YouTuber Builds Doom’s BFG Out of Lego

Lego is the defining toy of a number of generations, offering almost unlimited creativity in how it can be used. We’ve seen a complex computer case built entirely from the popular construction toy, but now Youtuber “ZaziNombies” has created a replica of one of the most well-known guns in all of video gaming history, Doom’s BFG 9000.

ZaziNombies has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to his Lego creations, which often focus on a great number of weapons from a huge number of popular franchises. Some of the Lego replicas already under his belt include the nuke-launching Fat Man from Fallout 3, Frostmourne of Warcraft fame and a large number of the guns seen in the Call of Duty series. All of these pale in comparison to the Lego BFG, which is the largest and heaviest gun he has ever built and is an amazingly complex build. The finished model is made from around 5000 individual lego bricks, including a number of translucent and light bricks and weighs in at 20 pounds. The real version may weigh a lot more (if it existed), but that is certainly a lot of weight for a Lego model.

Considering the lack of reference material for the iconic weapon, the level of detail that has gone into the model is incredible and includes a number of smart construction techniques in order to bring the whole thing together. For a full rundown of the model, check out the video below and get a glimpse into how the BFG may look in reality.

Lego Batman Is Back In His Own Trailer – Beat Box and All

It has now been two years since The Lego Movie graced our screens, with a mix of comedy and moral lessons making it perfect who anyone who enjoyed playing with the bricks when they were a child. Of all the characters in the film, a few stood out for their “unique” takes on people, with the rage controlling UniKitty (shown here in the Lego Dimensions trailer) and probably the most notable character Batman. Lego Batman is back and this time, he is starring in the trailer for his own film.

The Lego Batman Movie will feature Batman voiced by Will Arnett, alongside some jokes that seem perfect for the new version of the caped crusader. The films confirmed to include Lego versions of Robin, Batgirl and Joker alongside some other characters you may recognize if you pause at 1:23.

If you are as excited as we are to see this film, it comes out on February 10th, 2017, so you will have to settle for playing as Lego Batman in any of his games, which are on sale this weekend on Steam for 75% off, or you could grab the Lego Movie game, also for 75% off.

Beatboxing? Check. Awesome new Batcave? Check. Batman eating Lobster Thermidor? Check?

LEGO Assembly Line Folds Perfect Paper Aeroplanes

LEGO creator extraordinaire Arthur Sacek has built an amazingly intricate assembly line for making paper aeroplanes from the humble toy brick. Sacek, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was inspired as a child by his school’s LEGO robotics lab, triggering a lifelong love affair that yielded a host of amazing projects, including a PinPoint Animator and the littleBits Spinning Replicator.

Sacek was commissioned to build his latest LEGO contraption by Elevation Digital Media, on behalf of Arrow Electronics. This LEGO paper aeroplane manufacturer may not be the first of its kind ever created, but it is certainly the most impressive, finishing its folding process by launching the resulting plane into the air.

The machine is powered by several LEGO Mindstorms intelligent bricks and custom code written by Sacek.

The video is part of Arrow’s ‘Five Years Out’ advertising campaign, which pitches innovation as something that should never be limited to the far-future.

“Five Years Out isn’t that far off. It’s in the tangible future. The people who live and work there know that new technologies, new materials, new ideas and new electronics will make life not only different, but better. Not just cheaper, but smarter. Not just easier, but more inspired,” Arrow’s website reads. “Five Years Out is an exciting place to be. So exciting that, once you’ve been there, it’s hard to look back. We know what’s coming is going to be so much better.”

Arrow has also released a fascinating behind-the-scenes video, detailing the development and construction of the contraption.

Enthusiast Builds Amazing Lego Gaming Computer

Fans make all kinds of amazing things out of Lego, from scale statues to fully functioning mechanical models, but in a feat of custom case building that could rival the 3D printed PC, I present the Lego Gaming Computer.

Made from over 2200 pieces of real Lego, without any adhesives to hold it together, the Lego Gaming Computer is a top-of-the-line, from-scratch gaming machine optimized for cooling performance and touting a unique X-shaped design. Created by Lego-computer-building veteran Mike Schropp, the Lego Gaming Computer has some truly unique design decisions that allow it to apparently achieve the cooling levels able to rival water-cooled builds using only air.

