Cliff Bleszinski Declined Offer From Kojima to Help on Silent Hills

Silent Hills was a game that many fans of both the Silent Hill franchise and Kojima’s games were waiting for. Sadly the only thing ever to come out of the collaboration between game and film directors Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro was the demo PT before the relationship between Kojima and his long-time publisher Konami went sour. It turns out that PT could have been a demo for a very different game, as Cliff Bleszinski, known for his work on the Unreal and Gears of War game series, has taken to Twitter stating that Kojima had asked to collaborate with him on Silent Hills.

The fate of Silent Hills was a real shame, especially after PT, and has left many of us asking “what if?” the game had been allowed to be completed instead of being pulled as just a demo. We don’t know at what point in the development of the game Kojima had tried to get Bleszinski on board or if del Toro was already onboard at the time. It all just brings more intrigue to the table regarding a game that is now long dead before it even existed. Bleszinski cited a number of reasons for declining to work with Kojima on Silent Hills, despite being flattered by the offer, stating that “I don’t like LA, I love new IP, and I woulda f***ed up SH”

Thankfully, while Silent Hills was not to be, both Kojima and Bleszinski are both hard at work on moving forward with their own new projects. Bleszinski is leading the development of the new free-to-play PC shooter Lawbreakers with Boss Key Productions. Meanwhile, Kojima’s moving on from Konami has seen him founding a new game studio and starting a brand new partnership with Sony, having a new game in the works for PS4 and PC and even finding time to go on a world trip to see the future of gaming technology. Who knows, maybe the two could even team up to work on a game in future!

Kojima Visits LittleBigPlanet Dev Media Molecule

Kojima is currently on a worldwide tour in order to search for the newest technology. So far we have seen him drop in for a visit to popular director JJ Abrams in order to discuss the new Kojima studios. Monday saw Kojima in London, dropping by Sony’s London Studio as well as Media Molecule, the developers behind LittleBigPlanet.

At the Sony London Studio, Kojima tried out a number of undisclosed PlayStation VR games, one of which is thought to be The London Heist. Kojima’s travelling partner, PS4 lead system architect Mark Cerny caught a snap of Kojima using the PlayStation VR. The background of the shot was blurred out due to containing part of the plan for the London Studio team’s next VR experience. Again, what Kojima saw at Media Molecule is also left up to speculation. One possibility is the Surrey studio’s upcoming PS4 title, Dreams, which allows players to sculpt complex character models using the Playstation Move.

What we do know for certain is what Kojima ate that day, the developer providing a number of shots of his cuisine haggis lunch at Media Molecule and his distinctly less exciting breakfast juice.

Where Kojima will show up next on his world trip is anyone’s guess, but I’m sure it will be full of his characteristically amusing tweets and perhaps more pictures of his meals. Stop back for more coverage when he makes his next appearance.

Kojima Meets Abrams To Discuss New Studio

Movies and Games go hand in hand like chocolate coated marshmallows. If you have a good movie, there will be a game and recently if you make an amazing game, you sometimes even get a movie. Some of the biggest names in each industry recently met, raising to speculation that we could soon see them working on something.

Some of the biggest names in their respective industries Hideo and JJ Abrams recently met to discuss Kojima’s new studio. Abrams is known for his quick action and lens flares was the producer for the recent Star Wars film, the Force Awakens. Amongst his credentials come producers for movies such as Star Trek (and the next trek film, Star Trek Beyond) and even some video game based movies such as the highly anticipated Half-Life film.

Kojima comes from the gaming world, having created the hugely popular video game series Metal Gear Solid. After being honoured at the DICE Hall of Fame Awards and leaving Konami, the studio behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Kojima has created a new studio. As if that wasn’t enough to get fans excited Kojima tweeted a picture saying he had just met Abrams to discuss his new studio.

Movie or Game? What would you like to see out of this combination? A movie based on a new franchise or maybe a game based on some of Abrams cinematic work?

