Fable Legends Has Now Officially Closed

Fable: The Lost Chapters received a great deal of critical acclaim for its memorable characters, exceptional dialogue and gorgeous environments. It spawned a very successful series which is remembered fondly by RPG fans. Fable II launched as an Xbox 360 exclusive and managed to emulate the magical formula which made the original so enjoyable. In contrast to this, there’s varying views regarding Fable III and I’ve never really been able to play it to the latter stages. Rather bizarrely, Lionhead Studios decided to move into the MMO circuit instead of creating another traditional Fable title.

This was a fairly big risk given the cost of development and uncertainty about the appeal of a Fable MMO. I was fortunate enough to be given access to the closed beta and really enjoyed my time exploring Fable Legend’s world. In a shock twist, Microsoft announced the closure of Lionhead Studios and Fable Legend’s development. Despite this, there was some hope that their work could be saved and acquired from another company. However, I received an e-mail today confirming the game’s current status which reads:

“As announced last month, Fable Legends has now been closed and can no longer be accessed.

Refunds are currently being processed, you can find further information on the Lionhead Forums.

From all of us here at Lionhead Studios, we would like to thank you for participating in the closed beta and being a part of the game’s development. All stories have to end eventually, but the memories of Heroic triumphs and Villainous plots will last forever. Thank you for your support – you are all Legends!”

This is a real shame because Fable Legends never got the chance to be publicly released. While there were some concerns with the cash shop, these could have been resolved in the future. Of course, Microsoft owns the Fable IP and it’s unlikely that we’ll see another game using the Fable name ever again.

Fable Developer Lionhead Studios Closed by Microsoft

Microsoft Studios has announced that it is closing Lionhead Studios, developer of the Fable series, and Denmark’s Press Play Studios, which was in the process of making Project Knoxville. The closure of Lionhead means that Fable Legends is now effectively dead.

“After much consideration we have decided to cease development on Fable Legends, and are in discussions with employees about the proposed closure of Lionhead Studios in the UK,” the official announcement reads. “Additionally, we will close Press Play Studios in Denmark, and sunset development on Project Knoxville.”

The twenty-year-old Lionhead Studios was formed by Peter Molyneux in 1996, and was responsible for classic RTS God game Black & White. Molyneux sold the studio to Microsoft in 2006, later forming his increasingly precarious 22Cans studio.

“These have been tough decisions and we have not made them lightly,” the announcement continues, “nor are they a reflection on these development teams – we are incredibly fortunate to have the talent, creativity and commitment of the people at these studios. The Lionhead Studios team has delighted millions of fans with the Fable series over the past decade.”

“Press Play imbued the industry with a unique creative spirit behind games like Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Kalimba, which both captured passionate fans. These changes are taking effect as Microsoft Studios continues to focus its investment and development on the games and franchises that fans find most exciting and want to play.”

Microsoft has not yet revealed when the two studios will officially close their doors.

Fable Legends DX12 Engine Offers up to 40% Performance Gains

Fable Legends is an upcoming free-to-play cooperative action RPG developed by Lionhead Studios. This is a major departure from the traditional Fable formula which focuses on providing an enthralling single player experience via humorous characters and a thrilling story. Sadly, the series has progressively got worse and I really didn’t care for Fable III at all. This is a crying shame because Fable: The Lost Chapters is so charming and one of my favourite RPGs of all time. While Fable Legends is an interesting concept, many users simply want to see a brand new Fable game based on a standard business model. The advent of microtransactions makes the core gaming demographic quite concerned about a game’s value and ability to continue without having to grind for hours.

Currently, Fable Legends is accessible to a small number of users in the closed beta. I am one of the lucky ones and able to play the game, but an embargo agreement means I cannot publicly discuss it. As a Windows 10 exclusive, Fable Legends is opting for a DirectX 12 engine and offers significant performance gains compared to the older DirectX 11 API. Lionhead Studios’ director, Stuart Whyte said in a recent interview with BidnessETC that the performance enhancements on PC could be as much as 40%. This obviously depends on the hardware in question and I’d like to see a more detailed analysis of which configurations showcase the biggest gains.

Also, Whyte went onto discuss the effect on DirectX 12 on the Xbox One and said advanced features including asynchronous compute and efficient multi-threaded rendering would help “push the visual bar higher than would otherwise be possible.” Please note, this doesn’t mean DirectX 12 will be able to leverage extra frames-per-second, unlike the implementation on PC. Perhaps, it will help to improve texture quality or allow for a higher rendering resolution.

Fable Legends Microtransactions Strategy Revealed

Microtransactions originated from free-to-play mobile games and eventually became a common occurrence in full priced blockbusters like Halo 5. Some users defend microtransactions in $60 titles and describe their usage as optional. It seems generally accepted if the extras in question only offer cosmetic changes. Personally, I find the concept of any microtransactions in traditional releases quite insulting, but that’s a topic for another day.

Lionhead Studios received criticism from loyal Fable fans, after deciding to focus on a free-to-play MMO entitled, Fable Legends instead of Fable 4. Up to this point, its business model has remained a secret. However, according to an image found by Reddit user Fiend1138, Fable Legends will implement various tiers of payment all the way up to $59.99. If the current pricing is correct, then I can only imagine the final game being fairly imbalanced. To clarify, I have no problem whatsoever with microtransactions being in full priced games, as optional payments help to steer the developer to a profit.