Of course, the typical computer definitely isn’t X-shaped, and as a result, Schropp had to adapt the mounting of the parts to fit the case. The highlights of this include a custom-made GPU heatsink and a transverse mounted motherboard that allows the airflow across the GPU and other components to be separated. All of this cooling is powered by 6 main Noctua fans, 3 at the bottom drawing in cool air and the top venting the warm air, with many other smaller fans belonging to each component. Even the PSU is a custom design, the base model being a humble Silverstone SFX 600W Gold, to which Schropp took a soldering iron and replaced the capacitors with Chemi-con Japanese caps. The PSU fan was not just replaced with an array of Sunon fans, but also moved to a different location, with new holes being drilled to accommodate it.

There is so much that could be said about this amazing build, but I recommend reading Schropp’s own detailed documentation of the build. Schropp’s dedication to the build really shines through across the thousands of words written and accompanied by a myriad of pictures displaying his creation. To top this off, Schropp plans to sell pre-built Lego Gaming Computers to meet a variety of specifications, with a build carrying a Core i5 and GTX 950 starting at around £1,100 and spiralling upwards with the various customizations on offer. I love to build my own PCs and take pride in my handiwork and cable management, but I think myself and many other avid builders our there may just have been put to shame.

Microduino mCookie Brings LEGO to Life @ CES 2016

CES 2016: Microduino’s booth at CES this year, instantly caught my attention due to the colourful models and intriguing concept. The company produces tiny, stackable Arduino modules which are held together by strong magnets. The circuit boards contain raised plastic studs to connect to LEGO pieces and add a whole new dimension to your existing build projects. On another note, each module adopts open source technology and colour coded to distinguish between the functionality of each unit.

It’s remarkably easy to add Bluetooth, WiFi, various sensor hubs, GPS, audio functionality, battery management and even USB. This makes it a fantastic platform for developers or modders looking to create something unique. The devices have the ability to be programmed using Arduino IDE software which greatly enhances the unit’s flexibility.

In terms of pricing, you can purchase a basic tutorial kit for $25 all the way up to a 301-piece expert kit costing $299.99. The company has also started to sell individual modules to help finish a complex project or acquire the parts to create a production line. The hardware on show here helps make people’s creativity flourish and should encourage youngsters to learn more about programming.

GLaDOS is the Real Star of LEGO Dimensions

Traveller’s Tales has been showing off its forthcoming “toys-to-life” action adventure game, LEGO Dimensions, which is set for its official release next week. LEGO Dimensions sees some of the most iconic characters from film, television, and video games come together after the masked villain Lord Vortech (played by Gary Oldman) collapses the barriers between different fictional worlds. Using compatible LEGO minifigures and statues, à la Skylanders or Nintendo’s Amiibo figurines, characters ranging from Batman, Marty McFly (Back to the Future), and The Doctor (Doctor Who) team up to defeat Lord Vortech across multiple dimensions.

Amid all the buzz, though, no one realised LEGO Dimensions’ greatest secret: tucked away within the game, using the relevant expansion pack, is effectively a sequel to Valve’s lauded Portal series. While the information ahead is relatively spoiler-free, if you’ve not played the pair, flagellate yourself, buy them for PC, PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360, play them, love them, and come back. We’ll wait…

With the $50 Portal pack – on top of the $170 base game – you can once again play as Chell within the Portal 2 adventure level, reuniting with Wheatley (voiced again by Stephen Merchant) and, of course, GLaDOS (a triumphant return for Ellen McLain). Chell is initially tasked with building herself a Companion Cube and a Sentry Turret before negotiating her way through a number of test chambers with the help of her trusty Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.

The following video does contain spoilers for the LEGO Dimensions Portal pack:

As does this one. One big spoiler, in particular. You have been warned:

One final spoilery video shows the level’s end credits, which wouldn’t be the same without a Jonathan Coulton-penned song, performed by Ellen McLain as GLaDOS:

LEGO Dimensions is released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360 on 27th September in the US and 29th September in the UK.

