The Existence of a Third Chapter Is a Pain For Metal Gear Solid V

On the whole, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has received many optimistic reviews which have praised the overall technical experience that has offered consumers a fresh take on a lasting classic franchise. A quick gander at Amazon’s store notes this incarnation of the game has so far received a rating of 4.5 out of 5; this encompasses 142 reviews as of writing. This sounds promising, except consumers have also noted the feeling of a rather incomplete narrative which abruptly ends.

Accidental oversight? It turns out data extracted from the game has led to the conclusion of the existence of a third chapter, which in hindsight looks to have been cut. The possibility of an extra chapter was found in the games files by way of a title card entitled “Peace.” Furthermore, it has been observed that scenes which were conveyed at pre-launch trailers have also been deleted from the game. This includes the removal of scenes from the E3 2013 trailer where African child soldiers were being trained by their master and also a prisoner being shot

Removing individual scenes is not a new phenomenon considering game trailers are not the most reliable source of information, individual set pieces are deleted due to many factors including time constraints, budgetary problems and censor regulation pressure. Removing a whole chapter with the consequence being a storyline which falls apart towards the end seems rather odd, many people have noted how easy it is to pin point the moment development was seemingly rushed to completion. Content has also been discovered on the Collector’s Edition Blu-ray concerning a texture which leads many fans to conclude it belongs to The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3.

It will certainly be interesting to find out the reasons behind such cuts if indeed this will be made public, if there is enough support for the extra chapter you may well find it being released as a download add-on; this is considering the direction with which game development has shifted over recent years.

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Audi Unveils Ultra-Light Bicycle with Ultra-High Price in Japan

Audi has unveiled a bicycle in Japan. It is an ultralight high-end bicycle which weighs 5.8 kilograms in total including the frame of the sports bike which maxes out at weighs 790 grams which is lighter than your Apple Macbook Air 13″ 2015 which weighs 1.35 Kg. Audi did not disappoint and priced it accordingly at $19,650, Whoa. A low-end car can be bought with that kind of budget. This is the result of the partnership between Audi and fellow German company CarbonSports which produces Lightweight bikes.

The Sports Bike has several elements of its construction from the company’s sports car lineup, including a Selle Italia saddle covered in the same Fine Nappa leather as used in the new Audi R8. The frame and forks are made from T1000 carbon which is made by Japan’s Toray Industries Inc. and is used in the Audi R18 e-tron Quattro cockpit. According to Audi’s spokesperson, the materials used for the construction of this high-end sports bike is responsible for the high price tag.

It was first shown off at the 85th Geneva Motor Show and is limited edition product. Just 50 of these Sports bikes will be made and each one of them will carry an individual limited edition badge. Want to place an order? Be sure you have $19,650 (US) in your bank account!

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