Hideo Kojima is “Contractually Forbidden” From Discussing Konami Split

There’s a great deal of intrigue surrounding Hideo Kojima’s public fallout with Konami and the events which led to them parting ways. One unverified theory is, Konami wanted to integrate microtransactions into Metal Gear Solid V, but Kojima refused. Despite this, it’s unclear what really transpired and it doesn’t look likely that any information will be disclosed for a considerable amount of time. According to The New Yorker, Metal Gear’s creator is “contractually forbidden​” from discussing his work at Konami and the cause of their bitter feud. This isn’t a surprising revelation as Konami wants full control of their public image. Frankly, this is far too late as Konami is perceived by most people in the gaming community as a terrible company which ostracised Kojima. 

Konami’s behaviour has caused outrage and directed a huge amount of anger towards them. Apparently, they want to continue making more Metal Gear games without Kojima’s help but I think their dismal reputation will make any future release a complete failure. Honestly, I wish Kojima all the success in the future and expect the kind of innovation he’s known for. As for Konami, they don’t seem too focussed on pleasing the core gaming audience and I’m not convinced they have a long-term future in this industry.

New Kojima Productions Working on PS4 Console Exclusive – PC Port Confirmed

Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed that Hideo Kojima’s new independent studio will be producing its first game as a console exclusive for PlayStation 4. In a YouTube video released last night, SCE President Andrew House revealed that the new Kojima Productions, now separate from Konami following the end of his contract, will be producing “something completely new” for PS4, with a PC version set to follow.

Kojima’s contract with Konami was terminated on the 15th December following a tumultuous few months for the auteur and his employee, and was even barred from attending the recent Game Awards by Konami. While Kojima was rumoured to be on gardening leave to see out the remainder of his contract, Konami denied his departure, claiming that he was merely on holiday.

Following Kojima’s official announcement of his departure from Konami, the creator of Metal Gear Solid, revealed his company’s new logo, which he describes as an amalgam of past and future:

A Q&A with a Sony EU community manager was posted to Medium this morning, revealing scant details regarding the new collaboration between SCE and Kojima, which then mysteriously disappeared. Thankfully, Gematsu republished the post before it was pulled:

Q1. I heard that SCE has signed an agreement with Kojima Productions, a studio newly formed by Hideo Kojima. What are the specifics of the agreement?

Kojima Productions has agreed to develop its first software title as a console exclusive to PS4. We do not disclose further details.

Q2. When was the agreement signed?

We have announced immediately after the contract was signed, Wednesday, Dec 16, 2015.

Q3. Does this mean Kojima Productions now belongs under SCE WWS?

No, it is an independent studio.

Q4. Is SCE making an investment in Kojima Productions? What is the total cost of the agreement? Is it incorporated in the G&NS forecast? How much impact will this have to Sony’s overall operating performance?

SCE is not investing in Kojima Productions. Cost of the contract is undisclosed. Cost is already incorporated. Impact is minimal.

Q5. Why is Kojima Productions bringing their very first software to PS4 as a console exclusive? How did it come about?

Kojima is an extremely creative and passionate game designer who has made countless contributions to PlayStation and the gaming industry. By having Kojima develop his first independent title to PS4, we believe that we can deliver completely new gaming experiences made possibly only by Kojima, to gaming fans worldwide. We are not disclosing further details on how this agreement was realized.

Q6. What other platforms will Kojima’s first independent title be available on, besides PS4?

The title is planned to become available on PC (after PS4).

Q7. How long is the exclusivity?

We are not disclosing details.

Q8. Will Kojima’s second title (and beyond) not be PlayStation console exclusives?

We announced an agreement regarding Kojima’s first title, and SCE cannot comment on titles beyond that.

Q9. Does this have anything to do with Hideo Kojima not attending the PS Award on Dec 3?

Who will attend the PS Award ceremony is decided by the publisher and SCE cannot comment on anything further.

Q10. Will your relationship with Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. be affected by this agreement?

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. will remain one of SCE’s most important publishers, and our relationship with them will not change.

The first title from Kojima Productions

Q11. What will the first title be about?

It will be something completely new. We have nothing further to announce at this point in time.

Q12. Will the title have something to do with the Metal Gear series?

No. It will be something completely new. “Metal Gear” is a title from Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Q13. Will the title have something to do with the cancelled Silent Hills sequel?

