LEPA Announces Exllusion 240 Liquid Cooler

All in one liquid coolers have become incredibly popular among hardware enthusiasts and made a large number switch from traditional air cooling. When it comes to performance, air coolers tend to offer similar heat dissipation at quieter noise levels. Although, this is usually the case with closed-looped-coolers from Asetek which use an aluminium radiator. While air coolers still exhibit great performance numbers, many people don’t care for the lack of space around the CPU socket. Furthermore, the large size can impact on memory compatibility and even stop you from inserting a graphics card into the first PCI-E x16 slot.

On the other hand, custom loops leverage extra performance and look absolutely stunning. However, they are an expensive proposition and quite daunting to anyone without water cooling expertise. Originally, closed loop coolers from Asetek and CoolIT adopted a very mundane, and uninspired design. Thankfully, this has changed in recent years and products like the Rajintek Triton include various dyes and clear tubing to create a striking finish. The latest liquid cooler to enter the market adopts a similar look to the Triton and includes a fill port. The Exllusion 240 by LEPA has a transparent block to monitor your cooler’s water levels. Here is a detailed run-down about the unit’s capabilities:

  • 400W+ TDP Cooling Capacity

    Performance-capable, refillable and customizable AIO CPU water cooler for most stable CPU operation even under extreme overclocking.

  • Rapid Heat Dissipation

    Nickel-plated copper base with patented Dual Central Diffusing Passage (CDP). The two channels within the micro-fin structure accelerate heat dissipation and eliminate CPU hot spots more efficiently.

  • Voluminous Transparent LED Water Block

    The water block has a higher coolant capacity to increases the coolant circulation. The transparent chassis and tubes allow for an easy monitoring of the coolant flow & volume status. Stylish LED lightning.

  • Colour Your Cooling!

    LEPA provides three RGB dyes (red, green, blue), so that you can colour the coolant individually. Mix your favourite colour!

  • Durable & Silent Pump

    The ceramic bearing prevents from corrosion and ensures a durable and silent operation.

  • Dual Convex Blade Fans

    The advanced aerodynamic design of the fan blades generates a high static pressure and increases the air flow rate. The Dual Convex Blades fans achieve a higher cooling performance at lower speed.

  • Refillable Water Block

    Add or modify the coolant composition. Additional 500ml LEPA coolant included for future refill processes.

  • Universal & Solid Mounting Kit

    Easy and user-friendly installation. EXllusion supports the latest Intel® and AMD© desktop sockets.

  • Large 240mm Radiator

    Higher heat exchange rate for maximum cooling performance.

The Exllusion 240 of LEPA is now available from participating retailers and has a suggested price of 109.99 Euro (+VAT). The LEPA CXcoolant kit will also be available from March with a suggested price of 14,90 Euro.

Do you prefer air cooling or liquid cooling?

Lepa Display Latest Products @ CeBIT 2015

Here with Enermax still, with a small presentation of their LEPA series of consumer goods. Aimed at more of the enthusiast consumer market, they have brought along one of their LV12 series tower cooler and an example of their 240mm AIO liquid cooling unit; the AquaChanger.

Apart from internal computer items, we have a self-contained Bluetooth speaker unit; the BTS002. NFC support along with the Bluetooth connectivity. An impressive 2200mA power unit and a built-in microphone for the freedom of handfree.

We look forward to seeing more from LEPA in the near future. Any news or events from LEPA, we will keep you updated.

LEPA Launches AquaChanger AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

LEPA has released their new AquaChanger All-In-One liquid CPU cooler series. The first two models in the series are based on a 120mm and 240mm radiator and support up to a TDP of 300W and 350W respectively.

The protrusive copper base strengthens the base sturdiness while deploying more coolant inside the unit. This helps to eliminate CPU hot spots efficiently together with the patented Central Diffusing Passage cold plate technology with its high-density micro fins. This method is said to accelerate the heat absorption from the CPU by 30%.

