T-Mobile Blue Screen iPhone Bug

Oh the nostalgia of the blue screen of death which has been a constant annoyance for PC owners. Yes PC fanboy, I am aware that Macs have a variant of this bug which boots to a blank blue screen, I use the term PC for personal computer, otherwise it would be a PiM for Personal iMac, and nobody wants Pims o’clock. ABut as mobile devices have become more powerful, the threat of a blue screen might be lurking in your shiny new phone and it may depend on your network.

There have been rumours abound that subscribers of the T-Mobile phone network have become victims of a blue screen of death and also frequent restarts which seem to occur on their iPhone. So far the known devices of such a bug are the iPhone 6 Plus, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5s. Users of these affected models seem to suffer with restarts every 10 to 30-minute intervals. This bug also extends to multiple versions of iOS 8 including iOS 8.1 and iOS 8.3.

As yet T-Mobile has failed to clarify the problem, but there seems to be a feeling of the glitch being either a carrier update from T – Mobile or memory problems with the devices in question. Users who have experienced this glitch have managed to halt the ascendance of the blue screen of death by performing a “hard reset” on their iPhones, it’s a good job we are talking about tech, otherwise I would be known as the ex writer of eTeknix.

If this fails, T-Mobile are instructing customers to delete their old text messages and do a factory restore via iTunes. It suggests to me that T-Mobile might be at fault for this glitch, if it was a problem with the devices then people from all networks would be effected. The advancements in tech but the same old glitches, it’s a funny old world.

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Apple Might Add Transit Maps in iOS 9

Since Google was dropped as the official provider of map data, Apple hasn’t been able to provide users with any Transit data. Word is that the Transit system should have been added in iOS 8 last year, but it was eventually cut shortly before WWDC 2014.

The Transit service is said to give users the ability to navigate bus, subway and train routes from the official Maps app, similar to what other map apps have built into their features. In addition to the latter, Apple is said to alter the icon size inside Maps for users to easily spot airports, subway and train stations.

Apple was faced with a lot of problems regarding the data and small coverage for the Transit feature, so they decided to pull it right before it was announced. Previous iOS 8 betas are reported to present the feature, but nothing eventually landed in the final iOS releases.

This time around, Apple is said to have added more cities, a new push notification feature and perfected its data. This means that we might see the Transit Maps integrated and revealed at this year’s WWDC.

Besides the Transit feature, Apple is rumoured to be working on some indoor mapping project that would allow users to navigate office buildings, landmarks and other indoor points of interest. But the project is still at its early stages, so it’s highly unlikely we will see something like this added this year.

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iOS 9 to Focus on Stability, Public Beta to Come in the Summer

9to5Mac, the venerable source for Apple rumours, has said that iOS 9 will be heavily focused on stability and performance improvements. To achieve this, Apple will apparently have the first ever public beta for iOS. To date, the company has only issued betas to members of its $99 developer programme, but they will soon be freely available to consumers.

Prior to last year, Apple had rarely given the public access to beta software, but changed that when it opened a testing programme for OS X Mavericks updates and later a beta for the then-upcoming OS X Yosemite. At the time, many saw it as an example of things to come, suggesting that such a programme may come to iOS in the near future. 9to5Mac now says that the iOS programme will begin in mid-March, giving the public the chance to try out a beta of iOS 8.3. Then, following the announcement of iOS 9 in June, that programme will be extended to the new version of iOS.

It’s said that iOS 9 will be heavily focused upon improving the stability of the operating system, rather than the addition of any new major features. This comes after complaints regarding the last release of iOS being less stable than its predecessor. A number of minor bugs have been encountered by some users – something rare for the usually highly stable iOS.

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New iPhone Malware is Stealing User Data

Internet security company Trend Micro has discovered a new malware that infects iPhones running iOS 7 or iOS 8, known as XAgent. Though the method of infection is yet to be uncovered, it is thought be spread via phishing attacks, with messages from one infected phone being sent to others, containing malicious links.

XAgent steals user data, including photos, text messages, contacts, and location data. Trend Micro posted the following details about XAgent to its blog:

The XAgent app is fully functional malware. After being installed on iOS 7, the app’s icon is hidden and it runs in the background immediately. When we try to terminate it by killing the process, it will restart almost immediately.