No. It will be something completely new. “Silent Hill” is a title from Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Q14. Are there any possibilities for the title to support PS VR?

We have nothing to announce at this point in time. We will announce further details of the title when ready.

Q15. Are there any possibilities for the title to become available on PS Vita?

We have nothing to announce at this point in time. We will announce further details of the title when ready.

Q16. When will the title become available? Will it be available worldwide?

We have nothing to announce at this point in time. We will announce further details of the title when ready.

Q17. Will SCE WWS and Kojima Productions develop the first title together?

The software title will be developed by Kojima Productions, but SCE will provide support as necessary.

Q18. Which company will publish the first title?

SCE will be the publisher.

Q19. Will the title’s copyright belong to SCE?

We have nothing to announce at this point in time. We will announce further details when ready.

Q20. Will all future titles developed by Kojima Productions be released on PS4?

We announced an agreement regarding Kojima’s first title, and SCE cannot comment on titles beyond that.

Q21. Will Kojima Productions develop titles for other platforms while working on the PS4 console exclusive title?

We announced an agreement regarding Kojima’s first title, and SCE cannot comment on titles beyond that.

Q22. Are there any possibilities for the title to be released on the next generation platform?

Kojima Productions has agreed to bring their very first software to PS4 as a console exclusive. We do not disclose further details.

■ Kojima Productions

Q23. How many staff?

Details are not disclosed.

Q24. Is the studio headquartered in Japan? What is the address?

Yes, headquarter is in Japan. Address is not disclosed

Q25. Can you tell me further details of Kojima Productions?

Please contact Kojima Productions for further details.


Kojima Officially Leaves Konami And Discussing New Studio With Sony

Konami’s bitter feud with Hideo Kojima reached a boiling point during The Video Game Awards Show. The event’s host, Geoff Keighley revealed that Konami banned Kojima from attending and accepting his reward for Action Adventure Game of the Year. This pitiful, petty move showed Konami at their worst, and rightfully made the gaming community extremely angry. It’s still unclear what transpired between Konami and Kojima but it’s now officially over according to Nikkei.

Not only that, the site suggests that Kojima is creating a new studio and in early discussions with Sony Computer Entertainment. This means, Sony could provide the necessary funds to help create Kojima’s next vision and it will likely be a PlayStation exclusive. This is a huge development and it makes sense for Kojima to pair up with Sony given Metal Gear Solid’s roots. I’m confident any project he has planned will be funded either by Kickstarter or from a major publisher. Konami’s behaviour has been appalling and many people concluded they could leave the gaming industry. I don’t know how they can realistically expect to produce another Metal Gear Solid game without Kojima’s vision and it just seems wrong to use something he created.

Kojima Didn’t Show at Game Awards Thanks to Konami’s Lawyers

Kojima is the creative mind behind the metal gear solid series, based on stealth, action and giant robots, the series has become infamous amongst gamers for both its storyline and the cardboard box; the biggest question is regarding if he still works for Konami.

A month ago we published an article talking about the “leave” Kojima was taking. After a goodbye party, it appears as if he left work. Konami keeps reminding people though that he is just “on leave”. This has gone a step further this week with the Game Awards expecting an appearance from Kojima, only to find that he was stopped by lawyers from Konami.

The host, Geoff Keighley, described the situation as:

“Mr. Kojima had every intention of being with us tonight, but unfortunately he was informed by a lawyer representing Konami just recently that he would not be allowed to travel to tonight’s award ceremony to accept any awards. He’s still under an employment contract and it’s disappointing.”

That’s the second time that someone has had to appear to accept an award in Kojima’s place, with a PR representative from Konami accepting an award from Playstation awards earlier in the week and now Kiefer Sutherland, a voice actor for Metal Gear Solid V, accepted the award at the Game Awards on his behalf.

Is he gone or not? I guess we will await more news before we know for certain.

Metal Gear Solid Fan Remake Looks Incredible in Unreal Engine 4

Metal Gear Solid popularized the stealth genre and is perceived as one of the greatest PlayStation franchises of all time. Sadly, the original title has aged badly due to clunky controls and dated visuals. Although, you could argue this adds to the game’s charm and makes it stand out from the PlayStation 2 sequels. Ideally, I would love to see an official remake of Metal Gear Solid but this seems unlikely. Despite this, iRamGamer decided to tirelessly work on a fan re-master in Unreal Engine 4 and showcase the beauty of his favourite game. To mark the project’s progress, he released a number of astonishing screenshots.