The outside of the Waterblock is inspired by race engines with a red LED line to indicate the power status and the rubber tubing is made from a 4-layer design that allows for maximum flexibility while preventing any sort of leakage.

To cool the radiators, LEPA used dual-convex blade PWM fans for their AquaChanger AIO cooler. These fans boost the down-force and create a high-volume airflow that is perfect for radiators. The fans have a rotation speed of 500 to 2300 RPM where they produces between 22.5 and 103.6 CFM of air flow while producing between 14 and 35 dBA.

The new AquaChanger AIO coolers are compatible with the latest AMD and Intel desktop sockets. No word on pricing or availability yet.

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Images courtesy of LEPA

LEPA LPC501 Mid-Tower Chassis Revealed

LEPA has just revealed their latest mid-tower chassis series; the LPC501. There are two models available, the LPC501B which is a basic model and the LPC501A, which is the advanced model. The basic edition comes equipped with an embossed side panel and three pre-installed fans; the advanced model also comes equipped with acrylic side panels. The LPC501 features extensive ventilation thanks to a wide mesh design and supports up to six fans. There are three fans pre-installed, but the Advanced model features high-quality patented circular LED design fans. The LPC501 will support CPU coolers of up to 174mm tall.

High end graphics cards should have no issues here, with 294mm clearance and removing a hard drive cage takes that up to 414mm; more than enough room for virtually any graphics currently available. There are six tool free hard drive bays and three tool free 5.25″ drive bays. The chassis features an impressive 20mm clearance behind the motherboard for cable management and cable routing cut-outs around the motherboard tray. So there’s little doubt that you can fit a high-end and easily maintainable system into their new chassis.

The name isn’t the catchiest ever, LPC501 doesn’t exactly inspire me, but the chassis does look nice and the specifications are impressive given its affordable price tag. The LPC501A will be available at most major retailers right now, with an MSRP of $64.99 and the LPC501B is expected to follow in the near future.

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Images courtesy of Enermax.

Lepa Readies Line of High-Wattage Platimum PSUs

We’ve been teased with the new line of Max Platinum power supplies from LEPA since CES and CeBIT this year and now it looks like they’re finally getting ready to launch. These aren’t just any power supplies, they are what looks to be the best of the best and come in a duality.

Even though it is a duo of devices, they act as a trio as the largest model will vary depending on the voltage supplied. The efficiency is rated up to 93% that places them firmly into the Platinum range and they are built with solid state capacitors and 105°C Japanese grade A capacitors that should offer great reliability and a longer lifespan.

The first new PSU is the LEPA P1050M that as the name suggest has 1050 watts and supports peak power draw up to 1155 watts. It has a modular cable design with flat peripheral cables to simplify the installation. The fan is a 125 mm ball bearing fan with thermal speed control. The PSU only measures 17 cm so there is plenty of room for cabling behind it and there shouldn’t be to many case compatibility issues either.

There are plenty of cables to connect to this device. It offers enough to hook up three high-end graphics cards with the six 6+2 pin PCI-E connectors. It has the obligatory 24-pin ATX, a 4+4-pin and 8-pin EPS connectors for the motherboard and CPU. For the peripherals it has twelve SATA and eight Molex connections. For floppy drives, fan controllers and similar devices it offers one Berg connection. This PSU uses a four +12V rail design.

The second PSU is the LEPA P1700M that has a massive 1700 watts when connected to a 230V power line. It will be sold as the LEPA P1375M In North America and Japan where they only have 110V power lines and as you guessed it can deliver 1375 watts. The 1700 watts model can peak up to 1800 watts and the 1375 watts model has an enormous headroom with peak abilities up to 1600 watts.

This model is based on a six +12V rail design and is 1 cm longer than the little brother and is 18 cm long. This is still small for a PSU with that kind of power and something many enthusiasts have been asking for. Otherwise it features the same fan and cable system.