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Fantastic Individual Builds Football Stadiums out of Lego

This just looks fantastic! a creative and talented individual by the name of Chris Smith builds and sells Football Stadiums that have been built out of Lego.

The project in question goes by the name of Brickstand, below is a few images to convey his mini constructions, first up, Upton Park, which is home to long ball team West Ham, ok ok, Slaven Bilic has improved things after Sam Allardyce departed. The detail within the ground is quite something considering this is constructed out of Lego, even the club wording embedded within the seats has been incorporated. The price tag is £299.99 which sounds expensive, but it does come ready built and not just a box of bricks with instructions.

Next up Vicarage Road which is home to newly promoted Watford, I wonder how robust these models are? Just imagine spending £279.99 for the below stadium and then dropping it on the floor. The measurements are 50x50x15cm and is built-in parts which according to the site “is easy to store when not on display”

The last image arrives courtesy of “your going home in an ambulance” Millwall, this model has roughly 1500 bricks within it and measures 65x50x15cm. If you’re worried about shipping in the UK, then don’t as Chris Smith will deliver them to you himself, he does this because there is no adhesive within the bricks and it would be also difficult to trust Royal Mail with these stadiums.

Chris Smith aims to build all 92 grounds in the football league out of Lego, he must have Lego falling out in every direction in his house, by all means check out his website for a complete overview of his work, it’s certainly unique. Lego might be keeping an eye on how far this project will go, if it is successful in the long run then expect Football league kits to be marketed by the company in the near future, I wonder how Chris will feel if Lego make millions out of his concept?

Thank you brickstand for providing us with this information.

Acer Demonstrates ‘Building Block’ Revo PC

The Acer Revo is an extraordinary small form-factor PC which features a wealth of upgradability through LEGO-inspired hardware tiers. Each expansion block magnetically clips into position after removing a plastic cover. Once unclipped, a discrete connector is unveiled which allows you to neatly connect cables between various tiers. Subsequently, this makes the cabling surprisingly easy and provides a clear, professional look. Currently, Acer’s range of optional tiers includes an external GPU, mini-speaker and headphone amplifier with more modules expected in the future.

In terms of performance, the Revo has the potential to be a small but powerful beast and incorporates either an Intel Celeron or Skylake CPU. Furthermore, the device allows up to 32GB of flash storage and 8GB RAM. Coupled with the dedicated GPU module, this could become the perfect LAN rig or Steam Box. It’s unknown what grade of GPU will be offered but I expect Acer to utilize the GTX 965M, GTX 970M and GTX 980M at different price tiers.

Connectivity-wise, the Revo features HDMI, full-sized DisplayPort, 3 USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The device is scheduled for an October release within the UK and priced around £200. Personally, I think the Revo is a marvellous concept and demonstrates how powerful tiny PCs can be. However, how much of a premium will there be to purchase Acer modules? To be a successful venture, Acer must be careful when it comes to pricing and the premium over traditional upgrades. For example, if a Blu-Ray reader costs £100, when you can purchase one yourself for £50, it could deter many people from investing in the Revo’s closed upgrade path.

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LEGO Hyrule Castle Took Two Years to Build

The term ‘superfan’ – like ‘genius’, ‘legend’, and ‘reboot’ – is oft overused, but in the case of Joseph Zawarda could be well deserved. Legend of Zenda fanatic Zawarda spent two-and-a-half years building a scaled replica of Hyrule Castle from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess from LEGO. The brick sculpture, unveiled at LEGO-fest BrickFair in Virginia, is so huge that it requires two cars just to move it.

YouTube channel Beyond the Brick interviewed Zawarda about his audacious creations. Some facts gleaned from the interview:

  • Zawarda struggled most with the design of the roof, since he had to develop a way to make blocky LEGO bricks appear curved. He considers the top of the roof the most difficult part to construct;
  • A large portion of the two-and-a-half year building process was dedicated to the castle’s greenery, since Zawarda wanted the surrounding to look “as organic as possible”;
  • He used parts from multiple existing LEGO castle sets, as well as some LEGO Technic pieces for the mechanical drawbridge, but had to order a number of specific pieces from Scandinavia via LEGO trading site bricklink;
  • The castle can be broken down into 40 pieces for transport, which Zawarda spread between two cars to transport to the BrickFair event.