The ‘Shadow Moses’ remaster looks extremely promising and I’m fascinated to see how the project unfolds. Although, given Konami’s recent behavior it wouldn’t be surprising if they demanded the remaster to cease production. The portrait of Hideo Kojima makes me chuckle and proudly illustrates who the driving force behind Metal Gear Solid was. Unfortunately, it seems that era is over and Konami is considering creating another Metal Gear Solid game without Kojima’s vision. Whether or not this will be successful is unknown, but you have to admire fans who spend so much of their free time honoring their favourite games.

What is your favourite stealth game of all time?

Konami Confirms Kojima Productions Los Angeles Studio Closure

The bitter feud between Konami and Hideo Kojima is still shrouded in mystery although it’s now official that both sides have gone their separate ways. Back in 2013, Kojima Productions L.A was setup to create Metal Gear Solid V and embarked on an extensive recruitment campaign. On release, the game received widespread critical acclaim and is often described as a ‘masterpiece’. Sadly, Konami confirmed, the studio which created this wonderful piece has been permanently closed. In an e-mail to Polygon, the statement reads:

“Konami has made the decision to close its Los Angeles Studio, effective immediately, due to the product development resources being restructured into a more centralized unit,”  

“This facility contributed to the recent Metal Gear Solid games. Konami will continue its operations to support all Metal Gear Solid titles, including the recently launched Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and Metal Gear Online. Metal Gear Online is still scheduled to release for PC Steam in January 2016.”

This is a crying shame and provides closure on the relationship between Konami and Hideo Kojima. Perhaps, Konami feels they can create another Metal Gear Solid, but this massively depends on investment and operating funds. However, it doesn’t seem right to produce a sequel without the visionary direction of Hideo Kojima.

The Best MGS V Snake and Quiet Cosplay You Will Ever See

Cosplay is a very popular pastime, especially when it comes to portraying video game characters. Metal Gear Solid V (MGS V) is certainly no exception and with Snake and Quiet being very popular choices when it comes to dressing up, it was only a matter of time before someone got them perfect.

Courtesy of Maulcosplay (Snake) and Majafelicitas (Quiet) and the photography of Eosandy, these are without a doubt the best Metal Gear Solid V cosplay pictures you will ever see. Their attention to detail is immense and while I must admit, the images are helped in no small part to some great photography and a dose of post-processing, the end results speak for themselves. I would love to see the unedited images, as it’s clear they would still look amazing, but the filters do bring the lighting closer to what you would see in-game.

Have you ever tried Cosplay? Even if you haven’t, which game characters would you love to portray?

Hideo Kojima Leaves Konami… Or Has He?

It has emerged that Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear franchise, left his position at Konami two weeks ago following months of speculation, though no official confirmation has been released. Kojima’s exit followed a leaving party with the team formerly known as Kojima Productions (now known under the bureaucratic moniker “8th Production Department”, according to Nikkei) on 9th October, described by an insider to the New Yorker as “a rather cheerful but also emotional goodbye.”

After the report by The New Yorker, though, Konami came out to deny that Kojima had severed ties with the organisation, claiming to Tokyo Sports (and translated by Kotaku) that the Japanese auteur was simply “on vacation”. His party must have been one of those “Happy Vacation” parties. You don’t have those? You’re missing out.

“Currently, Kojima and the development team are finished developing Metal Gear Solid V and are taking a long time off from work,” Konami added, with “a long time” presumably an obtuse way of saying “forever”.

When asked directly about Kojima’s farewell celebration, the Konami spokesperson said, “We’re not sure what kind of thing this was.” Of course they don’t! Konami doesn’t understand sentiment, its heart having been replaced by a pachinko machine long ago.

Just to reinforce his New Yorker article, writer Simon Parkin then tweeted a photo from Kojima’s leaving do, just to prove that it was actually a “thing”.

