Ellen Pao Resigns From Reddit

Well, the controversy surrounding the appointment of Ellen Pao as CEO of Reddit, has now been replaced with joy in the websphere with news breaking that she has resigned from her position. According to Reddit announcements, “Ellen Pao has resigned from Reddit today with mutual agreement, before going on to announce that Steve Huffman, founder and the original Reddit CEO, is returning as CEO.”

Upon further reading of the announcement, it does make you wonder if this was sarcastic or a generic post, Reddit “are thankful for Ellen’s many contributions to Reddit and the technology industry generally” By thankful it may be more of a case of, don’t let the door hit you on the way out after offending loyal Reddit readers with the dismissing of Victoria Taylor, who was a respected and well liked employee of the site.

Reddit closes their statement by welcoming Steve Huffman “who we assumed was unavailable, was the benchmark candidate and he has exactly the combination of talent and vision we were looking for”

I think this just goes to show that by destabilising an expansive company and offending loyal readers, the only recourse is one of exit. Perhaps it also shows naivety in attempting to impose an ideology which co cannot exist on a website which in this case is Reddit.

Sony Xperia Creative Director Leaves, Sony in Turmoil

Creative leader Kirchiro Kurozumi has called it quits, leaving large-name tech Company Sony to pursue a slightly different career in Japanese telecommunications and Internet corporation SoftBank.

This is especially bad timing for Sony, as they’re currently transitioning through a current re-design of their whole smartphone strategy. Kurozumi was responsible for overseeing the product planning for Sony’s Xperia phone series and is said to be carrying out a similar role now in SoftBank’s Mobile department. After his departure one month ago, reports began to immediately surface of Sony’s current turmoil in the form of sales figures.

The Financial Times has reported that Sony’s market performance was already suffering before this loss, as they’re expected to lower their annual smartphone sales target again at the end of October; this will mark the second time they’ve done so this year. We’ve also learned that Sony will be removing their line of low to mid range phones in the Chinese market, but they will not confirm this statement.

Suppliers aren’t too happy either – Sony has reportedly held a meeting with them with no said plans to cut back production, but then announcing a roll-back in production a few hours later. A Japanese supplier has added “We’ve set a sales forecast for Sony phones that is more conservative than what the company told us,”.

All in all, this news isn’t looking too good for Sony’s mobile branch – here’s hoping they can get someone on board to steer them in the right direction. We’ve seen plenty of good products out of them in the past, it’s only a matter of time before something new comes out to tackle the large beasts such as Apple, HTC and Samsung.

Image courtesy of Poder pda