More of Zawarda’s LEGO Zelda recreations can be found on his Flickr page.

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Meet Iko, the LEGO-Compatible Prosthetic Arm

This is Iko, the prosthetic arm that puts the ‘fun’ in functional. The artificial limb for kids has been designed to be compatible with the favourite toy of children and adults alike, LEGO, making it endlessly customisable.

Prosthetics have come a long way in the past few years, especially since the advent of 3D printing, which allow manufacturing to be not only cheap but has opened up the scope of potential designs and innovations.

Chicago-based Colombian designer Carlos Arturo Torres developed Iko during a six-month internship at LEGO, where he was exposed to the true extent of how that humble brick is able to foster social connections. “My friends in psychology used to tell me that when a kid has a disability, he is not really aware of it until he faces society,” Torres said. “That’s when they have a super rough encounter.” That’s why he chose LEGO to help kids with missing limbs build bridges and improve their self-esteem.

Torres returned to his home country to visit patients at Cirec, a rehabilitation clinic for kids with prosthetics. He met Dario, an 8-year-old boy who was left without a right forearm due to a congenital condition. “He was talking about the robot’s different features and pointed to a bionic eye,” Torres says of Dario. “He said the robot built it himself because he was the only one who knew what he needed. And that was like, boom.”

Iko is laced with LEGO-compatible studs, allowing the wearer to add LEGO bricks, parts, and minifigures to their hearts’ content. Though it is still in its prototype stage, Torres hopes the transformational power of LEGO will help change the lives of disadvantaged children in a way that a conventional prosthetic cannot. A friend of Dario, who had previously expressed pity over his condition, saw his playmate enjoying his Iko. “He said, ‘I want one of those,’” Torres beamed.

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LEGO Spending Millions to Make its Bricks Environmentally Friendly

Since its emergence as building toy powerhouse in the 1970s, LEGO has been producing its famous bricks from petroleum-based plastics. Now, the Danish company is investing millions of dollars to research and develop new, environmentally friendly and sustainable methods of producing LEGO elements and packing materials. LEGO aims to ditch oil-based plastics entirely by the year 2030.

“You could say that it’s a logical place for us to find a way of reducing our environmental footprint. If you look at our CO2 footprint as a company, the majority of our impact comes from offscreen activities—basically what happens before we receive any raw materials in our factory,” said Roar Trangbaek, press officer for the LEGO Group.

LEGO has seen a sharp rise in sales over the last twenty years, piqued by its deal with Lucasfilm to produce LEGO Star Wars tie-in sets, the first of many lucrative film deals that includes Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Batman. As such, the company’s carbon footprint has risen sharply, three-quarters of which comes from the extraction and refinement of plastics from oil. Though LEGO has been keen to offset its footprint with other environmental projects, it has decided that its efforts were not making the desired impact.

$150 million is being spent on the new LEGO Sustainable Materials Center, which is due to be completed by 2016. It will employ around 100 materials specialists tasked with developing a new, green method of producing LEGO bricks without compromising the integrity or quality of its products.

LEGO says of the new Sustainability Center in the accompanying press release:

  • The LEGO Group dedicates 1 billion DKK and sets up LEGO Sustainable Materials Centre to find and implement new sustainable alternatives to current raw materials.
  • More than 100 employees are expected to be recruited predominantly in the LEGO Group headquarters in Billund Denmark, to work on the task in the coming years.
  • The structure and organisation of the LEGO Sustainable Materials Centre will be developed during 2015 and 2016.
  • The LEGO Group will continuously report on the progress and learnings gained towards the 2030 ambition.

“What we announce today is a long-term investment and a dedication to ensuring the continued research and development of new materials that will enable us to continue to deliver great, high quality creative play experiences in the future, while caring for the environment and future generations. It is a daunting and exciting challenge,” Jørgen Vig Knudstorp of the LEGO Group added.

