Trade In Your iPhone 4S for A Lumia 1020 or Lumia 1520 At AT&T… For Free!

Windows Phone is steadily gaining ground in the smartphone market, and while it is also subtly trolling its competitors when it has the chance, it does it yet again, but this time it’s not Samsung, but Apple.

AT&T have apparently made a deal with Nokia, and implicitly Microsoft, for curious users who have never tried Microsoft’s WP8 operating system before to try it for free. The catch is that you will have to bring your old iPhone 4S and exchange it for a Lumia 1020 or a Lumia 1520 with a two-year contract with AT&T.

When looking back and seeing that the Lumia 1020 for example was valued at a $300 price tag on-contract, Microsoft, as well as AT&T, is really hitting it big with this new deal. However, users should also take into account a major gap that Windows Phone currently has, and that is the applications inside the Store.

If you are not that interested in having loads and loads of applications on your smartphone and enjoy what Windows Phone 8 as well as the Windows Phone Store has to offer, then you are set! However, Microsoft is working on closing the application gap on the platform, but like all things, it takes time. In the end, who knows? Maybe WP8 Store will be packed with application next year. It all depends on Microsoft to make life easier for developers to build and publish their applications on the Windows Phone Store.

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Nokia releases Glance Background for the Lumia

It seems that Nokia has just published an outstanding app that builds upon the popular Glance Screen feature. If the Glance screen was a bit too boring for your taste, you can now spice it up by adding a background of your own choice to it. Thanks to the Glance Background which is still in beta, you can choose a set of backgrounds for your Glance Screen.

To use the Glance Background you have to turn on the Glance Screen first. It is available with the Amber update on Lumia 720, 820, 920, 925 and 1020. There you’ll find a few pre-defined backgrounds, but you can add more from your gallery. So why not give it a try? it will certainly add some style to your handset.

Once you select a custom picture you can apply color effects or you can just convert it to a single color (of course it will not support the full color range since it will be displayed in a low powered state). Not every picture is suitable for a background on the Glance Screen since it’s transformed into a low-quality 8-bit image, but there are still backgrounds out there that will fit just perfectly. Or you can even design it yourself if you are up to it.

You can download the Glance Screen app on your Amber-running Lumia at any time, and yes it is a free application.

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