Trade In Your iPhone 4S for A Lumia 1020 or Lumia 1520 At AT&T… For Free!

Windows Phone is steadily gaining ground in the smartphone market, and while it is also subtly trolling its competitors when it has the chance, it does it yet again, but this time it’s not Samsung, but Apple.

AT&T have apparently made a deal with Nokia, and implicitly Microsoft, for curious users who have never tried Microsoft’s WP8 operating system before to try it for free. The catch is that you will have to bring your old iPhone 4S and exchange it for a Lumia 1020 or a Lumia 1520 with a two-year contract with AT&T.

When looking back and seeing that the Lumia 1020 for example was valued at a $300 price tag on-contract, Microsoft, as well as AT&T, is really hitting it big with this new deal. However, users should also take into account a major gap that Windows Phone currently has, and that is the applications inside the Store.

If you are not that interested in having loads and loads of applications on your smartphone and enjoy what Windows Phone 8 as well as the Windows Phone Store has to offer, then you are set! However, Microsoft is working on closing the application gap on the platform, but like all things, it takes time. In the end, who knows? Maybe WP8 Store will be packed with application next year. It all depends on Microsoft to make life easier for developers to build and publish their applications on the Windows Phone Store.

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Rumors Of Another Nokia Handset In Production Emerge, Known As RM-964

Nokia might be planning on releasing enough phones for the next 12 months. This year alone has seen over 10 devices from the Finnish company. We have the Lumia 929, which should be coming soon, then there is that 4.5-inch low end device that is presumably in testing in India that we heard about the past few days. And now, another device has appeared under the model name Nokia RM-964, and it’s a little higher end than the previously leaked model.

The leak emerged as well from Zauba, an organisation that handles the import of tech into India. According to what looks like some sort of inventory list, the Nokia RM-964 comes with a 5.2-inch screen. The price listed is INR is 34,524, which equivalates to around $563 / €410 / £343. This device is well within the flagship phone territory. Unfortunately there is no information about the specs of the phone. But if we are to speculate then this could be a new 5.2-inch flagship running the newer Snapdragon chipsets.

At the moment, the Lumia 1520 is Nokia’s top of the line smartphone, but a 6-inch screen is going to limit its appeal. A new phone with similar specs, but in a more manageable size would be an ideal device for Windows Phone fans.

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Nokia Lumia 1520 Available In Europe For Pre-Order At €700

During the time when US carriers were announcing the Nokia Lumia 1520 for their own networks, people from across the globe were left wondering as to how much would this $750 device cost in their own region. Well, at least people living in Europe have nothing left to wonder about anymore. The new Lumia 1520 went on pre-order earlier today for a staggering price of €700 ( £596 ).

While Nokia’s new phablet may be good, it certainly seem like a very hefty price to pay for a mobile device. People are more used to seeing new handsets at $600-$650 (£370 – £400) price range, and are hoping that Nokia pushes down the price of the Lumia 1520 to that range in the not-so-distant future.

Interestingly, initial availability info pointed to the UK, Germany and France as the first countries to get the Lumia 1520, but apparently there are no stores to be found in those countries that offer the phablet.

Meanwhile, word from our sources is that the Lumia 1520 will end up for Rs. 49,990 in India, overshadowing the massive price tag attached to the Lumia 1020, owners of which purchased their device for Rs. 45,000, in the Indian sub-continent.

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The Lumia 1520 Is The First Smartphone To Use Assertive Display Technology

Nokia recently unveiled their flagship phablet, the Lumia 1520, at Nokia World two days ago. The company didn’t reveal much about other aspects of the device other than its camera and software, both of which took the center stage when the device announcement was going on. Turns out, there’s more to the Lumia 1520’s 6-inch Full HD display than just a panel type and display resolution. Apical Ltd announced today that Nokia’s first phablet is also the first Smartphone to feature an ‘Assertive Display Technology’ equipped screen, and here’s how they describe it:

“By digitally modelling the way the eye adapts to virtually any ambient light, rather than simply adjusting the display, Assertive Display delivers a seamless viewing experience to the user from a dark room to bright outdoor light. Further, colour and contrast ratio are preserved delivering TV-like video quality without the familiar washout of earlier technologies. This new capability ensures that content previously unwatchable in daylight, such as premium sports, games, movies and photos, can be clearly viewed. Ultimately this means a more immersive, natural and comfortable experience where the display is always adapted to the user’s own eyes.”

After spending some time with the device, TheHandheldBlog detailed and compared the display on the new Lumia 1520 with Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 3. The former was crowned the winner, hands-down. Seeing is believing, so check out the screen test video for yourself and be the judge.

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New iPhone To Feature ‘Screen Expansion’ At 4.8-inch Displays

A lot of rumours were circulating regarding Apple’s next big move in innovating their iPhone, with ‘big’ being the keyword being used. From reports which originally began appearing a couple of months ago till the new one which appeared today, Apple is working on something ‘big’. And that something is the internal prototype testing of bigger iPhones, with screen sizes ranging from 4.3-inches all the way up to 6-inches, which probably will be another product altogether. Perhaps the iPhone phablet is indeed in the works and Apple wants to gain ground with its competition, such as the Nokia Lumia 1520 and Galaxy Note 3.

“Despite still seeing risk to CQ4 and FY13 revs, we now believe better [gross margins] will allow Apple to skate by until iPhone 6 launches with its 4.8″ screen,” Peter Misek, an analyst at Jefferies & Co. ,  wrote in a note. “We est ~50% of smartphone shipments have >4″ screens and that iPhone 6 will catalyze a large upgrade cycle. The stock is attractive based on the attitude change, FY15 revs >+15%, and valuation.”

The rumours indicate that the next iPhone “6”, which will undoubtedly be launched in 2014, will come with a 4.8-inch display. We don’t know exactly how the number 4.8 was reached, but it is a  believable rumour. Apple’s next iPhone will undoubtedly be bigger, but reliable hard evidence has yet to arise. Therefore the iPhone 5s along with its fingerprint sensation and colourful iOS 7 interface will still remain the main subject attraction, for now at least.

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Official Press Images Of The Nokia Lumia 1520 Have Been Leaked

For those who were impatiently waiting for Nokia to introduce their newly anticipated Lumia 1520 phablet, @evleaks have posted on their Twitter page an official image of the new Nokia Lumia 1520. Not only is this device the Finnish company’s first attempt at making phablets, it is also a first for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.

The Windows Phone 8 powered smartphone is very colorful and eye-catching, just like any other Lumia phone. You can clearly see extra added layer of Live Tiles, making the Windows Phone 8 powered aesthetically fantastic. The Nokia Lumia 1520 to come with Windows Phone 8 mobile OS with GDR3 update. With the upcoming GDR3 update, you will see handsets to be launched with this update would feature bigger high-resolution displays, a quad-core processor and sizzling camera at the rear.

We expect the Nokia Lumia 1520 to feature a 6-inch FHD 1080p resolution Super AMOLED display. The phone will have top of the line Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC( quad-core) with 2GB of RAM and 16GB/32GB of ROM (expandable up to 64GB via a microSD card slot). The camera will have a 20MP PureView shooter and a 2.1MP front facing camera.

Nokia is hosting Nokia World on October 22 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The expected off-contract pricing is North of $700 ( £437 ).

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Image courtesy of @evleaks.