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Turn any Image into Lego

Lego, those magical blocks that turned children into amazing creators and sent adults to the foot doctor, has been around for many years. You can buy a random box of Lego and build whatever you want until you run out of bricks, or you could buy a kit and follow the instructions.

This new fan-made website allows you to upload absolutely any image you want and convert it into a Lego instruction kit; telling you how many bricks you need and line by line instructions to the placement.

I personally love Lego, I’m 24 and still buy the occasional set, so I ran a little test to see how it worked. With our logo, it shows me a shopping list of all of the Lego bricks needed to complete in a one block thick creation and the instructions of a row by row construction. Our logo might only be 30 rows high, but it is 200 bricks wide.

This could be a nifty little tool if you ever wanted to show off some awesome Lego skills (well not really awesome as you’re following instructions). Imagine the creations that could be made if this tool enabled image stitching for 3D models.

Would you be interested in using this web site? Let us know in the comments what sort of creations you could make or like to see be made.

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LEGO Game Released as a Direct Competitor to Minecraft

LEGO is the stuff of dreams and nightmares all rolled into one. On the one hand, it is amazingly satisfying to build an amazing creation out of just a pile of blocks; on the other hand, stepping on that missing 1×1 block hurts a lot.

Well, now LEGO has released a new open-world, sandbox game called LEGO worlds. This will be a rich massive landscape made out of, you guessed it, LEGO. This is set to be an almost direct competitor to Minecraft. The game will offer what we have come to expect from LEGO, both on and off-screen. You can just roam the landscape or change it yourself in the editor. There will be a range of real-world sets available to the player; most will likely be free, but expect some in-game purchases.

You can currently purchase the game through Steam Early Access program for $17. I recently purchased Minecraft to see what all the fuss is about and now I think I will be buying this….for work. Could this be a new method to sell more LEGO sets? Maybe the creators could track creations and create actual sets based off downloads? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Mad Max’s Insane Vehicles Look Awesome in Lego

No pop culture phenomenon is complete until it gets made in Lego form. Thankfully for fans of Mad Max: Fury Road, that moment has arrived.

A Flickr user has uploaded a massive photo gallery of his collection of Lego inspired by the movie’s incredible array of outlandish vehicles. He’s recreated everything from the ludicrous Doof Wagon to Immortal Joe’s Gigahorse and Furiosa’s almighty War Rig. You can check out more Lego versions of the film’s vehicles over at Lego Will’s Flickr page.

The film was released earlier this month and has an IMDB rating of 8.7/10. A summary of the film is below:

“Years after the collapse of civilization, the tyrannical Immortal Joe enslaves apocalypse survivors inside the desert fortress the Citadel. When the warrior Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) leads the despot’s five wives in a daring escape, she forges an alliance with Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy), a loner and former captive. Fortified in the massive, armored truck the War Rig, they try to outrun the ruthless warlord’s henchmen in a high-speed, deadly chase through the Wasteland.”

It has made $239,289,534 since the launch based on the box office’s estimated figures and stars the likes of Tom Hardy(mad max himself), Charlize Theron (Imperator Furiosa) and Nicholas Hoult (Nux).

Here are some of the photos:


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Image courtesy of Flikr / LEGO Will

LEGO Dimensions to be Backwards Compatible

Remember a few weeks back we brought you the awesome news that LEGO will be making an interactive console game based around the same principle as Skylanders, Disney Infinity or Amiibo? No? Go check it out.

In the newest turn of events, the creators behind LEGO Dimensions have now stated that newer kits will be backwards compatible with the original ‘portal’. This comes as a surprise considering the other main three offerings all have specific compatibility and different game versions. I guess this is to incorporate the whole ‘this is LEGO, it’s compatible with sets from back in 1970 to a set released today.’

“Future expansion pack purchases will continue to work with the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack, even in the fall of next year. No compatibility chart necessary” a spokesperson stated. So the starter packs we get this Autumn will be compatible with sets in the future and vice versa. I guess the only issue that could arise is when a new console comes out that requires a new portal, but we’ll cross that bridge in a few years.