Since rumours suggest that Kojima’s contract with Konami expires in December, it is conceivable that he is seeing out the remainder of his time with the company by using up his leave. Konami has not yet responded to questions regarding Kojima’s supposed return from his “vacation”.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Metal Gear Solid V Reviews Conducted Under Konami Supervision

Metal Gear Solid V’s embargo has finally been lifted and the game is receiving astonishing high acclaim including perfect 10/10 scores. However, evidence disclosed by GamesRadar provides an insight into the review process which imposed a number of clear restrictions. The journalist assigned to Metal Gear Solid V said:

“For fear of spoilers, Konami invited journalists to review the game at five-day ‘boot camps’ tied to strict NDAs (non-disclosure agreements). We played between 9am to 5pm, with no unsupervised play outside these hours.”

“That’s a maximum play time of 40 hours, assuming no stoppages for eating, drinking, stretching… or reality. So you’re trying to complete a 35-50 hour game (or longer, depending on your play style and the nature of your ‘completion’… I can’t say more), that you’ve been anticipating for five years, in a realistic window of 30-35 hours.”

“On one hand, you’re finally immersed in one of the deepest, most experimental, open-worlds in history – overwhelmed by side-missions, upgrades and secrets – on the other, haunted by a tick-tock race to reach the ‘end’ without knowing when that is.”

Honestly, I don’t feel very comfortable about only allowing reviews to occur under close watch. While, I’m sympathetic toward Konami’s position and acknowledge they are trying to protect the game’s story, you cannot conduct reviews in such a closed manner. Gaming journalists are extremely distrusted by consumers and events like this will do little to alleviate people’s perceptions.

In a similar vein to QA testing, the experience of playing a game watched by its creators, means you are less inclined to express criticism. I do believe Metal Gear Solid V will be a classic, but the reviews could be quite hyperbolic in nature due to the “boot camp” setup.

Do you feel slightly misled by the Metal Gear V review strategy?

Thank you GamesRadar for providing us with this information.

Nvidia Will Bundle Metal Gear Solid V with GeForce Cards

Nvidia is stepping up their developer relations with another gaming deal! According to Newegg support, Konami is getting help with their latest Metal Gear Solid title, The Phantom Pain. While help from both AMD and Nvidia is normal, Nvidia’s past history with Konami points to Metal Gear Solid V being a The Ways Its Meant To Be Played release; at this point, there is no indication if the game will feature any Nvidia Gameworks features.

As expected given the state of Warner Bros’ Batman Arkham Knight being used as Nvidia’s GPU game bundle, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will soon replace it as part of the bundle deal. Newegg accidentally slipped up and revealed this information as well as the fact that the game will be bundled very soon. The game will likely be bundled with the GTX 970, 980, 980Ti, Titan X and maybe even the 960.

Konami has been making news recently with their very public spat with Kojima, leading to the cancellation of Silent Hills,  Momotaro Dentetsu and closure of Kojima Productions. Some blame the shift to mobile, though Konami has said they are still focused on consoles. The Phantom Pain PC will launch September 15th, two weeks after the console release.

Metal Gear Solid V Box Art Removes Kojima Branding

The public spat between Kojima Productions and Konami has become extremely petty in recent weeks and culminated with the final retail artwork removing any mention of Kojima Productions. Previously, Metal Gear Solid V was proudly displayed at press events as a Hideo Kojima game and advertised on the basis of his reputation.

So what caused such a bitter rift between both parties? Nothing has been confirmed but rumours suggest the fiery exchange revolved around the implementation of microtransactions. Supposedly, Konami wanted to enhance the game’s momentary avenues and Kojima was vehemently against this. However, this is all speculation and there could be other underlying tensions which may have been going on for some time.

Konami’s handling of the affair has been nothing short of a PR disaster. They cancelled production of Silent Hills and removed the publicly available demo. This caused a great deal of controversy as the demo was well received and offered a terrifying experience which many modern horror games fail to reproduce.

This follows the recent news from Otsuka Akio, the Japanese voice actor for Solid Snake who said,

“[Kojima Productions] has been disbanded,”

“It appears that the work that the team has been putting their utmost effort into is nearly complete.”