Installing the malware into an iOS 8 device yields different results. The icon is not hidden and it also cannot restart automatically. This suggests that the malware was designed prior to the release of iOS 8 last September 2014.

Trend Micro claims that XAgent was developed by a team of Russian hackers – called Operation Pawn Storm – and that the malware may have been designed to target government, military, and media outlets. The Trend Micro blog continues:

The actors of Pawn Storm tend to first move a lot of pawns in the hopes they come close to their actual, high profile targets. When they finally successfully infect a high profile target, they might decide to move their next pawn forward: advanced espionage malware.

The iOS malware we found is among those advanced malware. We believe the iOS malware gets installed on already compromised systems, and it is very similar to next stage SEDNIT malware we have found for Microsoft Windows’ systems.

Anyone concerned about the security of their device can get more details of XAgent at the Trend Micro website.

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Huge Security Flaw in iOS8 Allows Hackers to Replace Your Apps

FireEye, a cybersecurity firm in California, have detected a major security flaw in Apple’s iOS 8 software. Dubbed Masque Attack, it allows hackers the opportunity to replace legitimate apps on the victim’s iPad or iPhone with a false app that appears the same. This exploit gives the attacker access to any data input to the replacement malicious app.

In a blog post dated 10th November, FireEye staff wrote, “Masque Attacks can replace authentic apps, such as banking and email apps, using attacker’s malware through the Internet. That means the attacker can steal user’s banking credentials by replacing an authentic banking app with an malware that has identical UI.” According to FireEye, to further mask the deception, “the malware can even access the original app’s local data, which wasn’t removed when the original app was replaced. These data may contain cached emails, or even login-tokens which the malware can use to log into the user’s account directly.”

The issue affects all versions of iOS from 7.11 to the current 8.11 beta, which is still being tested before release.

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People Fall for iOS 8 ‘Wave’ Hoax and Microwave Their Phones

Last year it was the ‘waterproof’ software update that clever, but evil, people over at 4chan thought up. Last time there were some that fell for it, and this time it’s no different. It isn’t the waterproof hoax that makes the rounds again, but rather the new iOS 8 Wave function. This time we heat it up a little bit instead of cooling it down.

In a clever made up, but fake, iOS 8 advertisement, people are told that they can charge their iPhones with their microwave after the update. It takes just about a minute. The fake advertising is being circulated via social networks, and some people are falling for it as it seems.

The mentioned information and function is utter non-sense, and the only thing that will happen is that your phone will burn and probably take your microwave with it to the afterlife. If unlucky you might even burn down your entire house. So don’t try this at home, or any place else for that matter.

There are always people who act first and think later, and as such you can find beautiful images on twitter, of fried iPhones with evil comments on the posters less intelligent actions.

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First Person to Get iPhone 6 Drops It During Live TV Interview.


So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. You’ve lined up for days now prior to the new Apple iPhone launch – waiting ever so patiently for the big glass doors to open up just so you can get your hands on the new model. Out of all the excitement and in front of hundreds of others, what do you do? Well for one Jack Cooksey from Perth, Australia – the first person in Perth to pick up the new iPhone 6 – he dropped it live on camera for the nation to see.

Thankfully though, the smartphone survived impact on the hard concrete – with Cooksey swiftly picking the device back up again with quivering hands. After the live TV interview – Cooksey said “I just can’t wait to open it again — and not drop it.” And let’s hope he does just that, otherwise it might not only be one very expensive mistake –  it might also take him quite a bit of time to receive a replacement. Apple’s new iPhone 6 has caught the world by storm yet again, with shortages of the device being reported globally. If you’re picking up the new iPhone – always remember to take it easy and handle with care! No one should have to go through the horror of a shattered screen on day one.

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Apple Confirms iPhone 6 NFC Chip is Locked to Apple Pay

Super keen to pick up Apple’s latest iPhone? We’ve got some rather bad news for you. The company today confirmed that the NFC chip found within its latest handsets is locked to Apple Pay – meaning that if you’ve ever dreamt of pairing your new iPhone with a set of NFC speakers or charging system you’re all out of luck. The company thus far has declined to comment on any future plans for the chip – and as always with anything Apple locks down, don’t expect to hear things changing any time soon.

