Got a Lawsuit you Want to Fund? Crowdfund it!

Want to sue someone but can’t afford it? Well no longer, as a new website called LexShares thinks it has the answer, with its Kickstarter for lawsuits.

LexShares allows people to quite simply ask “accredited investors” for money towards a suit they’re taking out. Those investors can invest a minimum of $2,500 into any suits that they think would produce a good return.

Investors get to see all sorts of details about a case, giving them an idea of the chances of the suit being successful. They also get the opportunity to see how long it would take to see a return on their investment. If the case loses, they lose that investment.

The founders of the company behind it say they believe the site will “even the playing field” between individuals who normally couldn’t afford a $1 million suit and giant multinational companies that can afford a number different lawsuits a year.

So if you do want to sue someone, get on over to LexShares.

Source: The Next Web