I’m really excited for this, I had to buy the Disney Infinity kit recently; OK the figures look fine, but you couldn’t exactly play with them once the game is over. Why not check out the newest video trailer for the game.

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LEGO Super Star Destroyer Destruction Captured by 1000fps Camera

Everyone remembers the Star Destroyers from Star wars, the big impending shapes that announced the imperial fleet was approaching, and then in the prequels the Republics clone army. But what happens when you spend $800 on building a LEGO version of the Super Star Destroyer, as shown in the image above, a much larger version of the star destroyer and Darth Vaders personal flagship (named the Executor).

The second best thing of LEGO was the ability to build whatever you could think of, from a simple house or vehicle to a complex track of motors and towers. The best bit, I found, was taking it apart, slowly dismantling the models you built weeks or months ago just to see how they worked and how you had built them and maybe improve on their designs. Turns out I was wrong, the best bit is filming an $800 LEGO super star destroyer in slow motion crash into the floor.

Filmed at 1000 frames per second the video shows everything from the slow motion impact to tracking the little Darth Vader as he is released from the ship. What is the most complex or expensive piece of Lego you’ve ever built?

Video courtesy of WIRED.

Man Builds Destiny Suros Rifle Entirely From Lego

What do you do when you’ve got a lot of spare time, a huge amount of Lego pieces and love for a computer game? You recreate one of its most popular weapons in exquisite detail of course! At least, that’s what Nick Brick did, as he’s just finished up a fantastic replica of the Suros Regime exotic auto rifle from Bungies popular MMOFPS, Destiny.

This must have taken a fair amount of time to complete and no doubt a lot of searching through Lego boxes for the right parts for the job.

The gun comes complete with a removable magazine, as well as a light up ammo counter in the back, a movable trigger and a charging handle, meaning it’s completely practical to play with when you want to run around with it and make pretend gun noises.

Nick is no stranger to fantastic Lego creations and you can check out his other work on his Flickr album, such as this stunning BR55 Rifle from Halo 2 Aniversary (see below).

If you could recreate any gun from any game and had unlimited Lego (and time) to complete it, which one would you choose? I think I would have to go with the Mako Cannon from FFVII, although perhaps not on a 1:1 scale!

Batman vs. Superman Trailer Recreated With Lego is Epic

I love a little bit of Lego animation from time to time, mostly because you’re never too old for Lego, but also because I appreciate the time and effort people put into these fun little projects, just to amuse random people on the internet.

The movie is already shaping up to be quite an interesting addition to the whole comic book movie scene, despite many lingering questions over how ridiculous it is going to be. If you haven’t seen the original trailer which leaked a few days ago, I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for you in the form of Lego animation; you can check out the original trailer right here.

The original trailer is certainly dark and intense and it’s great to see that none of that is lost in the Lego version, although I now wonder if this movie will get the now seemingly obligatory Lego game release, just like virtually every other film does these days.

Will you be in the line to see the new movie on release day? After an intense trilogy at the hands of Christopher Nolan, I’m eager to see how this new Batman holds up, not to mention settle the debate of who will win, Batman or Superman?

LEGO Dimensions: LEGO’s Answer to Skylanders and Amiibo

Lego, probably the best toy franchise in the world, has finally jumped on board the interactive console gaming bandwagon. LEGO Dimensions aims to bring full customisation to this platform in true LEGO style.

So it all started back in October 2012 when Activision released Skylanders. Something revolutionary, where you can play with certain characters of your choice by putting the specific figure onto the play base/ portal base. Disney’s Infinity followed in August 2013 and Nintendo’s Amiibo November 2014. So now it’s LEGO’s turn, bringing the iconic LEGO brand, with its almost limitless customisation to the console; essentially bringing your ideas to life.

All of these manufacturers have a niche market, if not for the actual games, but for the figures. Skylanders have the dragons from Spyro, Infinity has a good proportion of the most popular Disney characters and Amiibo has some of the most iconic figures such as Pikachu from Pokemon. So what does LEGO have? Childhood memories, remember that first spaceship you made that didn’t look anything like a spaceship? Or that 3 wheel car that could only turn left or it would catch the carpet? Dem Feels right?

