Evolve Ultimate Edition Coming to Xbox One And PlayStation 4

There was a great deal of hype surrounding Evolve’s release as fans expected a similar experience to Turtle Rock Studios’ iconic shooter, Left 4 Dead. Sadly, Evolve’s player base is almost non-existent as the community became disgusted by the huge array of cosmetic day 1 DLC. The studio massively underestimated the backlash to these microtransactions and hoped to entice players with enthralling co-op gameplay. Putting the terrible business model aside, Evolve didn’t offer anything unique and relied on its multiplayer focus to keep people entertained.

Given the game’s torrid state, it seems the developer is trying to relaunch and gain back fans with an ultimate edition. 2K has confirmed the new edition will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but there’s no word about a PC version. The game will retail for $60, which is very steep considering the standard version was recently on sale for a mere $4.99 from the Xbox storefront. Even more absurd, the ultimate edition doesn’t contain every piece of DLC. This shows they haven’t learnt anything from the dwindling user base and reasons why Evolve has become a failure. While it did quite well commercially early on, most people have moved onto something else and the game has a poor reputation.

Valve Games Account for More Than 50% of Playtime on Steam

Steam Spy provides a fantastic insight into the gaming habits and purchasing trends on the Steam store. It allows you to track concurrent players, observe the median playtime and see how many people own a particular game. Shockingly, the data indicates over 50% of playtime is spent on Valve’s in-house releases. This includes titles like DOTA 2, Team Fortress 2, Counterstrike Global Offensive and Portal 2. While the competitive scene in DOTA 2 is monumental, I would expect the figures to be nowhere near this mark given Valve’s reluctance to release new games. Anyone remember Half Life 3?

Honestly, I find this a rather depressing state of affairs. Steam is awash with a multitude of wonderful indie games, and other incredibly fun AAA releases. Instead of sticking to the same formula, the competitive players should broaden their horizons into new genres. Although, to become good at any game involves a huge time investment and I applaud their commitment.

Only recently, I played Shadow Warrior for the first time and absolutely adored it! Looking at the data from a logical viewpoint, I imagine a huge quantity of the playtime is attributed by Valve’s multiplayer games which continue to be extremely popular. DOTA 2’s community is staggering, Team Fortress 2 still has a loyal player base and CS:GO is possibly the more realistic shooter out there. Subsequently, I think most people are trying unusual titles but it’s hard to keep up as bundles and Steam sales rapidly increase your game library.

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide Aims to Be a Promising Left 4 Dead Rival

There is a new title in the works based on Games Workshop’s Warhammer license called Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide. The trailer appeared in early March and it looks like it features a co-op FPS gameplay involving shooting a lot of Skaven hordes.

The title is being made by Fatshark games and its gameplay looks similar to Left 4 Dead. However, it does show potential. You can view its webpage here and the Steam page here.

Here are its main features:

  • Cooperative survival for up to four players — Band together with your friends or die alone. Vermintide will continuously test the teamwork and skill of you and your friends.
  • Diverse heroes — Five distinct characters to choose from, each with their own personality, agenda and story to tell. Learning what it means to work together is key to the groups survival.
  • Experience the Skaven like never before — A rising tide of malicious and cunning rat-men, hacking, clawing and eviscerating all that stand in their way. Face vicious packs of clan-rats and deadly specialized elites.
  • Unpredictable enemies — Vermintide features a dynamic spawn system providing a constant set of new challenges lurking behind every corner.
  • Engaging story — Games Workshop veterans have banded together to write a fantastic new addition to the Warhammer lore, offering a new perspective on the cataclysmic events of The End Times.
  • Nowhere is safe — The Skaven boast incredible mobility, able to climb and leap fantastic distances to make life a living hell for the Players. No matter where you go, they will be there, ready to pounce.
  • Rewarding loot system — Focused on rewarding teamwork above all else, the loot mechanics reflect the general game design while staying true to Warhammer lore.
  • Choose Your play style — Be it melee or ranged, find

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The Six-Day ‘Big Alpha’ Event for Evolve Saw 1.3M Rounds Played

From the developer that made Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios, comes their latest game ‘Evolve’ which enjoyed its “Big Alpha” event recently.

The developer saw a massive 2 million hours of Evolve gameplay being viewed over Twitch, which equates to a huge 235 years of gameplay time. There were 1.3 million rounds played across the alpha, which even included the outage on the PlayStation 4.

Evolve launches on February 10, 2015.

Source: Polygon.

Left 4 Dead 2 Finally Arrives On Steam For Linux Next Week

The possibility of Left 4 Dead 2 arriving on the Linux platform has been around for well over a year now. Around 9 months ago Valve told us they could get Left 4 Dead 2 to run faster on Linux than Windows. However, the process of porting to Linux has clearly been long and complex because we still haven’t got a publicly available working version of Left 4 Dead 2 on Linux.

However, Gamers will be able to play the first beta of Left 4 Dead 2 on Linux from next week according to the latest information from the Left 4 Dead blog. This will available to play on both Windows and Linux as it is testing out the new EMS (Extended Mutation System) update for the Left 4 Dead 2 game – so it is not a Linux specific release but can be played on Linux too.

“The L4D2 Beta is mutating. Not content to just be the testing ground for the new Extended Mutation System, we will be adding Linux to the Beta. And not content with the number of testers in the Beta, we will also be opening up the Beta to all L4D2 owners”

The beta will be a public beta that everyone can access as long as you have the Steam client, it is separate to the main Left 4 Dead 2 game so will download a lot of files. Make sure you have sufficient bandwidth.

“You do not need to enter a code to gain access and it is totally voluntary to download and participate in the Bet,”

Strangely though we have heard very little about the original Left 4 Dead and whether that will be ported to Linux anytime soon. Valve did promise to port the complete catalog of their games so let’s hope they stick by their word.

Will you be trying out the Left 4 Dead 2 on Linux beta next week?