On the other hand, the Fable games have always been about the gorgeous environments and an engrossing story. Each iteration has got progressively worse, and I’m unconvinced about Fable Legends having a long-term loyal player base. Only time will tell, but I’m certain the microtransactions on offer will alienate many users in time for the game’s final release.

Fable Legends Windows 10 Beta Starting This Month

Lionhead Studios made a bold choice when it comes to their new Fable Legends in more than one way, but it could very well be a strategy that will pay off big time for the company as well as the franchise in itself. The new game, unlike the previous installments in the Fable series, is a multiplayer oriented team-based game where you can play alone or with your friends with or against the AI. Fable Legends is also one of the first games to be built on Microsoft’s DX12 engine that should give the players some spectacular graphics and performance – hopefully.

Fable Legends will launch on both Xbox One and Windows 10 and the limitation here is of course due to DX12, this is the only place that you’ll find that API. Xbox One gamers have already been able to join the beta games and now PC players will be able to do the same. The Windows 10 beta is scheduled to launch this month and you can still sign up for an invite.

Fable Legends won’t just run on the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs, it can be played cross-platform on both systems with the same account and everything the way it was. Start on your PC and move on over to the Xbox in the living room later on – or the other way around, you can do it as you want. That could be a great win for the game besides being a completely free to play game. You can purchase cosmetics, but not overpowered winning attributes. The developers stress that you can unlock anything with gameplay alone and that is good news.

The full game is scheduled to be released later this year and until then we can enjoy the new trailer released during Gamescom 2015. It looks like an amazing game, especially with the focus on team play and cross-platform play, but also with the DX12 graphics and overall concept. I think Lionhead Studios has a winner here.

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Fable Legends Will be Free-to-Play

Lionhead Studios’ forthcoming cooperative RPG Fable Legends will be free-to-play, with PC and Xbox One players both able to join the same online matches.

David Eckleberry, Creative Director of Fable Legends, wants the game to be the pinnacle of AAA free-to-play games. Eckleberry said, “The right version of F2P is a very good thing for the world. The wrong version is kind of an abomination, but if you’re very fair to your players and they can play as much as they want, then it seems right.”

Studio Head of Lionhead agreed, saying, “We need scale. PC gives us that scale element, but even with the core Xbox audience, we’ve got a lot to work with there.”

“[We need] millions, probably,” Eckleberry added. “But then, previous Fable games have hit those kinds of numbers. We’re taking on a lot of risk, I accept that and so does Microsoft, but there’s no risk for you, as a player.”

Fable Legends, currently in closed beta testing stage, will be inviting more testers soon before releasing an open beta version soon. This rigorous approach, Lionhead says, will ensure that the game will be fit for launch later this year.

“The honest answer is a really long beta,” Eckleberry said. “There’s a lot of new stuff for us both in game design and technologically: cross-platform, Windows 10, all of the networking we have to do is mostly new to us. We run into game-crashing bugs frequently in our beta. But we want to find them NOW, so we have time to fix them… a bad launch week sticks with you forever. Nobody ever forgets – and they shouldn’t, I think fans are right not to forget it. They might forgive it… but I don’t blame fans for saying “dude, you screwed this up”. I don’t want to be in that place.”

Interested parties can still sign up for a beta invite here.

Source: Kotaku

Fable Legends Open Beta Coming Soon

Lionhead Studios has been running closed beta tests of its in-development game Fable Legends since October 2014, and it now aims to stress-test it by sending out more invites in anticipation of open beta testing, which is promised soon.

The news was revealed by the social media coordinator for Lionhead Studios Lauran Carter (@LHAlbionGirl) on her Twitter account:

Carter then assured users that open beta testing will begin “soon enough”:


Fable Legends is due for release on PC and Xbox One later this year.

Source: ParaDiger

New “Exciting And Ambitious” Game Coming From Lionhead Studios

Lionhead Studios have published a new career opportunity ad looking for a new Senior Services Engineer. Job listings are often a great source of information for up coming gaming titles, as are ex employee CV’s as many studios contract people in for a few months to work on a specific aspect of a title.

“Lionhead Studios is seeking an experienced and passionate Senior Services Engineer to join us as a key contributor on an exciting and ambitious new title.

The ideal candidate is someone who has proven experience in designing and implementing services for highly concurrent and highly available social online game experiences, ideally in a cloud based environment.

The role will focus on helping to deliver a robust online service infrastructure and associated services, ensuring that all systems are secure, optimized and will scale to meet the needs of our current and future ambitions.


Knowledge, Skills and Experience

– Experience of full development cycle for a complex service architecture
– C# programming and debugging skills utilising the latest .NET technologies
– RESTful service design and implementation in ASP .NET MVC4.0
– Cloud platform and data experience (Azure, Amazon EC2, etc.)
– Proactive, ambitious and enthusiastic
– Proven ability to lead and motivate others in a team environment
– Working in an Agile/SCRUM environment as part of a multidisciplinary team

– Experience of Online/Multiplayer/MMO games
– Experience of SQL, NOSQL & Azure
– Experience of modern web programming languages such as Python, Ruby and Javascript
– Experience in monitoring tools and techniques on Microsoft platforms (such as SCOM)”

It’s pretty clear that they’re working, or will be working on an MMO / social experience that involves Microsofts cloud servers. Given that the studio is famous for the Fable series, with little or no indication that they’ll be giving up on that franchise yet, we can only assume they’re looking to bring bigger online features into the world of Fable, or perhaps even create a Fable MMO.

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