The LEPA P1700M has plenty of cables to connect all your power-hungry devices starting with the 24-pin ATX, one 4-pin and two 8-pin EPS connectors for the motherboard and CPUs. The P1375M has eight 6+2pin PCI-E connectors and the P1700M has ten of them for up to five high-end graphics cards. There are 14 SATA, 10 Molex and 2 Berg connectors for the rest.

There is no word on availability or pricing yet, but expect to pay a premium for this kind of high-end power.

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Image courtesy of LEPA

Lepa LV12 CPU Cooler Now Available In Europe

LEPA are quickly securing a solid reputation in Europe, as a new brand they’ve already launched an impressive set of high-end power supplies and chassis products to market and their coolers have proven time and time again to be efficient and cost effective. Their latest product, the LEPA LV12 CPU cooler looks set to continue this trend and is now available in EU markets.

“LEPA relies on a new technique for efficient air stream conduction: Small air vents improve the air circulation inside the heat sink and increase the heat dissipation rate. The heat pipes rest directly on the CPU so that hot spots can be eliminated quickly. Due to these techniques, LEPA engineers have been able to lower down the thermal resistance of the cooler to just 0.095°C/W.” said LEPA in a recent PR.

Featuring a high quality PWM fan which comes fitted with Barometric Oil-less (BOL) bearing, which ofers silent operation and 160,000 hours MTBF, completely removable fan blades for easy maintenance, as well as a three speed PWM limiter to set the front to 800-1500 RPM, 800-1800 RPM and 800-2200 RPM to suit your cooling and acoustic performance needs.

The cooler is coated with a slick matt black colour, which not only looks great, but will also help protect the cooler from corrosion without affecting thermal performance.

The cooler will be available at major retailers any time now with an MSRP of just 36.90 EUR incl. VAT.

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Images courtesy of TechPowerUp.

2014 Range Of Lepa Products At CeBIT 2014

Lepa are a component manufacturer that fly under the Enermax banner, and while their products are often similar to Enermax, it is because they share many of the same design team and researchers between the two brands. Lepa has generally been targeted at different markets than Enermax, but now that the brand has built up a solid reputation of their own, we are starting to see more and more of them in western markets.

Below we have their new range of budget friendly coolers, based around the Enermax ETS-T40 (our review) design they offer great cooling performance and funky colour choices that would suit almost any kind of system build.

The new Lepa 120mm and 240mm coolers are again based around Enermax products, but feature high performance fans and a unique exterior pump design.

A wide range of new chassis products will be hitting the market this year, ranging from midi to full towers and we’ll be getting these in for review in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned for more information on these.

The PSU market get’s their new MX range, offering up the MX Bronze, Gold and Platinum series with the none modular (white), semi-modular (red and black) and semi-modular G800M (black).

Their latest prototype was secured under a cover, but was their demonstration of their future PSU products and features a fully passive design for completely silent performance, perhaps we will see more details about this at Computex later this year.

Boom! Saving the best for last. The P1700M is full modular and features a staggering 1700W of power at Platinum efficiency rating, if you’re interested in building a monster of a BitCoin mining rig, then this GPU should be on your shopping list. Build quality is incredible and all the finest components money can by have been poured into it, we can’t wait to get our hands on one and put it through its paces.

That’s everything from the Lepa booth for today, but we’ll be back later with even more coverage from this years CeBIT 2014 in Hanover.

Lepa Unveil Their Latest Range Of PSU’s At CES 2014

At CES 2014 in Las Vegas, we stopped by the Enermax/LEPA suite to see if they had any new products and they certainly did with a new range of power supplies from many different ranges. First up was the MX F1 series offering a near silent fan, white and black design and affordable price tag to boot.

Also in the mix was the B series range of power supplies

Within this range was a whole stack of units including 450W, 550W, 650W, 700W, 800W and 1000W all with 80 plus Bronze certification, modular design and powerful single 12V rail design.

Next up was the GM series, which as you can guess as the name suggests are their Max Gold range of units. These offer a unique red bumper design and large black fan.

