New Images Suggest a MacBook Air Update to Come on Monday

With Apple holding an event on Monday, there’s the usual flurry of rumours coming in about the things we might see. Of course, we’ll learn more about the watch, but there’s also suggestions that we might see a MacBook Air update alongside that.

New images from Chinese forum appear to show screenshots of the system specifications for a new 13-inch MacBook Air. The pictures, which we’ve included here, suggest that a new model of Apple’s ultra-potable notebook could have an Intel Core 1.6GHz i5-5250U processor, Intel HD Graphics 6000 and 4GB of RAM. It’s also worth pointing out that this supposed new model comes with the 1440 x 900 display that has been on every 13-inch MacBook Air since 2010, not a ‘Retina Display’.

What this information points to is that Apple may merely refresh the specs of the MacBook Air on Monday, rather than introduce a whole new model with a new design, as some rumours have suggested. Those rumours, which still keep popping up, say that the company is developing an entirely new 12-inch model of the Air that will have an even thinner design and possibly a ‘Retina Display’.

But all of this is not to say that the new model won’t appear at the event too – it’s highly possible that we’ll see a brand new model and a refresh of the old 13-inch model. Stay tuned to eTeknix on Monday when we’ll find out.

Source: Via: MacRumors

Apple Posts Live Stream For March 9th Event

Apple will be live streaming their event on Monday, 9th March. Titled “Spring forward”, the presentation is expected to focus on the upcoming Apple Watch. The event starts at 10am PDT, which is 5pm GMT.

We expect to see a number of new details, perhaps new features that are included with the Apple Watch. The company has been limited in the information it has shared regarding the device since its debut in September last year. Since then it has apparently been under continued development, with Apple readying the software and hardware ready for release. A number of rumours have suggested that the company has been working on improving the device’s battery life, with the only official information suggesting that it will need to be charged nightly.

Besides the watch, the company is rumoured to be introducing a new MacBook Air, perhaps with a radical redesign. Either watch live here or keep your eye on eTeknix on March 9th to find out.

Source: Apple

Xiaomi Working On Apple MacBook Air Clone, Priced At Under $500

It looks like Apple could have competition against its MacBook Air, with Xiaomi working on a new device that could fool pretty much anyone into thinking it was indeed an Apple MacBook Air – just look at that photo above.

This is Xiaomi’s upcoming 15-inch notebook that features an orange key in the top right hand corner, a changed touch pad and other than that, it looks pretty identical to an Apple MacBook Air. Inside, we have Intel’s Core i7-4500U processor from its Haswell range of chips, 16GB of RAM and it will feature a variation of Linux that was developed by Xiaomi specifically for this device.

Xiaomi will brand it as an Mi device, and price it at a very, very affordable $500 or so. We don’t know when this is coming, but when it does you can be sure we’ll be all over it.

Source: TechSpot.

Microsoft Wants Apple MacBook Users to Switch to Surface Pro 3

Microsoft wants people to switch over from their MacBooks to the company’s Surface Pro 3, something it thinks will happen more with its latest “Making the Switch” site, something the company has just launched. The new website offers users a look at Windows basics, questions and answers on moving over from a MacBook to the Surface Pro 3. It also includes using the Surface Pro 3 with an iPhone, iCloud and iTunes.

Microsoft offers up some tips for users so that they can better use the basic functions on the Surface Pro 3, such as right clicking, searching, accessing system settings, installing applications and much more. The company is wanting to lure in iPad and MacBook users to its Surface line of devices, with its current Surface Pro advertisements attacking the MacBook. The company has recently launched the November “Winter Wonderland” holiday ad, showing off how versatile the Surface Pro 3 is compared to the Apple MacBook Air. Check it out below:

Source: MacRumors.

Microsoft Offering $650 So MacBook Air Users Will Switch To Surface Pro 3

Getting a MacBook Air user to trade in their latest Apple kit for $650 off a Surface Pro 3 sounds like a tough-sell doesn’t it? Well that’s exactly what Microsoft are hoping MacBook Air users will do in the latest Microsoft promotion. Microsoft are offering consumers “up to” $650 of store credit that can be used to purchase the Surface Pro 3 when MacBook Air users trade in their device. The amount of money off will vary by the device, the money off is lower for the lower end Surface Pro 3 devices. It also isn’t clear how much each MacBook Air device is “worth” in Microsoft’s “trade-up” scheme, presumably newer models and larger screens will be worth more. Either way the offer seems fairly reasonable if you’re looking to swap your device quickly, if you can hang around then it seems likely selling your device first and using the money from the sale to buy a Surface Pro 3 will work out a better option. The current pricing on Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 series is as follows:

  • Surface Pro 3 64GB with Intel Core i3 – $799
  • Surface Pro 3 128GB with Intel Core i5 – $999
  • Surface Pro 3 256GB with Intel Core i5 – $1299
  • Surface Pro 3 256GB with Intel Core i7 – $1549
  • Surface Pro 3 512GB with Intel Core i7 – $1949

Source: Softpedia

Image courtesy of Microsoft

Intel’s Broadwell Delayed Until Q4 2014/ Q1 2015 – Y, U and H Series Affected

Intel’s 14nm Broadwell generation of CPUs had previously been on track to launch in Q3 of 2014 but it appears that this may now not happen as VR-Zone reports Intel are experiencing delays. The delays are selective and some parts remain unaffected. Let’s start with the good news which is that the M series and all the desktop parts of the Haswell Refresh will arrive as scheduled. The Z97 chipset is expected to launch in May 2014 while Haswell-refresh CPUs in the desktop and M series will go on sale from mid-April. These CPUs are not affected by the Broadwell delay at all despite earlier speculation. Please note that the Haswell refresh is not the same as Broadwell but in the desktop market they will both share the new Z97/H97 chipset and LGA 1150 socket so there are some similarities. Haswell refresh is still 22nm Haswell but more refined while Broadwell is a reduction in process size from 22nm to 14nm.

Now onto the bad news which is that the Y, U and H series of Broadwell CPUs have all been delayed. The Y series sees the Core i5 5220Y and Core i3 4030Y “Haswell Refresh” CPUs still arriving in Q3 but the Broadwell processors in the series will not arrive until the fourth quarter at the earliest with many more parts arriving in Q1 of 2015. In the U series it is a similar story with most Broadwell parts pushed back to either Q4 of 2014 or Q1 of 2015 but Haswell refresh parts will still arrive this year in Q3  In the H series the Broadwell parts will not arrive until Q1 of 2015 while all the scheduled Haswell refresh parts should launch in Q2 and Q3 of this year.

The delay of the Broadwell U series is expected to cause problems for Apple who will have to delay the release of their new MacBook Air products, though the delay will be segment specific because not all U series parts are delayed by the same amount. For those wondering about H97/Z97 and the Haswell refresh parts for the desktop apparently their isn’t much change over the current desktop Haswell “stuff”. The Haswell refresh parts will mostly just boast a slight speed bump while the H97/Z97 motherboards are rumoured to bring nothing new to the market. As a result VR-Zone expects demand for the new Haswell chipset and refresh parts to be sluggish. In the mobile market it is much of the same for Haswell refresh – mild speed bumps and more mature processors which should give better power consumption.

Images courtesy of VR-Zone

Source: VR-Zone

Apple Releases New MacBook Pro Models With Specs Boost And Price Cuts

Apple announced new MacBook Pro Retina models, giving its 13-inch and 15-inch laptops a specs boost and even more appealing price cuts. So what are the specs for these new Apple MacBook generation? Keep reading and you will find out.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina is going to be faster and lighter than the previous generation. It’s 3.46 pounds and 0.71 inches thin, as Schiller announced, Apple’s senior vice president of marketing. The new 13-inch MBP Retina contains a Haswell processor, matching Intel processor that’s in the current generation MacBook Air notebooks. That means, even with the high-resolution screen, it has 9 hours of battery life. The notebook also comes with Iris integrated graphics, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and a Thunderbolt 2 connection.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina doesn’t change its form factor from last year’s version, but the Apple notebook refresh does include Intel’s 4th generation quad-core processor, Haswell. Also, like the 13-inch version, the bigger MBP has a longer battery life, clocking in at 8 hours, according to the company. Its Iris-integrated graphics can be boosted by an optional GeForce GT 750M card upgrade, and all configurations come with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Thunderbolt 2.

The 13-inch Macbook costs $1,299 (about £800), down from the previous generation’s $1,499 (about £923) price. The 15-inch Macbook is not far behind, it costs $1,999 (about £1,231), down from $2,199 (about £1,354) price of the original 15-inch MBP Retina. Both the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina display updates start shipping today and are on sale in the Apple Store online right now.

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