Metal Gear Solid V will be released on September 1st on Playstion 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The PC version is estimated to arrive two weeks after this launch date.

Are you looking forward to the game or do you feel this escapade has reduced your enthusiasm?

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Konami is Going to Burn Metal Gear Solid Franchise to the Ground

A YouTube video that Konami tried to censor has revealed that the Japanese games company “is going to burn the entire MGS [Metal Gear Solid] franchise to the ground,” because “Kagemasa Kozuki, the CEO of Konami hates Kojima,” and so “hundreds of people are going to lose their jobs, not just Kojima”.

The video was posted by George Weidman, otherwise known as Super Bunnyhop on YouTube and Twitter, on 27th April, but was almost immediately hit by a takedown notice from Konami. Within the last few days, however, YouTube rejected the strike against the video, making it available to watch again.

Weidman fears that the video is still at risk, though:

In the video, Weidman cites a reliable source within Konami for the accusations, but he stresses that he has seen nothing to authenticate the information he has been given and, as such, should be taken as hearsay.

The insider claims that Konami has been using dastardly tactics to drive Kojima Productions – hence rebranded as part of the parent company, with Kojima Los Angeles, for example, now named Konami Los Angeles – staff out of their jobs without firing them:

“Kagemasa [Kozuki] wants [Kojima’s staff] out, but he can’t just fire the whole team at once so he’s forcing them to quit on their own terms […] The guys working on the Kojima report [Kojima’s old podcast] and all the web based stuff has had their accounts wiped and have to start all over again. Frequent black-outs, security doors not working, people being forced to move desks every few days.”

“One guy said that it’s a literal hell.”

“Hundreds of people are going to lose their jobs, not just Kojima.”

The source also says that the Konami restructure goes beyond Kojima and Metal Gear Solid, with the studio behind Dance Dance Revolution also at risk after its staff was absorbed by different departments.

It all looks rather grim for fans of Konami games, with the company rumoured to be concentrating on mobile gaming and gambling in the future.

Watch the video, while it’s still available:

Thank you Super Bunnyhop for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Comic Vine.


Kojima Productions Facebook Dead

According to an article on Design & Trend, the Kojima Productions Facebook page is official dead and gone, leaving only a grim reminder in the form of a Facebook display messaging reading “Facebook account migration announcement”. With the recent confirmation by Konami that the Silent Hills title had been cancelled with Kojima’s departure, Hideo Kojima’s fanbase is left to wonder what the future holds for the prominent Game Designer and any future projects he may have in store. To read more on the mysterious disappearance of the Kojima Productions Facebook page, you can read up on the Design & Trend article here.

Despite the unfortunate events pertaining to Kojima and the Silent Hills game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been given a console release date of September 1st, 2015, as shown on the game’s main site within the Konami portal, and pre-orders have opened up. Although not available for pre-order yet, information on a Collector’s Edition has been released showing a splash of all of its contents and for $99.99 the deal seems almost too good to be true with the inclusion of a half-scale replica of Snake’s bionic arm!

While a PC release date has yet to appear, pre-orders for the console versions have rocketed up to fifth place in Global Units Sold in the USA with 134,000 units sold, according to this list on Considering the number of controversies surrounding the value of Ground Zeroes, Kojima leaving Konami, and prominent voice actor David Hayter’s lack of a role in the game, the metric seems quite optimistic. Gamers speak with their dollars and in this case, the money is on a successful addition to the franchise.



PS4 With Silent Hills P.T. Installed on EBay and Its Not Cheap!

Following the news that Konami is pulling the Silent Hills demo, P.T., from the PlayStation Store today (29th April), is seems that some canny/cynical gamers are using the opportunity to earn some dough, with a couple of listings turning up on eBay offering a PlayStation 4 console with P.T. installed, with ‘Buy it now’ prices of £1,000.

P.T. may well be the last remaining relic of the eagerly awaited Silent Hill reboot, Silent Hills, which was to be co-helmed by Pacific Rim director Guillermo Del Toro and video game auteur Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, and was due to star The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus. After Kojima’s mysterious feud with Konami, the game was thought to be under threat since, while the Silent Hill intellectual property is owned by Konami, the game’s Fox engine belongs to Kojima. Sadly, the game’s termination was confirmed by both Del Toro and Reedus over the weekend.

