ASUSTOR Adds the Last Missing Streaming Option to Their NAS’

ASUSTOR has been busy updating their NAS software all around, but with a special focus on the media part. Playing movies and tv shows is becoming a bigger part of users life every day and the solutions to do so become easier as well. ASUSTOR already had a pretty good coverage on the area with AirPlay support, KODI and XMBC media players, as well as UPnP and DLNA streaming. But one had been missing so far and that was the official Chromecast support.

That is not an issue anymore as the new AiVideos mobile app now supports Chromecast multimedia streaming playback, bringing the big screen entertainment experience to the last few ASUSTOR users who couldn’t already enjoy it. After linking with Chromecast, AiVideos turns into a remote control allowing users to pause, fast-forward, adjust the volume and even configure subtitles at the touch of a finger.

“Although consumers are relying on their mobile device more than ever before, many are still not satisfied with watching videos on a small screen,” said Steve Huang, Product Manager at ASUSTOR. “We are very excited to be adding Chromecast support to ASUSTOR NAS, allowing videos on our devices to be streamed and played on bigger screens and bringing our users a more satisfying digital entertainment experience.”

The new version of AiVideos is first available for Android and can be downloaded or updated from Google Play. Users should also use the newest version of LooksGood (1.0.0.r1220) in conjunction with the newest version of AiVideos in order to enjoy Chromecast support.

ASUSTOR Upgrades LooksGood with Media Converter Support

ASUSTOR has released a new version of the LooksGood App with an added Media Converter function for its 5 and 7 series NAS devices. The new functions include multimedia conversion, ability to configure a Smart Coversion Folder, and exclusive Hyper-Transcoding technology, allowing you to truly experience a powerful media player directly in your browser.

The system resources are well balanced so you can enjoy a smooth playback exprience along with a tenfold decrease in conversion times thanks to the  use of Intel’s CPU hardware acceleration function. The media converter utilizes background file conversions to overcome non-supported codecs on mobile device or videos that are uable to play smoothly. Files placed in the smart conversion folder will automatically be analyzed for the best optimization and you can use the task scheduler to convert only during hours where the system otherwise just idles.

LooksGood also features TV Recordings and Media explorer functions next to the above mentioned improvements. Users who have a compatible DVB-T/DTMB can receive, watch, and record digital broadcasting signals including access to the EPG, repeat, and manual settings. A feature that takes your NAS to the next level.