NFC holds the capacity for a number of innovative uses, everything from wireless charging stations, launching applications, sharing data and files and even seamless playback via NFC speaker systems. Apple in the past has always opted for a Bluetooth approach to wireless connectivity with peripherals – however it’s disappointing to see the NFC chip found inside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus being restricted so heavily from users. The only positive light from all of this is that the NXP-manufactured NFC chip that ships within the devices is indeed capable of providing open access to other NFC enabled devices – Apple’s just opted to lock that function down. Hopefully Apple will open things up in the future.

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New Photos and Video of Running iPhone6 with iOS8

Once again we see more leaks ahead of the upcoming Apple iPhone6 launch, and this time with the device turned on. Microblogger Rui remember shared this new set of photos on his blog and gave cnbeta first exclusive on the last one.

It’s the 64GB model pictured here and the boot screen ins’t the same on both devices, and it isn’t known whether it’s two different versions at the moment.

We clearly see the design and size differences here, though subtle. It’s larger and more curved, while the buttons are inserted rather then sticking out.

There wasn’t any problem logging into the iTunes store, so Apple hasn’t posed any restriction on the version number prior to release.

The new phone should run the updated iOS system version 8.0, and it sure looks that way from the new icons on the picture.

A shot of the rear side of the new iPhone6

Sadly I could not embed this video, and it’s short. But it’s there and you can all watch it here.

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Apple Rumors Reveal That iOS 8 and iWatch Combo Could Be Fitness Oriented

A report from 9to5Mac reveals that Apple muught be working on a built-in application called “Healthbook” for iOS 8. According to 9to5Mac’s sources, Healthbook will take visual cues from the existing Passbook application, and it will be capable of monitoring and tracking “blood pressure, hydration levels, heart rate, and … glucose levels” among other things.

It is said that the application will be able to track weight loss and remind users when they need to take their prescriptions. The “iWatch” would supposedly contain the various sensors needed to collect and track much of this information, suggesting that Apple’s purported smartwatch would communicate with iPhones via Bluetooth or another wireless technology much as current smartwatches tether to existing iOS and Android devices. Assuming Apple sticks to its normal release schedule, iOS 8 should be available in late summer or early fall.

If the reports turn out to be true, the iWatch could be a strong competitor to dedicated fitness gadgets like Fitbit’s Flex, Jawbone Up, and the Nike’s Fuelband, which feature more limited fitness tracking and phone synchronization capabilities. Apple already has some experience with sensors and tracking—the most recent iPhones and iPads all include Apple’s M7, a dedicated low-power chip that can collect data from the devices’ various sensors without waking up the main SoC.

In a smaller, power-constrained device like a wristband or watch, the ability to collect and send this data without using the main processor will be very important, especially if the iWatch is also a general-purpose smartwatch like the Pebble Steel and not just a dedicated fitness gadget.

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iPhone 6 Design Rumored To Be Finalized, Will Included Bigger Display?

It seems with every new year there are new rumors about what the next iPhone will be like. There has been plenty of rumors floating around recently and while nothing will be set in stone until Apple makes its announcement about the iPhone 6 there are several reliable sources that in the past have been close to accurate with their information about the upcoming release of the latest iPhone. It looks like, according to these numerous sources that we will be getting two new iPhone models in 2014, these will be an iPhone 6 and a new larger iPhone with a display that will be a mix in size between phone and tablet more commonly known as a phablet. While the debate about what size each of the new iPhones will be it seems a new report has come out claiming that the iPhone 6 design has now been finalized.

Several sources have all claimed to have insider knowledge these being DisplaySearch, Respected Apple analyst Peter Misek and KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo. Display search are saying that the new iPhone 6 display will have a 4.7 inch screen with a 1,600 x 900 pixel resolution, while Apple analyst Peter Misek say it will have a 4.8 inch display. However Ming-chi Kuo from KGI Securities who has had without a doubt the best track record when it comes to Apple’s plans would only say that the display on Apple’s new iPhone 6 would be between 4.5 and 5 inches.

While all this is speculation one thing that we can be sure of is that what ever the size of the display being used in the iPhone 6 is, it seems Apple have already finalized it. This news comes from Cowen and Company analyst Timothy Arcuri. This information came from a note to clients on Wednesday that was picked up by Apple Insider, with Arcuri stating that the iPhone 6’s design has been locked down and will have a 4.8 inch display.

For a complete list of features in the new iPhone 6 we’ll have to wait until it’s launch which should be fall this year, although there is speculation that the iPhone will debut this summer at Apple’s annual WWDC conference.

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