With 5 different flavours including 500W, 600W, 700W, 800W and 1000W, every system user should be catered off and they all come with an 80 plus gold efficiency rating, modular cable design and again that single 12V rail.

Lastly on show, we have the PM series, which as the name suggests, is the Platinum range of power supplies from LEPA.

This range of units is not for the faint-hearted as they start with the lowest being a 1050W, working up to 1375W and finally a 1700W which is only available in the EU due to our higher voltages at the wall. These units claim to surpass platinum status and include modular cables with a flat cable design.

Lepa G1600 Modular Power Supply Review


If you’re looking for a 1000W+ power supply there are few companies that make power supplies with that much grunt, move up the wattage and even fewer companies make power supplies at the 1500W+ level. Of note Enermax offer a 1500W Platimax, EVGA a 1500W SuperNova and SilverStone a 1500W Strider. However, if you need to go beyond 1500W there are even fewer options. Off the top of my head I know of the Rosewill Hercules 1600W power supply, the High Power RockSolid Pro 1600W power supply and the 2000W power supply made by Asian OEM Great Wall. Yet relatively speaking none of those three are solid reputable brands (at least not in my opinion) for power supplies or have limited availability.

With that all said today we have something that solves those problems as it is made by the power supply veterans Enermax under their Lepa brand line. We have the absolutely monstrous Lepa G1600 power supply with a staggering 1600W of continous power, 1700W of peak power, 80 Plus Gold certification with up to 93% efficiency and a fully modular design. Not only does it have all those great things but you know it is a unit you can trust as it offers a staggering 5 year warranty and ten 6+2 pin PCIe connectors supporting up to five dual connector graphics cards. Right off the bat the Lepa G1600 looks ideal for any extreme system, GPU compute system, mining system, folding system or anything else that needs an insane amount of solid and reliable power.

About Lepa:

In 2011, LEPA heralded the birth of a whole new rising star, shinning in the global computer hardware arena. LEPA was founded by a group of enthusiastic IT engineers with zeal about technological innovations. LEPA embodies the high standards of quality, performance and stability, and strives to provide consumers with more reliable, creative high-tech solutions. With abundant research and development capabilities, LEPA introduced the spiral LED fans to the world, which has ignited the entire fan industry and sparked new lighting trends. The innovative LED fans with the multi-pattern control put fun in functionality, delivering both practical performance and aesthetic experience. To meet up with the latest energy-saving regulations, LEPA continuously introduces series of PSUs with the 80PLUS certification. In 2012, we launched the G1600-MA as the world’s first 1600W PSU with 80PLUS Gold certification. This demonstrates our outstanding and excellent R&D capability.The mission of LEPA indicates – “to bring about top-quality, safe and reliable, and reasonably-priced high-tech products to global users”, we will keep staying at the forefront of technology and continue our innovation. We strive to introduce more state of the art, exciting and chic high-tech products to you. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics about what this power supply is, what it is designed for and who Lepa are, let’s move onto the rest of the review and start looking at the product!

LEPA GM And BM Series Power Supplies Available In Europe

The LEPA brand has arrived in Europe, bringing proven technologies, durable components and an outstanding price-performance ratio. LEPA products have become increasingly popular in the past years. Now the company presents its third power supply generation.

The new GM and BM series provide an advanced cooling system and a high-performance technological design for strong gaming rigs. Special bonus: LEPA delivers the PSUs with the brand-new “Q-Brick” rubber frame. Both series, GM and BM, comply with the latest standard for desktop power supplies, ATX12V v2.4, and therefore also support the C6/C7 energy-saving modes of the most current Intel Haswell processors.

Maximum Gaming Performance with Minimum Energy Losses
The new power supplies from LEPA are specially designed for performance-capable graphics cards and CPUs. The 12V rail delivers at least 96 per cent of the total power and therefore offers enough reserve capacity for overclocking or system upgrades. By applying high-quality components and a modern PSU circuit, LEPA minimizes the power losses. With a peak efficiency of 92 per cent, the GM series fulfills the requirements of the international energy-saving certificate 80 PLUS Gold. The BM power supplies reach up to 88 per cent efficiency and possess the 80 PLUS Bronze seal.