The well-received P.T. – despite being a demo, it garnered over a million downloads – now stands as an artefact of a potential classic, an idea that the two eBay sellers seem to be banking on. The two listings can be found here: 1 and 2.

During the writing of this article, a third PS4 with P.T. popped up on eBay, this time a regular auction, starting at £650.

Thank you VG24/7 for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Silent Hill France.

Ten Minute Video of MGS V: Ground Zeroes PC Revealed

It’s no secret that Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes was coming to PC, but until now, very little has been seen of the actual gameplay. Below we have the full 10 minute video taken from the latest broadcast of Kojima Station.

Obviously you’ll need to be able to read a little Japanese to skim through some of the onscreen details, but the video does show off the games graphics options, although you don’t need to read Japanese to realise that the game has native 4K support, woo-hoo!

Having played it on PlayStation 4, I must admit that the game is a bit short, but I’m still looking forward to playing it over and over again on PC sometime next year.

Thank you MattyBlogVideo for providing us with this information.

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain Coming to PC!

There were more than a few snide remarks this week about consoles getting a few previously PC exclusives, such as the beloved Goat Simulator. In fact there were more than a few jokes about consoles getting all the games we were playing a year ago in general, even some of this years biggest console game releases are actually last years consoles releases, go figure! Yet in all this multi-format homogenization comes a beam of shining light, Metal Gear Solid is making a triumphant return to PC!

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes and the upcoming The Phantom Pain were found to be coming to steam and while this was just an early rumour, it didn’t last long as Hideo Kojima himself confirmed that the games are real and are very much on their way to PC via Steam.

The Metal Gear Solid main series hasn’t graced the PC since Metal Gear Solid 2 and even then it was a pretty shoddy port at best. However, with the new games being based around PC like hardware and a more familiar code base, porting them to PC should be much easier process.

No release date just yet, but we suspect we’ll hear more in the next few weeks, either way this is an awesome day for PC gamers and hopefully it’s the push the developers need to bring the series back catalogue to PC as well, just to complete the set.

Thank you Polygon for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Polygon.

New Studio Will Be Home To Kojima Productions, Dedicated Metal Gear Solid Teams

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., today announced the opening of a new Los Angeles development studio. The studio will be instrumental in developing a variety of games, including instalments of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. During an opening ceremony at the new studio, Konami discussed new details about the Metal Gear Solid V experience, which includes Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, the prologue to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid creator and Director of Kojima Productions, took the stage to show the first live gameplay demo for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

Best known for the development of the popular Metal Gear Solid franchise, Kojima Productions’ team in Los Angeles will be instrumental in the continued development of the franchise, particularly with the upcoming release of Metal Gear Solid V. Hideo Kojima will continue to provide guidance and inspiration to the employees of the Los Angeles studio.

“As gaming takes the world stage as one of the greatest forms of entertainment, it’s only natural for us to expand our operations across the globe,” said Hideo Kojima, Director of Kojima Productions. “And since Los Angeles is ground zero for the best studios, facilities and world-class talent, we are leaning on of these local resources to build an incredible team to create gaming experiences that are just as compelling as any film or television show.”

“The Los Angeles studio emphasizes Konami and Kojima Productions commitment to expanding our development footprint,” said Tomoyuki Tsuboi, President of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. “The new studio will put Kojima Productions in the heart of the west which will benefit future releases as it will introduce new talent and creativity to the development teams.”

Konami and Kojima Productions recently celebrated its 25th anniversary of the Metal Gear Solid franchise which is the seminal work of Hideo Kojima, Japan’s master game creator, and the progenitor of the stealth action game genre. With more than 35.4 million units sold to date, the Metal Gear series has become a global phenomenon. Along with the gameplay, the Metal Gear Solid series is also known for its storyline, which blends seamlessly with the gameplay. The scenarios are based on extensive research and incorporate the drama of actual developments in society. These elements have made Metal Gear Solid what it is today: a mature work of entertainment that transcends national borders and the confines of video games, and one of the leading products of the Japanese content business.

The first images of Konami’s’ new studio in Los Angeles are available at