So this starter pack will cost $99 and will be released towards the end of September. I personally can’t wait for this, I own Disney Infinity and Nintendo Amiibo and love the figures; the gameplay is a little on the childish side, but I guess it is designed for 7 year-olds. September can’t come quick enough.

You Can Now Own a Customisable Computer Built from LEGO

There have been a lot of LEGO projects up until now, with the latest being a handheld 3D printer and a Jurassic Park built by father and daughter entirely from LEGO. Given its hype, it would have been expected sooner or later for someone to bring forth a customisable LEGO desktop computer.

Mike Schropp, the man behind the Total Geekdom website, has been building LEGO computers for years. However, this is the first time Schropp has designed something saleable and he really outdid himself. After going through multiple design iterations, he finally settled on a compact 19.05 x 19.05 x 13.97cm system design.

The size of the system is said to be just as big as to fit a motherboard in, with Schropp explaining that his goal was to build something portable, endlessly customisable and packed with the power of a full desktop computer.

The base system is said to start at $999, coming with an Intel i3-4360 Dual-Core CPU, 8GB memory, a 120GB SSD and Intel HD4600 Graphics. It seems that there are only three case designs available, each of which come with a user-controlled LED light bar that encircles the top of the case and displays up to 20 different colours.

More details on how to get your hands on your own LEGO systems can be found over at Schropp’s website.

Father and Daughter Built Jurassic Park Out of $100,000 of LEGO

A father and daughter have not only recreated Jurassic Park – the dinosaur-filled theme park from the eponymously-titled 1993 Spielberg film – from over $100,000 worth of LEGO bricks, they, with the help of some animator friends, recreated some of the movie’s best moments as a stop-motion YouTube short.

The high quality of the animation compares favourably with 2014’s multi-million dollar The LEGO Movie, and the recreations of famous Jurassic Park scenes are very charming. The pair even made a ‘making-of’ video, which gives us a better impression of just how vast some of the scenes they built are.

Source: The Verge

BioShock’s Ken Levine Teases New Open-World Sci-Fi RPG

Ken Levine has released some information on his new game, the first since he dissolved BioShock developers Irrational Games. Levine revealed the tidbits on Twitter, responding to fan questions.

He said that the “current thinking” points towards a first-person “sci-fi or sci-fi ish” RPG, based on an original idea.

In a series of tweets, Levine then divulged further details, including that the game is “heavily reliant on re-usable ‘Lego’ narrative and game systems [sic]” and will be a “small open worldish […] rpg”.

Levine invited Twitter questions on his new game after posting the following related video, filmed earlier this month:

Source: Eurogamer

Mind of a Worm Uploaded to a LEGO Robot to Make the Weirdest Cyborg Ever

In a breakthrough for artificial intelligence research, a digital clone of the mind of a roundworm (C. Elegans) has been uploaded into a robotic body made from LEGO, as part of the Open Worm Project.

Once the software facsimile of the worm brain was integrated into the LEGO robot it, with no additional programming, exhibited behaviour consistent with the C. Elegans species, avoiding obstacles and attracted by food. The robot carries sensors that imitate the senses of a roundworm, bridged by software modelled on a worm’s nervous system.

Stephen Larson, the project’s co-ordinator, told US news network CNN, “We’ve been working on it for four years and while we have a lot more to achieve it’s been the most surprising project I’ve been involved in. It’s certainly exceeded my expectations.”

The research teams says that it will take some time for the robot to learn to avoid predators or search for a mate, but that the progress made so far bodes well for the future.

“We definitely have further to go, but I think what captures people’s imagination is how much information we have managed to put together,” said Larson.

Source: CNN

The PNY LEGO USB Flash Drive Is Here

PNY has shared the information on the new LEGO USB Flash Drive. This is great news for me, or rather my three nephews. They have been pestering me since they heard about this the first time around Christmas, and I haven’t been able to get them for them yet. That has changed now and the LEGO brick USB stick is available in 16GB size for $12.99. That is actually not a bad price considering it is LEGO branded. Each LEGO USB Flash Drive also comes with an additional LEGO brick for “extra building fun”.