Refined Cooling System for Most Silent Operation
LEPA has put effort in the development of a low-noise product: The fan of the GM and BM power supplies is based on a durable Hydraulic bearing that works almost frictionless. In the models with 700 watts and more, LEPA has applied large-size 13.5 cm fans. That way, it is possible to reach a high air flow rate at a lower speed and lower noise generation, compared to power supplies with a smaller fan.

Q-Brick: Smart Innovation from LEPA
LEPA has well-equipped the new BM and GM power supplies: The semi-modular cable management offers a variety of connectors for all possible configurations. Starting from 700 watts, the power supplies come with four PCI-E connectors to support strong multi-GPU systems. A unique feature of the GM and BM series is the brand-new “Q-Brick” rubber frame. It reduces vibrations and ensures an effective decoupling of the power supply. Depending on the individual taste, users can choose between a striking red or plain black frame.

Availability and Prices
The BM series (MaxBron) is available with 450, 550, 700, 800 and 1000 watts. The GM series (MaxGold) comes in four versions with 500, 600, 700 and 800 watts. The new LEPA power supplies will be on sale soon.

MSRP (incl. VAT)

  • MaxBron B450-MB: €56.90
  • MaxBron B550-MB: €64.90
  • MaxBron B700-MB: €79.90
  • MaxBron B800-MB: €89.90
  • MaxBron B1000-MB: €119.90
  • MaxGold G500-MB: €89.90
  • MaxGold G600-MB: €99.90
  • MaxGold G700-MB: €109.90
  • MaxGold G800-MB: €119.90

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Images courtesy of LEPA

Lepa Announces A Trio Of New Power Supply Series

Lepa, a sub-division of Enermax, have just unveiled three new series of power supplies. The GM-MaxGold, BM-MaxBron and MX F1. First up is the BM-MaxBron range (pictured above) and these are a range of 80 Plus Bronze power supplies in 450/700/800/1000W capacities with semi-modular designs. Lepa claim up to 88% efficiency is possible on these power supplies. They appear to use a 120mm fan for cooling. The units use a single 12 volt rail design and have ErP Lot6 certification. Lepa include changeable power supply sleeves which they are calling “Q-Bricks” and these can be swapped out for different colours. Included is a red one and a complimentary black one. These are designed to prevent slipping, scratching and virbration.

Next is the GM-MaxGold series of power supplies in 500/600/700W capacities and with 80 Plus Gold certification. These also use a semi modular design, have a 120mm cooling fan and Lepa claim up to 92% peak efficiency on these units. They are using a DC to DC converter topology and have full Haswell C6/C7 compatibility. These units also feature Lepa’s changeable “Q-Brick” power supply sleeve.

Lastly the MX F1 series pictured above comes in 350/400/600W capacities and has no efficiency certification. These power supplies have a non-modular design and an extended 60cm CPU 8pin cable. There is a quiet 120mm fan and these MX F1 units will be priced very aggressively for the entry level user.

More details can be found at the Lepa website.

Images courtesy of Lepa/Enermax

Lepa G1000-MA Semi Modular Power Supply Review

Lepa are a subdivision of Enermax and although initially founded as a secondary “budget” brand, with the intention of reserving the Enermax branding for premium products, Lepa has actually spawned quite a few impressive products. Today we are looking at their G1000W Semi Modular power supply which is a premium product by anyone’s standards. With a huge 1000W of continuous power, 80 Plus Gold certification and a semi-modular design this PSU, on paper at least, would do justice to any high end multi-GPU or CPU system.

While Lepa’s G1600 power supply has grabbed all the headlines, the G1000 is going to appeal to a wider audience. But has it got what it takes to be a classified as an enthusiast standard power supply? Well read on to find out.