Turn Your Smartphone’s Camera Flash Into a Lamp

What makes the tech sphere stand out from other industries is the vast array of concepts and nifty innovations which solve problems that are not always apparent. This new gadget may not be the greatest problem solver, but it sure is nifty and also has real world potential.

Below is an image of a soft yet durable silicone strap by the name of Travelamp, the concept is to turn your phone’s flashlight into a lamp. If you are not a fan of a lamp but prefer a lantern, then this product has you covered as both designs are available. As this device is only a fraction in size, this would make it easy for it to be fitted into a pocket or suitcase. We just need an App to turn your flashlight green and you can be the Green lantern… sort of.

The device will sell for $8 (£5.12) and is likely to be sold online with the estimated in stock date of 10th October 2015. According to the makers, it is easily installed on most small to mid-sized Smartphone’s.

A product like this stands a chance of shifting a fair few units because it is both practical and can also be used as a stocking filler, considering the release date is around two months before Christmas. Blimey, glorious summer days and yet the Zeitgeist of the festive period looms.

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Image Courtesy of Gizmodo

The IKEA Wireless Charging Collection Hits Stores This Spring

IKEA is introducing a lineup of wireless charging furniture and accessories that are hitting stores in late spring. The collection includes lamps, end tables, single and triple charging pads, and an installable wireless charging pad.

The whole wireless charging sensation is something that hasn’t really taken off since it hasn’t been mass adopted in the past few years like so many wish it would have. There have been many devices that have adopted the technology and adapters made to take use of the tech in the form of cases and battery adapters.

It has been known for a while that IKEA planned to introduce this lineup, but it just announced that they will go on sale in late spring. The lineup consists of standard Nordmärke wireless charging pads that are $28 for the single and $65 for the triple. Then there is an actual furniture line that will have the Qi standard charging pads built-in. An even cooler product is the Jyssen wireless charger, a $30 pad that you can install into existing furniture with a $5 Fixa hole saw set that they will also be selling. That should make it a breeze and very affordable to make your whole house wireless charging friendly, from your desk to the kitchen counter there are tons of possibilities.

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Ikea Planning to Sell Wireless Charging Lamps and Tables

We live in an era where our smartphone and/or tablet battery is one of our top priority for the day. Often we forget to plug them into a charger while at home or at the office, only to notice we can barely unlock them to see a notification once we are outside.

Ikea seems to have been thinking about the same problem and appears to have a rather high-tech solution, offering its customers a range of lamps and tables that come with wireless charging technology. Floor, table and work lamps are just a few of what Ikea offers in terms of lighting solution, along with a pair of bedside tables that come with individual pads which would add more charging locations to homes.

It seems that the furniture supports the Qi wireless standard, which is the leader in the wireless charging standard around the world. Since one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers which sell their handsets with built-in Qi wireless charging technology is Microsoft and its Lumia series, Ikea is also offering to sell charging covers for Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S handsets in order to use them with its furniture.

Ikea is said to start selling the furniture in the US and UK in mid April, having a starting price of around £40 in the UK. Pricing in the US is still to be confirmed.

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