  • Includes one LEGO USB Flash Drive and one LEGO brick
  • The LEGO USB Flash Drive has a capless, sliding design
  • The included key-fob easily attaches to the key ring for on the go storing and fun
  • The LEGO USB Flash Drive and additional LEGO brick are compatible with all LEGO brick toys for endless fun

Specifications wise the stick is USB 2.0 and there are no official speed descriptions. This most likely means that it will be around 7-10MB/s write and read speeds. It is compatible with most PC & MAC laptop and desktop computers with an available USB 2.0 port. The stick measures 1.20 x 0.50 x 0.22 inch and has an operating temperature of 0° to 60° C and a storage temperature tolerance of -25° to 85° C. It comes with a One-Year Warranty and free technical support.

For now the drive only appears to be available in blue, but I’m sure that will change. Specially considering the first image above.

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Images courtesy of PNY.

Cyborg Arm Created From Lego Will Amaze and Terrify Your Kids

This Lego Cyborg arm, dubbed Mark VI, may only be made out of plastic bricks, but it is incredibly advanced, especially compared to the rudimentary model spaceships I build out of my sons Lego.

The arm was built using the Lego Mindstarms EV3 kit and certainly looks like a powerful augmentation for the guy who built it. The only downside being that it is still just made of LEGO so it is not going to crush any enemy skulls any time soon and it also requires frequent battery changes.

It may be Lego, but this is a great way to get started in robotics and try out your ideas. I’d love to try create a mechanical Lego arm of my own, but given that EV3 kits cost north of £200, I think I’ll have to wait a little while longer.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″][/youtube]

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Lego Fusion Closes Gap Between Real and Virtual Worlds

I don’t know about any of you, but when I was younger Lego was a big part of my childhood and even today I still act like a bit of a kid when it comes to playing around with it, however back then we had to imagine the rest of the world where our models would run. Technology though has come on a long way since those days and a few years ago we saw the introduction of Mindstorms and then a lot more recently PC and console games which took the Lego concept into the next world.

There has however been a large gap between the Lego we build by hand and the games we play on the screen, but this is all about to change as Lego come out with their latest mastermind – Lego Fusion.

In short Fusion is a game that is run on an iOS or Android powered tablet which involves the building of physical Lego that we can touch with our hands to progress through the game.

To merge the real and virtual worlds together, users will have an app installed on their tablet which builds the virtual world and as they progress through the game they have to build buildings and other models on a special VR base plate which the app can read through the camera and after ‘reading’ the model, the building, car, tower or other model is then built by virtual workers, replicating the real model brick for brick (including all those odd colours that we like to include)

Fusion will be coming out initially with four different kits; Town Master, Battle Towers, Create & Race and Resort Builder. The first three kits will be hitting the shelves in a couple of months time for around $35  in the states, with Resort Builder coming a little later in September. A UK launch date is not quite decided as of yet, but I certainly imagine it will be out before Christmas with Lego potentially looking to have Fusion as this years ‘must have’.

Although I personally wouldn’t get this sort of kit – instead preferring to stick to the physical models and the Technics line of projects, I’m certain this will appeal to the younger generation a lot more, where console and mobile gaming is more popular than building models.

Source: BBC News

Lego Fan Creates Awesome Pokémon Models

First of all, I’m amazed that the world of Pokémon and Lego haven’t already combined, one of the most popular toys of several generations and one of the biggest cartoon collectathons of another. Sure I grew out of Pokémon a very long time ago, but you’re never too old for Lego and awesome looking Lego creations.

Lego wiz Dan McCormack got his inspiration from replaying the classic Pokémon game on his PC with an emulator. The nostalgia ran deep and since he had also recently taken his old Lego sets out of storage, McCormack just put two and two together, and pretty much relived a large chunk of his childhood, to create these cool models.

The feedback he has gotten so far is impressive, with many people thinking they’re official Pokémon Lego kits. The project has since inspired the Lego Ideas Project to promote getting an official set released.

Enjoy the gallery below, let us know what set you would love to see come to the Lego brand.

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