Apple Launches GPU Repair Program for 2013 Mac Pro

Apple seems to always run into GPU replacement problems with their Macs. After starting a repair program for the MacBook Pro last year, Apple is quietly starting a Mac Pro GPU Repair Extension Program in response to video and graphics related problems. The issue is reportedly due to the AMD FirePro GPUs starting to fail prematurely.

The faulty units targetted by the program were manufactured between February 8, 2015, and April 11, 2015, due to graphics problems that “may cause distorted video, no video, system instability, freezing, restarts, shut downs, or may prevent system start up”. Additional symptoms are distorted or scrambled video on the external display, no video on the external display even though the computer is on, computer freezes or restarts unexpectedly or the computer will not start up.

The repair process will be simply removing the faulty GPUs and replacing it with a new GPU, a process that is expected to take 3 to 5 days. For now, only the FirePro D500 and D700 are reported to fail with the D300 models being fine. Given the short time frame for failed units, it’s likely an installation defect or fault with the 2 Tahiti-based FirePro GPUs. More details may be released shortly.

Entire Episode of Sitcom ‘Modern Family’ To Take Place on a Mac Desktop

An upcoming episode of ‘Modern Family’, the popular sitcom shown on ABC in the US and Sky in the UK, has been shot entirely on Apple iPhones, iPads and Macs. The episode takes place solely on the desktop of one of the shows characters, showing her attempts to get in touch with her family via various Apple apps, including FaceTime and iMessage.

Director and co-creator of ‘Modern Family’, Steve Levitan, used an iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 to film the episode, streaming all the content to one sole Mac computer. While most of you will have immediately called this a massive piece of blatant product placement, it’s worth pointing out that Apple didn’t pay a penny towards the episode’s production. They did however give the producers a free Mac Pro to help them put it together.

‘Modern Family’ has a history with Apple, after an early episode centred around one character’s obsession towards the then new iPad. That episode was sponsored by the company.

Source: MacRumors

Haswell Powered Mini Macs Seen On Belgium Retailer Website, Launch Set For Next Month?

There hasn’t been any news about newer versions of Mac minis lately. Apple updated its entire Mac lineup in 2013, the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac models were refreshed with the latest Intel Haswell processors, whereas the Mac Pro received a complete makeover, including radical changes to its design. Apple is yet to mention the Mac mini, it didn’t reveal any plans pertaining to this particular Mac in 2013, so right now it’s not known for sure if and when the company is going to release the refreshed lineup.

However, the latest report indicate a retailer from Belgium has listed Core i5 and Core i7 Haswell configurations of the unannounced new Mac mini, but eventually removed the listing. Could it be that a little mistake has revealed what is to come in a few week’s time, or maybe a month? The retailer claims to have received this information from “reliable sources.” Retailers did see inventory tighten up towards the end of last year, which led to rumors about the upcoming launch of a refreshed lineup. It is also believed that Apple has carefully managed the Mac mini’s supply, only because it does not want the market to be flooded by inventory which ends up collecting dust in warehouses. Usually though, tight supply is often taken as a sign of an oncoming successor.

Whether or not we will see refreshed Core i5 and Core i7 Haswell mini Macs next month, we will just have to wait and see. The main reason we will never be certain until its release is that Apple is known for not giving any official announcements about their upcoming products before they actually get launched.

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Removable CPU Confirmed In The New Mac Pro

When it comes to Apple computers, they have been criticized for the lack of flexibility towards user upgrades. Basically, if you buy an iMac, Mac Pro or Macbook, what you get is what you get suck with unless you buy another one. That’s why most users tend to spend more and go for the high-end specs when buying Apple gear. But it seems times are changing, and Apple devices tend to change with them.

The new Mac Pro is reported to have been built with more modding features in mind, and according to Other World Computing who performed a quick teardown of the new Mac Pro, it has been confirmed that the CPU in the computer is removable, meaning that users will be able to upgrade the CPU whenever they want in the event that it starts to get a little old or worn out.

This is thanks to the fact that the processor is socketed to the motherboard, as opposed to being directly soldered, which seems to be the case in most of Apple’s Mac computers, both laptop and desktop. Apple’s Mac Pros have typically been a little bit more customizable than the iMac, where users can swap out RAM and graphic cards for something better or newer. The CPU swapping feature might not seem to be as flexible as what you can do in custom-built Windows-based PCs, but at least it is a step forward.

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New Apple Mac Pro To Launch Today, Starting Price Is Tagged At $2999

Apple has announced that the all-new Mac Pro desktop computer will be available starting tomorrow. The new Mac Pro, which was unveiled back in June, looks more like a vase to put flowers or store your umbrella with its cylinder-shaped design than a computer.

Apple says that the new Mac Pro is 9.9-inches tall and only 1/8 of the volume of the outgoing model. The machines use a variety of Intel Xeon processors with four, six, eight, or twelve cores inside. The processors support Turbo Boost technology and operate at speeds up to 3.9GHz.

Apple is using two-workstation class AMD FirePro GPUs inside the Mac Pro promising up to eight times the graphics performance of previous generation devices. The computer also uses PCIe-based storage with up to 1TB space for enhanced performance.

Pricing for the Mac Pro starts at $2,999 for a machine with a quad-core Xeon E5 processor, FirePro D300 GPU, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage and will go up to $3,999 for the 6-core Xeon X5, FirePro D500 GPUs, 16GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage version of the Mac Pro.

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