

Android Users Face Loss of Gmail Sync, Google Looking Into It

Google is apparently not out of the woods just yet when it comes to issues, having the company confirming some synch problems that users are facing with the Gmail feature for Android. It is said that people affected by the latter are reporting a complete loss of the ability to sync their accounts.

The issue is reported to be present whenever users attempt to sync their accounts both manually and automatically. having the cause of this problem still unknown. Looking at when users first started experiencing the issue and their information, all indications point to the 4.8 update. However, rolling back the update to a previous version seems to have the same result, leading to the conclusion that the issue is caused by other sources.

Google is said to be looking into the matter at hand, having a recent response from the company telling that they have move past reproducing the error and onto finding solutions process. The response noted that they have been undergoing ‘several stages of investigation including reproducing the error, isolating it, diagnosing’, having the process now currently in the ‘testing solutions phase’.

Users who are affected by the issue in question are asked to stay tuned for Google to post more updates over at Google’s Group page. Hopefully a fix will come along soon for Android users.

Thank you Android Police for providing us with this information